MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities have identified a woman who was shot and killed in an apparent murder in north Minneapolis on Thursday.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as 21-year-old Brianna Jones of Minneapolis. Police were called to the 1500 block of Emerson Avenue at about 3:22 p.m. Thursday on a report of a dead body. When authorities arrived, a woman later identified as Jones was found dead in the street.

Authorities have ruled her death a homicide and determined she died from a gunshot wound to the head. Minneapolis Police said the incident is still under investigation and they are still looking for possible suspects.

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  1. You Had To Wait Three Days To Tell Us This? says:

    On Thursday: “At this time, police are not calling the death a homicide”

    Sunday: “Authorities have ruled her death a homicide and determined she died from a gunshot wound to the head.”

    1. Reporting In The Hood Is Terrible. says:

      Star Tribune says Police found Brianna shot to death In Her Home, not on a Minneapolis street like WCCO says.

    1. @Kevin says:

      shut up kevin..

  2. @Kevin says:

    shut up kevin…

  3. Ralph says:

    Martian pride, planet wide. Earthlings smell funny.

  4. me says:

    Make a lot of assumtions? loser

  5. Tami says:


    1. TAMI says:

      I am saying all these foolish ignorant remarks about this poor womn that was shot and killed is just ignorant.. this is some ones mother , daughter and sister.. it isnst because she is black orwhere she lived.. it was because someone thought they were god and decided to take another life.. for no reason at all.. i knew this girl and my daughter is her best friend.. i know there are alot of people that are missing her .. you ignorant people need to wake up and listen to hat life is really about .. tae notice.. this might be you one day in the paper

      1. new here? says:

        @ tami. CCO comment boards aren’t known for kindness, respect, facts, or normal people. Mostly just right wing/left wing extremists that have very little to say. But for a moment in their day they get to feel important. Sorry for your loss and your daughters. Doesn’t make for a great Christmas I’m sure. I hope they find the person responsible and that person pays for this.

        1. hope you feel important says:

          @new here. And yet you are here yapping away. Are you the left or right wing nut?

          1. you're obviously a "regular" says:

            And you prove my point to a perfect T. Your name isn’t tami is it?

        2. jean says:

          i second that,most commets boards aren’t that kind,most of them are people pushing agenda of their own, our prayes for the family sorry for your loss

      2. harm says:

        So it’s not location, location, location?

        1. kate says:

          No, it isn’t. I live in the neighborhood, am pasty white, have a decent job, pay my bills on time, own my home and don’t fit into your stereotype. Perhaps it is your stereotype that needs to be re-examined.

  6. Brett says:

    So do you, and your point IS??

  7. Mrs.Jackson says:

    Tami you are so right i didn’t know Brianna Jones but i do know her family for i was once married to one of her uncles i do have a daughter that is her cousin i was happy to see your comment because some people are truly ignorant i just want to say my prayer’s go out to you and your family

    1. Strange=brew says:

      Married to her uncle, had a daughter with him, and you don’t know his niece. Animalistic behavior allows all the unnessecary reckless breeding, I live in the suburbs I dont know people that act like this, this world doesn’t exist to me, how can you be married to some1 and not know their nieces and nephews.

      1. Brew says:

        I’l answer my own question, because there are dozens and dozens of nieces and nephews, by random men how can you keep track.

      2. me says:

        Perhaps you should consider that there be a time delay between when she split with the uncle and when Brianna was born. It could also be she knows who she is, but hasn’t spent time with her and doesn’t know her well enough to make assumptions. Unlike you.

  8. some pups here are sick says:

    truly a bunch of the most immature pukes that type on a kb and live and prey on others misfortunes are here on on the ‘cco slander board.
    sorry for the loss and for you pukes out there I hope you remain miserable and petty the rest of your lives just so I can show kids what they don’t want to be, thx

  9. me says:

    Why are you assuming she has a lot of children and that they have the insulting names you chose?

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