HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul father has been charged after allegedly choking his son’s youth hockey coach.

According to the criminal complaint, a fight broke out between three hockey players at a rink in Inver Grove Heights on Dec. 6. The team combines youth from both Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul.

The complaint says the son of 49-year-old Thomas Tonda was involved in the altercation, and swung his hockey stick and struck one of the other players.

The boy’s coach told him he couldn’t do that or he would potentially hurt his teammate. The coach told the kid to get back in line and continue drilling, the complaint says. The boy instead skated to the locker room, with his father in tow.

The criminal complaint says Tonda then came out and yelled at the coach and began choking him. The coach said he started blacking out from the assault.

When another coach pulled Tonda off the victim, he allegedly yelled “I’m gonna ******* kill you.”

Tonda has been charged with making terroristic threats and with fifth-degree assault. The former is a felony charge.

“Attacks of this nature upon youth athletic coaches are shocking and extremely disturbing,” said Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom.

Tonda appeared in court on Thursday and was released that evening.

His next court appearance is scheduled for March 26.

Comments (45)
  1. Assclown says:

    These kids are C Peewee’s and can barley skate and dad goes off because a youth coach, a volunteer, told his kid to knock it off and continue to learn how to play hockey. What an ahole.

    1. Barbara Addington says:

      I guess they are C Peewees and can barely skate but know how to swing a stick at another player to clobber them…gee, I wonder where the kid learned this type of aggressive behavior?

    2. Zombie Tbird says:

      Add a charge for one of the worst mustaches….ever!! Wait you play a sport where fighting is part of the game…why can’t parents jump in?

    3. See BS says:

      In the mug shot — he looks like Ferris Buellers Public School Principal – Ed Roony.

  2. Angry in Anoka says:

    When are these stupid youth coaches going to start treating parents and players with respect? ‘m so sick of hearing about the ruined careers and destroyed dreams because of some youth coach’s ego. This coach had it coming.

    1. just sayin says:

      What the heck are you talking about you nut job? You are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about. Did you read the article?

    2. Get a life says:

      Nice try Mr. Tonda…

      1. ditto says:

        I understood you completely. Thank you for your wit

    3. Larry F. says:

      You should probably add the first poster’s pseudonym in front of your pseudonym. Sarcasm is a profound form of assclownery.

    4. Grynch says:

      I have only two words in response to your comment… UNADULTERATED BUFFOONERY!

    5. hocus pocus says:

      You are an idiot, the parent should be jailed!

    6. truth says:

      angry in anoka is a nut job.He certainly didn’t read the article probably for the reason that he can’t read.

  3. Cassandra Morrison says:

    Well, at least this guy wasn’t beating up on his kid.

    1. Jake says:

      That we can prove in the story.

  4. Ace says:

    What a pathetic excuse for a man. I feel so sorry for his son and wife. Why doesn’t he do something to feel proud of instead of taking out his frustrations, regarding his wasted life, on other people? What a loser!

    1. truth says:

      Because he is a stupid criminal who hasn’t learn his lesson. I hope he gets sent back to jail.

  5. Lori says:

    Whats sad is this is probably more commen than not. Parents are trying to relive their pathetic lives through their kids.

    1. Jim says:

      Yep – it is. I spent 23 years coaching hockey and baseball as volunteer coach/manager and on various boards. I thought I had seen it all until the day a mom attacked an assistant coach with a bat – her son played 5 innings only of a 6 inning game. She hit him across the neck and then raised it again to hit him but several parents tackled her. That was it — parents as a whole are fairly decent but that 20% that are not can be crazy. Some day someone will be killed – that you can take to the bank. I miss the kids ….. cannot say that about the so-called “adults”

      1. Truth says:

        That’s what happens when the liberal hippies breed, telling their children throughout their young lives that “you can be whatever you want to be”. When it doesn’t happen and reality sets in, they blame everyone else.

        1. Ha Ha Ha!! says:

          Everyone deserves a trophy!!!!

        2. Jim again says:

          Pretty funny comment – maybe I should havew added we live and play in the 6th District. I highly highly highly doubt in coversation over the years with hundreds of parents that more than a handful are DFL voters. Next to the hocket stickers on the car/suv windows were Bush/Cheney. 😉
          Nice try to make this a political issue but you couldn’t be farther off base if you tried. FWIW – I also voted Republican every year except for MN Gov. I couldn’t do Emmer. That was a pass vote altogether as Dayton also was a no. lol

      1. Lori says:

        Hate to break this to you “truth”, but Im a liberal. Always was, always will be. My kids have always been guilty until proven inocent. My boys can be whatever they want to be, but they need to respect athority and live by the rules….and Adults should be doing the same.

