ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Governor Mark Dayton has issued a final deadline for Minneapolis and Ramsey County to put their packages together for a potential Vikings stadium.

Dayton held a news conference Thursday afternoon to announce that he wants full proposals from Minneapolis and Arden Hills stadium officials by Jan. 12, which is one week from today.

Dayton expects both sides to have their complete stadium plans ready, including full financing plans and statements on why their sites are superior for the stadium site.

The Vikings’ lease with the Metrodome ended after their game on Sunday, a loss to the Chicago Bears. If Vikings and lawmakers can come to an agreement on a stadium, it is expected the Vikings would renew their lease with the Metrodome while the stadium would be under construction.

The stadium situation has been in limbo for some time as the Vikings have said all along they prefer their site in Arden Hills. Officials in Minneapolis have a couple of sites, and some are hoping to use revenue from gambling to help pay for the local contribution to the stadium.

“We know some of the facts but we don’t know all of them. Some people are showing cards and some people are not showing cards,” Dayton said. “That’s why we have to get all the cards face up on the table on both sides, all sides, and then figure out how best to proceed from there.”

Vikings officials said Thursday that the situation is “urgent.” The team said there is “significant urgency” for the state to act on a stadium early in the 2012 legislative session.

Comments (54)
  1. zee the reporter says:

    I would be nice to get a deal done and its a must for the state of minnesota!

    1. Marie says:

      Why is ripping of the taxpayers so Zygi can get richer a must for the State of Minnesota?

    2. Keep It Real says:

      If the deal includes the NFL, Billionaires and Millionaires building it themselves, then I am all for it. If the deal includes 1 cent of tax payer money, then Minnesota stands united against it. No taxpayer money for millionaires and billionaires!!!

      1. pretzeldude says:

        Did ya’ll know that one of the owners of the team just bought a condo in Palm Beach, Florida for millions. Millions that could have been used toward a new stadium but no his pleasure comes first. What an A$$H0L#

      2. Build says:

        Not united since I Don’t mind public money going towards it. Don’t speak for me.

  2. Glitch says:

    Let’s get these racinos up and running. It’s not that hard of a solution. that way,those that want to contribute can go gamble it away. I have absolutely no problem with that if that is what it takes to keep this team here.

    1. Guy says:

      And what happens if not enough people want to go and gamble in the casino to pay for the bonds? Who is on the hook then?

      1. Ronnie for Governor!! says:

        I don’t think that’s a problem, in fact, it’s been estimated by the State of Minnesota, that the state ran casino would more than fund the stadium within one year. The rest of the proceeds would go towards education.

  3. Let 'em rot says:

    I want to pay more in TAXES so won’t you please hurry up you figgen money grabbing SOB’s – come on and take it before I buy groceries this month.

  4. red says:

    Send those losers to Alaska for all I care- I am a FORMER season ticket holder and I can’t believe I a sending this but I ca;t even watch them anymore. Zygi or however you spell you goofy name- give up some green $ if you want new stadium or take them to Alaska.

  5. Sandy says:

    I would like to see the owner and the team put their packages together and move on out! Bad team and a bunch of blackmailers…

  6. Brad says:

    Let’s find a compromised solution and get this thing built.

    1. Sandy says:

      Lets work on our deteriorating infastructure!

  7. RIII says:

    Not sure what football has to do with state government or governing? If a stadium was such a good investment they would be popping up all over the place with private financing. I am sure the Governors Union construction buddies can find other state projects to felch.

    1. Carl says:

      What is the only entitly that makes money off of all ticket sales, player revenue, owner profits, merchandise sales, food vendor sales, hotel stays, restaurant sales and all the land these places reside on? Goverment. This is why is it crutial that the Govt pony up some of the money to build the stadium as they are one of the largest benefactors of a stadium.

      1. The Analyst says:

        You lie.

        There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums.


        1. Carl says:

          I lie? That’s a big statement. Do you deny that the State of MN makes money off of players salariers for both teams when they play in MN? Do you realize this would not be revenue if the team leaves the state?
          All your articles are based on a percentage of taxpayer dollars. Do you even know what percentage this is going to be and how much of it will be offset by gambling revenues?

          1. The Analyst says:

            Yes, you lie.

            Give me 500 million dollars and I’ll create a few jobs too.

            But the net result is a LOSS. Get it?

            Read the studies, don’t take my word for it.

            1. Carl says:

              Again Analyst, you have no idea how much is taxpayer funded and what portion of that will be from new gambling proceeds. The stadiums financed publically range from less than 20% to 100%. Pretty hard to correlate the results to MN if you have no idea the amount or percentage.
              Create a “few” jobs with $500 Million? That’s a “few” more than Obama has created with Billions of $$’s

              1. Ralph says:

                Hotels bars and restraints created by a football stadium. Where are the bars, hotels and restraints that sprung up from the Metrodome to serve Vikings fans? Do you really think in Arden Hills there will spring up restaurants because of a stadium? The Wilfs want another 40 million a year in profits. That is money made here. It is the people’s entertainment money. Not only are you taking 600 million in tax money, over 30 years you are taking 1.2 billion out of the local economy and shipping it to New Jersey. That is a hit to the local economy

              2. Fact Boy says:


                Don’t argue with me. Read the studies and the tell us where the economists went wrong.

