MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jacob Volkmann admits he’s trying to make a name for himself as a fighter. The problem is it’s getting him in trouble at his other job.

Following a fight last Friday, the 31-year old White Bear Lake man was being interviewed by Joe Rogan. Volkmann told Rogan that President Obama should call him to schedule a “glass-ectomy.” Rogan then asked what a “glass-ectomy” is.

“A glass-ectomy is when you cut your bellybutton out and put a piece of glass in there so when you have your head up your butt you can see where you’re going.” Volkmann said.

The White Bear Lake School District apparently was not amused. Volkmann, who’s an assistant wrestling coach for White Bear Lake, said the district put him on paid administrative leave.

“I thought it was kind of a funny joke, it was meant for humor,” Volkmann said. “And the school took it the wrong way.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Adam Carter Reports

If the story sounds familiar, it is.

When asked who he’d like to fight next following a fight in late 2010, Volkmann said “Obama” because “someone’s got to knock some sense into that idiot.”

That comment not only got Volkmann put on leave from the school district, but also caught the attention of the U.S. Secret Service. They questioned him not long after.

So why go there again?

“I’m doing it for a couple reasons,” Volkmann said. “To get my name out there, and I’m trying to get a message across. I don’t think (President Obama) is ever going to pay attention.”

A call was made to the White Bear Lake School District Friday evening, but the call has not yet been returned.

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  1. Sean Kelly says:

    What a tool… and a total embarrassment to amateur wresting – but then again he is not really a wrestler, more like a barroom brawler. Wrestlers are disciplined and intelligent – this guy is neither of these things.

    1. Wool-Free-Vision says:

      “a total embarrassment to amateur wresting”

      He is a MMA Fighter, not an amateur wrestler. I quoted that text because at first glance I missed the “amateur” part and thought you were accusing someone of being an embarassment to PROFESSIONAL wrestling, and the irony just cracked me up.

    2. John says:

      If he’s not, you should prove it to him and invite him to throw down with you!

    3. Kramer says:

      I guess freedom of speech is only for liberal blowhards like Bill Maher, Fat Rosie, and the rest of the morons. Were you upset when Bush was getting the same comments made about him?

      1. Sam Hill says:

        Oh, I thought freedom of speech included speech that some people might not like, or might disagree with. I didn’t know you’re not supposed to insult anyone, including government officials. Glad you corrected me on my mistaken idea of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

        1. Richard_Iowa says:

          There is no constitutional right to not be insulted. The Libs don’t know this, however. While I probably would not repeat publically his description of a glassectomy, I will say that I thought it was pretty funny, in the generic sense mind you.

        2. Jonny Ninja says:

          It does include such speech.. You see, “Ray” is a MORON.

      2. robert taylor says:

        bull sh-t

      3. Max says:

        “Freedom of speech is exactly that. You’re free to speak in an intelligent and thoughtful manner”.

        Followed by

        “There is no freedom to insult anyone including government officials at any level. There are consequences to opening your mouth without first engaging you brain”

        that is an interesting interpretation of “free speech”. You are free to say anything as long as it offends no one. Volkmann`s statements were indeed dumb. However, to suggest that there should be consequences to “opening his mouth” is dangerous. To get suspended from your job for saying the president needs to get his head out of his ass is ridiculous, regardless of who is in office.

      4. Jonny Ninja says:

        Ray, you are obviously a Stalinist moron.. You just redefined freedom of speech on a whim, and we’re all just supposed to accept that? Go F yourself, toolbag.

      5. Doug S. says:

        Ray, you are 180 degrees out on your take of the First Amendment. The First Amendment is all about being critical of politicians and government officials. And if he feels the need to couch his statements in such a manor to make his point, he has that freedom. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it wrong. Tacky, maybe, but still protected speech.

        1. Jonny Ninja says:

          “The First Amendment is all about being critical of politicians and government officials.”

          No kidding.. It sure as hell doesn’t exist just so I can call fat girls “fat”…

          This moron is the poster child for why our education system is completely broken into a million pieces. Doesn’t even know what our rights are, or what the intent of having those rights is. Idiot.

      6. john says:

        Actually Ray that’s exactly what free speech is. Its our inherent right to speak our mind whether or not you find it intelligent or not. I agree with his views however he probably could have picked a better way to say it. Regardless though, its a typical liberal issue of calling the kettle black.

      7. boomer says:

        “Actually, there is exactly the freedom to insult government officials. John Adams and his followers imposed the Sedition laws in the late 1790’s to punish critics; in the end, freedom of speech was upheld.

      8. jawal says:

        What do you call the excement that comes from the mouth of Bill Maher?

      9. BILLY says:

        “There is no freedom to insult anyone including government officials at any level.”

        Well said, Comrade..

      10. notalib says:

        Ray, liberals open their mouth and insult and resort to name calling all the time. Most liberals don’t have anything intelligent to say. They are a daily reminder that you can be really stupid and still have something to say.

    4. Michael says:

      LMAO! Another Moron!!!

    5. 1776 says:

      He’s walk thru you like a soggy piece of TP!

    6. bob says:

      Wrestlers are disciplined and intelligent. Really?

    7. Jim in Houston says:

      Embarrassment for speaking the truth?

    8. Mishka says:

      Sean ….your kidding right? You must be confusing WOW W/ the UFC. Come on man….AND…what about the prez? You cool W/ him or you just like shootin the messenger? Wake up dude!

    9. Vinnie says:

      “This Guy” was an NCAA Div. 1 National Wrestling Champion awhile back.

    10. john says:

      I bet you won’t tell him that to his face. LOL

    11. matthew says:

      i think he’s a very wise man, you on the other hand are a tool, ignorant also

    12. Mike Hughes says:

      Sean, please give Volkmann a call to schedule your glassectomy! While they’re in there, they can look for your sense of humor–maybe even find a sign of life.

    13. Jack Long says:

      Sean Kelly perhaps you should learn how to read. And by the way an MMA fighter would destroy an “amateur westler, what a tool you are.

