ROSEVILLE (WCCO) — The Roseville Police Department needs help identifying people who they believe may be responsible for a violent group home invasion Thursday.

Police were dispatched at 9 a.m. to the 2800 block of Lexington Avenue on a report of an armed home invasion. When they arrived, investigators learned three black males, 18 to 20 years of age and approximately 5-feet-7 to 6-feet-tall, forced their way into a residential group home and demanded the occupants’ cash and narcotics.

During the robbery, the group home’s personal support advocate was pistol-whipped several times in the head, because the advocate couldn’t produce cash or narcotics.

For approximately 15 minutes, the suspects ransacked the home searching the home for cash and narcotics. Before leaving, they ripped phone lines from the wall, took all the cell phones and warned the occupants not to call the police. They ended up leaving with cash and credit card information of one of the vulnerable adults.

Later, four suspects were captured on video surveillance tape at a local convenience store making cash withdrawals on the stolen credit card.

group home invasion Suspects At Large After Violent Group Home Invasion

(credit: Roseville Police Dept.)

The advocate was treated at the local hospital for minor injuries to his head and was released. There were no other injuries.

Anyone with information related to the incident is requested to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-84777 or online.

Comments (32)
  1. Carlos not a fake name says:

    Wow no intelligent comments, anyone wondering why society is how it is when it comes to things like this take a look at what is being said on these comments and then wonder why these things are being done by the ones in the pictures.

    1. Richard Cheese says:

      Hey Carlos! These people are angry & have every right to be.

      1. Carlos not a fake name says:

        It’s not about being angry and no one has the right to hurt another human but if you allow areas to go to hell and you allow people to live life in a horrible way what do you think will happen when those areas grow and those people move out? This happens in all communities, White, Latin, Black, Asian, Indian etc. But yet people only see color not situations.

        1. Carlos use your brain says:

          They let their own neighborhoods go to hell. Nobody forced these idiots to get a gun and beat and rob a working man. Now they will have a criminal record so young in life. And Carlos, how again is that “our” fault? Wise up buddy before you are the next victim.

          1. Carlos not a fake name says:

            “They let their own neighborhoods go to hell” Really is that your cop out. Its not your fault really is that what you consider a society. I guess just let “them” idiots keep going down hill and let “them” idiots then wind up having kids and raising them the same way they were raised not your fault not your society not your responsibility but when “they” come around your area and try to live they way they have been let to live then your gonna complain and call them names. Wow you need to wake up why dont you use your real name are you ashamed of your views. Keep making our society one that only cares when things go wrong and we dont help or try and understand our neighbors.
            Ohh and no one is blaming you buddy, society at large is at fault those in that community and those outside of the community I could educate you on how that works but I guess you can keep going the way your going and yes you will become one of their victims since you are to blind to know how to help another human but you can condemn.

            1. fred says:

              get real carlos. last time I checked we have a black president…..sticking up for violent criminals of any color is moronic at best.

              1. Carlos not a fake name says:

                I am not sticking up for any criminals they deserve to be in jail read what I posted not what you assume. And read the other comments and you will understand why I am adding to the conversation sorry i dont fall into the hey lets degrade people based on color just to make you happy.

            2. Carlos use your brain says:

              I will repeat myself. They let their own neighborhoods go to hell. They have kids they can’t afford. They rob and steal from those who work. Educate me oh Carlos the wise one. You are a fool with a big know nothing mouth.

              1. Carlos not a fake name says:

                A fool really your the one that cant respond other than to say let their, they lol you have no idea what goes on in YOUR society except what you read go donate some time to learn about those neighborhoods then come back and try to talk like you do know something instead of getting defensive and insulting others. Wonder how you were brought up?

                1. Carlos use your brain says:

                  Don’t tell me what to do, know it all Carlos. I lived among pigs like this on the Eastside of St. Paul. And yes, I am insulting you.

    2. Carlos use your brain says:

      Wow Carlos, explain it to me.

      1. Carlos not a fake name says:

        Wow who ever you are use your name. Explain what to you that society mistreats a group of people lets the areas turn to garbage and then wonders why garbage comes from it? Maybe you need to use your brain. Dont judge other until you walk in their shoes. I can take the time to educate you but maybe you need to go and volunteer in these so called savage areas and find out why they are like that. Then you can judge.

        1. Jason says:

          White people do not mistreat these “people”. When was the last time you heard of a group of white guys breaking into a group home of predominantly black disabled people and stealing their money and their “drugs” while pistol-whipping a caretaker?

          Sorry, buddy, it doesn’t happen. As a white guy, I do not “mistreat” these “people”. In fact, I help them by giving my tax dollars for their welfare lifestyle. They get free food, housing, shelter, bus fare, education, and everything else that they desire. And what do they do in return of the favor? They commit crimes against the people who support them. I bet you a dollar that the people who stay at this health-care center payed taxes all of their lives to support these “people”. And this is what they get in return for it?

