ST. PAUL (WCCO) — This weekend the world of ice cross racing will have all eyes on St. Paul. The city is playing host to the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships, which start Thursday.

From her St. Paul apartment on Summit, Heather Jacobson couldn’t ask for better access to the Red Bull Crashed Ice race course.

“We can see pretty much everything,” she said, from her St. Paul apartment.

But, her coveted view comes at a cost.

“It’s put a tarnish on the event for me, because I’m always worried about what’s the night going to be like,” said Jacobson.

For the last two weeks, construction of the 1,100-foot-long course has disrupted her life and those living around her.

“Just a huge inconvenience for everyone living in the area,” said James Schweickhardt, who lives near the course.

For the last two weeks, neighbors say they’ve had bright lights shining into the apartments at night.

“They are keeping us up. We also have generators going, the humming of the generators,” Jacobson said.

Blocked-off roads and parking issues on already crowded streets are also causing concern.

“They are taking up all the parking spaces. I can’t really walk my normal route to work, because they’re closing sidewalks, changing sides every day,” Schweickhardt said.

Community members said they expect to have the disruption for at least a month. It takes that long to set up and tear down the track. Neighbors said they’d like to see something in return, like the busing they’ve noticed for the St. Paul Cathedral and nearby businesses.

“Even if they said, ‘hey, we’re going to compensate you by paying for your parking pass next year, or here’s a case of Red Bull, we know it’s going to disrupt your lives,’ there really hasn’t been that,” Schweickhardt said.

Joe Campbell from the city of St. Paul said the city has worked hard over several weeks to accommodate everyone in the area. The city held four public meetings and sent out updates.

“I think there’s some stuff that could have been done better,” said Jacobson.

Crashed Ice will bring in thousands of spectators to St. Paul, and while Jacobson plans to be among them, she’s also ready for it to end.

“I have very mixed feelings about the event,” she said.

Red Bull also said its been actively working with the community to cause the least amount of disruption.
Workers aren’t allowed to park on city streets and other lots have been made available to those who live in the area.

The Crashed Ice event begins Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and ends Saturday at 9 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. There is a $15 entrance fee for the 93X crash zone, a premiere viewing area.

Comments (28)
  1. mark says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa-seriously-these people act like it’s a year round thing-it’s never been here before and most likely wont be again-get over yourselves!

  2. MichaelEdits says:

    Knock back some Red Bulls with vodka and you won’;t mind the noise.

  3. down with bull says:

    It’s O K as long as it is not in your front yard
    right mark?

  4. curious1 says:

    city life for ya…

  5. Have Some Fun says:

    Give me a break. Stop whining and enjoy the event.

  6. Jay says:

    She makes an excellent point! What’s wrong with Red Bull helping out the people they are inconveniencing. Well at least the residents didnt sell out to the highest bidder like the Catholic church did! I bet if you gave the Catholic church enough money they would let you open up a Hooters inside!!

    Geeze Red Bull! Help out the neighbors! Let them park at their own house!

    1. Carrie Nation says:

      Well if they did that I’d probably start attending Mass again and go to Confession more often..”Yes I’d like a booth please” 😉

  7. yuck says:

    Had a delivery on Marshall in front ot starting point, why are these people complaining, dumpy area anyway.

  8. Rae says:

    I spy some Red Bull people in these comments…

  9. Deb Lambert says:

    I can see it’s like living on Cedar Lake – Scott County in the spring. Huge spotlights shining in my living and family rooms because people are spotting carp to spear. I don’t mind them spotting carp, but do they have go shine right into my windows. I pay good money for my lakeshore and love it, but for a couple weeks at night, in the spring, I can’t use it because of the darn spotlights.

  10. trythesuburbs says:

    If you move into an area that is known for tourism/nightlife how can you complain that there are those things? If you don’t want to be around the commotion, move away.

    As for Redbull contributing to the community, I would imagine that they are paying some pretty heavy taxes that will benefit everyone.

