MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New images of a proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, Minn. released Tuesday show potential options for development.

Both summer and winter illustrations were released that give an idea of what the former Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant site could look like with a new stadium.

The summer proposal features running and biking trails, multi-use practice fields and a “Main Street” concept that would mix retail, residential, commercial and park space surrounding a community pond.

The winter image shows fire pits, ice skating on the community pond and cross-country skiing. A “lake house” next to the pond could provide indoor and outdoor space for community events, according to the team.

Summer. (credit: Minnesota Vikings)

Winter. (credit: Minnesota Vikings)

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  1. Ferris Lind says:

    wishful thinking

    1. Jake says:

      Where’s the roof?

  2. mr obvious says:


    1. red says:

      not anymore the Vkings

        1. Keith Obvious says:

          You meant “Queens!” Hey Mr. Obvious, there will be no stadium built using tax payer dollars. If you want ti build so bad, send your check to Vikings to contribute. And the Twins should not have gotten a stadium!

          1. mr obvious says:

            Yeah, tell me how i am enjoying the renovations at the guthrie theater keith? 10-20 cent tax on beverages. Whoopieee…cry me a river. It is being built.

            1. get a clue says:

              I would be perfectly happy if the taxpayers contributed as much to the Vikings as they did to the Guthrie. Got a clue as to how much the state gave to the Guthrie? 25 million. The state paid 20% of the cost, not 70% like the Vikings want. There is another big difference between the Vikings and the Guthrie. The Guthrie is non profit. More clueless people

  3. A shrine to Zygi says:

    The Vikings don’t need a new stadium, they need a new owner.

    What an unimaginable waste of public funds it would be to build a new stadium for this team of under-performing millionaires owned by an ostentatious and pompous billionaire whose sole interest is his bank account.

    Time for them to move on if they don’t like the home we already bought for them.

    1. bob says:

      you are obviously a moron! Do you realize that every player who plays here pays income tax when they play! including the visiting teams! think about how many millions of dollars would be lost if the vikings leave!

      you really should look at the big picture before running your mouth!

      1. Kevin says:

        Hey bob…your the moron…if you want to support a bunch of millionaires do so…most of MN opt out. If all the players are putting so much money into the tax base…shove their taxes and Ziggy’s into a stadium fund. Take the big tobacco law suite money that is being misused anyway and shove it there too. Then increase the tax rates for your and any other moron who wants the stadium..oh a legalize gaming in MN and suck all the elderly and handicapped people there dry…and shove that money into to……castarted liberal moron…..

        1. mr obvious says:

          @Kevin….Your the moron. Vikes will stay in MN and will get a NEW stadium. So Thank you come again.

        2. travis says:

          kevin… everybody who reads these articles… and sees your comments knows who the moron is. Do the vikings provide an economic benefit to the state of MN? absolutely. Do they provide an economic benefit to ziggy? not yet. Do both partners benefit from building a stadium? yes. Both partners should contribute. I would like to state again that the state has said increasing taxes is off the table. I wonder why people are still against this. some people are just set on being ignorant and negative.

        3. bill says:

          kevin are you for real????losing the VIKINGS would lose more money for us then keeping them and building another stadium.by the way you know how many elderly people enjoy watching there team every sunday?you seem like a very unhappy angry person.hope you find peace.we lost the north stars and payed alot to get the WILD.why make that same mistake twice?the big benifit for me is watching the vikings and twins play for our state.nough said.GO MINNESOTA SPORTS 🙂

          1. The REAL, real Jake says:

            Sports just isn’t that big of a deal for most people. It really isn’t. Its just for those who need it to distract from their horrible lives and are too lazy to change there situation. You’ve seen them they walk around with their jerseys and pretend that they are part of the team to find some sort of validation to their existence. I mean come on people you think these over indulged wife beaters give two cents about you? Its not like they’re coming over for the holidays are they?

            1. jackactionhero says:


              NONE of what you stated is true. Not one part.

            2. bill says:

              my life is great.i have a beautiful wife ,a big house with all the toys i need.20 acres in up by duluth and happy with my life.at age 47 i still play sports.i met the vikings of the 70’s.and they were real as you and i.your stariotyping.just cuz one guy beats his wife that means all athletes beat there wives??if thats the case then everyone is.are you really that closed minded?i wear a vikings jersey or twins uniform or wild sweater to support the team i love to watch and pull for.and im proud of it.sounds like there’s emptyness in your life.

