MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you own a gun, you have an obligation to be safe and responsible with it.

An academy at Gander Mountain could help you learn more about your weapon and how to use it.

Chris Stanford reports live from Lakeville.

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  1. Mark says:

    This article is about gun safety, and yet your photograph on the front page of your website is an image of someone pointing a gun directly at the camera? Poor choice.

    1. Off Mark says:

      ummm.. the weapon is NOT pointed at the camera
      the finger is not on the trigger and is in a safe position
      the slide is open.

      Looking at the gun, it looks like a Gander Mt. demo weapon used for training or firing blanks (I don’t know).

    2. tb says:

      You have made it clear to everyone that you have no clue.
      Perhaps you should make an appt. with your eye doctor.

      1. Mark says:

        Um yes, got that. Not the 1st frame of the video. The actual picture, still photo, from the link to the article on their “News” page.

        Try again:


        1. dan says:

          Go away Mark, nobody cares what you think!

          1. middle of the road says:

            Dan, Good post below, but this one sucks. We need rational discourse, not a bunch of far left or far rights telling everyone else to go away. Why don’t you go away with all the far right and far left nut cases?

            1. dan says:

              Sorry, I got all worked up. Just considered it a dumb comment is all.

  2. Supreme court gun nuts says:

    I saw the TV presentation and I have this to say: If anyone thinks for an instant that they are going to get the jump on someone, you sir are crazy. Think about every instance, and you will see that getting away from the situation is the best you can do. To say nothing of the multiple opportunities to be killed. To say nothing of the opportunities to be killed by police, who are in 100% agreement that you should never confront anyone. You will never be made “Deputy Police Chief” for your actions and the chance of killing some innocent is always present. 15 minutes of practice does not qualify you as an officer.

    1. dan says:

      Try to tell that to the gal in the trailer court who just blew away an intruder. Was she supposed to grab her 3 month old and crawl out a window only to have 2 drug crazed morons chase her down and do what ever they planned?

      Please post a big sign on your door that you dont own any guns and will run of anyone attempts to enter your home. Good Luck!

      1. Not convinced says:

        They left because they were surprised someone was home, not because she had a gun!! Now they’re drug crazed? This really helps with the morality doesn’t it. Also, she says that she was trapped, a very unusual situation. More people will shoot themselves in the ass than will ever wind up in this situation.

        1. dan says:

          Read the story. The man broke in and charged her with a knife. Without the gun she would probably be dead. They broke into the house looking for drugs.

    2. Carl says:

      I value the life of my family and myself more than anyone breaking into my house in the middle of the night. You are not innocent if you find yourself in my line of fire!

      1. Cowboy west was different says:

        Shooting fish in a barrel is always different than real life. The training video shows a robber gunning down a store clerk while the Gun totting civilian is standing there with gun ready(totally unrealistic) never shoots at the civilian(totally unrealistic) never notices that the civilian is there (totally unrealistic). How many unrealistic situations do you and your cowboy buddies need, and this is just the start of the situation. Now the police arive and your going to argue with them about your right to catty a gun. Right.

        1. middle of the road says:

          Dear cowboy, while you are right about the situation being unrealistic, it is not out of the realm of possibilty. People do not become criminals because they are the brain trust of our world. If you had taken a conceal and carry class which you need to do to leagally carry a weapon, you would know that once you shoot someone, you call 911, you secure the scene so evidence suporting your story does not go missing and then you secure your weapon. You are told that you will be arrested, you will surrender your weapon, you will be prosecuted in the state on Minnesota, you will be sued by the criminal and or their family, but you will be the one still standing in the end. While the law allows me to conceal and carry, it then goes 180 degrees the other direction to protect me once I have saved my own or someone elses life. I would still choose to take another life than give up my own to some low life thug.

          1. The odds are against you says:

            Lets talk about odds. The chance of ever being in this situation is EXTREMELY remote, but the odds of shooting yourself are much higher. An intelligent man does not consider if something will EVER happen, but rather looks at the odds of it happenning. Thank you for your considered opinion, but virtually every police chief agrees with me, a opposed to the nut John Roberts of the Supreme Court.

            1. middle of the road says:

              You are wrongly grouping all conceal and carry permit holders with “the nut.” Interestingly enough, John Roberts is considered a very intelligent man after all he is a doctor and interprets the law of the land, but you attack him and call him a nut because you disagree with one stance he has. I am a statistician so I know odds, but I still carry when I go into Minneapolis for my and my families safety. Where I live, I only carry going back and forth to the range (weekly). I hope that I never have to pull my gun, but if I need it my gun will be there to protect myself, my family, or other innocent people.

              The difference between you and I is when I disagree with people, I do it respectfully and without attacking them. What is gained by your attack except to further dig in the heels of he “nut” jobs?

        2. Carl says:

          So Cowboy do you really believe this is the only scenario within the entire program? The program was modeled off of the special forces and police training programs. I guess they train our law enforcment in “totally unrealistic” situations.

    3. RIII says:

      How do you fit any real information into a mind as narrow as yours? Now go back to the sheep herd and continue grazing.

  3. John says:

    All I have to say is that I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 . You don’t like guns or want one – your choice. But leave those who do alone. They have a word for people who do not believe in defending themselfs – VICTIM!!!!

  4. Alan McAllister says:

    Amen to that!

  5. Kevin says:

    They need to make this course mandatory for all who live in Brooklyn Dark and N Mpls. Less innocent people killed that way…..

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