WILLMAR, Minn. (WCCO) — The Christmas Eve crash that killed a 29-year-old man has also left behind his nearly nine-month pregnant fiancée.

Tedeux Yang, 37, is still very shaken from the news that her fiance, Justin Gustafson, was killed in a car accident, her sister Siva said Monday.

The couple lived in Redwood Falls, Minn.

Siva said Gustafson’s funeral services will be on Wednesday in Isanti. His father and step mother were also hurt in the crash.

Siva said they went to visit the Gustafson’s in the hospital Sunday night and the father, John, and stepmom, Patricia, are both doing well. John broke both legs in the accident and has pins and rods in his legs but the doctors say he should make a full recovery. Patricia broke her pelvis and has bruising from the seat belt, Siva said.

The family was headed from Redwood Falls to Wyoming, Minn. to visit a cousin in the hospital with Leukemia when the crash occurred. Siva said John was driving, Justin was in the front seat and Patricia was in the back.

She also said her sister Tedeux was supposed to go with them but decided against it because she was afraid sitting in the car that long would be too uncomfortable. She is eight and a half months pregnant with a baby girl and due Jan. 21. Siva said the girl will be named Justina.

Justin was taking online classes at Rochester Technical College for medical transcription and only had two semesters left, Siva said.

Authorities say the teenage boy that allegedly caused the crash could be charged. Investigators say the 15-year-old ran a red light near Willmar on Saturday morning.

His SUV then hit a truck, causing it to roll onto two other cars at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 71.

The State Patrol said the 15-year-old boy did have a driver’s license. He could face charges for his role in the crash, though none have been filed so far.

The State Patrol has not released the teen’s identity.

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  1. Kyle says:

    This article is complete Fluff! Of course he could face charges, anyone who is involved in an accident in that manner MAY face charges…. c’mon WCCO

    1. miserable people suck says:

      Perhaps the point of the article is that it was a ’15 year old”and not the fact there could be charges. Don’t be so quick to slam a news reporter who is only releasing the information offered by the law enforcement agency. Sheesh!

    2. @Kyle says:

      Kyle … yer “uglies” been showing when to often lately.
      maybe time to take a break from the keyboard huh

  2. Sara M says:

    When did 15 year olds start getting licenses? I could only have a permit at 15. Did this change?

    1. Pat says:

      There are only two ways a 15 year old can get a DL in MN. The first one is if its a farming license and the second one is if his parents are not able to drive, then he can get a DL and drive them to the store and or to doctor appointments. These are the only two ways a 15 year old or younger can get a DL and I think the youngest on either is the age of 12?

    2. ME says:

      The kid is from SD. You can get your license at 15 in SD.

    3. Scott Alan says:

      He had a drivers license.

    4. Scott Alan says:

      You usually make up facts?

  3. Spanaird says:

    Was he drunk or talking and texting. He should go to jail for man slaughter.

    1. hockeyboy2001 says:

      He is only 15

  4. Ruth says:

    Just look at all the “distracted” drivers now of any age group with cellphones, texting, etc.; the average teenager is not mentally or emotionally equipped to handle a vehicle capable of killing. This was a tragedy that should never have happened.

    1. Dave says:

      I have to put in my 2 cents about distracted rivers, I.E. officers of the law…some of the worst driving I have witnessed are officers who are talking/texting on Their cellphones And using their in car laptops while under way. Add in their 2 way radio chatter, which further complicates things, and you have prime examples of the things people should Never do while driving. A kind of goose/gander type of situation.
      I think that the kid in question should be given the benefit of the doubt here, as we all don’t have any of the facts as of yet…

  5. Rocky says:

    when i worked on a ranch in Montana there was a 8 year old boy who “legally” would drive the pick-up from one ranch to the other, he could not see over the steering wheel and work the clutch (manual tranny) at the same time. so he would get down and shift then pop back up to steer……..I think he is still alive…

    1. @Rocky says:

      Um the clutch is by the gas so if he couldn’t operate the clutch and see over the wheel, then he wouldn’t be able to use the gas or brake, I hope you have a caretaker. Are you Rocky from that movie with Cher?

      1. em0886 says:

        lmao…..that my friend was a good one!!

    2. GrandmaJ says:

      LEGALLY?? Just cause his mommy said he could? There is no state in the nation that allows that. They would loose their federal funding for highways. And heaven knows Montana needs those bucks as well as the next state. Age 14 PERMIT is the lowest age in any state out there. MN is 15 with a farm permit–and with restrictions.

      1. The Truth says:

        This is why the ‘cco message boards are horrible. Somebody express their honest opinion and they are viciously attacked.