      2. Judges, what do you say? says:

        Perhaps you should consider following your own advice. I refer you to Jason DeRusha’s report on that topic: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/11/08/good-question-how-much-will-minn-lose-if-vikings-leave/

        The report says “The total in direct contributions from the Vikings games to Minnesota is about $21.5 million.”

        The same report also notes “If the state paid $650 million for a new stadium in Arden Hills, it would take 31 years to recoup that money, at a rate of $21.5 million per year.”

        The comment regarding recouping that money intentionally used an annual “recoup amount” exactly equal to the annual revenue brought in by the team. The “apples to apples” factor.

        Also note that there was NO addition made for interest on the debt which obviously would have to be paid in addition to recouping the principal.

        You don’t need to go beyond simple arithmetic to conclude there is no cost benefit to the state.

        So it turns out that I am, indeed, looking at your “big picture” and I am, indeed, thinking about how many millions of dollars would be lost … but those “lost” dollars occur only IF WE BUILD THE VIKINGS A NEW STADIUM, not if the Vikings leave.

        Which of us is the moron?


        1. v says:

          Mr. Judges…. Go read the financial reports from cities like Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Detroit, Phoenix, etc. etc. Funny, how each and every city has reported a BOOST to the economic climate via stadium building/funding.

          Oh… but all the brain-children in their ice-houses have things all figured out here. Your fact gathering is incomplete and stops short of the FULL economic impact a new facility would create. And why not? That”s the only part that supports your ignorant and uninformed stance on the issue.

          1. One judge says ... says:

            A. He provided a link – where are yours?

            B. If you actually read the link he provided, it does address most of those other factors.

          2. frozenrunner says:

            The only way a stadium boosts an area is if there are not a lot of concessions in it. That will not happen in any new stadium.
            Does a stadium revitalize an area. If you think that is true drive around the Metrodome
            Yet another site for Jill to add to her list
            where even the media outlet in Detroit says that Ford field was no great boost to the area.

        2. dave says:

          Sounds like a little kid stomping his feet and saying i want it my way! every one else is stupid, i am the smartest person here!

          let me guess, you also hang out in downtown protesting with the other morons!

        3. Nate says:

          That is 21 million with the Dome…A new stadium with more seats and more boxes will generate more taxable revenue. Please use some vision to the future when thinking about this, thanks.

          1. Jill says:

            My but you are dumb.

            Spending 600 million to generate 21 million is a LOSS. Give me 600 million and I’ll generate some jobs too. But YOU will be out 600 million.

            And you KNOW the 21 million is an optimistic lie. Read the articles linked and educate yourself.

            1. Nate says:

              WOW…I read the article, the figures from that article, as long as the media was correct, are from the Dome as I stated above. The $21.5 million generated in taxes for the State will increase with more seating and box suites. Now if nothing else was used except the “But Fore” to pay for the Stadium, 31 years is viable from that alone when you figure interest but factor the increased tax revenue.

              I am for building a casino to generate the funds for the general fund to build a stadium and fund other items, I am against raising our taxes to build it alone. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=124198 Casinos bring in business, generate money for the city/State, and pay good wages to employees. The Vikings have us in a pickle either way. If they leave MN will have to foot the bill for the $21.5 million that will leave with them, unless your willing to make cuts to the general fund. Cities like Philly and Dallas needed help to build those fields as well and those are bigger markets. Build the casino, build the Stadium, and let the revenues flow in for the State.

              One more thing to consider, these numbers don’t include the numbers for everyone around the state getting together with their buddies, buying beer, food, and other goods to sit and watch the game together. The Vikings also benifit businesses outside the Metro area.

              But thank you for making my point on my previous post, you have narrow vision

      3. frozenrunner says:

        21 million is what the state nets on taxes. Obviously you can’t do math as debt on 600 million, plus the cost of borrowing at a double aa rating, will never be paid off in 30 years by 21 million a year.

  4. Get it done says:

    Lets just get it built, the longer we stall the more it is going to cost everyone. Quit playing politics and get something done.

    1. Jill says:

      If we never build it, it won’t cost anyone anything.

  5. v says:

    Kevin… If YOU’RE going to call someone a moron…. know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.

    Ladies and gentlemen… I present Kevin… another right wing, uneducated, yet overtly opinionated, trailer trash hillbilly. Go get ’em, big guy!

  6. bob says:

    kein, were you always the last on picked to play dodge ball? its ok, us rich athletes will always get our way!

    1. Reagan says:

      Who’s Kein?? Did not see a post from Kein?

