MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — To use a sports cliché — the clock’s run out.

The Vikings don’t have a new stadium, or a place to play next year.

However, the current stalemate isn’t something that will surprise anybody following Minnesota’s football franchise, according to Vikings vice president Lester Bagley.

“It’s not like we snuck it up on anybody,” Bagley said. “Everybody knows the situation, the timeline and the deadline.”

For 30 seasons the Vikings have called the Dome home. But without a new stadium plan in place, the Vikings say they won’t renew their lease at the Metrodome.

For fans, the thought of the franchise leaving the state is heartbreaking.

“It’s terrible to think about them leaving,” said Tom Kotarski, a Vikings season ticket holder.

On the other hand, it’s hard to believe the Vikings would cancel a season or leave town because there’s no deal in place. In other words: the team hasn’t abandoned ship just yet.

“It’s no secret we have been contacted by other communities,” Bagley said. “But we’ve told them we’re encouraged, we’re hopeful; we’re in position to get it done in Minnesota.”

The Vikings ownership wants to build a dream stadium in Arden Hills. If constructed, the $1 billion stadium would be the most expensive construction project ever in the state.

But state leaders is encouraging the team to instead look at other sites in Minneapolis.

“The urgency is here,” Bagley said. “It’s been 30 years great seasons at the dome. but it’s really time to get this issue resolved.”

The Vikings said they’re meeting with the new Republican Senate Majority leader, Dave Senjem, next week.

A vote on a new stadium won’t likely happen until April or May.

Comments (70)
  1. pretzeldude says:

    Why should the tax payers pay for a new stadium. One of the owners just bought a 3+ million $ condo in Palm Beach Florida. Palm Beach is one of the richest places on the planet. He could have used that money toward a new stadium.

    1. Skol! says:

      3 million is chump change in a project like this.

      1. Micah says:

        3 million is still 3 million

    2. Leave, Vikes. We Are Tired Of You. says:

      You’re out of here.

    3. that's nothin says:

      ziggy just bought a 19 million condo in new york, if i remember right

      1. common sense says:

        So what? What have you purchased lately?

        1. me says:

          Wellll ….there WAS that ham sandwitch … but I had to take out a 30 year mortgage to do it

  2. Pate says:

    If the the city of Vancouver can remodel their own air-supported domed stadium,why couldn’t the Vikings or Wilf,instead of whining for over a year?

    1. got the second part says:

      Okay – so they Homeless AND Worthless

  3. Ruth says:

    Last year insurance paid $12M for a new roof on the Metrodome, and there’s absolutely nothing else wrong with it. It has seating for 65,000 fans and employment for a lot of people for the dismal 2011 season, and the Vikings are crying that they’re homeless?!? They are no more homeless than I am. I don’t care who pays for a new stadium, if that’s what the Vikings are going to blackmail MN with, as long as it doesn’t come from the taxpayers. The multi- millionaire/billionaire players/owners can foot the bill – either here or in some other state. This shouldn’t be on the political agenda either.

    1. Shawn Robinson says:

      There is one thing wrong with it, THEY DON’T HAVE A LEASE!!!

      1. RIII says:

        It is only the Vikings fault they do not have a lease. Sports fans must have the mentality of a 7 year old. They are bored with their old toy the Dome and after wasting millions of insurance dollars on labor and materials to replace the roof will tear down a perfectly good building. The Twins fans are already bored with the new ballpark after only 1 year and tax receipts have fallen off by 1.5 million dollars. I think we should just ignore the Vikings temper tantrums for not getting the latest toy and hopefully they will outgrow this stage in their lives.

        1. Skol! says:

          Bored of the new Twins stadium? Who have you been talking to lately?

          1. RIll says:

            How about each person in Hennepin County who has to pony up $1,000 in taxes to the Pohlads. They aren’t bored, they are angry.

          2. Foul Ball says:

            Me, I will never set foot in that ballpark with no roof.

