CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A violent fight was caught on tape at Chaska High School.  A student attacked another student earlier this month, and nobody stepped in to help.

At the end of the school day on Dec. 2nd, most students prepared to head home, but one boy had other plans.

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The 10th grader was caught on surveillance video walking down the hall and taking off his jacket in preparation for the fight. The boy then attacked another student and threw several punches. He even knees the other student in the face.

“It was quick. It was a matter of seconds, but it was relatively violent,” said Captain Jon Kehrberg of the Chaska Police Department.

That attack was followed by a retaliation fight just days later. This time, the victim in the first brawl threw the punches.

“All in all, the injuries were minimal,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

The fights got the attention of Chaska police and resulted in fifth-degree assault charges in both cases. But it’s the reaction of other students that’s also a cause for concern.

“There were probably 12 to 15 students that could have intervened, if not jumped to get a staff member,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

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In the first fight, two students had cell phones ready before the attack began. Several other students just stood by and watched.

The same is true in the second fight.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

The school and police did work to resolve the issues with the two fighting students.

“The school and officer have been trying to stop this. Stop rumors, stop the talk of fighting,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

Now, part of the education may be focused on those who did nothing. The fight started because of rumors between the two students. Both were suspended and had to agree to talk through their problems.

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School leaders said creating a safe environment in the district is priority.