MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They say half the fun in receiving gifts is in unwrapping the package, but a new idea from a local company may tip the fun scales more toward the unwrapping part.

The company 30 Watt, which is based in the Twin Cities and boasts of “dimly bright creations,” has created an entire line of prank gift boxes that look every bit like something you’d find showcased in a store’s “As Seen On TV” display.

Among their faux gifts are “The Dream Griddle,” which combines your nightstand alarm clock with a griddle, because nothing wakes you up like spattering grease.

Another box touts itself as “Pet Petter,” the machine that pets your pets for you so you never have to touch your animals again. The box also describes, “Versatile attachments are sold separately.”

A few boxes make light of the convenience of Apple’s iPad. The “iArm” lets you mount the tablet to your wrist like a watch, and the “iDrive” puts it square in the middle of your steering wheel.

Clearly, none of the products actually exist, but imagine your family members’ surprise when they unwrap their gift and see a “Family Blankeez,” the pseudo-Snuggie that “covers up to 8 people.”

In case the boxes aren’t ridiculous enough to give up the gag, the flaps inside assure, “Don’t get too excited. Your real gift is inside.”

Some of the other products you can fool your friends and relatives into thinking they’ve received are the “Noggin’ Net,” the “Birdie Belt” and the “Coffee Talkies.”

  1. Al says:

    Nothing like free advertising. Wasn’t a story done on this last year also?

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