MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The wife of an ex-Vikings star now faces a second felony charge for a hit-and-run that killed a man.

Last fall, prosecutors charged Amy Senser with one count of criminal vehicular operation in the death of Anousone Phathavong.

On Monday, a second count was added because prosecutors say Senser did not contact police quickly enough. She admitted hitting Phathavong a week after the crash.

Senser has an evidence hearing Thursday.

Comments (66)
  1. Kyle Weaver says:

    just lock her up and throw away the key already

    1. Realist says:

      So much for due process…

      1. Doc Mark says:

        Oh, I’m a firm believer in due process. I think she should be duly processed, then locked up, and then throw away the key.

  2. See BS says:

    She hit someone who was walking on a blind freeway exit at night wearing dark clothing.

    1. Doc Mark says:

      So what! She hit something, something kind of BIG. What she hit did some very SERIOUS DAMAGE to her car, and all she could think of was to keep on driving. What are you thinking?

    2. MIke says:

      The top of an exit ramp is not a freeway. Their were lights on her car that if not distracted or drunk should have adequately been enough to see her victim and car. She knowingly ran him over, fled the scene, but in your judgement she has no fault. You sir, are an idiot.

      1. See BS says:

        They didn’t show the crime scene being at the top of the ramp — you’re lying.

    3. @BS says:

      I hit yer mammy early this morning there BS and it was dark, she had on a robe that was dark and was walking down a blind driveway to get the paper.
      I plan to call my attorney later today when I get sobered up a bit and see what he thinks. Guess it’s hours before my BAC drops and I need my family here to get out story straight but ….. I will make that call sometime today. Sorry for the loss …. did I just say sorry? I meant …

  3. jean says:

    gee its about time. Now make a long jail time more than 9 months and up to three years ,and a large fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. jean says:

    and she held out ..not going to contact police for a week,,had she been drinking , any drug in her.. hey he wasn’t in the middle of the ramp, he was off to the shoulder walking , she was impaired …..or whatever .. he’s passed away ..dead

  5. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    This is a Joke, Right? The 2nd felony count is a logical and separate crime from the first that has precedence and has been upheld by a Judge? Or are we just jerking peoples’ chains to scare them and wasting our government’s money? Might as well add late Library books to the list for all this “2nd” count is doing.

    1. Mike says:

      The only joke here is that Amy Sensor isn’t in jail serving her time.

  6. yahum says:

    there is no time limit for a felony they can charge you years later she killed some one and drove away i hope she gets what she deserves and more charges

  7. rw says:

    She may be taking the rap for one of her kids.

    1. Doc Mark says:

      So far she hasn’t taken the “rap” for anybody.

  8. Doc Mark says:

    I’m willing to admit that I accidentally ran over one or two squirrels in my 48 years of driving. But, when I did, I’ll also admit that I had trouble sleeping for days after it had happened, and I’m a combat veteran. I knew I had done it, and I’m only talking about a squirrel. Senser hit something a lot larger than a squirrel, did serious damage to her fancy car, didn’t so much as slow down, or stop (she admits), to she what she had hit, then waited for days while she gathered her composer with the help of a fancy legal team (come on, they all knew what she did, she knew what she did. It’s either that or she’s one simple minded individual). Then, as I understand it, she went to the police and refused to talk about it. If Mrs. Joe Blow, not Mrs. Joe Senser, had done this, I truly believe that a just and proper legal consequence would have occurred. I’m not stupid, and I believe that the majority of the general public have basic common sense, and can see really happened, what Senser really did, was clearly, and purposely, avoided any timely drug or alcohol testing. Sorry, to me that doesn’t smell right. Nothing smells right about this deal. I also know that if I frequented the family owned business, their Bar, I’d would now have, and for always have, a real problem giving them any more of my business. I’d hate to think that any profits they might make off of my patronage might be going to the Senser’s defense team. I’m not willing, in any way, to help Senser dodge her legal liability. It’s plain to most reasonable people that she did some kind of crime…..she needs to do some kind of time. I’m curious to see how creative the Sener’s are when it comes to proper restitution to the family of the man she killed. After all, that’s all that family has left after what she took from them.

    1. jean says:

      Thank You , Dok Mark,…and very well said…I’ve always thought she (Amy Senser) though of her self as the victim and she’s been defenses of her character and not at all forthcoming in her statements to officials …In my opinion she believes she is Special! Now maybe the notions of that idea may quiver

  9. Tikipup says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words and those eyes say it all: She is a high-maintenance nut.