    14. jonny says:

      spoken like a true freshman…..

    15. Fred Emerson says:

      At least he can spell. Idiot..And you might look into the fighters back grounds alittle you tool. Most are college grads. Very few have ever been in trouble for fighting outside the ring.

    16. Desert Eagle says:

      More of an embarrassment to teachers and/or his schooling. Incorrect usage of the suffix -ectomy. I think we get what he’s “trying” to say but what he is saying is: Obama needs glass removed. Maybe he thinks a hemorrhoidectomy is when the Dr. puts in a hemorrhoid.

    17. alice Polarbear says:

      His unflattering comments make him a “tool?” Sorry Sean, Obamabots like you,kool-aide drinkers like you, are the real tools.

    18. penzance101 says:

      How ironic! Obama is a total embarassment to the presidency AND an amateur all the same. Real presidents respect the voter and our Constitutional rights- this potus does neither!!

    19. Jonny Ninja says:

      Well, Obama “isn’t really a president”, just an A hole lawyer/community organizer getting star treatment for doing NOTHING but destroying my nation to the best of his ability. I’ll tell you this, this MMA fighter is more qualified to make his comment about Obama than Obama is to hold his current office.

      You wanna see a toolbag, you should look in the mirror.

      1. Shirley says:

        Weel Jonny , I like the way you think !!!

    20. Tyronne says:

      Obama is the tool …and a total embarrassment to black men and women everywhere.

    21. RHO says:

      But I bet you had no problem with teachers who propagandized kids, having them march in circles chanting Obama’s name. Obama is the disgrace and embarrassment. I’d like to see this guy box those massive ears of Obama.

    22. David jones says:

      He is spot on! Obama is the only moron in this article. He is ruining this country!

    23. Shirley says:

      Dear Mr. President; I heard you say you will not guarantee SS checks if the debt ceiling isn’t raised… Why is it the scare always has to do with SS, Medicare, & our Soldiers Pay ??? Why not stop your pay, your staff, or Congress ??? Lets hold the paychecks of all house & senate members and see how fast they resolve this mess… If you agree repost this & keep it going across the whole USA !!!.

      1. john martin says:

        volkmann is totally correct!!!

  2. LoisAnne says:

    I guess they don’t have freedom of speech in White Bear Lake~!!!

    1. What Next? says:

      I guess a double-standard exists!

    2. Bryan S. says:

      Reminder: “Freedom of speech” protects you from the govt. – it doesn’t protect you from all consequences of any speech.

      1. Doug S. says:

        But aren’t public schools part of the government?

        Sure, right up to and until you step out of the Party Line.

        Are not institutions of learning the last bastion of free will and free speech?

        Yeah! Right! Anyone that believes that also needs a window installed in their colon.

  3. Chris Jackson says:

    How many people commenting here are hypocrites and would have supported someone bashing Bush a few years ago?

      1. What Next? says:

        It’s o.k., if a democrat says something like this, but a republican….no freakin’ way! Remember Craig Kilburn’s “Sniper’s Wanted”?!?!!

    1. KickEmToTheCurb says:

      Where were you during the Bush years? Libs were proud of publicly declaring how much they hated Bush. It was common for libs to call for the president to be killed. There were “Kill Bush” t-shirts. I know because I bought one so that libs can never deny their existence. There were video games made about killing Bush. A book was published about how to assassinate the president. Even a Nobel peace prize winner called for killing Bush. How typically liberal are you for saying that the terrorist who is infecting the WH is taking more abuse than Bush. Many Americans have learned to keep their thoughts to themselves with the community organizers demonstrated use of his Jack Boots in attempts to silence anyone who dares disagree with him or his anti-American policies. The affirmative action president came into office saying that he intended to fundamentally change this country. He has pushed his intentional devastation further than most would be possible. Now this idiot and his comrades believe that the people are stupid enough to fall for his propaganda and lies to keep him around for another for years of destruction. How typically liberal of them.

      1. LLinLa says:

        Kickem, you might as well be talking to a brick wall; it has a higher IQ! I appreciate you preaching to the choir, don’t get me wrong, but if you expect Libs to read this and say “Hey! Maybe he’s right!” you have a better chance of Joe Biden saying something intelligent for a change. They are who they are!

    2. oklahomabound says:

      Jumping on a critic of someone you support is not the issue, suggesting that people who make such critical comments should be jailed or lose their jobs is the issue, especially when their criticism is aimed at a Marxist domestic enemy like Obama. We all know the left hates America and the Constitution which they see as a roadblock to their socialist utopia, but the fact is we have free speech no matter how much the left tries to use political correctness, laws and judges to shut down speech THEY don’t like. Too bad for you because we will fight to the death to keep our rights…..and our money that you leftist continue to steal and redistribute to yourselves for votes.

    3. Kermudjin says:

      How many people are hypocrites, criticizing these comments but going mute when something similar was said about Bush? Works both ways.

    4. JS says:

      Where have you been the last ten years? What an ignorant fool.

  4. Guy says:

    Was he on “company” (ie school) time or personal time?
    If it was on his own time; then they don’t even have the right to suspend him.

    Its called “Freedom of speech” … NOTHING says that it is
    “Freedom of ONLY INTELLIGENT speech” ….

  5. Timothy Fosseen says:

    Whatever happened to the 1st Ammendment? There is a thing called Freedom Of Speech. I would think he could sue the school district on this one. For one thing, he was being interviewed after a UFC fight. He wasn’t on duty as a wrestling coach at the time. But either way….1st Ammendment still applies.

    1. Obama will bail out White Bear Lake Schools when they're bankrupt? says:

      He’s about to be VERY rich at taxpayers expense! Maybe Obama can bail out White Bear Lake after they go bankrupt?

      “Following a fight last Friday, the 31-year old White Bear Lake man was being interviewed by Joe Rogan. Volkmann told Rogan that President Obama should call him to schedule a “glass-ectomy.” Rogan then asked what a “glass-ectomy” is.”

