BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people are in the hospital after flipping their car on a major highway.

The crash happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

A BMW traveling southbound on 35W lost control near the 98th Street exit in Bloomington.

Two people were trapped in the car.

The fire department were called to help get them out. Both victims were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center.

There is no word on their conditions.

State Patrol is investigating the accident.

Comments (12)
  1. Gotchya says:

    I imagine there cannot be to much to investigate …. 2:30am …. lost control….new Years Eve.
    so sorry but I think I can assume. Since we don’t have Jake and Kevin here yet I will assume their tiny heads are in pain. 😉

    1. DS says:

      Not to mention the Jaws of Life used on the Beemer. This is a sad one.

    2. Brett says:

      I feel more sorry for the car than the occupants. I have been on this stretch of road MANY TIMES, day, night, rain, snow, have never destroyed such a fine car like THIS. Is ANYBODY talking about CRIMINAL CHARGES against the DRIVER?

    3. Jake says:

      Nope. Actually, I was celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and family, and we are all safe, THANK YOU VEDDY MUCH. But upon returning, I couldn’t help but read your accolade. THANK YOU for the reference.

  2. CCO is a failure! says:

    Another prime example of American Propaganda Journalism. ”The Fire Department were called”. We are supposed to trust these people to give us unbiased news yet they can’t even get plural versus singular correct. Basic grammar here. The Fire Department (in capital letters) was called sounds much better since it was only Bloomington. If it were multiple Fire Departments then the sentence should read Fire Departments were called. A fourth grader could write a better story.

    1. I'm just saying... says:

      Actually, “fire department” should not be capitalized since, in this case, it is not used as a proper noun. Apparently a fourth grader can write better than you, as well.

    2. newcraft says:

      Actually, in true English, “were” is appropriate. They refer to organizations of people in the plural – Best Buy are planning….Hewlit Packard were presenting…The Fire Department were called to put out the fire – it’s assumed there are people being referred to rather than being an object.
      We in the U.S. use the singular as a variation from the correct grammar, we see these things as objects rather than groups of people. Your ears and eyes are just assimilated to seeing it differently.
      Glad I could help shed light on things. Seems there’s lots of people who need a refresher course.

  3. Bud says:

    kevin, the rocket scientist/….lol

    1. poor Jake/Kevin and his "others" says:

      Yesirre – the Jake/Kevin pseudo of the singular small mind returns for 2012.
      Did he ever tell you about his pappy and how he ended up with his striped body at birth? Seems his pappy was doing a stay on death row and they had a maid, blind and 412# to boot, who took care of his final wish. well ______ you know the rest

  4. Gustavo says:

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