    1. Doc Mark says:

      You’re 100% right. Very freaky!!! Something is definitely going on there.

    2. Jay says:

      She has that same look Heckers wife had that resembles a deer caught in the headlights.

  10. Doc Mark says:

    So there’s another charge…good…and if prosecutors find another violation of a law they should charge her again. You talk about the prosecutors getting off on “abusing people”. Sven, she KILLED SOMEONE, what category or level of abuse would you call that?

  11. Journeyone says:

    Another example of how the top 1% are treated compared to the rest of us 99%. Where are these law books for this 1%? Can anyone read them?
    There will be another hit and run with alcohol involved and we will see how that person is treated. I don’t think the 99% will forget. Please don’t tell me the law treats everyone the same EVER!

    1. Crazy Eyes says:

      There was, the guy on the River Road that hit a biker was jailed immediately. He will do significant time, and he turned himself in. She will get off with a slap on the wrist, and continue to drink and drive.

    2. dan says:

      Enough with your 99% club. The facts are that she is being charged with a felony, what more do you want? The fact that she has been tried and convicted prior to the trial is pretty sad.
      Grow a set, get a hair cut, shower , get a job and move along

      1. mannix67 says:

        The comparison made here to the jerk that hit the biker on the river road is valid. He was jailed immediately. The Sensor family’s actions are even more egregious, which ever family member was actually driving the car.

        1. dan says:

          So you dont know who the driver was but insist Amy should be in jail? Are you suggesting we put the whole family in jail until you sort things out? I guess you have already tried and convicted her. Wow!

          1. mannix67 says:

            Tried and convicted her …? She says she did it! It’s a serious crime so throw her in jail and make her post bail. Lots of people go to jail while an investigation sorts things out.

      2. journeyone says:

        Dan, I mean Newt, I am showered, just came home from working. I don’t have so much money I can stay home and blog all day or a job where I am a pencil pusher earning that 1% income and can be on the computer all day.
        However you know as well as I do, if it was anyone else hit and run, that ended up with someone dead, they would be sitting in jail. So Newt GET LIFE!

  12. DesertRose says:

    covering for your kid gets you/her nowhere

    1. No says:

      Or if not kids – yourself.
      Let’s hope it gets you a few years just like it would one of the other 99%. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Won’t bring back the deceased but it sure as hell will make parts right of the life you destroyed
      Eyes??!! – Christi Rowan shares the “look”.
      Is it the actually the Devil inside?

  13. Nancy Aleshire says:

    There are four women that were 100% responsible for my son’s death that were never charged. They lied to police and there were no credible witnesses or surveillance cameras in the workplace. No justice here–at least Amy Senser is being held accountable for her crimes.

    1. @ Nancy says:

      Quit airing your story out in public, it didn’t go so well for you last time you posted about it on here, and people will slam you again for it. I’m just trying to save you some pain. You’re not going to get support on an anonymous chat board.

  14. Tom Petters says:

    This poor woman, I wish nothing but the best for you Amy, we all make mistakes.

  15. Crazy Eyes says:

    Yeah, it’s the prosecutor that’s abusing the system?!? You must be a Senser family member. Talk about delusional; I bet the she murdered wish she had only ‘abused’ him. You are a sick person. I hope she fries.

  16. Doc Mark says:

    Yes Tom, we all make mistakes. Your making one right now thinking that she is “this poor woman”. Oops, you made another mistake by wishing her “nothing but the best”. Yup, we all make mistakes.

    1. Denny Hecker says:

      This poor rich mans ho , I too wish nothing but the best for her and hope she can reside nearby me if all fails. I am a loving guy in desperate need …. the lads live close to me are …well, ugly, And I was a lousy switch hitter in t-ball and not much better today

    2. @ Doc says:

      You’re not very educated are you? Any idea who Tom Petters is? Look up sarcasm in the dictionary.

      1. Doc Mark says:

        Sorry, I didn’t know you were pretending to be Denny Hecker’s look-a-like. And you’re right, I barely have a high school education. One thing I do know is that I’m not about to post something using another persons name. I would want to be sure that any uneducated person, who is at least educated enough to read what I post, shouldn’t have to be as clever as you are and figure out all this clever stuff.