      Hmmm. Don’t people speak during interviews? Speech. Is that protected? Do people get to waive their civil rights for an employment contract? Nope.

      1. The Truth says:

        Is the Federal Government telling him he doesn’t have the write to speak? Because that’s what Freedom of Speech is, Einstein. The Federal Government can not limit a person’s speech, but school districts? Sure they can.

        1. redneck purist says:

          Then why don’t they? Bush and Reagan were bashed routinely by teachers and even wished violence upon them. Why was that speech OK?

          1. The Truth says:

            Show me an example of teachers wising violence on Bush and Reagan? i will wait patiently for whatever intellectual BS you follow up with.

            1. Surly Curmudgen says:

              There is an association of education professors. For many years Bill Ayers was the president or head of that group. Look up their charter/mission statement and then come back and try to tell me that the public schools do not push a political agenda.

            2. redneck purist says:

              There are no examples, thou fool. Complaints about liberals don’t get reported, or if they do, get the spike. Education is so deep in the tank for liberals that we conservative regard it as the norm. I’ve heard the stories though, too numerous to count. To think that any would, or even could make the news like this guy did, is supreme liberal naivete.

            3. Greg Phillips says:

              Just check out the signs/posters on this web site (http://www.binscorner.com/pages/d/death-threats-against-bush-at-protests-i.html). Then, if you are intellectually honest, I will anticipate your apology.

  6. Fire the Jerks in the WhiteHouse First! says:

    Why? Because a teacher says the current President is a loser? The problem is that Obama is.

    Maybe we should fire Biden for swearing?

    “Biden is telling President Obama at the bill signing for health care reform legislation this morning that passage of the bill is a “big f***ing deal.””

  7. Obama has mush for brains? says:

    Maybe, but it’s funny.

    You have to admit that Obama and Biden are a pair of funny people way over their heads. It’s funny to watch how incompetent they are.

    Hey, let’s spend a trillion dollars to create shovel ready jobs. Ok, they weren’t that shovel ready after all. Hey, let’s attack Boeing for creating jobs in North Carolina! Hey, let’s put the boot to BP’s neck! Hey, let’s stop that evil oil pipeline from Canada because we’d rather buy oil from Iran!


    1. david says:

      Just take BHO’s teleprompter away and then ask him a question. Without prepared answers he is clueless.

  8. John Adams says:

    The liberals like Pelosi and Maxine Waters say far worse things about conservatives.

    Mean, nasty, bile-filled hatred spews from their stupid pie holes.

    1. Iron Mike says:

      Which is nothing compared to the cheap shots made at the President, his race, his birth certificate, his race, his wife, his college background, his bowling suckage (yeah he does suck at that), and just about everythig he does.

      I find it interesting that the number of hate groups and white supremacist groups have quadrupled since 2008…and these are not formed by “liberals” so do some reading and catch up, providing you haven’t burned all your books

      1. John Freiheit says:

        Hey can I see a link to info that hate groups have quadrupled since 2008 ? And FYI they are formed but both parties as well as people that idenitfy with niether. So the insinuation you are making is not correct.

        Please post something to back up such a bold statement.

  9. Maxx says:

    I respect the office, but not the man that’s currently in it.

  10. See BS says:

    Public Schools are State Sponsored religious institutions, and they are just forcing someone to respect their establishment or religion.

    The Public School is punishing him for “Blasphemy”

    Only David Letterman, Leno and SNL are allowed to make political jokes.

  11. See BS says:

    Isn’t it Fascism when your employer tells you what you can and cannot say on your own time?

    Public Schools are state sponsored religious institutions and he’s in “Hot Water” for Blasphemy.

  12. The Truth says:

    Once again, the anti-Obama contingent are proving what morons they are. The “Freedom of Speech” that you are spouting off about does not prevent school districts from disciplining you. it only prevents the FEDERAL government from limiting speech. School districts can do whatever they want.

    1. See BS says:

      No — the State of Minnesota Constitution says the State may not impose a mode of worship on citizens of the United States.

      Public schools must follow the State constitution and they may not deprive citizens of life and liberty.

      1. The Truth says:

        Worship? We’re talking about speech, moron. Are you another proud student of homeschooling?

        1. See BS says:

          Public Schools are forcing people to worship liberalism, and this UFC fighter is being punished for not respecting the school district’s religious beliefs.

        2. See BS says:

          You are aware socialists and Liberals believe in “Heaven on Earth”? Don’t you?

          Something that has never existed in the history of the planet.

          Namby Pamby land

    2. Jonathan Scott Fisher says:

      And what are they punishing him for? How does his political view have any bearing on how good of a coach he is? The two are totally unrelated issues.

    3. Vercingetorix says:

      Under the incorporation doctrine based upon the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, the right to freedom of speech was incorporated by the Supreme Court of the United States against the various states in 1947 (Gitlow v. New York).

      Leftists like you only seem to love federalism when your argument requires it.

    4. matthew says:

      please don’t reproduce, or vote for that matter

  13. What Next? says:

    Why to Ft. Leavenworth Federal Prison?

    1. Pilgrimswalk says:

      Why? Becausae in the Obama-nation free speech is a federal crime. No one is allowed to disagree with the king!

    2. John_B says:

      Because the re-education camps haven’t been finished just yet

  14. travis says:

    Does the school board have the freedom of speech to fire someone who is promoting political views? Public schools have to remain 100% impartial on everything.

    I’m also a little confused about something. A few years back, after Obama was elected, he gave a speech to school children about the importance of staying in school. The right wing freaked out. Now today, here’s a guy who is making very public inflammatory political statements by night… and then coaching children at a public school by day. How is this much different? Don’t tread on me, I’m too busy treading on everyone else.

  15. Mr.J says:

    He said glass-ectomy, ectomy means to remove, and by true definition, it would mean to remove the glass, not put it in. It should have been said like this: navel-ectomy, then put in some glass. Also, how is the butt near the navel? Shouldn’t the glass go up the rectum, you would have to cut really deep to get to the intestine, in order to….(sigh) never mind, this what you get when meat heads try to be clever……..

