MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Hennepin County sheriff’s office is warning people to be careful on the ice after three men broke through the ice on Twin Cities lakes.

On Saturday, the sheriff’s office was called when a man wound up in the water after his ice boat broke through the ice on Lake Minnetonka near Big Island.

The Deephaven man was able to make it to shore on his own. He was not hurt.

Two men also broke through the ice Saturday on Lake Riley in Eden Prairie, on the border of Carver and Hennepin counties. The men were not hurt.

Hennepin County authorities say ice thickness varies because of the warm weather and freezing and thawing that has taken place over the last several weeks.

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Comments (7)
  1. Tom says:

    There are 3 men who did not use common sense! Its to bad you can’t right them a ticket for stupidity!

    1. John Fischer says:

      Or you for your poor grammar. It’s, too, and write; moron

  2. Mark McMahon says:

    People should know better it has been way to warm wake up people!

  3. Sven says:

    Also, don’t use a match to see if there is gas in a tank.

    And don’t look down the muzzle of a gun to see if it’s loaded.

    1. g8bbgg says:

      Don’t lick the fuse box….

  4. Cassandra Morrison says:

    Never play poker with a guy named “Doc”

    And, please, remember always…”To Serve Man” is a cookbook!

  5. Julie says:

    Nature weeding out the stupid.

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