MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The regents of the University of Minnesota are considering tacking a surcharge on the tuition bills of undergraduate students in the university’s business school to hire and retain faculty.

The regents’ Educational Planning and Policy Committee is scheduled to discuss the surcharge on students in the Carlson School of Management during the regents’ regular meeting Thursday in Minneapolis.

The proposed surcharge would be phased in over four years, starting at $250 per semester during the 2013 fiscal year and reaching $1,000 per semester three years later.

During the past eight years, the number of students in the program has grown 20 percent while the number of Carlson faculty has remained the same. The university blames cuts in state spending on higher education for its inability to hire more teachers.

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Comments (6)
  1. ipmutt says:

    lobby your legislator to cut funding for these dorks. They completely lack the ability to manage a budget or to live within their means.

  2. Jake says:

    That same money could easily be found by bringing compensation to the bloated administration back in line.

  3. dan says:

    So what you are saying is that your revenue is up 20% but has been gobbled up in administration junk and you need to charge all students more to support additional staff.

  4. I'm just sayin' says:

    Financially it already pays to go to a private college over the U of M with lower drop out rates, Higher GPA and higher pacement rates. So why would anyone agree to pay an extra 2 grand a year to attend this bastion of political correctness? Private colleges also have lower class sizes and many do not have the auditorium style classrooms with upwards of 500 per class at the U of M. Yeah, that is what I want my kid to learn, how to pay for and survive in a class room with over 200 kids in it. No Thank You.

  5. Uncle Rico says:

    Your Mom goes to college.

  6. Swamp Rat says:

    WHY? Why is the business school wanting a ridiculous surcharge? Is this the new wave of business teaching and management? The U certainly messed up on this one. Maybe the business school should take its own refresher courses on Business101 and basic ECON101. Is this what Universities promulgate these days–not practicing what they teach?

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