MAPLEWOOD (WCCO) — Catholic Schools across the metro are raising money to help Jack Jablonski’s family. It’s just a small part of the overwhelming support schools are showing for the hockey player who was recently paralyzed.

Jack went to Benilde-St. Margaret’s, but his presence was felt everywhere at Hill Murray High School in Maplewood Friday. Brandon Thompsona, a hockey player, put Jablonski’s name over a #13 jersey he had in his closet.

“He can’t play again. Everyone’s stepping up to make sure he feels like he’s a part of the community, a part of the team,” said Thompson.

Students wore Benilde-St. Margaret’s colors, wrote Jack cards and raised money. In fact, $17,000 was collected in home room classes in just a week.

Jack is also getting support from Hill Murray on the ice as well. Their assistant coach was also paralyzed while playing hockey.

“A puck was thrown into my corner and I went after it,” said Pat Schafhauser.

It’s a play Schafhauser said he sees in nearly every game he coaches. He tripped, lost his balance and ended up head first into the boards.

“That was the end of that part of my life,” said Schafhauser.

Schafhauser’s life didn’t end, however, and that’s what he thinks Jack will need to focus on — that and hockey.

“That discipline and that desire will help Jack,” said Schafhauser. “He’s still Jack Jablonski and he’s still in there and he needs to feel that from them.”

Academy of Holy Angels also raised around $3,000 just on Friday.

Cretin-Derham Hall will be collecting donations at its boys’ basketball game Friday night. Totino Grace will start its campaign Monday.


Update: Friday night, the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team announced it is helping raise money for the Jack Jablonski Fund at Saturday night’s U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Game.

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  1. Keep It Real says:

    I feel sympathy for this young man and his family. But the typical knee jerk reaction of the media and public is to exaggerate and over-do. It is very very sad. But hundreds in MN have similar injuries or mis-fortune on an annual basis. Where is the sense of fairness to help all of these families equally. A private school hockey player is no more deserving than a north Minneapolis family who’s child is paralyzed by an auto accident or random violence.I am not suggesting the people do not reach out to this family, I am suggesting that they reach out equally to all of the other families that experience unexpected trauma.

    1. St. Margaret's Academy Graduate says:

      I grew up in North Minneapolis, I understand your frustration. I am sorry you have this attitude, and don’t believe this is the place to bring it up. Do you believe in God, Prayer and Miracles, Community ? I also attended St. Margaret’s Academy. I am a single mom that raised my daughter solo ( her dad abandon her, prior to birth). I have a horrible disease, which has always put boulders on my path in life, physical things are a huge challenge to me. My daughter did attended Benilde- St. Margaret’s through grants, scholarships and a work program. She had been in public school and hated it. You see she was very small and the public school, kids didn’t pick her for sports games. This broke my heart. She is very athletic, smart and has a very kind heart. She asked to go to BSM and what she told me, is this is s COOL school, they want you to succeed, and ask questions, as opposed to the public. school. The sense of family and community is intense at BMS. Her sports coach said it made a huge difference in her life, She was happy and she was learning.Children don’t learn when they don’t have friends and aren’t happy. I don’t feel BSM needs to be defended, go visit the school, their enthusiasm is natural and contagious, you feel it in the hallways. This are happy kids, well behaved. I will pray for you that your life and bitterness turn around. Graduate of SMA and very grateful to them and the spirit of Christ and Community spread. I would invite anyone to investigate the school and feel that power of positive thinking and community.

  2. Jay says:

    Many years ago, my son was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down while visiting at home one weekend. At the time, he was employed by a well known beverage company in Eagan. The company, and his fellow employee’s donated money and goods which helped greatly in his rehabilitation. It isnt so much the money was needed,but sure did help at the time, it was the support of each and everyone of them that mattered. Its a great feeling to know so many care about you. Life didnt end, it just changed in the way he does things. Hopefully, this young man finds the same good life.

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