    1. Gayle says:

      When you head is as far up as Obama’s it might be appropriate to cut higher up than the navel.

  16. marketing says:

    great marketing!! We might not like it, but it is working, good or bad!! Great Job!

  17. Mark says:

    What happend to Freedome Of Speach and to be able to Express yourself. He did not talk negative about his Job so why would the schoold district be upset its actually none of there business. The only person that needs to be fired is Obama and the guy that placed him on Admin Leave for violating his civil rights. He said nothing wron or did nothing wrong to be placed on Admin Leavi if i were him I would sue the school district.

  18. bubba136 says:

    Last time I checked We had freedom of speech, yeah right,Its only a free country as long as you do what your told. Probably not the best idea to do it on world wide TV.

  19. Ralph says:

    Considering at the start of the Iraq war you were called a traitor for saying anything against it, there are plenty of posters thus far need the glass-ectomy.

    1. Squirrel says:

      I was one of those. But nobody tried to fire me or put me on “administrative leave” for it. It’s called free speech. But if you criticize King Obama, you must be punished.

      Double-standard, hypocrisy, call it what you will.

  20. redneck purist says:

    I’d love to give you a break. So an employee of a school can not even joke about that dunce in the white house who’s ruining the country? Teachers have been brainwashing students with anti-Bush and Reagan rants, insults and talk of wishing physical harm on them for years. If they had fired all those teachers then, there’d be no one left to teach. Grow a thicker skin you pansy.

  21. Jay says:

    So do I! His comments werent any worse than others making reference to someone “not being the brightest light in the warehouse,” or ” a french fry short of being a happy meal”. He just said what a lot of people think of Obama’s handling of our country to people with no humor.

  22. anti bachmann says:

    obama would probably kick his a*s anyways

    1. Tim says:

      If the guy was tied up, gagged, hooded, and drugged then Obama would have a 50/50 chance of taking him.

      LOL – My 5 year old daughter could kick Odummy’s a*s

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        She would kick Erkle’s behind easily.

  23. Crazy says:

    What kind of example is this person setting for our children in that school and else where?


  24. john says:

    So many ignorant people. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want when you want, but it does not mean you have freedom from any reactions or repercussions to your speech. I have an employer and cannot get on any website or blog or whatever and make statements that they feel are detrimental to their organization. I am employed by elected officials, what I can just say they are idiots and I want to dismember parts of their bodies in violent ways and oh jeez I am just joking. So this guy doesn’t think the prez is “ever going to pay attention.” Pay attention to who? Some low IQ assistant wrestling coach that does not have the judgement to express his opinions, make statements, and try to change things they way he thinks they should be in a reasonable and civil way? That sure is some insight, cut up the sitting president and shove some glass in him and his head is up his ass. Yup, you convinced me, I see your point I know want to be in your camp. The only people more ignorant than this guy are the people reacting in support of him and being even less eloquent than he is. Joe the plumber is not dangerous because of his opinions and how he wants to live, he is dangerous because he is stupid and thinks everyone should live and believe the way he does.

    1. John_B says:

      I suppose you think the OWS crowd is acting in a reasonable manner to change things? And what do you really know about Joe the Plumber?

  25. RIII says:

    We have become a nation of sheep led by a fascist government. We have become complacent and lazy while our Constitutional Republic is hijacked by politicians that have their best interest in mind. Now go back to your wide screen sporting events and leave the thinking to your masters.

  26. What Next? says:

    During the last election campaign, a social studies teacher at my daughter’s school had posters and other materials on her door and classroom walls. EVERY ONE of them was for a democratic candidate, not one republican. When approached about the “presenting both sides” the administration did nothing. Please explain.

    1. The Truth says:

      As soon as Republican demonstrate that they actually care about public education, then perhaps they will find posters displayed too.

      1. Surly Curmudgen says:

        So you have read Bill Ayers directives on how to denigrat the Republicans.

      2. What Next? says:

        No the point you mental, tunnel-visioned midget. In your pos world, as long as it’s liberal, is o.k. You have probably never listened to another side of a story in your whole life. The “truth”…(insert laugh here). Your truth is only in your own empty skull

      3. Kramer says:

        Oh, and dems do care because they keep pumping money into something broke and that makes them better then the republicans. You are an idiot. The dems are in bed with the union and do want to fix our education problem. All they care about is the votes they secure from the union members. I think Wisconsin proved that point. Let me guess, you disagree. Moron, thy name is The Truth.

      4. Jim in Houston says:

        DimocRats wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them where this guy said O’Blamer’s head is.

      5. John_B says:

        Make up your mind, is No Child Left Behind a Bush failure (run by Democrats) or not. You can always blame it on the Democrats remember, it was primarily written by Ted Kennedy

  27. frozenrunner says:

    A lot of people on this board cannot figure out a simple fact. What Volkman says is not disagreeing with any policy or principle of Obama, it is purely stupid disrepect In a school where you are trying to teach kids among other things is respect for one another, those kinds of attitudes are not acceptable. Of course the comments on the wcco website are proof of the futility of trying to teach people they can disagree respectfully.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Respect has to be earned and O’Blamer certainly hasn’t earned any respect.

  28. Ace says:

    I’ll have to admit that his comment was funny but inappropriate

  29. mel says:

    This guy’s stated main goal is to make a neame for himself, and that is exactly what he’s doing and why he’s saying such inflammatory things. The more time the media spends on this guy, the more inflated he will become. Elementary drival is all that is coming out of his mouth, and that should just be the end of it.

  30. Average_JoeMN says:

    Typical liberal – freedom of speech for you but not for others. Give ME a break, liberal totalitarian.

  31. Average_JoeMN says:

    Intolerant totalitarian intimidation. Don’t say anything against The One or you’ll lose your job. These anti-American commies make me sick.

    1. The Truth says:

      Canada’s just a couple hundred miles to the north. We can send you your stuff.