  4. RIII says:

    We have about 5.3 million people living in Minnesota, the dome holds about 64,000 or about 1.2% of the states population and it is not 100% full during games. So if 98.8% of the states population does not have the money to buy a ticket, the time to attend a game or interest in football why is the state involved in building a new stadium?

    1. R2D2 says:

      this is the dumest statement ever. I can easilyafford to go to a game or have season, but choose not to. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I just prefer the comfort of my home.
      Do you also think that that the people that live up in Lake of the Woods like the drive hundreds of miles every Sunday to go to a game?

      Get a clue RIII

      1. RIII says:

        Goes to show we really don’t need a stadium at all, you could watch the LA Vikings from your home.

  5. Jon Stoltz says:

    they state wont give me money to expand my business or build me a new building.. the Vikings are a privately held team and should be paid by their own private money. period. unless you are going to give the taxpayers a cut of the profits the same percentage as we pay for your stadium for the length of shall we say… 30 years. and then as fellow owners… we get to all sit in the owners box too right?

    1. common sense says:

      just like the packer fans that OWN the team! Ha!

  6. johnk says:

    Heartbreaking?? Don’t make me laugh! Get going already will you?? A loser team that’s never won a super bowl..I rather watch bowling..

    1. common sense says:

      You probably already have been for centuries…

  7. Skol! says:

    It appears to me that everyone is forgetting that the plan is to build a multi-purpose facility. Do the math…if people/groups other than the Vikings are using the facility then how can we expect that the owners would pay for the whole thing? A dome renovation would be cool but I have a feeling that the physical structure won’t allow for necessary improvements. Either that or seating capacity would diminish…which means lost revenue across the board.

    I’m a sports fan and I love the idea of a new facility that can be used by everyone.

    1. Let Zygi reap the rewards then says:

      Then let Zygi rent it out to them and add that money to his “increased profits” goal. Leave the rest of us out of it – the state has no business even helping him with this costly and wasteful adventure much less funding most of it.

    2. Charles Clifford says:

      the other people/groups don’t need or want a new stadium. the vikings are the only ones who want the new stadium. they don’t need a new stadium, they just want one; they just want an excuse to raise ticket prices. they could raise ticket prices right now but that would show that the old stadium is just fine for all uses (and they also want to pocket parking fees which now go to parking lot owners and the city of minneapolis. they would also like to sell the team for twice as much money because new buyers would view the new stadium as making the team worth more money. why can’t we own the team and play in an old stadium, like the Green Bay Packers? .

      1. common sense says:

        Do some homework. You don’t have a clue what you are posting.

  8. NO TAX MONEY !!! says:


    1. mike says:

      I heard if you use all caps, you get your point across better

      1. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

        I heard if someone uses all caps I don’t read their posts….

      2. me says:

        He can’t afford a shift key until they lower his taxes…

  9. Long time Vikes fan says:

    Please shut up the everyone commenting The Vikes are a great team just need a new dome to accomadate all their fans! The twins got a new ball park why shouldn’t the vikings. Who cares if taxes are raised its for something Minnesota can be known for and proud of. You all are just a bunch of whine babies.

    1. Proud? Of what? says:

      I care if taxes are raised and apparently I have a lot of company.

      And who’s “proud of” the Vikings??? Where have YOU been for the past 51 years??? There’s nothing there to be proud of.

    2. Longtime sanity fan says:

      The queens suck and the stupidity of their fans is only matched by the fudge-packer fans. I am looking forward to a vote on a new stadium…it will be defeated 80% for bye-bye purple panzies to 20% for more handouts to million/billionaires.

      1. in-sanity says:

        HEY!…we’re stupid ’cause we are fans of a PUBLIC OWNED TEAM thatn yet again is kinocking on the door of the super-bowl?…YOUR stupid!

        1. Nope Sanity It Is says:

          The fudge-packers could win 10 in a row and would still suck. For god sakes…they play in Green Bay Wisconsin. How depressing is that? The city and their people suck, regardless of their green and gold doughnut-puncher!!

