MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The coming year that is 2012 should be a banner one for Republicans. But in Minnesota the party faithful have to be reeling, wondering how their leaders could have let them down at so many levels.

The shocking revelation that Majority Leader Sen. Amy Koch stepped down from her leadership position because of an “inappropriate relationship”  with a staffer is made even worse because Koch in her initial statements suggested she was making the move for family reasons.

Then came the arrest this week of Brandon Sawalich, the heir apparent to head the state GOP party. The airport police have since said Sawalich deserved only a ticket, not an arrest, for his expired tabs, but he has still stepped out of the race for GOP Chair. Sawalich was considered the favorite to replace Chairman Tony Sutton who resigned just weeks ago amidst internal concerns over the party’s $500,000 in debts.

Also this week came the report that Joe Arwood, one of the candidates hoping to run against Sen. Amy Klobuchar, has a conviction from 2005 for bringing a loaded gun to the MSP airport.

Minnesota Republicans swept to legislative control of the House and Senate in 2010 because of a disciplined campaign that identified and turned out every possible GOP voter. But the bungling from the top down will need some quick fixes if the GOP hopes to retain legislative control in 2012.

With a shaky economy and the President’s declining popularity, a lot of people figured the only way Republicans could lose in 2012 is if they beat themselves. In Minnesota, at a lot of levels, they are doing a good job trying.

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  1. And the rest of the story...? says:

    so what about the other side?

    1. alan says:

      This woman doesn’t look at the other side.

    2. So says:

      What about “the other side”?

      Don’t think any DFLers have been caught messing around on their spouses this week. Or not paying their tabs. Or having a prior criminal conviction coming to light. Or otherwise (like Tony Sutton) resigning for whatever reason.

  2. sad but true says:

    I happened to have a great week. I Roo’d 3 times already and it’s only Saturday.

      1. sad but true says:

        Rubbed One Out

        1. sad but true says:

          Seriously, why doesn’t Kurt Zellars take over?

  3. angus says:

    CCO just loves the Republiccans, since the Republicans just love rich white people. Notice they have not had any kind of follow-up regarding Amy Koch while the Mpls Star has a long article with new info. Obviously CCO is trying to sweep it under the rug.

    Notice how CCO is constantly parading new personnel on tv? Always young white blondes. Interesting.

    1. Kevin says:

      Your kidding right? CCO is the most liberal news (other than MPR) that you can find. Your a moron.

      1. This just in: pot calls kettle black says:

        It’s “you’re”, not “your”. Note the irony: you call out the stupidity of another stupidly, thereby demonstrating your own stupidity in the process.

        1. Kevin says:

          I was busy reloading…stop by sometime…

          1. Mike says:

            I’ll be stopping by… just reloadin’ myself, tough guy.

    2. angus hates himself says:

      Another rant from angus the racist.

    3. csmith says:

      Just for the record, WCCO broke this story.

  4. Ace says:

    This is the party that runs on family values, morality and a holier than thou attitude, pray away the gay, anti birth control, pro marriage, etc. ad nauseum, I used to be a Republican but now am an independent because of their trying to force their personal, religious beliefs on their constituents.
    To WCCO: What do you mean I am posting comments too quickly. This is my first comment since yesterday. How many do I get in a 24 hour period? If you have rules, post your rules

    1. Tom says:

      @ Ace

      It is very true about the GOP! They are the biggest hyprocrits!!

  5. Sam Iam says:

    And then there was the resignation of Tony Sutton earlier so he could get back into modeling, posing as the Pillsbury Doughboy and other pudgy, doughy corporate advertising mascots.

  6. Murph says:

    Somehow the lipstick on the pig style of life of the GOP has managed to emerge from all the bull excrement! To say I am happy and rejoicing would be an under statement.I am just glad I ain’t under one of the more recent GOP beauties.Thankful that they have been exposed for sure…but doubly so that Ms.Koch was not totally exposed in the photo’s!

  7. stubby says:

    Hey Esma, why not write a blog on all the crooks in the obama administration. Guess it would have to be a novel…way too much for just a blog.

    1. Well says:

      Maybe it was because the subject of her article was the State GOP?

      Or did you just kind of miss the entire point of it all.

      You did? Better luck next time then.

  8. Spade says:

    Here, here. Independents! Collectively we will navigate the muck of both corrupt parties determined to bring this great country to its knees. Independents will prevail in the balance and oversight and fix this broken system while clearing out the radicals in favor of compromising moderates. YES WE CAN.

  9. Bob Kappers Sr says:

    a good week would be if esms, stayed home. the libs just don/t get it

    1. Paul says:

      Learn. To. Write. You sound like an idiot.

      1. Well Usually says:

        people sound like idiots because they are.

        He really sounds more like just another perpetually aggrieved fusspot conservative, convinced liberals and minorities are trying to put something over on him.

          1. Seriously? says:

            It’s “they’re”, not “their”. Note the irony: you call out stupidly someone calling out the stupidity of the likes of you, thereby affirming your stupidity in the process.