  7. red says:

    Yes Kevin is a well known Moron on the ‘CCO comment board usually stating “Ain’t Diversity Grand” at the most inappropriate times

    1. v says:

      Is there EVER an appropriate time?
      Bigotry is the simplest and most glaring example of someone with low self-esteem.
      Sad part is… by law… he’s allowed to procreate and preach ignorance to his poor children.

  8. v says:

    Bob… Kevin wasn’t only the last one picked… He was the one that got pelted… and pelted… and pelted…. then ran over and jumped rope with the girls.

    Now he drives a pick-up, has the back-off mudflaps… wears a camouflage bomber (when he leaves the neon Polaris at the bar)… and carries a gun to feel tough.

    The world is full of ’em. Brothers and sisters sneaking off behind the wood shed often results people like him.

  9. Paul GJ says:

    The vikings are a privately owned business. And like all other privately owned businesses in the state of Minnesota, it is the business owners sole responsibility to provide a place for its employees to conduct said business. Its very interesting that you don’t read or hear about other privately owned Minnesota business owners negotiating with the state with an “or else we’ll leave” blackmail style. Those are the type of business owners the state of Minnesota can do without. Minnesota lawmakers should be ashamed to even speak of building a new stadium, even if you try to discount the teams current 2-12 record.

    1. v says:

      Again… a short sided, misinformed view.
      The Vikings will not OWN this facility. They will OPERATE out of it. And you’re wrong. States and municipalities are CONSTANTLY subsidizing business. Do you think the airlines paid for the improvements to MSP? Each new mall or housing development receives tax funding. All those suburban malls and oh-so-pleasing to look at cookie-cutter housing developments were developed on the condition of state/county/city provided infrastructure. These developments don’t make the papers or newscasts, so nobody bats an eye. But you know what? The ‘scratch each other’s back’ system works.. and it’s been a successful business/community model for over 100 years. Quit being so narrow-minded on the subject. Nobody is building a stadium FOR Zygi Wilf. We’re building a facility that, through it’s various and diverse functions… will provide money and jobs in return. They always work. Ask the 20-some cities that have funded these projects over the last 15 years.

      1. Frankie says:

        @v On the airport improvements
        The expansion will be paid for through “airport revenue bonds” backed by passenger facility charges, parking revenues, gate and retail leases, concessions, landing fees and other sources, as well as federal money in the form of dollars from the “airport improvement program,” said Dennis Probst, MAC’s deputy executive director for planning and environment.

        Bond the stadium and have a ticket tax.. It would only be a moderate fee. har

  10. Paul GJ says:

    I’m laughing so hard right now at v’s comment I cant type anymore! And by the way, the airlines don’t own MSP. Its just another hub to them. And again the state will not own the new stadium anymore then the airlines own MSP. So why should the state contribute any funds? So the vikings have an attractive, eye pleasing place to conduct their business? It should all be about the people of Minnesota, not a team that simply does business here.

  11. v says:

    You may be laughing at your own ignorance. You just made my point. The airlines DON’T own the airport. Yet our tax dollars fund it. Why? Because a convenient and optimally functioning airport is vital to the community.

    Now… is a sports franchise as ‘vital’? Absolutely not. However, professional sports IS big business.. as are premier events and conventions. This facility WILL be owned by the community… and the Vikings will operate out of it.

    See the parallel here, Paul? Are you following the logic? Am I talking too fast?

    You can’t be more incorrect. The community WILL own the stadium. As much as people may think Zygi will take it with him if he relinquishes ownership of the Vikings…. it’s simply too heavy, and won’t fit on the back of a truck.

  12. Paul GJ says:

    What community are you talking about? Ramsey county? The entire state? You could try and be a little more vague, but I know that would be difficult for you. Again, the team called the vikings are a privately owned business, and need to be treated as such. And its a fact that keeping the team and building a new stadium will negatively effect Minnesota’s bottom line for at least the next 30 years, considering how even Minnesota’s economy is unstable. And its also a fact that if a tax on whatever is imposed in Ramsey county to pay for said stadium, that those residents will shop elsewhere simply to avoid the additional taxes. And what about the businesses in Ramsey county? Everyone there could see a negative effect due to additional taxes for something that can not be fiscally handled at tge state level. Do they call that trickle-down economics?

  13. Don_J says:

    I like all of those “happy” people just hanging out enjoying the weather and tuff… also, in on rendering, there are two practice fields, so does\would that mean training camp would leave Mankato?

    1. v says:

      Mankato is in the rear view mirror in the Ramsey County/Zygi-land scenario. This facility needs to stay downtown, and not out in the sticks. I’m all for a ‘facility’ …. I’m not a proponent of creating a Disneyland for Mr. Wilf.