                I repeat: READ the studies, then open your pie hole.

  8. Dave L says:

    Glad to see this finally happening. Looks like a positive sign!!

    1. Amanda says:

      Dayton isnt too bright but he knows it would be political suicide to let the Vikings leave MN.

      1. Not too bright? That bulb isn't even on. says:

        Oh Dayton hung himself well before this. And the best thing that could happen to Minnesota is to get rid of Zippy and the Vikings, losers all.

  9. Drop Kick says:

    They tried to make me pay for a Vikings stadium, I said, “No, no, no”

  10. Ziggy the Pinhead says:

    Here are the only reasonable proposals:

    -Play in the dome.
    -Play in TCF stadium
    -Build your own stadium

  11. move 'em out says:

    Gee, now Dayton is making demands? I wonder who couple have put him up to that.

    So it only takes the Vikings and the lawmakers to come up with a plan and construction begins on Zygi’s new temple? HELLO??? Has anyone considered the people of Minnesota?

    The concept of building a new stadium for Zippy and his millionaire losers is insane, funding it with public money (including more gaming) is even more insane.

    For the idiots who think gambling is the solution, has it ever occurred to you that it takes “x” amount of money to run the state; it we let them skim revenue from gambling (like they did with education), all that means is other taxes will go up. Bottom line is WE pay for Zippy’s new stadium one way or the other. That green stuff you see on trees are leaves, not $100 bills!

    Don’t let this thief take a single cent of our hard earned money!

  12. Free for all says:

    My only proposal is the state build a stadium and pay for it PLUS pay for and buy homes for everybody in the State of Minnesota, Remember if there aren’t anybody able to afford their own homes, then, why should the state waste so much cash building a stadium if the first place!

  13. Al says:

    Enough already! As much as I hate this mess. The Twins and Gophers got their stadiums, so they might as well give the Vikes one. Anybody thought of building it on the old Met Center site. Everything is there already, Roads, Hotels, Airport, Light Rail, Mall of America. I’ll live with a sales tax increase, Just SHUTUP & BUILD IT.

    1. gimme a break, use yer noodle says:

      Everybody at the nut house just committed suicide. Are you going to join them too?

      Ever heard the saying “If brains were gunpowder, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off?”

    2. Peace says:

      Just because you’ll live with a tax increase does not mean everyone else wants one. I for one am struggling to pay my own bills. If the Vikings want a stadium have at it, I for one don’t want to pay a penny towards something I have no interest in.

  14. me says:

    I’d rather the vikings just move to another state. I’m sick of these ball clubs needing us to pay for thier stadiums, using the more jobs excuse. If the players can make millions of dollars playing ball, than that means the owners make quite a bit of money which in turn tells me, they can afford to pay for their own stadium. We will invest millions in sports arenas but not musicians or actors?? right…

    1. Jeff B says:

      uh…we do invest millions/billions in musicians and actors…Guthrie? Museums? State Theatre? The 100s of millions in grants to art institutions all of the state? As tax payers we should NOT give money to athlete or actors/musicians or to farmers. Let the industries stand on their own. Let the actual/real cost be passed on to the consumer!

  15. Paul Bunyan says:

    State leaders work together to get it built!!

  16. RP says:

    We invested millions in the Guthrie on the river. Also, all ot the sports stadium we have double as venues for concerts and a variety of other evets.
    My taxes pay for tons of programs that I personally nor anyone I know would have an interest in, but I’m not on a soapbox screaming that they should be cut out. People need to stop acting like a barely noticable increase is going to break them and see that losing the team would be a far greater loss. Whether you personally are a fan or not, it’s a Minnesota tradition. I’m a Minnesota resident and taxpayer. You do NOT speak for me when you say you do. Plainly put this stadium needs to be built. The debate is truly a waste of resources.

    1. Dweeb says:

      Maybe after the Vikings leave their fat lazy fans can do something useful like shovel their parking spots in the trailer parks and instead of wasting money on beer and bars they can buy their kids a new pair of shoes.

  17. Kevin says:

    Where are the Occuyp MN protesters? They should be out in front of the Dayton mansion burning stuff! Now that Bachman is not around to kick….oh thats right…they are tossing salad in their mommies basement….

  18. j speedbag 64 says:

    RP right on you smashed the nail right on the head…great post….

  19. Jason says:

    If I cant afford to buy tix for the wife and 2 kids to go see a game. Then I cannot afford to build them a stadium.

