By Reg Chapman

SAVAGE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Savage, Minn. police officer was critically injured after a crash overnight.

The crash happened around 1:15 a.m. Monday at the intersection of West 137th Street and Glendale Road. The squad crashed into a tree.

“The roads were icy at the time. The officer was responding to an emergency call and lost control on the icy roadway, leaving the roadway, striking a tree on the passenger side door of the squad,” said Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Tiffany Nielson.

Authorities said the officer inside was 39-year-old Frank Mackall, a crime scene technician who was responding to emergency call when he apparently lost control.

Three Savage Police officers were six blocks away from his location at 137th and Glendale, checking out a prowler in the area.

Investigators said his seat belt may have saved his life. It appeared rescue crews had to pull the door off to get the officer out.

“Fortunately the officer was seat-belted. He had to be cut out and removed from the vehicle, and that certainly is playing a role in him surviving the crash,” Nielson said.

Mackall was flown to North Memorial Medical Center. He is currently listed in critical condition.

“The helicopter was just taking off when I arrived here. Obviously the officers and firefighters who responded were quite shaken,” said Capt. David Muelken with the Savage Police Department.

After the helicopter took off, all of the officers on duty in Savage went to North Memorial to be with him and his family. Mackall has a wife and three children, ages 15, 10 and 6. Police in Burnsville and deputies in Scott County took over duties in Savage until day shift comes in to work.

Officers from agencies across the metro have been visible, going in and out of North Memorial, in support of Mackall, who has been with the Savage Police Department for four years. Before that, he worked in Woodbury.

Tiffany Nelson, of the State Patrol, said you can never underestimate slick driving conditions. She reminded you should always drive slower than you think you need.

“It has a significant effect on all of us in law enforcement. Emergency driving is very dangerous,” said Muelken.

This is unknown territory for the Savage Police Department; it’s the first time an officer has been involved in a serious accident.

The State Patrol continues to investigate the crash.

officerfrankmackall Officer In Critical Condition After Squad Crash

Officer Frank Mackall being sworn into the Savage PD. (credit: Savage Police Department)

Comments (25)
  1. Miranda says:

    WOW to above commenter.. The savage PD is in my thoughts and prayers I hope he is able to recover from this.

    1. Landscaper says:

      I’ll be putting in a bid for the extensive sod repair.

  2. yay for cops says:

    even a pro can lose it. why these guys dont have fwd is beyond me.

    Get well soon ofcr.

    1. Ice Ice Baby says:

      FWD (I am guessing yo mean Front Wheel Drive, or even 4 wheel drive) would have NO bearing in this….


  3. Rhonda says:

    How can you be so disrespectful to someone who puts their life on the line for you every day. They were potentially responding to a prowler so you can sleep safely at night. Here is to praying for a quick and speedy recovery! Thank you for your service.

    1. Cleetus says:

      She’s probably commenting on the “yay for cops” post above, genius.

    2. Troy says:

      I think Rhonda was referring to the anonymous poster who was disrespectful enough to discuss a “hurt tree” and “Gonna be a busy Arbor Day in that area.” Obviously someone without any teachings of respect for themselves or anyone else. An officer could potentially die from a serious crash, not the appropriate time to wine about an inanimate object. Lecture done.

  4. Kelly says:

    As a resident of Savage my thoughts are with this officer and his family, but I also have to say that maybe if the city did a little more to keep the roads clear when it snows then the road wouldn’t have been so icy. Additionally, I witnessed just a few months ago, a Savage police officer attempting to make a turn going about 70mph in a residential area, obviously it didn’t work out for him and he smashed into a stop sign. Just a little frustrating when your tax dollars don’t get used for what they should be used for and instead are used to fix things that could have avoided being broken.

    1. Lunchlady says:

      As another resident of Savage, I am surprised at your comment about the roads. I have always been impressed with the way the City of Savage takes care of our roads. There is only so much anyone can do when rain turns to ice, and then snows on top of that! AND THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CRITICIZE!!! THIS IS THE TIME TO BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT THE POLICE DO FOR US AND FOR THE RISKS THEY TAKE!!! May God save this officer’s life so that he may continue to be a father, husband, and protector of those of us in Savage!!