        First @Rocky, why are you afraid to use your real name? Is it because you said things to Rocky anonymously that you wouldn’t say in person? You’re a coward.

        And GrandmaJ, times have changed, as I’m sure you know. Rocky didn’t say he worked there last week. This could have been 30 years ago when laws were much different.

        Now both of you need to switch to decaf and come back when you are ready to talk like adults.

  6. pebbles says:

    I have always thought even 16 is too young to get a drivers license. They are kids – too reckless – should be 18.

  7. hockeyboy2001 says:

    I think that intersection needs a round about or something..They use to just have stope signs there that did not work and now they have tried stop lights and that is not working…

    1. Robert says:

      Have you ever tried to drive in a roundabout when it’s icy? Roundabouts are fine for the U.K., but where we get ice and snow for 4-5 months of the year, they are plain dumb.

      1. hockeyboy2001 says:

        Umm yea thats why I mentioned a round about buddy..They do work if you slow down when you approach them:)

        1. Jason says:

          Yeah genius, so do stop lights if you actually stop for them…..which the 15 year old kid didn’t do.

          1. hockeyboy2001 says:

            I thought they were optional

            1. Jason says:

              And to think that you were the smartest swimmer in the gene pool, I’m sorry your parents were shortchanged.

  8. Bob says:

    A stupid article that raises more questions than answers. Was the 15 year old driving alone? Was there a licensed adult in the car with him? Who are the people in the picture? Is that the deceased? Who is the woman? DUH!!!!!

    1. Sarah says:

      You’re fkn stupid Bob! Figure it out moron.

      1. Man on Fire says:

        Don’t be acting all smart “Sarah.” this article is total garbage with needles anecdotes about someone who didn’t take the trip and is giving her baby a “Benifer” tribute name. Dumb and totally confusing to read and lacking in necessary detail.

    2. hockeyboy2001 says:

      If he is from SD they do not have to have one

  9. felice says:

    HIS parents should be on trail for letting a 15yr old drive !

    1. jackactionhero says:

      There is always some idiot in the crowd who wants to grab the pitchforks and torches and hunt down parents, friends and anybody else they can blame other than the one individual who did it.

  10. felice says:

    They obviously don’t care about him or anyone else on the road

  11. GrandmaJ says:

    A driver’s license and a driver’s permit are 2 different things. A permit is what you have under age 16 (and then after that until you get your adult license.) I grew up in SD and had the same permit–age 14 till turning 16 and got the full adult license. There are restrictions on those permits.
    This is sad.. My heart goes out to the families.

    1. Scott Alan says:

      Facts are troubling things.

    2. hunnybear18 says:

      May be dating myself here, but when I grew up in SD, you could get learner’s permit at 12, provisional license (May drive between 6 AM and 8 PM) at 14, and it turned into a full operator license at 16. I’m sure some of that is changed, but I’ll bet its still similar.

  12. Twy says:

    We drive this road every-week to Willmar.. IT has flashing yellow lights, to warn the driver of the lights ahead turning RED.. It has had many accidents before.. However, with the all the lights and warnings ;you recieve ahead it has really changed the amount of accidents… Also,, NO we do not need a round about at this intersection… We need to pray for all involved in this accident.. For the loss to the Gustufson family, and the 15 year old, and his family.. Many long days ahead… May God heal all…

  13. JackieM says:

    My condolences go out to the family and everyone involved. I’m sure the 15 year old is not out giving high 5’s because of this. I may not agree that 15 is old enough to hold a driver’s license, but that is the fact.

  14. What Next? says:

    Licenses should be issued according to IQ, not age, period. Also, if the driver’s ed instructor AND the state (DMV) says someone can drive, and they are truly bad driver’s, can someone sue someone? Just a couple of thoughts!

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      Then how would you get where you’re going? Have JAH drive you? Please be specific.

  15. momofsoontobe15yrold says:

    boy funny how soon people are to pass judgements… the fact is this was an accident did the boy purposly run the red light and kill the man I am going to go out on a limb and say no. I have a son that will be turing 15 in 2 days and he is very excited but at the same time very nervous about getting his permit. My husband and I will do everything we can to help him be a good driver and we will teach him how important it is to pay attention and focus on driving, with that said accidents can happen and I pray to God he never experiences what this 15 yr old must be going through. and if a tragic event like this does happen to him I will remember not to come on this website and see all the evil that people on here have. I am sure we all couldn’t wait to get our liscense or permits when we were 15 and none of us ever imagined something like this happening to us, so dont’ be so quick to judge this kid.

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