            I’m detecting a pattern here, Kev.

          2. Of course not says:

            You guys do it to yourselves way better than we ever could.

    2. Murph says:

      As an elder,..at least by your words.One would think that you would have some compassion for your peers,that your choice of heroe’s do not share! Starving Grandma and Grandpa is not exactly a “family value” in anyones book..except of course the GOP handbook.To do so to further enrich the already rich.Well,that too,if it is your personal family value.I suppose you must vote for it! However as one of the silent minority..so stated so as not to offend your false image as being in the majority,when far from it! I think it best,if you took the time to think.Plus rethink which side of the issues and absurd utterances of your chosen champions you should really be on.I say this because a great many GOP voters seem to be in a dream world of “I wish ,Iwas,I wish ,I was” instead of the saner position of.I am in the lower echelon of this society and need to vote and espouse those things that help me and not just the 1%.Which BOB,you are not in any way shape or form anywhere near, or ever will be!

      1. ???? says:

        Why is it that “grandma and grandpa” (being the offspring of the generation that endured the Great Depression) didn’t save throughout their working years? Why? They have saved an average in a lifetime that I save every month. I’m not the 1% but the way the numbers are tilting, I’m very close.

        1. Ace says:

          I’m 81 years old, a child of the depression and I saved my money all my life. The thing you neglected to mention is invest it wisely. I put mine in boring treasury bonds and I now have a comfortable income to live on so I fortunately will not be a burden to society during my lifetime.

        2. Murph says:

          Dear ???? why not question the politicians who used those funds to toss away bundles of dollars to other countries and pet projects as a slush fund instead of a retirement fund! Grandma and grandpa were given a promise that hard work would be rewarded.That promise has been broken time and time again.The really bad part is that there is no end in sight and no way to punish the spendthrifts who made it their own deviant wallet for so long. To this day they still regard social security as their own personal ,under the bed vibrator and not at all what it was intended to be! Got that chief?

          1. ????? says:

            No Murph. “Ace” gets it. But “Ace” would get it since he lived through it. Ask “Ace” if he feels entitled. Ask “Ace” if he’d like to see this country attempt a run at fiscal responsiblity. Ask “Ace” if he wants starving elders in the streets.

    3. Floater says:

      Mr. Kappers…you should really let Dale Gribble speak for your conservative side. Although he can be saucy, he can also write a complete sentence.

  10. Orrest says:

    The democrats are just no fun in this state. They don’t run up party debt and refuse to pay while screaming fiscal for fiscal restraint. They don’t have out of state members take wide stances in the bathroom. They don’t have anyone come out and say outlandishly funny things, They don’t swim naked in pools with kids. They don’t carry guns, They are more discreet in their extramarital affairs (probably choose lobbyists). And the democrats in this state are smart enough to figure out that someone who would write
    “With a shaky economy and the President’s declining popularity, a lot of people figured the only way Republicans could lose in 2012 is if they beat themselves. In Minnesota, at a lot of levels, they are doing a good job trying.”
    is really a GOP supporter trying to tell the party to get their act together or they will lose. What a pathetic lot.

    1. Frankie says:

      Bad behavior on the Dems for some may be their policy decisions, but they cleaned up their act after Dee Long took them out to San Diego to play golf ( err go to a conference) years ago.

  11. jwp says:

    With Brodkorb gone it’s flame throwers flaming out.

  12. have fun guys says:

    Have your fun looney left and “CCO, because in politics what goes around comes around. Molehills made into mountains. That’s how the game is played. It won’t be long before its the left’s turn to gnash their teeth.

    1. Frankie says:

      Other than maybe a dui, what stupidity have the states dems done lately? Righties like you don’t seem to get the concept. When you tell others how to lead their lives and you don’t meet a standard of decency yourself, you should get ripped.
      Is it as molehill that a politician has no ethics? What you do reflects your character. Consider Newts philandering. Read how George W made his millions and you could easily surmise that for the GOP the current answer would be yes we do not care that our party has no moral fiber.

      1. have fun Frankie says:

        You have a very short or perhaps selective memory. That’s natural for both sides when this sort of thing hits the fan. Enjoy your righteous indignation, it won’t be long before the other side has their laugh.

        1. frankie says:

          Short memory. I have been waiting for Franken to say something. He hasn’t. Not of the dems would appear to have even a badex marriage.
          It is negative to be indignant about that lack of morals the politicians have? That comment proves my point of the low moral standards of the righties here. Take a pill for your paranoia because there is nothing I posted that would hint of thinking one side is morally superior to theother.

          1. still havin' fun eh? says:

            Paranoia? Interesting. Where did that come from? I love your assertion that the Democrats are all above reproach. Hooray for our side no matter what, I guess. It’s interesting that you now think character matters. I remember how the Dems hated it when the GOP threw that one in their face when Clinton couldn’t keep it in his pants.