    3. Hmm says:

      They only want to add more luxury boxes that the 99% cannot afford.

  10. Lindsay says:

    The dome was built for the vikings, not the twins. And the Twins don’t cost us as much trouble or money. The vikes should leave, maybe someday we can get a team thats actually worth something.

  11. Jason says:

    Build your own stadium. Ya here me Wilf. Dayton honor the people who put you in office and tell wilf to kick rocks. Anyway dont we need to fund police,fire,and schools.

    1. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

      All three of those can be easily replaced by the private sector. I’m sure privately contracted police and fire will be cheaper than dirt. And private school, who can’t afford that?

  12. Heath says:

    The reason they want a new stadium is more suites, well I know many Vikes fans and don’t know anyone who could afford a suite let alone be invited into one. I could watch them on TV wherever they end up, by by.

  13. DLJ says:

    get this done !!! Whats going to happen to the 876 million surplus , were is that money ? Give it back to the schools budget where it was fleeced to pay for your leaders misstakes . The Vikings are an asset and only adds to the tax base . the Wilfs made an investment for themselfs and MINNESOTA!!!!!! All you negitive people in this state suck.

    1. RIll says:

      They take MORE from the tax base than they add.

      There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


      1. common sense says:

        And you are still an idiot. If the NFL wasn’t an asset to cities involved, then why do they ensure the don’t lose them or spend a small fortune getting one back? Your links ring single-side and hollow (like your head).

        1. RIll says:

          You didn’t read the studies did you?

          Read the studies.

          Quit being a gullible sap.

          1. common sense says:

            Boy are other NFL cities stupid…they should be smart like you and a few other dorks like you posting on this forum. I guess the kool-aid comes in alot of colors but none that you clueless arses drink Run for office and see the real picture… if you could pull your head out for once in your life…

        2. Keep It Real says:

          Are you arguing that they are an asset? Or that they have a positive tax impact? Few would argue that that Vikings are an asset…of course they are. The argument is if they are tax impact positive or negative. They are tax impact negative, they consume more than they create…read the studies. Quit drinking the purple cool aid delivered by legislative and commission neanderthals.

  14. Jason says:

    Every other week going on about 1 -1/12 year we have been getting squeezed to pay for this. I willl not get on board, after all there are MANY public sevices that could use funding. Cant you see how we are being played???? I can and I say no!

    1. George says:

      public services? like giving those dead beats on section 8 more money and less incentive to get a job? Instead, lets let all their baby daddies and their fat asssssed mothers move in too

      1. Frankie says:

        We could let them all live in the metronome. It is empty and paid for.

  15. Laura says:

    Let them leave! Welfare for the rich is the last thing Minnesotans need to be spending their hard earned money on!

  16. good riddens says:

    I think the overall consensus of this board is that the vikings should leave quickly and quietly before they’re shown the door. The viking’s lease running out could possibly be the best thing for the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota… if we have any integrity left anymore.

    1. common sense says:

      What do you mean “WE”? Go back to your mommy’s basement…

  17. jjMan22 says:

    ziggy is like big RED he well see the team in the next few years

  18. Joshua Stoker says:

    I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more in taxes, this facility would be nice when the Monster Jam comes to town, the dome is nice and loud but it’s way to small for the trucks to get up to speed. Something a bit larger would be awesome to have a world championship or something come to town vs having the tiny dome. Parking sucks downtown. I can’t go to a game without some bum looking for a handout.

  19. Swamp Fox says:

    Well, sports fans, you ask for it you got it!!! Good-by VikeQueens and good riddance. Too bad you didn’t have any winning teams the last few seasons with all the stadium grief you caused. I will miss the team and all the memories that go went it. Minnesota is so opinion divided and so ignorant of the base sports facts that your loss to this state will be realized only when you are long gone to parts beneficial.

    Too bad Zygi isn’t putting forth more effort for Arden Hills and a more increased subsidy for the new “peoples'” venue. As always, Minnesotans have to be in the stone-age when it comes to certain quality-of-life issues and public works projects.

