LAKE CITY, Minn. (AP) — Up to 2,000 law officers are expected at Saturday’s funeral for a Minnesota police officer killed in the line of duty.

Lake City Police Officer Shawn Schneider was shot in the head Dec. 19 while responding to a domestic dispute. Schneider died 11 days later at a Rochester hospital.

Schneider’s funeral is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at First Lutheran Church in Lake City. Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to attend. Dayton has ordered flags lowered to half-staff Saturday to honor Schneider.

A horse-drawn carriage will carry Schneider’s body from the church to Lakewood Cemetery. St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church will ring its bell 261 times during the procession — once for every Minnesota law officer who has died in the line of duty.

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  1. Really? says:

    So hear we go. Three stories of tragic death or injury. Police officer…expecting thousands from across the country at his funeral; Injured hockey player, having money raised by private schools; 3-year old in North Mpls killed by stray bullet and family insulted that the Crime Stopper reward is only $1,000. WHY WOULD THE MEDIA REPORT STORIES IN THIS MANNER? WHY IS THE GOOD SIDE OF THE STORY REPORT FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE? WHY IS THE BAD SIDE OF THE STORY PORTRAYED FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE? COULDN’T WCCO FIND AND REPORT STORIES OF SUPPORT FOR THIS POOR MOTHER IN NORTH MINNEAPOLIS?

    1. Kevin says:


      I have never read a more ignorant…..moronic……statement in all my life. You fail to state the race of the Police Officer, High School Student, or the baby killed. But then you make the point that the media is reporting in a racist manner. Was your mother “very” close to three of her brothers? First all three of these are tragic events. No matter what the race, they are each tragic! The child being shot in killed in Mpls is tragic. And the people of N Mpls want to increase the reward in hopes that someone will step forward. I see no bad or good side, or any black or whte side in these stories. All I see is a moron spewing bs racist statements. Do you see “good” in a Police Officer being murdered? Do you see good in a High School steudent never walking again? Do you see good in a 3 year old baby being shot and killed accidently? I am glad that thousands are going to the cop funeral, I am going myself. I am pround that people are collecting money for the High School studnet, I sent them money. I am glad that the N Mpls community is collecting money to increase the reward for the person or persons who shot the baby, I too will send money for the reward. Oh and I know you dont read, but WCCO has had several stories on the child killed and the family. DId you not read the story about the funeral? You know moron, the funeral with hundreds of people there, including Gov Dayton? Now….do the world a favor….walk to the nearest highway and walk twoards the light…..

      1. Callie's Mom says:

        thank you Kevin!

        1. equalMN says:

          Great post KEVIN.

  2. hunnybear18 says:

    Ever notice the first one to bring race into the conversation is always the one calling everyone else a racist? How do you type with that huge chip on your shoulder?

    $1000 is the standard Crimestoppers reward. And I believe the story says that they are asking for donations to raise that. Course one would hope someone with information would come forward with any information they had where a horrible crime like the shooting of a child is involved regardless of a reward. Oh yeah that’s right. Nobody in that neighborhood is going to talk because without “Stop Snitching”, gang members get put away.

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