            1. frankie says:

              Paranoid comes from I ask a simple question wondering what bad behavior local democrats have done as all I could remember was Dayton and the dog. That seems minor to the gun toting ways of the GOP. Both parties get dui. For you to take the comment where you did should I have called iss “I am a persecuted GOP?” complex? I never bothered with the national democratic figure because the GOP courts the evangelical christians. One would think the someone claiming to be Christian would have some moral fiber.

            2. Frankie says:

              Censor has been out again. Mountains out of molehills. I did not mind at all that Clinton was under the spotlight. I did not vote for him in that election. Did not vote for Dole? either. One cannot say Hooray for a side when you are not chosing a side.. You chose a side and appear to think whatever they do is beyond repproach. Extramarital sex, good deal. Ditch your wedding vows, whats your word. Packing heat in the airport, oops. Wide stance in the airport. These are the kind of people you want running the country because they say what you want to hear,, don’t pay attention to what they do

  13. angus says:

    I do have sympathy for Dingbats teenage daughter. I fear the verbal abuse and rumors by the bullies will be grim in school. And how does mom explain this to her husband and daughter? Overall, I question how stable the family situation was prior to this incident.

    1. POS says:

      I am a smart person. I am an adult. I can call people names like I was still in the second grade. My name is Kevin.
      Get a life

    2. Debb S says:

      Kevin — You really should have stayed in school. You’re calling everyone a moron, but you don’t seem to understand “your’ from “you’re” or “they’re” from their”. That’s pretty basic stuff, buddy. While I’m on your side as far as Obama goes, you really need to learn to write.


      1. BwaaHaHa!! says:

        Kevin. Relax. I’ve seen it. You kept trying to show it to me the other night. You’d be well advised to keep it in your pants.

        1. POS says:

          Now I get why Kevin is always concerned about a liberal’s wang. His has been truncated. Lol, there is an explaination for everything. Since he threatens with guns or bats, which did he use on it? LOL

  14. Bob Kappers Sr says:

    hey all i stand corrected

  15. who voted for this loser says:

    Has keith Ellison paid those tickets yet?

  16. John Kilvik says:

    I’m sure someone will take their place but not having to listen to Koch and Brobkorb proselytizing and condemning me and my family for our lack of values and martial fidelity will help make this a very nice Christmas for my entire family.

    1. sorry for your wife or whatever says:

      Your family lacks values John?

  17. Just wondering says:

    So what is going on with the “Family Values” party?

  18. Craig says:

    Another example why the republican’ts be trusted. The like to break the law or just fool around.

  19. StraycatStrut says:

    Esme……The GOP must be having a reckening these days. Sorta like out with the old and weak….in with the new. Be interesting to see whats up.MN seems like its always been confused with its politics……….A Democratic state with conserative leaders in the past. Then goofy leaders like Perpich and Dayton.

  20. Polly in Minneapolis says:

    You’re so sullen, Esme. That Republican guy up first this morning wished you a Merry Christmas at the beginning of your interview, and you totally ignored his greeting to you. You need a personality makeover. Where the heck were Al and Amy today – they’re on every friggin’ week.

    1. Molly says:

      I caught that too. Esme has always been a hard left-liberal; and to her there is no regard for any other side but liberal democrates. I don’t know why ‘CCO keeps her around, she certainly does not enhance their station, but then ‘CCO has been steadily moving down that left liberal path so in stands to reason. Its why their ratings are poor.

      1. mary says:

        Molly, you should have heard Esme a few weeks ago.Her husband owns a furniture store in Ramsey County. Esme loves libs and taxes but the stadium tax might effect her husbands business. What a dilema for a bleeding heart lib.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Esme also thought that H1N2 was a rare and deadly new form of H1N1, because she wanted to scare people into reading her lame article filled with inaccuracies.

          Shame on you, Esme. You have as much journalistic talent as you do good looks.

  21. Cassandra Morrison says:

    Hmmm…enough nastiness to go around here. That’s certain. When it comes to the hyenas gloating over Senator Koch’s “fall from Grace” as it were. Well, I’m a Democrat AND a Transgender Female AND I have NO reason to love the Republicans. BUT Senator Kochj has served Minnesota pretty wll, all things considered. We can disagree about this policy issue or that policy issue (and we SHOULD) but she’s a Minnesotan, dang it!

    Now, as to her “indiscretion”. Not my business. You see, I’m a Christian..and, being one, I remember the Gospel story of the woman taken in Adultery and I remember what Jesus said to her accusers. EVERYBODY should remember that.

    I’ve never met any sinless people (nor am I sinless) and there seems to be a natural tendancy to want to draw attention to another’s failings and gloat over them. But my Bible tells me I’d better not be doing that. If I run around quoting the Law and condemning others I have Christ’s promise that that is how I will be judged..instead of through the mercy and forgiveness granted us by His Sacricfice. I don’t think I’d like that much.

    How about YOU?

  22. Tony Rozycki says:

    Esme is the most patient & tolerant Harvard grad with which I’ve ever communicated and there are several!

    1. Tony Rozycki says:

      …and open-minded

  23. Tony Rozycki says:

    Let’s keep our eyes on the ball & elect a better President in 2012!

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