ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Two Ramsey County commissioners want a 3 percent countywide food and beverage tax to help pay for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills.

Commissioners Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega floated the proposal Thursday. They say it would raise about $24 million a year and finance $350 million in capital bonds for a $1.1 billion stadium.

Ortega and Bennett are allies with the Vikings who back the Arden Hills site. But several proposed sites in Minneapolis are still in the mix, and Ramsey County backers have struggled since Gov. Mark Dayton and state lawmakers shot down a proposed Ramsey County-wide half-cent sales tax increase.

Some Ramsey County officials and citizens have demanded a public referendum on any tax increases to help build a stadium

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  1. Reggie says:

    How about these proposals:

    Play at the dome.
    Play at TCF stadium
    Pay for their own stadium.
    Get the hell out of this state and stop trying to rip off the taxpayers.

    I used to be a fan. Now I despise those losers and hope they do leave.

    1. OneEyedJack says:

      C’mon people it’s Christmas, have a little heart. If the Vikings want a new stadium to help them play better than we should help them. They provide the state with alot of money and fun, so it is worth it in the long run. If they stay in the Metrodome the state will loose $75 million per year-we need to keep them here and happy!

  2. Jake says:

    Here we go again. Another stupid move. GO FOR IT, Ramsey Co. KILL all of the bars and restaurant bidness, including fast food joints. That will really work out well for ya. They want to make just about EVERYBODY pay for it EXCEPT those who actually GO to the games.

    1. mj5150 says:

      then I want to opt out for paying taxes for things like the Guthrie, Mpls library, the light rail, roads and bridges that i never use, etc
      and restaurant “bidness”????
      And just a little ecomomics 101- when you INCREASE your business- how will raising a very small tax on those added profits HURT business????

      1. Orrest says:

        It won’t hurt Arbys. If two are going to Heartland dinner with wine will add another $5-7 your tab. That could hurt repeat business.

  3. just an Average Minnesotan says:

    1- The Vikings always complained that the Metrodome was a Baseball Stadium and not suited for football. Well, here’s your chance Vikings. You now have the Metrodome all to yourselves. Knock yourselves out. Make the seating Football friendly.

    2- If you want a new stadium then quit trying to force the cost on citizens that do not want to, or can not afford to pay for it. PAY FOR IT YOURSELVES.

    3- As for these two Commissioners- What part of NO TAXES for a stadium do they not understand. The voters should simply vote out any politician that votes for, or even suggests using tax dollars for a stadium.

    1. mj5150 says:

      funny that people easily forget the $50 million the Vikings put back into the state’s general fund every year- and that Mpls is talking about using taxes but no one is complaining about their plan

  4. See You Later says:

    It won’t happen. Ramsey county is out of the race. The only option is to have the Vikings pay for the whole thing and build it on the current location. Otherwise, they WILL be moving to LA.

  5. frozenrunner says:

    I go to eat at Cafe Latte on grand with my wife and have to pay an extra buck to the Viking. No thank you. It will hamper business in Ramsey county.

    1. Mike D says:

      do you spend $300 everytime you go to Cafe Latte? Wow!

      1. frozenrunner says:

        If one spent 300 the tax would be $9. Math is simple, what is your problem?

    2. mj5150 says:

      Yes bringing money into the county will hamper business-LOL

    3. mj5150 says:

      are you really serious? First of all- you WOULDN’T be paying a dollar extra in taxes- MAYBE a dollar a year- but not everytime you take a break from hugging a tree and go for a latte

      1. frozenrunner says:

        Again, math is simple. If it were to maybe cost me a dollar a year for a 3% tax, I would be spending less $34 a year. Two meal, two desserts, two coffees, and a wife who wants a dessert for another day, you can figure out the tab would be.

  6. Figure it out people says:

    This will hurt our businesses in Ramsey County – to support the business of VIKINGS?? Why don’t we treat them like any other business? If 3M wanted a new building, they would build it themselves and not tax the taxpayers!! Good grief. Move away. People will still spend $$$. It’s not going to hurt business in the long run. Do you really think if the Vikings move that no one will go out to restaurants anymore? They’ll find new businesses to support (ones they actually want): bowling alleys, skating rinks, etc.

    1. mj5150 says:

      MOST corporations lease their buildings and don’t own them- the same is true for the Vikings.
      And HOW will bringing money into the county’s economy HURT business???

  7. Drop Kick says:

    If P.T. Barnum were alive today he would own a football team, not a circus.

