WASHINGTON (AP) — Eleven lawmakers missed the House vote that rejected Senate legislation to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for two months.

Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Ron Paul of Texas were campaigning Tuesday for the Republican presidential nomination.

Democrat Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is recovering from the brain injury she suffered when shot by a gunman.

Republican Howard Coble of North Carolina is hospitalized with a respiratory illness. Texas Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson has a high fever. Florida Republican Mario Diaz-Balart has a family health issue.

Chief of staff Paul Gage said his boss, Democrat Kurt Schrader of Oregon, decided to stay home.

Rep. John Olver, a Massachusetts Democrat, had a family obligation and was not in Washington.

There was no response from the offices of Florida Republican Vern Buchanan, California Democrat Bob Filner and California Democrat Lynn Woolsey.

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Comments (55)
  1. Scott W says:

    Bachmann has stop representing the 6th district along time ago.

    1. Irritated in the 6th says:

      Yep. Thanks again to my idiot neighbors for electing this bimbo.

      1. Tom says:

        @ Irritated in the 6th

        But you can bet her followers in the 6th district are proud of her!

        1. Mary says:

          From the 6th. I want to thank the GOP Tea Party House who voted for a year long tax pay roll tax cut. Rep Bachmann knew the vote count.
          The non action by our president and the disgraceful 60 day extention counter by the Democrat controlled Senate is NOT looking out for the middle class.
          Amy and Al ran off to enjoy their Christmas break. Us hard working middle class from the 6th are not represented by our senate.
          Our tax increase by the Democrat Senate will not be forgotten.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            So you think Michele Bachmann is a normal, intelligent, American who is representative of our best citizens?


  2. Swamp Rat says:

    Was Bachmann campaigning worth missing this vote? This absence doesn’t make her look good with the folks in her present 4th District. Just wait until she tries campaigning in the new gerrymandered US 4th District [redistricted combination of the old 4th & 6th Districts], she is going to get the booted out of office by folks you want their representatives at work in Congress. Can’t wait! LOL!!!.

  3. Matt says:

    its all about protecting the taxes of the rich, not protecting those of the working man or woman

  4. robert says:

    Thank god Michelle can’t be everywhere at once. I’m tired of looking at her!

    1. Brett says:

      Yeah right. Your old lady is probably twice her age, and twice as heavy,and you wish you could meet Michelle, but you know that there is no way you can’t . Total Jealousy!!

      1. News Filthy McNasty says:

        “but you know that there is no way you can’t”

        Your mastery of English really shines through here… whats your stormfront user name?

      2. jackactionhero says:

        I’d rather have someone 3x as heavy as Michele Bachmann, than look at her one time disrobed. I mean my god man.

        Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is jealous of Michele Bachmann.

        That woman could knock a buzzard off a gut wagon.

  5. Swamp Rat says:

    @Dale G.
    What did you put in your tea, today? Read the article and get your facts straight! Your comments seem to be a few slices short of a full loaf! Is this who you really want for President?

    1. Tom says:

      @ Swamp Rat

      Im afraid that Dale G and his Pride and Joy Bachmann’s mental illness is natural!

      1. Nah, it's in there says:

        “Dale” just missed his calling in creative writing. I liked his old stuff better. Posed a Russian communist tone that made the reader want to read it as it should be, with a harsh accent. He’s amusing and entertaining, if a person gets it. Too many on here take him literally rather than figuratively.

        1. Raoul Duke says:

          Ice cream, Mandrake. Children’s ice cream.

          1. JackD says:

            How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh?

  6. oh really? says:

    The vote is a sham vote anyways. Protecting the taxes of the rich? How about protecting the country against over spending!

    Here’s how the democrats phrase this argument…

    Step 1… let’s draw up a tax cut that applies to all working employees
    Step 2… never mind the lost revenue from the tax cut, just keep spending
    Step 3… allow the tax cut to expire a year or two later
    Step 4… argue that if the rich don’t pay their “fair share” (a new tax increase on the wealthy), taxes will go up on everyone because the tax cut can’t be extended in order to pay for all the spending


    Step 1. Create a tax cut for everyone
    Step 2. Stop spending by an equal amount or more as the tax cut.
    Step 3. Rinse and repeat.

