EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) — The Eagan City Council has voted to set up a domestic partner registry.

On Tuesday evening, the council voted to set up a voluntary registry allowing same-sex couples to register their partnerships.

It would cost $25 to register partnerships, and would cost the same amount to terminate them.

The city joins 16 other communities in Minnesota with similar set-ups. According to the Pioneer Press, Minneapolis was the first city in Minnesota to set up a same-sex domestic partner registry, back in 1991.

Comments (33)
  1. The Editor says:

    Was it unamimous?

    Who voted on which side?

    And the benefits to the city are…?

    Worst reporting ever.

    1. so what says:

      you probley dont live in eagen so does it matter to you.

  2. dayve says:

    This is a step in the right direction for Eagan. Very proud to be living here!

    1. RMT says:

      Proud of Eagan and all others who do the same. It is about time!

      1. Kevin says:

        Proud to break Gods laws???? Wow….

        1. hey kevin says:

          There is no God kevin. Wake up. You think there is really some big special place in the clouds? Really? This isn’t la la land.

          1. DS says:

            Kevin has woke up, and there’s still time you you my friend. God is standing at your door right now, all you have to do is open it.

            1. LM says:

              Does God have a pizza? Cuz I’m really, really hungry right now. A pizza would really be awesome.

        2. mark says:

          The bible does not define marriage unless you want to count:

          Genesis 4:19
          And Lamech took unto him two wives.
          Kings 11:2-3
          Solomon … had seven hundred wives … and three hundred concubines.

          2 Chronicles 11:21
          Rehoboam … took eighteen wives, and threescore concubines.

          Nice “laws”!

        3. Sam says:

          Your God, Kevin. Not necessarily others’. For that matter, your interpretation of the Bible, not others’.
          The point of this country is to not let religion dictate legal matters. “The Bible says so” is not a valid argument for a law, no matter how much the neo-conservatives believe it is. That would be a theocracy, which this is not.

          1. God! :) says:

            First of all I agree with Kevin Sorry! Because I believe there is a God and I feel sorry for those who do not because one day there will be a judgement day and you will have to answer to God! Also how do you think the world and the very first person got here Hello! It was not science cuz something had to start somewhere and that is from God! I do not have anything against a person who likes the same sex that your business. But again I do agree with Kevin on this because it is right in the bible man and women. Again what you do in your life is your business what you do but again I believe what the bible says.

            1. brittany says:

              where did God come from then? if “something has to start somewhere”?

              1. God :) says:

                Brittany ~ I think you need to go to church to find out who God and what the bible is about.

        4. james2 says:

          Amy Koch broke a commandment so she wins!

  3. well says:

    And, what is the point? Just to keep track of them or what?

  4. Jeb from Eagan says:

    My wife, Maybelle and I are recognized as a couple in Eagan, but they won’t let my other wives, Beullah and Gertie register with me. We are all consenting adults. Why won’t the city let us register?

    1. Ricky says:

      Most likely because tax payers like us are paying for you and your kids that you can’t support !

      1. Connect the Dots says:

        Funny how a Christian nation so feverishly persecuted Mormon polygamists yet failed to realize that the Bible glorified figures who themselves were polygamists. Religious doctrine is authored to be interpreted how you want it to be.

        1. Kevin says:

          Mormons are not a religon….they are all insane…..I love that whole a rabbit spoke to me thing…..say you little pillow bitter…..wipe off your tv and watch South Park where they discuss mormons…..way to funny…now go click your heels and toss some salad…I mean glitter….

          1. Connect the Dots says:

            Are you actually suggesting I watch South Park to learn more about Mormonism? And you you calling me gay? Ignorance and stupidity at its finest.

        2. Matt says:

          We aren’t a Christian nation… Ever heard of separation of church and state.

          1. Kevin says:

            My father fought and died for God and Country. My brother fought and died for God and Country…..and I fought for God and Country…….your a POS liberal….

  5. Tom says:

    @ lamecomment

    I don’t know what it is but for some reasons only conservatives bring animals into the issue!

    1. Matt says:

      I am surprised he didn’t compare them to child molesters.

  6. Wow says:

    Tell us what the registry is intended to do. Seriouly, this is bad journalism. There must be a couple g@ys on the council because being gay is wrong and so what is wrong with Eagan? I’m tired of the media and the 50% of non-tax payers trying to force us to buy that wrong is the new right.

  7. Michele Bachmann says:

    Yes, yes, have them all register. Charge them a small fee so they think it’s worth something. Then later on down the road we’ll know who they are & where they live.
    Later when they’re feeling all proud of their new found freedoms & being all happy practicing their gayness it will be easier to find these perverse freaks & put them in internment camps or reprogramming camps. Yes this is a good day indeed.

  8. Bad boy! says:

    Someone is going to get fired in Eagan!

  9. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Rainbow in….rainbow out…..rainbow in…..rainbow out……they should all get out of my State…go to California where they can bl*w each other by the bay….

    1. Monica says:

      “Your State”??? I don’t think so hick!

  10. Sweet says:

    Smart move by Eagan, they collect a fee and the couple receives nothing, geez I should register them in my city, money for nothing.

  11. james2 says:

    that really was a lame comment. LOL

  12. Don't ask don't tell says:

    Great Kevin, aren’t you special? A lot of people would appreciate if you went and did the other part too.

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