  11. Larry says:

    The ingredients in Redbull are scary, I would not touch that stuff. It is banned in Norway LOL

  12. SAN says:

    Yes, it is an inconvenience…but you are not alone in this. Think of those who live around the state fairgrounds and the inconvenience that has been there for them for a certain period of time every summer. People want visitors to their city but not at the expense of an inconvenience to them – can’t have it both ways. Events happen everywhere and most don’t last long. Sure, if it is that extreme the City should do more about it – but otherwise – it’s short term and brings $$$ and publicity to the city.

  13. boidies says:

    It really doesn’t matter how much they do to appease people – there will always be someone with a complaint. This is true with everything in life.

  14. boidies says:

    They could be standing in the street handing out $100 bills and someone would complain.

  15. Josh says:

    You live in the city, its loud, its bright, it crowded, deal with it! You want some peace and quite? You want some darkness and wide open spaces? MOVE TO PRINCETON!

  16. Chris says:

    I live right next to this event and it has been kind of a pain with loss of sleep with the lights shining through my bedroom window 24/7 and the noise and all but I figure I could deal with it – but now they blocked off access to my apartment’s front sidewalk. Had to say something about that one. I could care less on the most part but after I get done with work and my commute I really don’t want to have to verbally spar with some derpy neckbeard security guard – about why I need to move his precious barrier so I can get into my home.

    The church had some major construction done for several months when I moved into my apartment and when it was all over they threw our neighborhood a nice party (yep, GOOD beer and all) to say thanks for dealing with the noise and disruptions for almost a year. Cool of them. Way better than Red Bull in my view – whose product tastes like ass anyway.

  17. Mellers says:

    I see both sides of the issue. But this is NOT downtown. Traffic, events, activities are pretty predictable and consistent near this part north/east of Downtown and this is a very major deviation from normal life here. I agree that the neighbors should try to be more flexible but think that the event planners could have done a LOT more to be good visitors. The last event Red Bull had was in a community park, Harriet Island. While there was disruption, it was quick (1 weekend?) and didn’t disrupt the area quite to this extent. I think the neighbors have some valid complaints.

  18. Mellers says:

    I meant to say North/West of downtown. I am sometimes directionally challenged! (-:

  19. cman says:

    I grew up by the state fair, I thought it was exciting…no sympathy here…

  20. alex says:

    these people are just being babies.

  21. bob says:

    hay, we are one up on mpls,enjoy it.

  22. Shelly says:

    Back to the Catholic church comment above. Are you telling me the Catholic church can be bought? Maybe it is to help them pay for all the lawsuits.

    1. Common_Cents says:

      Throw stones much?

  23. Dan says:

    Wow… boohoo. Something unique, and very cool, comes to Minnesota and all those yuppies do is complain. Go figure.

  24. Jay says:

    First off people. This is a once in a life-time chance for the city to be shining nationwide and perhaps world-wide. NBC Sports will be covering the even live Saturday afternoon. I too, live in the area and welcome the event. Everyone I know wants to come over and party at my place. I feel and applaud the St. Paul police who are very considerate and help “move” locals into the restricted area. There are 3 Saint Paul fire medic rigs standing by to help those that “crash”. All of which are being paid by the sponsor NOT through taxes. I can’t wait to see all the spectators. And please people…leave the Catholic religion alone. Thank them for giving St. Paul a big star in hospitality. I spoke with the Russian team members and they thought our city was beautiful. Amen

  25. Common Cents says:

    Theres a new invention that came out a couple years ago, their called blinds. You close them and it blocks light from entering the room, I know, amazing. Most apts in the downtown area with this built in already!

    So the ambulances passing every 5 mins with lights and sirens on don’t bother you, but a couple extra lights for construction prevent you from sleeping at night. geez. Its loud downtown at 4am, even on the 28th floor, get over it or move out of the city. This event is bringing tons of visitors and cash into the community and 99% of us support it! Thank you Red Bull!