    Further more, a two month extension of this payroll tax cut is not a true jobs bill, because what business owner will hire a single new employee if they know it’s only a temporary savings, not a permanent decrease in labor cost? That’s not “stimulating the employment sector”. Make it permanent, and reduce the spending and you’ll possibly create some jobs out of it.

    Now I’m sure if there was any substance like that to the bill, Bachmann would be very interested in voting on it, however it’s nothing more than a waste of time and a re-confirmation that the bill is dead. This is political maneuvering by the media and completely bias and shameful finger pointing about nothing.

    “Bachmann bad… blah blah blah.” sorry folks, bachmann’s doing her job fighting for her constituents who know better. I’d be willing to be not a single educated bachmann supporter is at home in the 4th district crying about anything today. There’s a lot to be proud of.

    1. uh-huh says:

      I concur – and she got her check deposited today along with the check for the Federal subsidyfor the farm, and I assume old fuzz brain Marcus grabbed a taste from the trough for some jacked up billing to the Fed’s for services too.
      Hot dam – America is a great place, one of the only countries in the world were you can rip to hell the system all the while sucking it dry by direct deposit. LMAO Michele Scammer Bachmann – God’s Gift to Satin

    2. Exp says:

      Did you happen to notice that the two month extension is the compromise that the Democrats had to deal with because the Republicans wouldn’t let them for the whole year? I thought not.
      The Tax Cut rubber stamp argument. I’m surprised you haven’t worn that poor stamp out by now. So, oh genius, what do you suggest we cut? Education to make our kids dumber? Social Services during a recession and financial instability that the Republicans caused? Defense? Infrastructure so our roads can deteriorate more? Then what? I don’t see you providing any answers other than “Tax me and my rich friends less”. Did you forget during the heydays of our country that tax rates on the rich were as higher than 70 percent, yet our country prospered? I don’t even suggest that, just the 39.5 percent that Clinton had and closing the capital gains holes.
      So stop using that tired and annoying tax excuse. Bush and Bush and Reagan all proved that it benefits no one but the rich and THEY are the only ones that prospered, yet still people continue to pile on the wagon like it’s a God-given salvation.

    3. Brett says:

      I agree, “oh really”. How many votes did nobama miss during his first run for president? We may never know, and don’t count on “Jason” do to the really relevant work. A two month ‘deal’ is a slap in the face of any EDUCATED American. I’m tired of seeing politicians buy votes with tax dollars and putting our nation deeper and deeper into debt, with NO END IN SIGHT. To those who say that she isn’t representing her/your district, I definitely disagree. I’d say that she is representing you VERY WELL.

      1. Ok, I'll bite says:

        Tell us Brett, how many votes did Obama miss during his first run for president?

        Man, what a lame comment. No wonder the libs laugh at you guys.

        1. Brett says:

          Like I said, don’t expect ‘CCO to report ALL of the missed votes by OBAMY, that just wouldn’t be ‘respectful’. Fair and Balanced? In a horse’s arse!!. Funny how all of the likes of you DEMAND fair and balanced reporting, yet you will abandon it at the slightest bit of bad publicity. Can the LIKES OF YOU EVER STAND on your OWN TWO FEET, without any propagandist HELP??

    4. I want Amy says:

      Bachmann continues to nurse on her right nipple as she tries to wean herself from the PERMANENT Government teat she has been on for all her pathetic life. Yet the irony as we all know is she also is after the government to cut back.
      Funny – she is not, not never has been. part of the cuts she seeks.
      Oh Amy —–I know what you can do to make amends to society for your wrongs

  7. With Dale says:

    I’m with Dale – she is protecting us from the GOP traitors in waiting, the wannabe’s whom she is destroying by the very fact she has her obscenely stupid face out there. She alone will destroy the GOP in 2012…. her and her band of idiots. Go Bachmann , Daughter of the Devil ……… gooooooooooooooo

    1. Silly says:

      Do you not understand how serious this issues is?? Her vote was needed to protect us form the GOP.