          Let me guess….these “people” who committed this crime are college students pursing their PH.D. in Astrophysics. I highly doubt it. Quit blaming “Whitey” for this type of behavior. Slavery was a LONG time ago. These “people” have every much of a chance for a good life as anyone else. But they “CHOOSE” this lifestyle.

          And by the way, these criminals are not “people”…they are animals who contribute NOTHING to society. They just take from it.

          1. Carlos not a fake name says:

            Nobody is blaming whites but its nice to know that you will always be about race. If you think that white kids do not steal rob and take advantage of the elderly you might want to look up other stories other than the ones that just mention minorities.

            As a white guy it should not matter color what should matter is that a human hurt another so I could point to trailer parks and mention people I have known that would match action for action and crime for crime to Latino and Black counter parts what does that say? They also collect assistance and take advantage. Is it because they are white no. It’s the system and how it is set up not to help and educate but give a handout with out requiring a change in that persons life.

            You seem to be real good at pointing and saying not me I am a white guy I don’t do that so I am a Latino and I have black family and none of us do this but unlike you I don’t group people together that’s where society needs to change.

            Yes a criminal can be an animal no matter what color they are or do you only call animals when it is someone of color do you go on the stories that are of white males and say the same or do you not feel that these “people” as you put it are humans?

          2. Carlos not a fake name says:

            Jason here is a question for you if white people as you put it do not mistreat these “people” as you put it why is it that most stories on the internet that have minority crimes are filled with hateful racist comments? While Caucasian crime stories no matter how horrible they are are filled with God references and hope comments and no racial comments towards the people that committed those crimes?

    3. john says:

      Cut off their hands for stealing like in Nigeria and I bet we wont have to worry about crime at all. America is too wussy to ever let that happen, gotta protect the crimminal eh there carlos?

      1. Carlos not a fake name says:

        Yes John very intelligent lets make sure we copy another country and cut hands cause education and prevention is just to tough to make happen. Must mean you are no better than the ones that cant control their societies therefor cutting limbs is the way to go. Wonder if you feel the same for the Caucasian boys and girls that also steal or is this only ok for non Caucasian. Wonder if you reference Nigeria when it comes to all theft crimes?

  2. Mike says:

    One thing is for sure, the photo’s taken of these creeps will quickly lead to their arrests. They will all be spending 2012 in prison and have criminal records that will control the rest of their lives. Definitely not the worth the thrill or the opportunity to get something for nothing.

    1. Sam I am says:

      And you have your head buried in the sand if you think this is the first time they have done anything, or that a mark on their criminal record will make a hill of beans difference to them.

      Remember they are the victims and are entitled to that money and narcotics.

  3. Richard Head says:

    Looks like the media had to mention “black males” this time. The photos clearly show they aren’t members of one of those violent Swede gangs that go around terrorizing old people.
    Mike, yes honkies get in trouble too, but ever look at the percentages? And who are the ones committing the violent crimes here? DA!

  4. Nancy Aleshire says:

    What a horrible story. When the State Legislature convenes in January I am trying to push state senators and representatives to introduce legislation mandating the installation of surveillance cameras in all group homes, nursing homes and workplaces employing those with disabilities. My son was killed almost two years ago in one of these DHS run workplaces by staff. They lied to police and nothing was done. If this group home had cameras it would have been less likely that such a heinous act would have taken place. I sure hope these creeps are found and charged the maximum sentence.

  5. Make My Day says:

    I love Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” which states if someone invades your home and you feel threatened, “it’s on!!”

    1. Obv. says:

      Minnesota has the same thing different name.

  6. invade my house please :>) says:

    Did they honestly think that going to a store and trying to use the credit card would be a good idea? They had to know there would be cams all over the place. My guess is they are excited that their photos are all over the media. Think of the publicity! People no matter what color can be idiots. This group is definately at the peak of intelligence.

  7. Guy says:

    I hope the next time they do this; they get to assume ROOM TEMPERATURE because their victim has a gun.

  8. JS says:

    Diversity is a good thing. It allows the best of us to flourish. And as the world intermixes, there is less and less diversity. You don’t have to be a scientist to know what happens when you let every breed of dog or cat or any animal all intermix with each other. Eventually they breed out all their differences. You’d get wolves. No more dogs who are dumber than wolves, and no more dogs who are smarter than wolves (all dogs come from wolves). When people say, “diversity” what they really mean is, “no more diversity”.

  9. Kevin says:

    Merry Christmas Homies!

  10. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity grand?

  11. just sayin says:

    Just another chimpout happening…

  12. Bob says:

    I live near there. I hope they stop by someday. I will introduce them to my friends Smith and Wesson. Yes, I have a permit to carry and I WILL use it. That is my right as a citizen of Minnesota. I won’t care what color their skin is in the dark. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM out go the lights!! That is the ONLY way these punks will learn.

    1. Sha says:

      Bob, where’s the “Like” button? 🙂

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