MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Like so many other high school players, Jenna Privette had told friends she would be skating for Jack Jablonksi when she took to the ice for Friday night’s game. Now, they are both being hospitalized at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

According to her brother, Privette still has no feeling below her waist after being injured when her Minnehaha Academy team played the St. Paul Blades. Her family says Jenna was checked from behind, but from the cell phone video of the incident, it is hard to tell what happened.

Jake Privette says his sister is in significant pain. He says the only time he has seen her smile is when she was visited Sunday night by Leslie Jablonski, the mother of Jack Jablonski, the teen who was paralyzed in a game on Dec. 30.

Jake Privette said everyone in the hospital room became emotional when Jenna showed Leslie Jablonski the “Jabs #13″ she still had on her wrist from Friday night’s game.

“Our family was incredibly touched that she would visit. Jack’s injury is so much worse than Jenna’s and she took the time to visit. It really lifted Jenna’s spirits,” said Jake Privette.

Meanwhile, Jack Jablonski has been moved from the intensive care unit to a regular room and has been upgraded to serious but stable condition. This weekend Leslie Jablonski reported that her son suddenly started moving his arms, something doctors had said would not happen.

“He moved his right arm all the way up and moved his left arm this way and according to where the spinal cord is severed, that really isn’t possible,” said Leslie Jablonski.

This weekend, a fundraiser for Jack Jablonsk at the Wayzata-Blaine game took another improbable twist. A chuck-a-puck contest, where puck closest to the center wins, the winning puck was No. 13 — and it was thrown by the Wayzata player who hit Jack Jablonski.

That Wayzata player visited Jack Jablonksi last week, and Jablonski’s family has said repeatedly that they and Jack have no hard feelings towards him and are concerned about him.

The chuck-a-puck raised $1,200 for the Jablonski’s. Fundraisers for Jenna Privette are still being planned.

Esme Murphy

Comments (5)
  1. JS says:

    Those people are almost too nice. Hope the kids pull through so they can grow up and get married and spread those genes around.

  2. jackactionhero says:

    This family is nothing short of amazing and is a true inspiration. Their grace and strength should be an example to us all.

  3. please explain it says:

    She can’t feel anything…. But she is in considerable pain…
    Um. Ok

    1. Julie says:

      can’t feel anything BELOW THE WAIST….try actually reading the story next time

  4. just a note.... says:

    I pray every night for these two. Very unfortunate what happened. I do still question why so recently after having a concussion AND a spinal chord injury that this sweet girl was even on the ice. Spinal chord injuries take months and months to heal. I know, I have one. I’m sorry but there is NO sport out there that’s worth risking a long term permanent injury to such a young life. If this injury to her is in anyway related to her previous injury, then I would question the doctor as to why is released her to play. Yes, I also know that checking is illegal in girls hockey but after watching my daughter play 11 years of hockey, I can honestly say that I have seen it in almost every game I watched no matter who we played and it was happening by all the teams and this agreement they are having everyone sign….it won’t stop anything. People are signing that “jack’s agreement” to pacify people that they will try to stop this from happening. Checking is part of the game for boys, in the heat of the game things happen. Hockey is a fast paced constant moving game. I played hockey also for 8 years. I would love to see these two kids walk again, but don’t condemn the game because of a lack of judgement after an injury.