LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — An Eagan father was arrested after he allegedly assaulted his son after a basketball game.

The incident happened last Saturday after an eighth grade basketball game that was part of a basketball tournament being held at Lakeville South High School.

Lakeville Police were called to the school after witnesses said an adult, identified as 52-year-old Steven Wilson of Eagan, had assaulted his son in the hallway of the school.

Police said the assaulted stopped before officers arrived. Parents standing nearby had to physically intervene to stop the assault.

Officers interviewed Wilson about the incident and then arrested him for domestic assault. The son sustained injuries that did not require medical attention.

Lakeville Police Chief Tom Vonhof said the assault was an example of “disturbing adult behavior.”

“Parents attending youth sports events have such a great opportunity to be a positive role model for kids and that is clearly not what happened here,” Vonhof said.

Wilson was placed in Dakota County Jail and charges against him are currently pending.

Comments (39)
  1. MNSUX says:

    Minnesota Nice strikes again!

    1. Rami Writer says:

      Looks like he could also assault a buffet!! What is with the gay-man mustache? He is assaulting anyone that looks at him!

  2. Kat says:

    The father should remain in jail not only on assault charges but clearly on child abuse charges. The child may be a young teen but still needs protection. I only wonder that if a father can do this in public, what would he do in private. It’s not about code of conduct, it’s child abuse.

    1. BearskinBob says:

      It must be nice to be judge jury and executioner all from reading a short article with few details.

      1. J says:

        A father punched his son. What more information do you need?

        1. BearskinBob says:

          This article does not say that. Did you read it?

          1. J says:

            The Kare 11 article did.

      2. Minnie Baird says:

        You’re right this report didn’t say he punched his son but all the others did say that he punched the boy in the face. I hope you are not upholding this man in assaulting his son because it is NEVER ok to assault a CHILD. If he hadn’t assaulted his son he wouldn’t have been arrested for such. It doesn’t matter what the child did it is never acceptable to assault your child in public or private. Every child has a right to be safe after all, if you got assaulted you wouldn’t want it to get dismissed as oh well that is his word against the one that attacked him so why should we as a society say this is ok when it’s not just the childs word there were wittnesses to the assault? Remember children don’t have a voice in the world so it is our place as a society in whole to stand up for them and say this is not right and we are going to tell. If he would do this in public what would he do in private to the child? I’m sorry but this isn’t right and I’m glad that someone had the heart to say this is enough and I won’t keep my mouth shut. Is this really what we want to teach our children? Do we want them to think it is ok to abuse anyone we want just because they can’t defend themselves? What does that say about us? I’ll tell you that we are as heartless and low down as those committing these crimes and that is exactly what this is a crime. Please don’t send our children the message that it is ok for adults to beat on them because this is wrong. Children should be loved and cherished and if they need to be punished for a wrong doing it should be done correctly. I hope the Department for Children and Family Services get involved and see to it that this gets corrected and the family in whole gets the help that it needs.

  3. Sandy says:

    Shows your really a good sportsman dad. What an idiot

  4. mom says:

    This should not surprise us in today’s society when every parent seems to think their kid is going to be the next Michael Jordon or someone. My two older children play sports and I have often told my husband who coaches that if some parents were banned from the games the kids could actually enjoy themselves and have fun which is what I thought the point of sports was to be about. My husband had a girl on his softball team ( this is 10u mind you) that would look at her dad in the crowd after every play, you could just see the fear in her eyes when the ball would come to her because she was so afraid of making a mistake… when her dad wasn’t at the games it was like she was a totally different kid. Finally my husband said something to the dad that if his daughter makes a mistake or does something wrong he will be the one to talk to her since he is the coach. It is just sad that some parents can’t enjoy the game and just enjoy watching their kids learn how to play the sport.

    1. J says:

      This isn’t just about banning this guy from the game, this is about a father assaulting a child. I don’t care if the game was the impetus for this abuse, this is about the abuse. Don’t let parents expectations about kid’s sports performance cloud the issue. My husband went through this as a child and is STILL dealing with the emotional toll.