  32. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Take a good look at those who control our two political parties. You will find that most hide behind two facades, The first facade has some proclaiming they are Republican others Democrat. Peal away the first facade to find a second facade where all of them claim to be progressives. Behind that second facade you find their core political philosophy, communist/socialist.

    Our two party system is really one party where they work hand in hand to destroy this nation as a bastion of freedom with torch held high where it can be seen world wide by those who yearn for those same freedoms.

    The world wide communist/socialist utopia can not be attained as long as we exist.

  33. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Hey Dan who is your employer. What if they don’t like what you just said and fired you. I have read of business owners who with the down turn had to let some workers go. They perused the parking lot for Obama bumper stickers and those are the ones who got pink slips.

    1. Paul Revere says:

      That’s exactly who I’d start with.

    2. Boss says:

      I did that here, all 3 of them are now long gone and the place is much happier and productive.

    3. Jim in Houston says:

      Sounds to me like the way to make a logical choice as to who to let go. If the had an O’Blamer sticker on their car they lacked good judgement to begin with.

  34. Brett says:

    If I were him, I’d sue the school district. The ‘district’ doesn’t own him 24/7. On his OWN time, outside of the district, he should be able to express himself as he sees fit, within reason. If he has committed a crime, then arrest and charge him. If he hasn’t, leave him alone.

  35. Julie says:

    Our current president is our worst. He has taken not millions, not hundreds of millions, but billions of dollars and gave to his fund raisers. At least eight company coverups underway concerning his stimulas spending. Why isn’t he out front on these investigations? He brings a new meaning to “CRONY CAPITALIST.” The main stream media falls to report. He has been given a pass by CBS. Obama is pulling off the greatest fraud in U.S. history. Follow the money people. He refuses to answer investigations at all levels. In three years he had turned a govt union member into something corrupt in the eyes of others. He wanted this. He will use this angry and divide to get re-elected. It’s not the people. It’s his white house visitors. Soon, 2014, his closed door Obama Care will go into play. This will double our debt. His gun running crimes are being covered up by him. He just signed a bill that will allow our military to take a U.S. citizen into custody without due process. No headlines! Nothing! We ask for truth. We ask for a leader. We ask for liberty. We ask for the media to report.
    Mr Volkmann said out loud that the silent majority believe.

    1. Surly Curmudgen says:

      You need no further proof that both parties are controlled by those who call themselves progressives. The Republicans who would have cleaned things up where all destroyed by both parties and the media. Romney is the anointed one because he is plan “B” for those who call themselves progressives. For the continuation of their agenda it makes no difference whether Obama or Romney wins.

      1. Frankie says:

        Please name one piece of legislation initiated by Santourum, Bachmann, Newt or Paul that would have cleaned things up. What has Perry initiated in Texas that would show any proof of your claim? More BS coming out

        1. Surly Curmudgen says:

          Numerous bills came out of the house only to be blocked by Harry Red in the senate

    2. Frankie says:

      Any stupid idea on how many billions Chaney’s cronies made off Iraq and Afganistan wars? Think if you can the truth behind the reason’s for going into Iraq and how many of them were true. No bid contracts to Cheney’s Haliburton among others. Destroy a country and pay to rebuild it. All the profits go to the defense contractors. All ties back to the VP. Iraq needs contracts with oil companies. Gosh, I’ll bet Bush knew a few. Where was Julie posting about this? She wasn’t. She can only post fabrications.

      1. Anna says:

        Somewhat off topic here. Nerve must had been struck. Cheney had ties to Haliburton prior to becoming V.P. Our military lacked support to go to war in Iraq. A govt oversight spending board, controlled by Democrats, recommanded Haliburton, stating it was the only company that could carry out such a huge task. George W. Bush held a press conference covering this topic. Frankie, I enjoyed reading your view points on Fast and Furious, closed door Obama Care, and Solyndra.

        1. Frankie says:

          Try it again, you almost got my point. Why start a war with Iraq other than you really do not like Saddam. It gets Haliburton work It gets US oil companies work There were no WMD, there was no link to terrorism except against the Kurds. War for profit. As Clinton saved money and created the surplus by cutting the military, It gave Bush/Cheney the chance to bring in a contractor. Democrats and Republicans both knew the only company that had the size was Halliburton.

          1. Surly Curmudgen says:

            Clinton did not create the surplus, the Republican controlled house created the surplus.

          2. John_B says:

            Frankie, you forgot to mention the 14 UN resolutions that kept inching the US closer to war in Iraq. The entire world was pushing us there, not just Bush and Cheney. Winning in Iraq gave us a presence in the region that made our world safer. Unfortunately, the people there believe any “infidel” presence is an occupation, no matter what our intentions. Obama just undid everything we accomplished there (cant let Hillary off the hook here either)

    3. Jim in Houston says:

      You Madam are spot on!

  36. Katie Austin-Schmidt says:

    This is a good friend of mine. He votes, he brought state titles to both his high school and his college, he is hard working, has strong morals, and believes in this country and all it stands for yet has the balls to call out injustices. He is an admirable person. I have known him for 16 years and even as a teenager he was willing to stand up for his beliefs even if it was not popular or acceptable. Don’t hate the messenger for delivering the truth!! If any of you clowns were able to call him a friend you would smile in the humor and truth of his messages, as well as the name he has made of himself. From a small town (graduating class of 31) and became a respected wrestler, boxer, UFC fighter, chiropractor, father, husband and friend. Go Jake!!! Best to you buddy:)

    1. Frankie says:

      Calling out an injustice is far different than saying you want to beat on someone like he did earlier. Calling out an injustice is not saying someone’s head is up their butt. There is a big difference, too bad you can’t see it through your political blinders.

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        Frankie I fear your head is up there too.

  37. Kevin says:

    Get real! If the Feds showed up at my house everytime I threatend to bit*h slap Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, oh and Pelosi and Reed….they would have to build a small shed in my front yard and montior me 24X7….

