MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A group of graduate assistants at the University of Minnesota are beginning a union drive.

Sara Nelson, a graduate assistant in the geology department, says graduate assistants have various grievances and a union will help present them to the university administration.

Nelson is among a group holding a town meeting starting at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Rapson Hall on the Twin Cities campus.

There have been similar union drives in the past. The university’s official position is that it would prefer to work directly with graduate assistants and not through a union.

There are currently 11 unions representing about one-third of the university’s employees.

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Comments (7)
  1. tongue-in-cheek says:

    Maybe if they have a union they can be treated as well as the Crystal Sugar people. I am surprised that the U’s official position is “no-union” – like most institutions of higher learning it is viewed as being quite liberal. One would think that they would love to have more union help within their workers. Protecting their rights, ensuring equitable pay, maintaining health care seem to be what the union pushes for – I wonder why the U feel unions are not a good answer for them?

    1. GN says:

      Yup, more tuition, work optional, early retirement, someone else paying the bills.

      1. GN says:

        Never mind. I reread my comment after I sobered up and realize now just how inane it was. To be honest, I have no factual basis whatsoever to support anything I said previously.

        I was just trying to be funny for the others guys down here at the bar.

  2. fred says:

    Maybe they should just find another part time job with the same pay and benefits. — don’t think they will find the same cushy job in the real world.
    Stop whining.

    1. I'm with you says:

      @fred: Yeah, I know what you mean. My job is pretty bad too. And that gets me thinking that if I can’t find a sweet job then these eggheads don’t deserve to have one either.

  3. Kevin says:

    Maybe Gov google eyes will now require a vote to unionize! When he speaks I get a shiver down my arse….

  4. Terry says:

    The union leadership is desparate if they are going after grad students as potential members. What grad student is going to pay $35-50 a month out of their pocket for union representation when they need the money to pay tuition or put food on the table?

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