        1. Real Talk says:

          First of all Doc Mark….if you are reading the names of the posters to try and determine the credibility of the posts…you are a moron. This is an anoymous chat board Einstein….these are just random post from random users. Geez…ever use the internet much?

          Second…Tom Petters wasnt some obscure reference. My 6th grade son knows of Tom Petters. Did you just move to this state??

          Regardless…the original Tom Petters post was very funny and gave me a good chuckle. It was actually kinda clever…i appreciated it, as would anyone with 1) a brain 2) sense of humor 3)familiarity wiht the internet.

        2. Real Talk says:

          First of all Doc Mark….if you are reading the names of the posters to try and determine the credibility of the posts…you are a moron. This is an anoymous chat board Einstein….these are just random post from random users. Geez…ever use the internet much?

          Second…Tom Petters wasnt some obscure reference. My 6th grade son knows of Tom Petters. Did you just move to this state??

          Regardless…the original Tom Petters post was very funny and gave me a good chuckle. It was actually kinda clever…i appreciated it, as would anyone with 1) a brain 2) sense of humor 3)familiarity with the internet!!!

          1. Doc Mark says:

            Real Talk…you were so excited about your posting, you did it twice. “Anoymous” chat line? No, I’m no Einstein, and it’s clear to me that you aren’t either, because I think, and again I’m no Einstein, but I think the word you were looking for is “ANONYMOUS”. Anyway, all you anonymous people, who get your kicks from being “kinda clever” at the expense of people who are in the middle of a real life crisis, you people need to take a long look at yourself. Because, if you, or someone you really care about, suffers a similar real life tragedy, and that’s what we really are talking about anonymously, I’d be real curious to see how you feel when all the clever anonymous people try to get a “good chuckle” off your back.

  17. judgement says:

    Everyone here is so convinced of what happened. In reading the comments she was impaired and fled. So what if she was not even driving the vehicle? What if she was, but not impaired. Did you all know it is a crime to run out of gas on the freeway, so he died while comitting a crime. Everyone here seems to want to crucify the rich white woman, but no one is giving responsibility to the poor minority for his actions. Why was his car not farther off of the road? Why did he not call for assistance so the scene was well lit and safe? Why did he not flag down another car to block for him while he fueled his car? Why did he not push or have his car towed to a safer spot? He is dead and that is very sad, two families are ripped apart, but while you are judging Ms. Sensor, please understand that IF it was her driving and IF she was impaired, he still owns the fact that he never should have been there in the first place.

    1. Hey judgement says:

      Which of her brats are you judgement? Where you the driver?
      Guilty as Adolf Hitler and just as sleazy. Take her down and waste her. I got a rope and can tie a knot pretty well

    2. please says:

      easily the dumbest bullchit ever said on this matter Joe…crawl back in the rack with the killer you harbor

    3. Doc Mark says:

      First of all, the person who was hit owns nothing, HE’S DEAD! I am a law abiding citizen, but even I have run out of gas on the highway. I sure hope that if that happens to me again, and it very well could, I hope that wouldn’t leave me liable for getting run over and KILLED. “Call for assistance”? In your world does everyone have a cell phone? “Flag down another car to ‘block’ for him”? Now that sounds like a stunt that should get you killed, not to mention the danger you would put the poor schmo that might be dumb enough to stop and do the blocking. What I do find very interesting in your comments is that you use both the terms “white women” and “poor minority”. Mr or Ms judgement, I think you own that fact that you have your own problems to deal with.

    4. It's simple says:

      @judgement People aren’t judging her for acciedently hitting a man. They are judging her for not taking responsibility and stopping when she kill a man. And, yeah, she is taking advantage of her whiteness and also her econimic status. She could have been drunk, and now we’ll never know. Speaking from experience, you know when you hit a human body. There is nothing else like that feeling. Trust me. But what would have made a difference here is if she stopped. No matter how hard it is to stop, if you think your life is over, if you are scared, if you don’t trust the police, still. You must stop. It is bigger than yourself. Someone lost his life. THAT is the most important issue at here.