  5. Sick says:

    Yeah – and lately we been having way to many of these wonderful “parent” types at events and school functions too.
    Hang him by his junk and let’s move on

  6. goggles says:

    Maybe the kid was trash talking a female or was bullying someone. He may have deserved it. Just sayin.

    1. J says:

      There is no reason a child “deserves” to be beaten. None.

    2. momof5 says:

      your logic makes no sense so it is ok for his dad to bully him but not his son to bully someone else… if he was bullying someone who do you think taught him how to bully

      1. momof5 says:

        my kids have never been spanked in their lives they are 15,11, 4,3, and 2 and the older 2 are very well behaved in school and very respectful. Our 3 little ones know how to behave and what is expected out of them when we are at home or in public… you can teach kids how to behave without spanking them, we used words and taking away privlages.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        Mine don’t get spanked either. Nor do they need it. If they respect you and the lessons you teach, you won’t need to beat the lessons into them. Sounds like you’re doing something wrong from the getgo.

        1. J says:

          Violence begets violence.

        2. js says:

          Right. Spanking teaches that if you misbehave, make sure you don’t get caught. Being made to work off the cost of repairing that broken window, and having to repair it, makes you think twice next time you throw the ball around. Spanking is resorted to by people with thinner than average neo-cortex – they’re more emotional and need 4 year old satisfaction of hitting someone.

        3. desert eagle .50 says:

          I don’t know what lessons they can learn from you, other than to be a bully and not make any sense.

          How do you elicit respect from your kids? Please be specific….

    3. Minnie Baird says:

      Let’s say he did what would have been wrong with telling him to hush that this is no way to speak to or about a female? It has been my experience that children react better to being told how to behave rather than to violence. There is never an excuse for abuse. NEVER. We are suppose to love, cherish, and PROTECT our children. How can you even justify saying maybe the boy had it coming? If someone comes up to you on the street and stabs you is that to ok? I think not nor is what this man done. Please don’t try to justify something so wrong as child abuse. It makes you seem as low as he is.

  7. Cindy says:

    Just think of what would happen if the kid got low marks in math, english, science….oh maybe that does not matter in this family…forget it…

  8. Rubin says:

    Maybe the Dad has a good ass kicking coming. Maybe he deserves one, or two, or three….

  9. babs says:

    Let’s see 1 in 60,000 chance that this kid will ever play basket ball after high school…hmmm. Dad must be a real smart guy… thnks things through… you know the type…

  10. Mister says:

    he probably had it coming, basketball players can be very thug like

  11. Minnesota is not so nice says:

    Merry Christmas.

  12. GEt.a.LiFE says:

    “on the 2nd day of christmas my daddy gave to me, 2 black eyes & a wcco new storyyyyyy”

    1. GEt.a.LiFE says:


  13. polycorrect says:

    Wow, I know a lot of parents that would have been booked for domestic assault in the 80’s. It was par for the course and we are probably the last generation not to be entitled idi0ts. The couple generations after us are the drains on society. We used to get smacked around pretty good and when I say we turned out all right, I mean we are the producers, business owners, and large tax payers among other things in society.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Hitting kids was wrong in the 80s too, whether you knew it or not. There is no respect gained for a parent by stomping their kid.

    2. mom says:

      I grew up in the 80s, participated in sports, received good grades went on to college got a degree. I can not recall being smacked around ever or even spanked while growing up. My parents taught me to earn everything I have and to be respectful of my elders through example not fear. My husband and I have 5 children and they are very respectful, get good grades and play sports and are involved in other things in our community. They also know that they are not entitled to anything in life and nothing is a given. We have taught them these traits by leading through example and not by placing fear or harm in them

  14. Billy says:

    You can”t even spank you son anymore without going to jail.
    What has America become? It sickens me, I am almost ashamed to call myself an American citizen anymore..

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You shouldn’t spank your son. By the time you have to hit him to get him to comply, you’ve already failed.

  15. js says:

    A show of bad character associated with a sporting event? That NEVER happens!

  16. kids don't count says:

    The last few child beaters only got probation.Nothing will come of this.

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