ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Haskell’s Liquor Store representatives say burglars stole $12,000 worth of liquor at their St. Paul location early Friday morning.

According to Haskell’s President Brian Ferrell, the burglars broke into the store around 4:20 a.m.

“Front door broken into — literally ripped off the hinges,” he said. “The burglars came into the store and went to the office. They stole yesterday’s receipts along with quite a bit of product.”

Ferrell added that they took mostly liquor, including Patron tequila and Grey Goose vodka.

“They left a lot of really high-end stuff right next to it,” he said. “They weren’t the brightest guys.”

However, the burglars did take a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, according to Haskell’s Chairman of the Board Jack Ferrell.

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  1. Common Cents says:

    Hmmm… Sounds like an inside job… I’m sure the place has an alarm, and it takes more than a couple minutes to load up 12K worth of liquor, and why would they want yesterdays reciepts……

    I bet that bottle of Dom is at Ferell’s house right now.

    1. g8bbgg says:

      I guess you have never worked retail, if any job. Yesterday’s receipts means yesterday’s cash intake.

      1. Common Cents says:

        I’m pretty sure they didn’t leave a days worth of cash laying in the office, its either taken offsite or dropped in a safe, or like I said, possibly an inside job!

        1. me says:

          yea, you haven’t worked in a store before. You don’t leave a store at closing time with cash. too big a target. And it isn’t like a safe can’t be hauled off.
          Inside job is doubtful, why would they have needed to pry the front door open?

          1. The Fan says:

            Not every company cares about their employees safety. Some jobs for example LIDS you are required to do night drops cause the stores don”t have safes

        2. Real Talk says:

          Of course yesterdays receipts means the cash they collected yesterday!!! You obviously have never been or worked in anything business related a day in your life.

          What…did you think they meant receipts like you get from a store after you bought somehting? LOLOLOLOLOL

        3. How Cute says:

          How cute.

          The only context in which this kids has heard the term “reciepts” used is for purchase receipt.

          Sorry sweety, in this context, it means yesterdays cash.

  2. Partay? says:

    Party at my place tonight, and everybody is invited! No cover…

  3. X-puffer says:

    Where is the Burg alarm? If they didn’t have one then, they learned their lesson last night.
    Someone has plenty good liquor.

  4. Bud says:

    Shopping early for a big New Years Eve party.

  5. alarms says:

    Yeh did they not have a burg alarm and cameras? Time to invest in some in this world now a days!

    1. me says:

      Why are you assuming they don’t have a alarm? doesn’t take long to smash and grab. Cops can’t be everywhere.

  6. Al Coholic says:

    I was thirsty!

  7. Crazy Joe says:

    Par-tay time

  8. Lagavulin16 says:

    Tequila and vodka, white guys…….

  9. Al Coholic says:

    Thatz the last of it iz mn i mean gm around?

  10. Obv. says:

    12k in liquor, probably about $600, Haskells passing the stealing on to the insurance company now, 2 birds of a feather.

    1. doubt it says:

      They won’t toss a claim in. Liquer stores usually self-insure up to a larger amount than this claim…..
      Pad ir for IRS tax loss though is common

  11. Occupy Minnesota says:

    Everyone come on down to the Hennepin County Government Center and join us for one big a$$ party. Our motto is “If we cant get it for free, we take it.”

  12. Ron says:

    probably not white guys, seeing as how the guy was running in the last part of the clip. Looked more like a black guy run. Also wearing a white sweatshirt, perhaps to make police think white.

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