CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A violent fight was caught on tape at Chaska High School.  A student attacked another student earlier this month, and nobody stepped in to help.

At the end of the school day on Dec. 2nd, most students prepared to head home, but one boy had other plans.

The 10th grader was caught on surveillance video walking down the hall and taking off his jacket in preparation for the fight. The boy then attacked another student and threw several punches. He even knees the other student in the face.

“It was quick. It was a matter of seconds, but it was relatively violent,” said Captain Jon Kehrberg of the Chaska Police Department.

That attack was followed by a retaliation fight just days later. This time, the victim in the first brawl threw the punches.

“All in all, the injuries were minimal,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

The fights got the attention of Chaska police and resulted in fifth-degree assault charges in both cases. But it’s the reaction of other students that’s also a cause for concern.

“There were probably 12 to 15 students that could have intervened, if not jumped to get a staff member,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

In the first fight, two students had cell phones ready before the attack began. Several other students just stood by and watched.

The same is true in the second fight.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

The school and police did work to resolve the issues with the two fighting students.

“The school and officer have been trying to stop this. Stop rumors, stop the talk of fighting,” said Capt. Kehrberg.

Now, part of the education may be focused on those who did nothing. The fight started because of rumors between the two students. Both were suspended and had to agree to talk through their problems.

School leaders said creating a safe environment in the district is priority.

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  1. TL the alligator says:

    i hope the first victim got a good shot in on the retaliatory attack….score must be evened….otherwise you get labeled a punk…….more than anything this is a failure of staff and poor adult oversight in school.

    1. Obv. says:

      Jake you’re such a punk on these boards, it’s Chaska HS, they don’t need to negotiate a decent deal.

      1. Jake says:

        Off your meds…..AGAIN??? Geez, I hadn’t even made a comment. Why don’t you GET A LIFE, and learn how to say something RELEVANT?

        1. @Jake says:

          Jake you did make a comment and you removed it after you realized how big of a joke you are here on these boards and in real life.

          1. Jake says:

            Wrong there buddy, and most people who know me well know that I am anything but a joke. There are others who are posting with the name ‘Jake’, just to discredit me, it isn’t that hard to do. I didn’t remove anything.

    2. TL the alligator says:

      ok Jake you jellyfish….spineless people who wont stand up for themselves in the name of “civility” will always make good victims…..its not BS Jakey boy , its simply reality.

    3. Brian says:

      TL, you’re clearly an idiot. Teachers and administrative staff are so handcuffed by psychotic parents, it’s not even funny. People love to complain about how teachers do nothing, yet the same people so fast to file some frivolous lawsuit when a teacher lays a hand on a student to discipline them. If you ask me, teachers should be allowed to employ corporal punishment. Little Johnny lips off or bullies or torments or assaults another student, he ought to be thrown into the lockers and headlocked by the shop teacher.

  2. Crazy Joe says:

    Nothing newsworthy here, this happens everywhere and has always happened but now there’s YouTube. Not condoning it just kids they do that.

  3. Petite Rouge says:

    The school should encourage students to stop fights instead of punishing them for getting involved. If this was enforced maybe more students would have tried to stop the fight instead of recording it on their phones. I am suprised this fight even made it on the news at all, considering this is not the first fight in the Chaska school system.

    1. Sister Ruler Smacks says:

      Wrong. You encourage students to get involved in this type of situation and you’ll have a melee in mere seconds. What the school should encourage is teachers to get involved. But why would they want to? The minute they lay a hand on a kid, they’re sued. The lawmakers need to come up with some sort of civil immunity for teachers and school districts for staff members disciplining or controlling a student.

  4. keel says:

    Suck it up. Kids have always fought. Part of growing up. At least they didn’t use knives or guns.

  5. Noel Petit says:

    First, why are the faces blurred? This happened in a public place, where everyone can see!

    Second, there is no reason for other students to get involved. They would be accused of fighting and/or get involved in the ensuing law suit from the accused for allowing this sort of thing to happen in school. And certainly the teachers won’t step in for fear of a law suit.

    1. Petite Rouge says:

      The faces are blurred because the students are juveniles, so their identity must be protected. Students can get involved by choosing not to fight, but use their words to de-escalate the situation. I also highly doubt that a teacher would be sued for breaking up a fight in a school. A teacher might have a lawsuit filed against them if they had neglected their duty (standard) of care.

  6. fred says:

    this is news?……when I was in jr. high there must have been 3 or 4 fights a day. then some of the teachers would enjoy beating up students, some downright brutally.

    1. That's how it ought to be says:

      Too bad the teachers can’t mix it up like they used to. There would probably be a lot fewer problems if the math teacher was allowed to give that mouthy little Jane or John Doe a smack in the mouth when they get out of line.

  7. mike says:

    Just because you live in Chaska doesn’t mean Lil Johnny or Miss Priss Katie are wonderful additions to society. It isn’t always diversity causing the problems its the flippin moron parents like yourself that believe the Chaska children are saints.

  8. kevin says:

    Diversity in Chaska has brought so many things…..mexican gangs…..violence…..educational costs……medical costs…….law enforcement costs…….its a great place to live…..stop by sometime…….ill show you….how great diversity is……

  9. Jason says:

    I can say that when I was in school, if you went in to break up a fight you could get in trouble, so I don’t blame them for not breaking it up

  10. Todd says:

    With a zero tolerance attitude the school are embracing these days, there is little to no incentive for another student to try and intervene since they will also get in trouble. Running off to get a staff member is also a way to get marked as a snitch.

    Funny, who was monitoring the surveillance camera during the fight?

  11. Nancy Aleshire says:

    As a parent this is a disturbing story to watch. Why couldn’t some of those students watching this fight go into the office and request assistance? This clearly shows the need for closed circuit surveillance cameras to be installed at all schools, that can be viewed by office personnel.

    1. Hope You're Happy says:

      So then what? Janice the 5’0″, 110lb secretary can run out and separate the kids? Even if she did, she’d be subjected to some lame-ass civil lawsuit that the parents of the fighters would surely file. Parents groups have done this to themselves. They’ve made it abundantly clear that teachers should not touch, discipline, or look cross-eyes at a kid. Otherwise, they feel the wrath of the parents who’s kids can do no wrong. We’ve given teachers and administrators every reason to stay out of this fight and no incentive to intervene.

  12. he did says:

    Collin deserved it