  20. glen says:

    Where is Wilfs plan? We have no reason to do anything for a private business. I want to see exactly how the Vikings plan on acquiring the land and financing the stadium. Then we can talk about the welfare needed. Panhandling may be necessary

  21. Fran says:

    “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

    Favor: 22%
    Oppose: 74%
    Don’t know: 4%

  22. Ruth says:

    In spite of Dayton’s plea that politicians URGENTLY look into this and find a way to help the Vikings, it is not THE most important thing for anyone but the multi-millionaire/billionaire club (including politicians). A new Vikings stadium is unnecessary. Why didn’t the Vikings sign a new lease for the Metrodome? They intentionally let it run out to blackmail MN into giving them a new stadium. POLITICIANS – LISTEN TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS AND JUST SAY NO!

  23. Brad says:

    No city that has lost a team has ever just “let them go”. Every single NFL city that has lost a team has paid more to get one back and all have succeeded with the exception of L.A. and they are really trying. It sounds so great to say let them go. Even Minnesota has not done that with the NFL and NBA. The first season without Vikings football you watch people start asking for a team. “Let them go” has NEVER worked. Let’s get this done, keep the Vikings in Minnesota, and put people in the construction industry back to work.

    1. Brett says:

      The nba SUCKS, and so do the timberdogs. Let LA have the vikes. Construction jobs? These would only be TEMPORARY. Want jobs? Start fixing our roads and bridges, stop building stupid bike trails and rail lines.

  24. Swamp Fox says:

    For better or worse let’s get this issue solved or thrown out! With it the Vikings can either stay or leave. We have a site that is feasible and with some tweaking a deal can be reached for the benefit of all Minnesotans. If the Vikings leave this state it’s only the fault of the nitwits who can’t see a way for the people to come out on top of this deal and benefit from this new venue.

    Quit your bellyaching and get this issue decided one way or another. Then live with that decision. It’s time to look forward for the benefit of all.

  25. Michael Corleone says:

    Senator? You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.

  26. Ellen says:

    If the voters of Hennepin County had thrown these crooks out, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW and tell them you are paying attention.

  27. Vicky says:

    Packers ‘s go away…this is MN so keep your stupid comments.
    we need a new stadium.
    dome sucks…like green bay.

  28. Joe says:

    Let them leave. We can put the money towards something of greater value. Teachers and Schools.

  29. Rubes of MN unite says:

    Do I understand this correctly? Our governor and legislators can’t figure out how to balance the state budget so after stubbornly closing down state government for awhile they play accounting games and “borrow” (yeah, right – like that’ll ever get paid back) from the education fund.

    The legislators can’t even agree on which brand of toilet paper to put in the restrooms at the capital and the majority of the public says “NO” to a new stadium, yet somehow Zygi and his bagman are dictating to the legislature how and when they will run their show, they demand that the Vikings stadium issue be approved before any legitimate state business gets addressed in the coming session, and they expect us, the taxpayers of Minnesota, to put way more skin in the game than they will do themselves, all for the sole purpose of providing Zygi with at least an additional $41 million a year in profit.

    Have I stated that correctly?

    Gee, that all makes perfect sense. Let’s build Zygi a billion dollar mega temple so he can get richer at our expense. Perfect.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      “Have I stated that correctly?” You asked? NO! You did not. Your misdirected passion seems a little discombobulated!

      The real issue is everyone is so angry at everything or everybody that the gridlock continues. The stadium issue is only segment of the overall malaise that this state is suffering from. No one has a definitive plan to have the state make money, improve our quality of living, or improve/reform our way of state governance.

      No one is listening to each others’ suggestion in a civilized manner. The “my way or the highway” extremism we are witnessing is crippling Minnesota. The stadium issue is a good example of not seeing the good of it all. The stadium will be a Minnesota public works project and owned by the people. Why can’t MN makes this a treasury revenue generator?

      Too bad the bellyachers and naysayers will cost this state millions in lost revenues and the loss of a professional sports team that has made money for this state.

      Too bad Minnesota is becoming a great example of political extremism in the ways we do things. The “my way or the highway” mentality is ruining what our pioneering forebears try to accomplish. To make great things happen or prosper you have to work toward those goals. That’s not the case evident by your remarks and others.

      Minnesota has a lemon crop at its feet. When are we going to make lemonade for quenching our thirst? Think about it!

      1. What's not true says:

        Despite your disagreement with him/her, what part of what he/she said isn’t accurate? The toilet paper thing may or may not be true but everything else he/she said has been in the news for months and is pretty common knowledge, isn’t, it?

  30. Ellen says:

    Will Mark Dayton shut down the state government over this “important” issue? The state is facing another deficit between 1.6 and 2 billion dollars.

    Did Mark Dayton play goalie because he couldn’t skate? Now he wants to hang with the jocks again and he want’s to give them our money.

    Vikings, when you leave, take Dayton with you.


    1. Swamp Fox says:

      What’s in the tea you’ve been imbibing today?

      If you are so supposedly good at correcting the state’s problems how come you didn’t run for election? Could you do better and how? Do you really want to see the Vikes leave?

      Think about it!!!

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