ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said Wednesday the Vikings may have to wait a long time before they get a vote on a new stadium.

Those were not so encouraging words for stadium supporters at the State Capitol on Wednesday. Gov. Dayton responded to questions after about 10 hours of stadium hearings by the Senate concluded.

Dayton labeled the meetings as “very significant” in “moving the ball forward.”

He also said Wednesday he no longer believes there will be a special session to vote on a Vikings stadium bill. In fact, he said it’s likely there won’t be any vote until the legislature adjourns next spring.

“They could deal with this the first day or the first week or the first month, and i hope they do, but in my experience the most controversial and significant matters in the legislative session tend to not to get resolved until the very end,” Dayton said.

Despite those comments, Gov. Dayton said he still believes the Vikings stadium project is “very doable,” and he said he won’t lobbying for it.

On Sunday, he has invited a dozen stadium legislators to join him at the Governor’s Residence to watch the Vikings-Lions game on television.

As far as the potential site between Minneapolis and Arden Hills, Gov. Dayton said he won’t pick a site and is willing to sign any bill the legislature agrees to, if it does at all. Vikings officials have said all along their main priority is the Arden Hills site.

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  1. keel says:

    Seriously, WCCO…do you have anyone on your staff who is capable of doing even the simplest of proofreading?
    “and he said he won’t [sic] lobbying for it.” Or, in the same article: “invited a dozen stadium legislators to join him”
    Really? What exactly is a “stadium legislator”.

    Of course the reader can understand your meaning…but that’s not the point.

    That took me about 30 seconds to find.

    1. Guy says:

      Oh … a “stadium legislator” is one that is bought & paid for by Wilf, Bagley, etc.

  2. Jake says:

    No biggie for Dayton. He will just issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER, and write a big, fat check to Zigi from the newly-found ‘surplus’ that was just declared a couple of days ago. Just like he did with the daycare unionization vote. He can say that the state didn’t have to borrow any money to give to Zigi, and taxes weren’t raised, even sales taxes, so there is no need for any referendums, and county commissioners from Ramsey and Hennepin Co. are off the hook. Then he declares himself as a ‘leader’ who knows ‘how to get things done’. Homeowners, take heart in knowing that even though your cities and counties are raising your property taxes thru the roof, no matter what county that you live in in MN, it is for a good ’cause’.

    1. mj5150 says:

      it is against the state’s constitution to use surplus funds for things like that- quit making assumptions without facts

      1. Jake says:

        REALLY?? For REAL?? Where does it say that our governor can REQUIRE a ‘union vote’ for PRIVATE SECTOR day care workers, only those workers who receive payments from parents on ‘state aid’, are ‘ordered’ to vote in our state’s Constitution?? Guess what — his ‘executive order’ just got SHOT DOWN, BIG TIME on the daycare issue. I’m not assuming ANYTHING. I am calling it like I see it — a governor who can’t persuede the Legislature to introduce and pass a bill that HE likes will resort to the ‘executive order’ option, and claim it as being legal and legitimate, NOT. If he thought that he could pull this off, I can imagine him trying to pull off writing Zigi a huge check without voter approval, because he thinks that the electorate is too stupid, too ignorant, or too angry to vote ‘appropriately’. So HE has to show some ‘leadership’, and make the ‘right’ decision, on behalf of all of us angry, ignornant, and stupid citizens.

  3. And that's a fact says:

    Tony Bennett’s a behind the scenes slimeball.

    1. Jill says:

      No, he’s a slimeball out in the open.

      1. John Q says:

        I’m not a big fan of his music, but this seems a little harsh.

  4. Get a Spine! says:

    What a worm! You wont support it or rally against it. You are neutral and will sign anythinbg the legislature agrees to? Why are you even in office? I guess you are just going to rubber stamp anything to avoid any poitical fallout. People like Gov Goofy is whats wrong in politics.

  5. Rasputin says:

    What is unlikely is Mark Dayton being re-elected.

  6. sick of people's BS says:

    They had the votes to get Racino but the gov. backed down on that one. Why is that. Oh yea and lose out on all the Indian money. What a gutless wonder.

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    They don’t have a plan to suit all, and they can’t pay for it yet. Back to the drawing board. If they can get federal transportation money for access and through traffic, co-locate arts and entertainment districts, use dedicated parks money for environs that they’d spend anyway for tailgaters, co-locate parking ramps, they could get half-way there.

    A tax on internet sales and securities transactions would add funding and do some world of good.

  8. raidersfreak says:

    I don’t think I have once heard this Gov. speak a complete whole sentence. Always that little cautious pause I guess.

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