  5. Miranda says:

    There is a missing post that was very disrespectful that reference Senser. Happily that post has been removed!

  6. Tracy M says:

    Another example of “CRUDDY” work by MNDOT! Stop budgeting our saftey! There should be PLENTY sand sand salt this season(last years pooor excuse).

    Keep the roads clear and safe at all times .

    Hope the cop recovers soon.

    1. Blame Game? says:

      Well..look at it this way!!! If they paid MNDOT more $….the officer would not have been working because there would not be enough money in the budget to hire another Officer!
      The Officer made a mistake by going too fast for the conditions! I pray he will be OK…..but just like ALL humans….people make mistakes!
      I don’t think MNDOT is to blame here….

    2. MNDOT Spouse says:

      You really need to get your facts straight!! This is a city of Savage road, not a state roadway.,,therefore it is maintained by the city and NOT BY MNDOT!!! As the spouse of a MNDOT employee I get so sick and tired of people like you always bashing MNDOT…these are hard working people who are called out at all hours of the day and night and even holidays when needed. What people fail to realize is that not matter how much city, county or state crews are out the fact remains that winter weather is unpredictable and we all need to slow down and watch what we are doing!!!

  7. Really says:

    Really? Kathy you’re an insensitive b ! t c h. This guy was trying to do his job to protect the neighborhood. I am sure he has a family that is on edge waiting to see if he is going to be OK. And you make a comment on the tree? F… the tree…I hope they cut it down to spite you.

  8. Practical Thinking. says:

    If you lose control of your vehicle you must not be operating it per the road conditions. If this would have been a normal citizen speed, alcohol and texting would have all been questions. Wishing the officer well.

    1. Thank you for saying it! says:


      100% agreed!

  9. joel says:

    Drug and alcohol test should be done like everyone else would get,another cop using his computer while driving? Responding to an emergency call? Dont believe everything his department says.
    I do hope he is allright and a speedy recovery

    1. Really says:

      Really? And the point to your post is what?

      Lets see….I think the cops a criminal, but its OK I say this while he is in dire straits because I finish by saying I hope he is OK.

      Do you think they won’t do an investigation in to the cause? If you think they are covering it up now why would they suddenly not do that?

      Have the balls to say you don’t trust the police to be honest instead of insulting the guy while saying with “all due respect”….

      1. Whoa! says:

        Wow….I think you need to settle down…..

        I don’t think he is saying that at all…

        I for one respect Police Officers for what they do every day! Have you even been in a situation where you feel you’re going to get your butt kicked, or you’re not sure of who is behind a closet door with a gun ready to try to shoot and KILL you?

        These officers do this, sometimes on a DAILY basis….NOT something I am 100% comfortable in doing!

        I think the person’s thought was if it were a civilian in this accident that the “blame game” would go right to “I bet he was texting”: or “I am sure he was drunk”.

        I think Police do deserve a higher level of respect in what they do for a LIVING than let’s say a banker…..but that does not hold them “above the law”……

        That’s just my 2 bits…and I’m sure you think that’s all it’s worth as well…..

      2. joel says:

        You would be surprised in how many departments its a “game” to see who gets to a call scene first,i know that for a fact,its not the patrol officers i dont trust is the chiefs and higher ups that make up stories to protect themselves and their departments and “investigations” are a joke when its done by themselves or the mn. patrol when it invovles one of their own

  10. Lunchlady says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! You comment about saving TREES when this story is about saving LIVES!! Get your priorities straight!!!

    1. i need food says:

      Be quiet and make me a sandwich.

  11. The Police are not youre friends says:

    A prowler dictates driving this fast and out of control? The Police have no rules and must abide by no rules because they are the Police. Who Police the Police. A prowler, really???? I was a Police Officer and I would not be driving this fast to this type of call. The call is not usually an emergency and is usually some suburban house wife scared of her own shadow or a neighbor or just someone walking by. Get a life. I hope he learns not to be a dumb butt.

  12. MNDOT spouse says:

    Our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to this officer and his family! Thank you for all you do!!

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