(AP) — Here are some of the more notable quotes from Tuesday night’s Republican caucuses in Iowa.


“Game on.” — Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator, to his supporters as he was virtually tied early Wednesday with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


“I like Santorum’s character and values. But I like Romney’s experience and record. … He’s best-positioned in the most ways to compete with the other party.” — Jeff Young, a salesman from Waterloo who was split between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney before the caucus.


“It’s not just about beating Obama, important as that is … What do we need to do as a country to get back on the right track and that’s a lot bigger than just replacing one person in the White House.” — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.


“This date has given voice to people all over our country that Barack Obama’s liberal policies are finished and that in 2012 there will be another occupant in the White House, who knows, maybe even another Michele in the White House.” —Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who said she will continue to campaign for the nomination after finishing behind several other candidates.


“This is a campaign night where America wins.” — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


“He has more radical ideas and I think we need a change.” — Paul Waterman, 29, a college academic adviser in Waterloo and first-time caucus participant, on why he leans toward Rep. Ron Paul in his top two choices of Paul and Rick Santorum.


“He’s a swell guy. He’s been in Congress for a long time. But what has he accomplished?” — Randy Herod, a retired business consultant who was formerly active in the Libertarian Party, on why he didn’t think Ron Paul has what it takes to be successful in Washington. Herod supports Gingrich.


“I want to take just a minute to congratulate a good friend of ours, somebody who we admire, and his family we admire, and that’s Rick Santorum. He waged a great, positive campaign.” — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who had called out Romney for attacking him through negative advertisements.

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  1. Murph says:

    The Party of NO! No jobs, no help,no not for you and the rest of the 99% . Their thick wagging tongues should be removed and replaced by the bulls tail that splatters their smelly speeches substance into the faces of a populace under attack by elitist rich billionaires and bankers.The GOP stinks! One state ,one vote, the best way to reduce the size of government! Repair the damage to our rights and our freedom now!

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