  38. Doc d20 says:

    Thin-skinned media and Obama voters whining on behalf of their thin-skinned messiah.

  39. John Barnett says:

    The guys got more testi cles than the Republican Leadership.

  40. Getoutnow says:

    It is ok to right songs about the dear leader Obama….just not make fun of him

  41. steve says:

    bet if this guy made a similar comment about Romney, Gingrich, Palin, etc they would not have touched him

  42. Darel says:

    Only liberals have free speech. His comments pale in comparison to comments made during any budget battle that cuts school funding. This school district is a sham!

  43. Blogsey Siegel says:

    To all the people who are wondering about the Bush double standard.

    The difference is: if this guy said this about Bush he would not have been placed on paid admin leave. He would have been given a medal by the school district.

    Teachers, as a whole are the most liberal group out there. I should know this.

  44. Krmaer says:

    Gee, good idea Dan. I wonder if you said that for every moron hollywood star that made similar comments towards Bush. I bet no.

  45. Deskboy says:

    But call a Republican a racist and blaming it on Bush is ok.

  46. Paul Revere says:

    If he is certified to perform such a procedure, then I dont see what the issue is with him offering a service.

    1. John_B says:

      the only problem is an “ectomy” normally is the removal of something. We just need to clarify the procedure here and all will be forgiven

  47. Robby Cunningham says:

    Liberal fascism at work again. The school district has no right to do anything about something an employee says off the job.

    1. Diego Roswell says:

      In a normal American world you would be correct, but the teachers unions are beholden to Dear Leader for their jobs and benefits, therefore, they no longer are allowed the rights of US citizens.

  48. Larry says:

    If every college professor I had were held to the same standards as this wrestling coach, there would’ve been about three profs put on admin. leave every semester -but they weren’t conservatives so they were okay.

  49. Jenny says:

    What would you expect from a Nazi Union Liberal run School system.

  50. teaj says:

    mush for brains and yet he still didn’t vote for barack obama. I guess those that voted for him can’t afford to take any shots to the head.

  51. john says:

    I agree with this fighter 100%. I’d even go so far as to say, it is time for the Obama to be tossed into a federal prison. The man needs to be charged with treason for intentionally destroying our economy and for taking kickbacks from democratic donors because they received loan guarantees…remember the solor panel company?
    If a corporate CEO took a kickback for giving a vendor a contract, he would be fired on the spot.
    Why is our clown-in-chief exempt from this standard?
    Just saying.

  52. JungleCogs says:

    It’s too bad when a guy tells the truth, is right, and still gets punished. No wonder our public schools are going to hell in a hand-basket; the Left is silencing all the good teachers.

  53. Michael says:

    ITs not a crime to say that the president is a moron, you moron!!!! This country has what you call free speech, you dont like it? Take the moron along with you and leave the country.

    1. Say says:

      Exactly, A little crude for sure but joke is a joke. From the article it just seem more to get some news based around him.
      Again we complain about the little stuff, but when major stuff, there is no worries at all.


  54. Rascal69 says:

    Liberal idiots are funny. They see no problem in slamming George Bush or any other Republican, in fact, they encourage it…but…HANDS OFF MY OBAMA!!! I hope you people can find something constructive to do with all your time after November 6th.

  55. KickEmToTheCurb says:

    We can only hope. Imagine who the anti-American would vote for. Typical libs like himself who share an agenda that amounts to intentional destruction of the country.

  56. 1776 says:

    You should be quite happy that “King” BHO is quickly setting up his dictatorship and “enforcing” police state.

  57. KevinVA says:

    I’ll respect him, when he respects the position he was elected to, respects the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold, and starts respecting the people who either did or didn’t put him there.

    He’s a disgrace to this nation and an enemy of liberty.

  58. Eric Manner says:

    Wow, you’re a true nazi

  59. Michael says:

    You can bet if he said this about Bush they’d be giving him a raise.

  60. JonInVa says:

    Regardless of how you feel about Obama or the comments this guy made, any America worth his salt should be more concerned when the establishment attempts to shut you up by punishing you for your speech. Anyone applauding the school districts unjust actions should simply remember that when you subscribe to that type of approach, it is only a matter of time before the establishment is against something YOU hold dear, and you find yourself on the receiving end of the State’s power to curtail your freedom. Short of inciting violence or threats, one should never applaud suppression of speech, no matter how distasteful, if you value your own liberty at all. On the other hand, if you just want to be a serf and an unimportant number to the enlightened intelligensia who want to run the world at all times, then keep on applauding until it’s too late to change your mind. It will have already been swept away and institutionalized.

  61. Kirk says:

    A liberal is one who equates criticism (that’s “free speech” Danny boy) to incarcerating one’s critics (you know, violating constitutional rights). Dan, you are a statist dunce and no I am not joking.

  62. Don says:

    The NEA has supported “COMMUNIST MOVEMENTS ” thru-out the world for years! (But they have freedom of speech!! )Those in power now are those that were calling for a “communist victory” in Naim! Why should they believe in “freedom of speech”? For those that “oppose them”? It would be “stupid”?(

  63. SteveThomas says:

    Agreed. I have a new favorite fighter!

  64. A fed up White Man says:

    Wow. Put on admin leave for bad mouthing the leader? Welcome to white Zimbabwe. Never EVER criticize the leader.

    Minnesota has done it’s level best to make a joke out of itself when it sent Jesse Ventura to the state house and Al Franken to the Senate.

    They’ve outdone themselves this time.

  65. FusterCluck says:

    Dang right Dan, let’s forget all about that whole stupid “free speech” thing granted us in the First Amendment. How dare someone speak out against the president, what a fool he was!!

    Sounds like Obama isn’t the only one who needs a glass-ectomy here…

    I’d like to know how it is that the school district is getting away with punishing this guy?

  66. Hypo says:

    Easy fix: Say you meant Bush instead of Obama and you’ll not only be off the hook, you’ll get lots of laughs and probably a raise and guest spot on most late-night talk shows.