  14. Pat says:

    Only fools still try to pretend there is economic benefits to the public money subsidizing stadiums. ALL studies belie the lie.


    1. frozenrunner says:

      Don’t forget the brookings Institute studies and the Stanford studies showing the stadiums are a drain on resources.

      1. v says:

        Two words…. Sioux Falls.
        And when you’re done being captivated by your lifestyle there….. OMAHA!
        Woooooo Hoooooo!

        1. frozenrunner says:

          Two words. Los Angeles. The town, region nor state died when the football team moves to St. Louis. St Louis did not see a mass exodus of people when the Cardinals left. Portland Oregon gets by just fine without football as it wass 2009 Forbes most liveable city. Try again

          1. v says:

            Los Angeles has constantly pursued football teams and paid out the nose every time. St. Louis did the same. Portland? OK…. ya got me with one city that never made the attempt. There’s a plane leaving there tonight….. I’m sure you can still catch it. Needlepoint starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. followed by umbrella making. Enjoy!

            1. frozenrunner says:

              17 years the city of LA has been without football. Have you even read enough to know that the current proposals for a football stadium in LA is for a privately paid for stadium?. As for the activities you choose to do, it again reflects your capacity.

              1. v says:

                Goating you is so easy, it’s laughable.

                1. frozenrunner says:

                  It is so much fun seeing how low of a functioning thought process your response will be. Do you even comprehend what I just posted?

              2. v says:

                If this is what constitutes as ‘so much fun’ for you… I’m sure Portland DOES look like Disneyland.

                1. frozenrunner says:

                  I have been to Portland, I have been to Disneyland. I know the difference. Do you get the concept of low functioning?

              3. v says:

                Low functioning? Sure… I’m reading posts by someone who embodies it. Now get back to the classifieds. There’s a job out there for someone like you. I’m sure of it.

                1. frozenrunner says:

                  I don’t think they would hire me at your sheltered workshop making umbrellas. You still can’t do any better than try to hurl insults when the point of the thread was there are no economic benefits to a state having a sports team. The major metropolitan ares that do not have a team have in no way suffered. Low functioning dude, give up. Other than trying to insult people, you cannot make a coherent point.

  15. Vikings da Bomb says:

    Build it you cheap skates. This little dab of money amounts to nothing. With this new stadium will come glory and finally a superbowl victory. The Vikings have earned it and should be given this new facility. Why all this noise about such a little bit of money. This little investment will yield a 50 fold return on investment. Build it and quit being as tight as tree bark.

    1. Ole says:

      Exactly… just build it. Too much emphasis on it being called a “Vikings Stadium”… its used for a lot more events then just football. Huge economic benefit in terms of money flow and ultimately… jobs.

      1. Lena says:

        Yasureyoubetcha. Yawbs, dats wot ve need here in dis landt uf opportunittie.

        And da vIkings dey will bring all dat to us. Yasureyoubetcha. spent our wey to wealth!

        1. Vikings da Bomb says:

          Ya vill find a bit of da lutefisk in da pot fer ya support of dem Vikings…

    2. Drop Kick says:

      If you had told me this 50 years ago I might have bought into the new stadium plan,
      but the Vi-queens still haven’t won the big game, and aren’t likely to win it anytime soon.
      The state may have promised no new taxes, but Ramsey County is planning to tax us.
      Thirty yeas to break even, how old is the Metro-Dome? SUCKERS

  16. Guidry says:

    You really think these fah-ahh suburbanites will flock here on the 353 days the Vikes don’t play

  17. Reagan says:

    Do you know that v. was on here following this story all day long? Man should really focus his attention on working hard. He’d be part of the 1%.

    1. v says:

      I don’t work hart. I work smart, Reagan. You can plug along from 9 to 5 if you want… I prefer to own and run than be run around. Cute (albeit false) comment.

  18. Orrest says:

    The Vikings push for a new stadium is about earning the team more money. To get to above average profits the Vikings have to generate another 30 million a year. There is no real increase in the number of seats so the profits will come from additional charges to the already paying patrons It would be about $45 a person more on average. Not many of the rubes on this board are going to afford that. What drives the NFL is profits. Profit from the TV contract drives the NFL.If the ratings were significantly better when a team was based there the NFL would have already put a team there, it would make them more money. So the production studio that is the Metrodome will do just fine from a production standpoint.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “the Metrodome will do just fine from a production standpoint.”

      Unfortunately, that is an uninformed, ignorant comment with no truth to it whatsoever.

      1. Orrest says:

        Ignorant? Name one problem with televising a game from the Metrodome other than a roof collapse?