  6. g8bbgg says:

    Minnesota hockey please add a new rule…ban all parents from the arena. As a former youth coach this would put me back behind the bench, parents are the only reason I (and a lot of my friends) quit.

  7. Get the facts straight says:

    This story is such a crock… the media needs to get the story straight. Tom is also a coach (who volunteers just like the other coach) who got in an altercation with another coach because of the way he was talking to my brother and the other kids involved.. also, the other coach pushed tom first and then tom went after him. he definitely shouldn’t have gotten in a fight with the other coach, but this story is completely a crock. the media is a joke. the truth will come out once everyone involved gets a subpoena.

    1. @get the bs right says:

      yo there get the facts straight ….. we can’t wait. LMAO
      Even if 75% of what you say holds water he had no fricken business doing what he did. I hope to hell he never sees the inside of a rink again…or gym or on a field. He’s done – and I hope to hell all the coaches support the other coach if Tom skates…or stomp him when no ones around.He’s a POS from top to bottom

      1. Get the facts straight says:

        whatever. i could go on and on about how many things are false about that story, but i have no desire to fight with someone who doesn’t know a thing about what happened. i just wanted people to know that the story is so ridiculously embellished. it’s also humorous that they leave out some pretty important facts as well. it’s pathetic that my little brother has to deal with all of this. so go ahead, think and say what you want. i could care less. i wanted to set some things straight and stick up for my little brother. it’s not fair to him and that’s what i care about.

    2. Angry in Anoka says:

      Right on! Tom should have finished teaching that other coach a lesson. He had no business insulting your family that way. If there was any justice in this world, Tom would be given a medal while he stood on the neck of the other coach’s bloodied corpse. No one should ever disrespect you like that and Tom is the victim of a bunch of crybabies. I hope your family sues that coach, the league and the city for everything they have.

      1. he cool says:

        Yeah..so take that bafoons. we stomp ass when we want and when we caqnt we get tom to do it. got a game at 8am tomorrow and thinking since toms gonna be partying all night maybe we can get him going early so it ends fast and i can get some sleep.
        toms an ass kicker and we happy he kicks yer dayys ass. and he shares beer with us us. haha

      2. I side with the coach says:

        You are so wrong. That coach has a right to instill right behavior in the boys. you are an idiot Angry in Anoka. You are probably a probation violator yourself.

        1. Angry in Anoka says:

          “Right behavior” means standing up for your familiy and not letting anyone disrespect you. That coach didn’t even begin to get what was coming to him. It’s a pity that Tom wasn’t allowed to finish the job. Panty-waists like you are always going on about “fair play” and “good behavior” and writing stupid “Anti-bullying” laws to protect your limp-wristed little darlings. Someone should teach you a lesson about respect.

          1. truth says:

            I disagree. What we need to do is abolish all parents from youth hockey games. That way Angry in Anoka will have nothing to be angry about except when he goes to the bar and gets drunk and hits the first person he sees.

  8. REAL MAN says:

    answer me this!!! since when do grown men who get in an altercation call the cops and press charges? where i’m from and how i grew up is if you get your butt kicked you take it like a man! i’ve choked and have been choked and you either learn your lesson or the other guy does! it sounds to me like the loud mouth coach got what was coming to him! i can’t believe we live in such a pathetic society of cry babies! if somebody pushes me first like happened in this story, that person would be lucky to just be choked to blackout ! and to call it a terror threat for saying “i’m gonna f#%$# kill you” is not only wrong but exactly the problem with the justice system! everyone would be locked up if that was the case!

    1. Gonzo says:

      Man up, REAL MAN!!! You’re a wuss. Real men would settle this matter with pistols and not end it until someone’s brains are spattered on the sidewalk. The problem with our country is that so many punks like you would settle matters like this with bare hands. If you are disrespected, take him OUT!!!!

      1. fitswell says:

        right on well said

      2. truth says:

        You scare the HELL out of me. Keep that up you will be facing the first judge who will sentence you to 30 years hard time.

  9. REAL MAN says:

    REAL MAN says you are an idiot!

  10. no thanks says:

    This is like looking through the key hole in youth hockey. No thanks

  11. Scott Funk says:

    Here’s what I don’t get about the lot of you: THIS IS A KID’S GAME! It’s supposed to be nonviolent and a good way of teaching kids how to cooperate with each other. Why do any of you have to take what is essentially a game so seriously? Can’t you just relax and have fun encouraging your little ones?! Sheesh!

  12. Kevin says:

    Crazy white guy! Must be a distant cousin…

  13. Girly-men abound says:

    Okay girls – settle down now…

  14. jerry says:

    That is one sorry looking SOB.

  15. Joe says:

    I dare any of you to write your comments using your real name. You are all cowards if you can’t.

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