  67. Diego Roswell says:

    No free speech for you! You can not speak ill of our Dear Leader! To the Gulags! Your future has been written in the past of every totalitarian regime. Read some history. NOBAMA2012.

  68. B Da Truth says:

    I like this guy already, call me a fan, I hope he fights here in Florida.

  69. STeveThomas says:

    President Zero has no respect for the office (or Constitution for that matter). The only respect he merits is the sort of respect you afford a rattlesnake.

  70. corninmypooh says:

    Now if he had said that he should stick glass beads on a string up his rectum, the school would have promoted him and made him to be the high school biology teacher so he could teach the technique to the kids as part of “open minded” class on human sexuality.

  71. Baggin on Dems says:

    Nice attempt at humor. But a glass-ectomy by definition would be to remove glass.

  72. The New Centurion says:

    Really Dan? For what exactly? Is that your idea of liberty and freedom . . . a president who can send you to prison for exercising your first amendment rights? I wonder if you felt likewise when Bush, while president, was taking dozens of shots a week from Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, and every other liberal knucklehead.

  73. Fu Manchu says:

    The suffix “ectomy’ means “removal”.

    What a meat head.

  74. CB says:

    Oh bleieve me he would if he could, thankfully there are still a few Americans with a spine that won’t allow us to live in Nazi Germany.

  75. Utapao Long Ago says:

    So does the White Bear School District think they are on a par with Harvard University? If Harvard doesn’t like your personal beliefs – your Fired! Remember the President of Harvard who made a politically incorrect statement and the Harvard Professor who made incompatible statements in India? Both gone. Freedom of Speech???

  76. JustAGuy says:

    Dan appears to be in favor of the though police.

    Americans are to be thrown into federal prision for expressing a negative opinion of the Democrat’s messiah.

    Oops, I had better get my affairs in order.

  77. Middle Way says:

    I agree Dan, we should put anyone who doesn’t support Pres Obama in prison.

  78. Manrice says:

    Hey Herr Goebbels, you are all about that free speech thing, huh? I’m not sure what Obama needs, but you need a lobotomy.

  79. Tim says:

    Like it or not, he spoke his opinion

  80. What First Amendment? says:

    Fear and worship thy Obamessiah or suffer the wrath of his minions.

  81. attentionHoe says:

    At least this clown knows saying outrageous stuff will get him that desperate ATTENTION he so crave , because lets face it who would know of anything that calls itself Volkmann,, Im actually in the mood for a DRINK as i type his name.

  82. attentionH0E says:

    At least this clown knows saying outrageous stuff will get him that desperate ATTENTION he so crave , because lets face it who would know of anything that calls itself Volkmann,, Im actually in the mood for a DRINK as i type his name..

  83. Christina Burk says:

    Why is he in trouble for telling the truth?In the dictionary next to FAILURE should be Obama’s photo.

  84. Michael says:

    It is so very, very hard to “respect” the office when the Clown In Chief gives no reason to do so.

  85. galtj says:

    Jacob Volkmann…….American Hero

  86. SFV Dude says:

    I’ll respect him when he resigns

  87. Vlad the Impaler says:

    New favorite fighter!!!!!

  88. Justin Case says:

    Its too bad the slimy lefty’s always want to punish and censure the TRUTH! The stinking petulance of barry soetoro needs to be removed in NOV or SOONER!!!!

  89. Don says:

    Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn’t getting his way on raising
    the debt ceiling?

    He threatened to not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social
    Security disability and Federal Retirees.

    Now.. Let this sink in really good –

    He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens

    He did not threatened to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away
    from violent inmates

    He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees
    that he hired

    He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife’s frivolous gallivanting around

    He did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or any of their

    He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

    He did not threaten the food stamp programs

    He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid

    He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters

    The list could go on and on. He is in full political re-election mode!

    Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his
    selfishness and his lies?

    His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped and only our
    votes can stop him.

    Do not forget about his tactics when it’s election time. Vote Obama out of the
    Presidency in 2012.

    2012 – THE END OF AN ERROR!

    Democracy… is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

    Liberty … is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. — Benjamin Franklin


  90. Tim says:

    What does his joke have to do with school? Sounds like his rights are being trampled on by some leftist at the school.

  91. BillShee says:

    The Libs have a humorectomy.

    1. Jack says:

      Bilshee has headuptheassitis.

      1. bob says:

        Awe, poor Jakcy got butt hurt.

  92. Tom says:

    He should have said Sarah Palin instead of Obama, then he’d probably be featured on Jon Stewart and become a media darling. Obama is protected, you can speak nothing ill against him. Palin on the other hand, can be lied about, smeared, insulted, spit upon, and ruined and noone in the media will care.

  93. noseitall says:

    When you work for the liberal education system, you are expected to support the liberal candidates and stifle free thought. Any straying from the teachers’ union viewpoint must be sternly reprimanded.

  94. noseitall says:

    I’m sure the Teachers Union will stand up for their member’s rights. After all, that’s what they are there for. LOL

  95. Hawkster says:

    Joke or not, what about free speech? ObamaNazism at work. Put him in jail, right! Mmmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama!

  96. Vince says:

    Oh, don’t you know. There is ZERO tolerance in the teacher’s union when it comes to making jokes about The One.

  97. 312capri says:

    For years I’ve given out my “Plastic Belly Award” so people with their heads up their rectum could see where they were going!

  98. aranhas says:

    How does his personal views on the President of the United States affect his job? If an employer is able to prevent an employee from speaking his mind on issues that have nothing to do with his job, we are in big trouble in this country.

  99. Rebecca says:

    Ron Paul is the choice of Joe Rogan and the UFC.

  100. Dan L says:

    Still rolling on the floor laughing at the glassectomy. Funny joke.

  101. john martin says:

    good idea!!!

  102. glenp says:

    he’s my favorite MMA fighter!!!!

  103. In search of the TRUTH says:

    To the person who calls themselvs “THE TRUTH”
    Just what is Obamas plan for this country? Do you know? if so can you reply and let the rest of the US know? and can you do it without name calling?