    The deep woods cabin and outhouse mentality rules the day along with not paying for a better quality-of-life or better living conditions. I guess hose-&-buggy thinking is all we deserve.

    It’s time to put-up or shut-up! Zygi put the money on the table with your ‘solid’ plans for Arden Hills with no strings attached. Minnesota put your subsidy plans on the table with how the subsidies will be paid back to the Treasury.

    Most of all, Zygi you will have to pay your fair share of taxes on this project and related development projects you have on the boards. If you want to make money in this state you will have to bear the business expenses of doing such to be truly successful. It’s simple economics {ECON101].

    For the rest of us, let’s look to the future of what Arden Hills will represent for this state. A new world class or national peoples’ owned 24/7 venue; related tax revenues on nearby developments; and, possible long term futuristic mass transit hub and vehicle infrastructures that will enhance the metro regional area will make MN a national icon.

    It’s time to put dreams and a better life for all into reality that if we work together to improve the Vikings with the first of great public works projects we improve ourselves and our state. Isn’t time amidst all today’s trouble economics we rise up and improve our situation no matter what our personal, political, or economic problems are? Think about it?

    Let’s stop the squabbling and get everybody to work out the solutions to the difficulties ahead of us! The same holds true for the Vikings. If they want to be winners, they have to start and act like winners, be winners, and be gung-ho for the Minnesotans who support them.

  20. there says:

    bears 17
    vikes 13

  21. P.T. says:

    Instead of calling Vikings fan, fans. They should be called customers, in fact that is what you are. You buy everything related to the Vikings, therefore you are a customer. Same goes with anyone who supports any team by buying a logo to advertise for free on a jersey, mug, flag, or whatever they sell you you will always be a customer. There is also a saying “There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum (1810–1891), an American showman. It is generally taken to mean that there will always be many gullible people in the world. To me that is what any fan or I mean customer is of any team. Just my point of view from a non-sports fan being suckered into paying more taxes for a billionaires gains.

    1. common sense says:

      So what’s a welfare recipient or a df packer fan buying more non-voting stock? coff coff. You can pounce on stuff you don’t like but I bet I could pound you with YOUR special needs and interests… but a lame comment like yours is easy to hide behind.

  22. makeitsimple says:

    us Packers fans don’t understand yer domes…all ya need is a dang flat field to play on , ya DON”T need a super dome.

    1. common sense says:

      loser packer fan. too bad you have a decent team.

  23. Zygi the Pinhead says:

    Give me your money.
    Give me your money.

    I’m not kidding.

    Give me your money.

    1. common sense says:

      I believe the pinhead is in your pants… We deal with baby daddy welfare, education, and other issues that are a bigger drain and burden in this state. Pick your battles I guess…

      1. Ralph says:

        @common dense. If the education system produces people like you then they ought to quit when they can get kids to count to 100 and reads words with 14 letters. There is nothing in your arguments that provide any facts or complex thinking capabilities.

  24. Charles Clifford says:

    “I will never threaten to move the Vikings,” said Z Wilf, with his fingers crossed.

    “We will always be Vikings fans,” said MN Rube, with his fingers crossed..

    1. common sense says:

      I will be the negative Nellie said Charles Clifford the clueless. Where did Mr. Wilf say he was moving the team Einstein?

      1. The Analyst says:

        Ziggy the Pinhead is a business man. He bought the team, he is corrupting the political system to get taxpayer money to enhance the value of his property. Once that is doen, he will sell the team and take his profits (our money) back to New Jersey.

        Don’t you know when you are being played for a fool?

        It’s like the NWA bailout. The state lost hundreds of millions of dollars and not ONE job was created.

        Our politicians are not qualified to deal with him. They are corrupt, gullible and weak.

  25. Hmm says:

    The economy is not in a place where it makes financial sense to move the team. Ziggy is a business owner and his business would lose money moving or else he would already be gone.

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