    5. jean says:

      judgement : your missing the point, she lied, she took her time to report to officials (what 5 days), and the only reason why she step up is that her car was I D at the seen, the drug’s that may have been in her system were flush out by the time she walk in with her lawyer, and husband…… not at all forthcoming in her statements to officials โ€ฆIn my opinion she believes she is Special! …The man died …he was off to the shoulder of the ~ off ramp..he wasn’t drunk and wasn’t walking in the middle of the street, and while it not a place you want to be nore a safe place….he didn’t deserve to died as debit of his alleged crime … of obtaining gas for his car …and driving over an orange cone is not at all like driving in to a human being weighing 175 lbs …..

    6. anon. says:

      you kidding right?

  18. Doc Mark says:

    If you’re the REAL Denny Hecker, I know I’m going to hate myself for saying this, but I actually agree with part of what you are saying. I hope she not only resides nearby you, I hope resides WITH you. I think the two of you would have a lot in common. Denny, watch out what you wish for!!

    1. Bernie Madoff says:

      You are clearly the most naive clown out there. Please stop typing your ridiculous comments. The real Denny Hecker?? Give me a break

      1. Denny Hecker says:

        That I be _ the one and only. Ask Christi were my moles are for proof. Got one on my head and another on my other head. She’ll confirm it.
        And no Amy is not related to Christi in any way. They just share the same cosmetic surgeon (in all ways actually) and the use the same drugs to stay awake. Kind of does make them look a bit odd I guess.
        Well, I have a bed check soon so nighty night. And Amy – I will keep on the lights for you

  19. bob says:

    It wasn’t even her that hit him. The story is she’s covering up for her drunk kid. What a waste of human skin. Hopefully she kills herself and the rest of her family.

  20. pity judgments days ahead says:

    Judgement – that right there says it all.
    Why don’t you walk on some gravel road around me and ….. well, what can I say.

  21. Nancy Aleshire says:

    To people on here who are slamming me regarding the death of my son–you do not know the real story. It is up to the media (tv and newspapers) to inform the public. If they fail to give a subject adequate coverage then the public is ill-informed and in the dark. I am just trying to tell his story and bring truth to what really happened and fight for legislation that would prevent the same thing from happening to others.

    1. mary says:

      I’m interested Nancy. I think you should post the name of the home he was in. Keep it in the news.

  22. Janice says:

    My understanding is that Amy Sensor was following the advice of her lawyer and the lawyer was the one in contact with the police. I have also read that it was in a construction zone and she thought she had hit an orange barrel. Before she is condemned by the public, maybe the legal process can happen. All I know is what I have read/seen in various new items. I cannot make an informed judgement until all the facts are revealed. I also do not think she is being treated any different than anyone else that does not have a record and can afford bail and a lawyer.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      She thought?

      So she wasn’t even watching what was in front of her SUV?

      Is that really what you’re arguing, Janice? She couldn’t see the front of her vehicle enough to see a blaze orange barrel, let alone a human being? How many Mike’s does that take, I wonder?

      Laughable at best, that defense…

  23. Dev says:

    Sven, the press does not get contacted. Charges are public record and the press serches them daily.

  24. TL the alligator says:

    not sayin she is but the only people i’ve ever seen looking like that has been people on crack….and dont think people of wealth and stature dont do it because plenty of them do…….and she thought she hit an “orange barrel”?, LOL, she could disseminate the color but not the fact that it was A PERSON?, i’m not fallin for that one—-i submit that she KNEW EXACTLY what she hit and that is why she ran.

    1. SO SAD says:

      I thought the same thing…..crack. I wonder if the police ever thought of taking a hair follicle to test for drugs? Probably not since she lawyered up.

  25. clearwriter says:

    What a mess. If I were her i would change my name. Yes, she can afford one of the best defense attorney’s in Minnesota. Too bad we all cannot afford the best attorney’s when we need them.

  26. BINGO says:

    Here’s a link to what will happen to her. Most likely a fine and slap on the wrist….probation!

    1. Jennifer says:

      These are the guidelines. Why is there a problem following them for one person and not another? Shouldn’t everyone be treated fairly and the same?

  27. Nancy Aleshire says:

    The name of the workplace where my son was killed was Metro Resources Technology Park in Eden Prairie. It was a DHS run workplace for people with developmental disabilies. The state of Minnesota accepted no responsibility over Tim’s death and it’s only a matter of time before someone else will be hurt or killed there. It could have been prevented.

  28. Today is magic says:

    It is Amy’s big Day #1 in court hearings.
    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DA !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. JACK says:


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