  104. Leonard says:

    Does the school district put teachers who comment on Abortion on administrative leave? Have all of the teachers who said anything about either Sarah Palin or Oprah Winfrey been put on paid administrative leave? It seems like this guy is in for a huge winfall if he sues the school district which is interfering with his right to free speech. Unless the school can proof that all public statements for or against an issue or person, like Rush Limbaugh, Jessie Jackson, and that murdering mother in FL, have been promptly put on administrative leave, then they’ll have to pay millions to this guy’s attorney. How foolish can these ideologs be with taxpayers money?

  105. JimCT says:

    I suggest everyone contact the School District and express how you feel about this guy getting suspended for exercising free speech. (email at bottom)

    Dr. Michael Lovett, Superintendent of Schools
    Office of the Superintendent
    District Center, Room 204
    4855 Bloom Avenue
    White Bear Lake, MN 55110
    (651) 407-7563 – office
    (651) 407-7566 – fax

  106. The Truth says:

    THe logical thing to do is barrage the White Bear Lake School District with emails and phone calls. They are not allowing freedom of speech. If the tables were turned and a teacher of coach criticized Bush the same way, they probably would have supported him.

  107. Arnold Ziffle says:

    Be careful, Soros’ pet monkey may get upset with you dude!

  108. Deq says:

    OBAMA / BIDEN 2012! Hillary 2016!

    1. Knightflyer says:

      Your an anti-American moron Deq.You have my pity.You are but a simple drone.Keep wishing.Your intellect is amazing.

  109. wasicu says:

    The office is only as respectable as the office holder. Sad but true.

  110. dave says:

    Their is no more free speech now that the NDAA defense bill has been passed that lets Obama jail anyone he thinks is a terrorist without trial of lawyer people better start watching what they are saying. The sickest part of this is it was voted on by the repubs as well as the dems. Bill of rights trashed watch what you say simple as that.

    1. Knightflyer says:

      Correct.The next step is(when they try to stiffle the WWW as well as free speech is dictated to us all in the US Constitution.Get a copy from Heritage.org.From simple disobeidence to an all out revolution.The time is at hand. This man must be defeated and if he is not,than hold on to your knickers,the schit is going to hit the fan.

  111. jasperddbgghost says:

    Seriously. He doesn’t have Obama’s Obama in his mouth so they take it as an insult.

    Now, if he was insulting the “former” president….this would be on Daily Show.

  112. Jasonn says:

    As long as he wasn’t on the clock and wasn’t speaking on behalf of the school system then whatever opinion he expresses has nothing to do with his job. It’s pretty obvious that the Liberal school administrators are Obama supporters and are out of line.

  113. Hypocracy says:

    WOW…Administrative leave for this ??? In Wisconsin, teachers can threaten to KILL the Governor, his wife and his kids and NOTHING happens to them.

  114. toottee says:

    It’s a free country and he can say whatever he wants. The community agitator is not any more special than past presidents and he certainly is not above the laws of this country, so suck it up!

  115. John Galt says:

    Volkmann for PREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. MacCane says:

    A call was made to the district! Oh No! Watch out, CBS is going to tell on you…………good grief.

  117. John K. says:

    In 8 years was anyone ever fired, sanctioned, or even received media attention for calling President Bush an idiot? Why are Democrats so sensitive?

  118. 5thcommjarhead says:

    Compare his comments to Bill Maher, Kathy Gifford, Rachel Mad-cow and the other liberal tyrants. In their genre, this could be considered a complement.

  119. Iron Mike says:

    I remember people saying during the Bush regime that speaking poorly against the president was a form of treason. Funny how times have changed, but this is coming from a state that allowed that waste of life Michelle B to escape her asylum and run amok us decent white follk. And yes, I am a republican

  120. mameshki says:

    Obama’s default position is Here’s my head, my arse is coming so is Christmas (old bomber command saying, aka, Charlie come lately). Obama does not need a glass belly button; his head is up and locked normally.

  121. Knightflyer says:

    Lighten up folks. It was kinda fiunny as comments go,but the sad thing is it is a true statement.But even if obongo got a glass window to look out of,he would still be destroying this nation one step at a time.Juust how long is it going to take some of you to realize that this president hates America,it’s ideals and it’s people. Could it be that we are busy attacking and destroying his muslim brothers? Or could it just be 20 years in that racist church he so proudly attended with the very intelligent Rev.Wright spewing forth his hate twords whites and the goverment as a whole?

  122. Knightflyer says:

    And by the way,the school district and it’s reps are cowards.Of course they are hand fed by obongo’s dept of de-education.

  123. Ramon says:

    A question for the whining, double-standard libs commenting on this piece.

    Can you tell me again what Maher said about Tebow’s religious conviction, and if youi can, please tell me how he was punished.

  124. Eric Johnson says:

    UFC guy has it about right.

  125. Joe Dutra says:

    The school board needs a glass-ectomy.

  126. Crabjuice says:

    Somebody please help me out.
    I’m having difficulty recalling a single occasion where a teacher or coach was suspended for insulting a Republican president.

  127. tired of whiners says:

    If this was said about Bush the Democrat Party Media would have run it first on the morning news shows and then scrambled to interview the wrestler.

    Do not joke about Obama. It is not allowed, and to those who are support free speech; could you please just leave the USA?

  128. Lincoln Stern says:

    The clinical name for Mr Obama’s affliction is C.R.I. or cerebral rectal inversion.

  129. Jonny Ninja says:

    What did he expect to happen? Our government, including our public school system, is run by Stalinists..This is what Stalinists do.. they do anything they can get away with to silence the opposition..

    Fact is, the guy is right.

  130. enemyoftheobamastate says:

    Jacob Volkmann is an American patriot! God bless him!

  131. Rufus Larkin says:

    That is FUNNY! Why he not comedian?

  132. www.homesec.us says:

    I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your website. It seems like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this happen before. Cheers

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