EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings will finish another season without a local television blackout.

Chief marketing officer Steve LaCroix said Wednesday a “very limited number” of tickets remained for Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears. That means the team’s streak of consecutive sellouts has been extended to 144 contests, including playoff, regular season and exhibition games. That’s a span of 14 straight seasons.

Sunday will also mark the final scheduled game on the team’s current lease at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, now known as Mall of America Field. The Vikings moved in for the 1982 season, and the contract expires Feb. 1. The push for a new stadium is continuing.

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  2. DougT says:

    Exactly – what a farce.

    And how did they “sell out” – The Vikings and “other corp” bought up the extra tickets – it was not fans banging at the gate demanding them…….

  3. Sven says:

    Maybe it was the same losers who voted to increase the sales tax for the Arts and Outdoors.

    They’re stupid, we pay.

  4. hate the system says:

    Well if you think about it, it’s still smart for the team to buy up the tickets and still have it on TV. Even though the team sucks there are still plenty of people who watch the game at home. And someone would be losing a lot of money if the game wasn’t on the air.

  5. Pshredder says:

    They were sold out only after repeated pleadings from the media, buyouts from corporations, and tickets going for $11.

  6. Sold out via buy out - now get out! says:

    The losers and their greedy owner shouldn’t even be in this state. Unfortunately, it looks like Zippy has the new “Big Dog of the Repubs” in his pocket now too so one way or another, the people of MN are gonna get fleeced and Zippy is gonna get his over the top billionaire’s club paid for by the rubes of Minnesota.

  7. jack says:

    nice to see packer fans can read and figure out the internet.

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