  8. Exp says:

    @dale: Either you’re trolling or you really need a reality check. You’ve spent too much time drinking the Kool-Aid on that far side of the aisle and aren’t ablle to think objectively. I’m not particularly thrilled with the Democrats, but they’re far better than Michelle’s brand of crazy.

    1. Well - Dale does share says:

      Dale sucks on Michele’s crack pipe. Makes them both feel peppy and like their lives are full somehow. Why else would you think Michele gets to talk to God so often ? Dale is washing her feet while she’s conversing of course …. silly boy that he is

  9. Brian says:

    @oh really-wow. Pretty lame, illogical statement to begin with. And by the way, Mr. “educated bachmann supporter,” she (regrettably) is the 6th District rep., not the 4th. And by not voting, she’s protecting us from NOTHING. She, once again, is on her self-serving, obviously-doomed, crusade for higher office. Voters at the national level aren’t interested in her B.S. What does that tell ya, smart guy?

  10. Kevin says:

    Stop picking on Mrs Bachmann! She was just busy at my place…..you know…..hanging out…….playing “whos your conservative”.

    1. BigHeadTodd says:

      but she was at my office under my desk for quite a while earlier today.
      Did she appear overly tired Kevin or somewhat toned down?
      Tired jaw muscles will do that ,,,, just sayin’

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Gross. I wouldn’t even take a freebie from her. Sad that you would…

        Standards, amigo. Get some.

  11. Tina says:

    OMG………GO AWAY MICHELE! Hasn’t this county seen enough of you? Anybody that would elect that idiot into any office has got to be NUTS! She doesn’t know the first thing about politics…..or anything else for that matter, and she has proven it time and time again! She should run for President of the Mickey Mouse fan club….but then they would reject her too! What a DOPE!

  12. Mitch says:

    Hey Moron it’s the HPV Virus not HIV big difference.

  13. terrace says:

    I just love watching this woman crash and burn in her campaign. So she still gets a government paycheck for not doing her job? And she still has supporters in the Tea Party who are against government waste?

  14. She Wears the Pants says:

    Truth be told, she has a bigger pair than any of the other Republican “men” that are running for office.

  15. Michele Bachmann says says:

    Om me oh my – daniel. You cannot talk like that. I shall have to talk to God about this so I know what to do with you. Oh badness oh shame dan, shame on you son

  16. Pat says:

    The vitriol and bile of the Bachmann haters is telling.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Pat, there is no vitriol or Bachmann ‘hate’ from me and others. It’s just that what happened to good old fashion Republican values and GOP Americanism? Michelle Bachmann seems to represent a GOP/T-Party ethic that is wildly reactionary, extreme right-wing politics, and falling off the cliff of ignorant political stupidity.

      Without digressing further, Bachmann doesn’t even come close to being the voice of the GOP or the Tea Party for that matter. Even stalwart MN Republicans at her antics and pronouncements. How could she get elected to the Presidency if the lunatic politic fringes won’t rise up to support her? No, it’s not hate or vitriol is just plain American politics to ignore her or shoo her off!

      1. Brett says:

        Really?? So I guess that YOU have the ANSWER to the $15 TRILLION dollar question, as to WHO will be paying for it, $5 TRILLION of it coming under nobama, and why we should go even DEEPER into debt to extend UNEMPLOYMENT benefits for like the THIRD TIME under his reign, and why so many taxpayers who make from $20-50K pay NO federal income taxes, AND they get gov’t handouts like food stamps, grants, and God knows what else. What ever happened to the statement, “Ask NOT, what your country can do for YOU, but what YOU can do for your COUNTRY.”.

        1. Oh my says:

          Well Brett, how many taxpayers who make that kind of money don’t pay any federal income taxes? Do you even know?