  8. Get Serious. says:

    we can’t even get a 1% tax increase to pass for education, why would anyone agree to 3% increase for an unnecessary stadium. Win a the super bowl, then we will talk…or maybe just one game for now…

    1. mj5150 says:

      championships mean very little in the scheme of profits for teams- the game is played at a neutral site- bottom line is the Vikings are a profitable business for this state and have a 51 year proven track record- name some Minnesota companies that can say the same thing- even 3M loses money occasionally

  9. VIC...GO AWAY says:


    1. mj5150 says:

      WOW- I guess we SHOULD have spent more money on education in this state- this poor idiot can’t spell or make a complete sentence-LOL

      1. frozenrunner says:

        And your ability to do math for a 3% tab to cost a buck a year was brilliance? lol

  10. Jane Highwater says:

    How about this proposal? Have the people who go to the dome and the rich boys who own the teams pay for the stadium? If the Vikings don’t like it, you know what they say, “Don’t let the door slam….

    1. Bob from St.Paul says:

      I like this comment!!

    2. mj5150 says:

      then the state will just have to raise taxes to cover the $50 million the Vikings put back into our state’s general fund every year- sure why not- we don’t pay much in taxes already……pfffffffffffft

      1. Ignatz says:

        And you pulled that number out of where?

  11. No money for Zippy says:

    Yes, yes, and YES to all those who oppose public funding of a new stadium!!! I used to be a Vikings fan too. But after 51 years of not winning a Super Bowl, it’s time for them to leave.

    The icing on the cake for me was when Zygi Wilf took over the team. The only thing in the whole world that man cares about is his bank account and he’ll work 48 hours a day, 14 days a week to get YOUR money away from you so he doesn’t have to spend any of his.

    Go away Vikings, go away Zygi, go away Bennett and Ortega and Dayton.

    1. mj5150 says:

      you must have missed the $425 MILLION he will be spending towards a building that he will only be LEASING

  12. Bob from St.Paul says:

    It is not fair to tax just Ramsey county with 3 percent tax as all of minnesotaen are watching the games , What about all the other countys ??

    1. Bob from St.Paul says:

      Besides I am not a football fan , Never have ben . I had to watch them when my dad was a live . Just do not care for men or women hurting them selfs or others.

  13. Reggie says:

    FYI: The stadium tax that four Hennepin County commissioners shoved up the keester of the taxpayers will cost each taxpayer in Hennepin county approximately $1,000.


    …out of each taxpayer’s pocket into the Pohlad’s pockets.

    1. mj5150 says:

      a thousand dollars? over what period of time???? it’s 3 cents for every $100 spent

  14. STFU says:

    Wow – You act like this will bankrupt you. Most of you tighwads don’t spend a nickel. of your money anyways, so I highly doubt you go out to eat or for a drink. My average bill going out is probably $15 to $20 the few times I go. I don’t have a prolbme forking an extra 60 cents for entertainment I very much enjoy and so does most of the MN population still as you can see by their TV ratings.

    1. Al says:

      That’s EXACTLY why there should be NO taxes on this thing. Believe it or not there are people out here who don’t give a rats a__ about the Vikings. Let the people who go to the games, all the compainies who buy season tickets year after year pay for it. I’ve never been to a game and never will. Plus, what ever happened to the idea of the trible who offered to split the profits from a casino 3 ways with the state. One part to the stadium, one part to the state and the third part to the trible. Supposed to raise 300+M, that’s one third of the cost.

      1. mj5150 says:

        It got shot down because Mpls stuck their nose back into it and want them now

  15. tom says:

    Zygi, pay for your own stadium. Sell you New York apt!

  16. Orrest says:

    The new stadium is to increase team profits. To be in the upper half for profits the team would have to pull in another 30 million a year. The cost of the stadium per year without finance charges would be over 20 million a year. That money would all come from people’s spending, draining 50 million or more from the local economy. That is what the new stadium would bring, a large net negative to the local economy.

  17. Vikings da bomb!!! says:

    Just build it. It is cheap at twice the price and the Vikings deserve it. They are a top notch team who has just had a little setback this year. They will turn it around. Won’t it be nice to see them in all their glory in a beautiful new stadium? This is a drop in the bucket money wise and will reap a ten fold return to the state in only a few short years. Build it now!

    1. Oy vey says:

      You build it. We’d like to see you reap all those rewards by yourself. Leave the rest of us out of it.

      Hmmmm … are you related to Zygi or did you get a weekend pass from the institution?

      1. Vikings da bomb!!! says:

        Just quit being a cheap skate and cough up some of your moldy money. Good grief, the Vikings need a new stadium. This is a win for the state. Golly, you people are as tight as tree bark. Let the Vikings have a new stadium.

  18. Crag says:

    Don’t build it in the sticks- now that is stupid! It should be in a downtown Minneapolis, where it should be. It will be a bad decision, financially risky to put it in a far away place. 900 million stadium is just fine in DT Minneapolis. Farmers market would be the best place and the Vikings could play in the Dome till it is finished.

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