RICHFIELD (WCCO) — A new study shows a flexible workplace leads to healthier employees.

In Health Watch, researchers at the University of Minnesota studied workers at the Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, Minn.

The study looked at a Best Buy initiative called Results Only Work Environment, or ROWE. They put the focus on results, instead of when and where the work got done.

Best Buy employees could change when and where they worked based on their individual needs. For instance, you could work from home one day, or take off early, or show up late, and you don’t need to get permission from a manager.

The study showed employees using ROWE got almost an extra hour of sleep each night before work.

They were less likely to feel like they had to work when they were sick and went to the doctor when necessary.

And they had fewer work-family conflicts, leading to higher energy levels and less psychological distress.

Frank Vascellaro did a special feature about ROWE a couple years ago when it was introduced. Watch it below.

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