          Do you even have the foggiest idea about how many people are getting food stamps?

          You sure are good at shooting yer mouth off though.

          1. Brett says:

            Ah, the latest GOVERNMENT FIGURES say that at least 45% of all americans don’t pay ANY federal income taxes AND they receive FOOD STAMPS, or some other entitlement. I’m not here to EDUCATE YOU, do your own research, entitlement BABY. When the big entitlement checks start flooding MY mailbox, when I have been a taxpayer for 35 fricken years, and have never received an unemployment check, a food stamp, an education ‘grant’, FREE, GOLD-PLATED health care, workmen’s comp, housing assistance, utility bill assistance, refugee cash assistance, did I miss anything, THEN I will change my tune. If you want to PLAY in this society, you have to PAY, that should be part of the GAME. If you can’t handle it, then move to another country.

            1. Man says:

              Geez Brett you’re kind of a grumpy old tightwad. Glad you’re not my neighbor.

              1. Brett says:

                Hey, man, I’m really GLAD to know that you aren’t my neighbor,the type of LOSER who never gave ANYTING to their country or community, you just had enough energy and knowledge to know how to WHINE ABOUT IT, and slam a good American at the same time . Congratulations, A-HOLE;.

            2. Naw says:

              Brett’s just kind of bitter. He thinks “they” are always out to put something over on him. Poor guy.

            3. Orrest says:

              From your comments you should have been entitled to an education grant that you have not yet used..
              Why aren’t you complaining about the agricultural subsidies, oil subsidies, handouts for stadiums, very little taxes paid by the wealthy? That more money going out than or not coming in than what you mention.
              Yes I would do my own research as it would appear your research is to sit on your butt and parrot the usual rhetoric that some broke schlubb is getting something and I am getting nothing whine often posted here.

        2. D. Cheney's closet boy says:

          That ended with the first GOP in office
          Then it became “ask me how many worker ants can I create and destroy under me before they rebel and say enough”
          its a comin’ Brett, its a comin’
          hang on boy caus ethey gonna take you down lol

  17. JJHT says:

    I agree that this is really a ploy to once again have the “99%” bear the brunt of keeping everything going. This has nothing to do with taking a stand to make it longer than a couple of months.

  18. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    By golly Dale, you seem to be a couple dozen good hard slaps short of ‘full fluff’ today…….

  19. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Michelle says, ‘Tuff luck for the 99%’ers……’

    1. More to come says:

      Michele says ” I really cannot swallow anymore of this bitter stuff today and my jaws are sore”

  20. Murph says:

    Obvious from all the posts.It is a lot more than the votes she is missing! Come to think of it using all the GOP POTUS contenders even Dr. Frankenstien couldn’t make a whole human being from all the really dead parts of those creatures!Party of NO ,has to GO !

  21. dhillips says:

    Glad all you GOP supporters can afford to have another 20.00 /week deducted from your paychecks,along with the nastiness of having U.E cut. I pay into U.E. every paycheck ,therefore that money is mine! People in this country need to wake up and revolt!

  22. Raging Time says:

    As everyone spews hatred on this comment page against a woman, Isn’t rather strange that WCCO news does not allow a comment page of the HEINOUS MALE SEXUAL PREDATORS also in this news. I will vent here, since WCCO has provided a comment page. Can we start Castrating and hang male sexual predators, and quit protecting the ugly Beasts? Can’t you men Police your own, sick Gender?

    1. Lez B Honest... says:

      … settle down, man-hater

  23. Wearejustasstupidastheyare says:

    Sorry but anyone who is for Democrats or Republicans are all idiots, neither one in the Government and non Government sector sit around blah blah blah lets blame each other and see who can be the biggest A#$hole. Well we need to get rid of everyone and start over. But than you are so stupidly blaming each other you can’t see the bigger picture that everyone is getting hurt. Stop thinking of yourself and do something instead of always playing the blame game. I am neither party and will never be with the likes of both sides.

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