MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The wife of an ex-Vikings star appeared in court Thursday morning to face a second felony charge for a hit-and-run that killed a man.

Last fall, prosecutors charged Amy Senser with one count of criminal vehicular operation in the death of 38-year-old Anousone Phathavong.

On Monday, a second count was added because prosecutors say Senser did not contact police quickly enough. She admitted hitting Phathavong a week after the crash.

Senser appeared in a Hennepin County courtroom Thursday morning for only a few minutes. Several of the victim’s relatives were in court Thursday, as well.

A judge did not let Senser enter a plea because her defense attorneys filed a new brief with the court. The judge needed time to review it before allowing her to enter the plea.

The attorney for Phanthavong’s family says Senser’s lack of cooperation is slowing down the process.

“We’re disappointed in how Miss Senser has handled this. From what we can tell she’s done the absolute minimum in cooperating with police and the investigation,” said Jim Ballentine, the family’s attorney.

The defendant’s husband Joe Senser was with her in court Thursday morning. However, the couple was able to avoid the media. According to the Senser’s attorney Eric Nelson, they were escorted out of the building through a private entrance.

This is extremely rare. Nearly everyone leaves through one of two exits.

But their attorney says it’s because the family’s been threatened and they’re concerned about Amy Senser’s safety.

Senser’s attorney said we’ll learn a lot more about the circumstances in this case in a few weeks.

Amy Senser is due back in court in March. The judge set a trial date for April.

Comments (91)
  1. who what where? says:

    why is she being charged for this? She waited a week under advice from her lawyer, that attorney needs to be charged, not her.

    1. Jake says:

      Stop wasting your time posting on the internet, Mr. Senser.

    2. Because... says:

      Even if her lawyer gave her bad advice, she is still responsible for doing the right thing and following the law. Bad advice does not exempt your responsibility or legal obligation. It’s like signing your tax return that a paid preparer creates. You are still responsible. Sounds like someone is just making more excuses, and blaming others. Please take responsibility for yourselves, Spenser family!!!

  2. ain't nuthing but a thang says:

    It’s a very unfortunate situation she has caused, but it doesn’t take away from the point that she’s soooo smoking hot.

    1. Sal-E says:

      I hope you meant to say pot, not hot.

    2. Rimale says:

      smokin hot ??? Are you kidding me ?!? This woman is not attractive at all and what she has done leaves her even more UGLY !!!

    3. markH says:

      Are you telling us that you think a skeleton wearing a wig with painted on eyebrows is hot?

      1. idknockthebottomoutofit says:

        ….yep and i’d tap it

    4. Cheryl says:

      Must have mean’t to say POT, she looks like a warn out alcholic !!!

  3. Larry says:

    She should of been locked up long ago. She hit&killed a man and left him to die on the street like a dog. then she ran and hid the truth for over a wk, so she could sober up and come up with some lie. its appauling to say the least. any other ‘joe’ would of been locked up within days. The authorities and justice system needs to treat ALL the same, not lienent if you’re rich and famous. The Sensors are disgusting people. I feel so bad for that man she killed and his fam. no justice for him.

  4. See BS says:

    Anyone could have hit that guy walking on a major freeway exit — it didn’t have to be Amy. It’s not like she was driving in the ditch, or on a sidewalk.

    1. Jet Lee says:

      Well, if anyone but Amy could of hit that guy, maybe he would still be alive because they would of taken him to the hospital or called for help.

    2. See BS says:

      Way to stretch the truth — doesn’t sound like she “Ran over him”, sounds like he was in traffic and she hit him like an orange traffic barrel.


      1. Tom T. says:

        For the “See BS” creep _____ hey, you there dummy – no one has the right of way when it comes to the side of a ramp…and nobody has the right to hit and flee.
        Of course if that indeed is how you feel please feel free to walk in front of my 3/4 ton anyday of the week. We can practice on you I guess … but I would stop and report it as I did wrong.
        You are one of the poorest examples of a human I have yet read online here and there indeed have been some doozies in the past.
        You either are employed by the Sensers, a member of the family or a friend of them. Regardless of which – you are a form of unscrupulous lowlife.
        We all pray to God you never have a family as your gene pool needs to end with you

        1. See BS says:

          * Snobby paranoid delusions are corny @ Tom

        2. nice insults says:

          stop insulting my God with your ignorance.

      2. See BS says:

        Most people aren’t conditioned to look for pedestrians on the freeway at night. There is a good reason why the speed limit is above 50 on most freeways.

        1. @True says:

          Hey chimp, ramps don’t have posted speed limits, please refrain from making comments on items you are clueless about, when we need to know how long to drop the fries for then we’ll ask your opinion.

          1. Deputy Dog says:

            @ @True, Some ramps do.

          2. @ See BS says:

            So you become a racist now too See ? Impressive

            1. Denny Peterson says:

              TO: See BS…Only really stupid people that can’t win a discussion with facts would say something stupid like someone is being racist, now you are sounding like OBAMA.

        2. Denny Peterson says:

          YES I Agree You are full of BS. Reguardless of all your BS, the Fact is She hit something with her car. I know, if I am totally sober and hit something even a Rabbit, (I KNOW IT). You feel it in your wheel, you hear the thud, you see it out of the corner of your eye. I live in Northern Wisconsin many of us people will even turn around and make sure it is not suffering, and put it down. OOOORRR in your case turn around and make sure that it was not a person and then call 911. There is just no justifying not turn around…Just none.

          1. Denny's Bartender says:

            Shut up Denny you loud mouth closet drunk. You tip like garbage.

            1. Rico Chico Freako says:

              LOL – welll there puke-at least he tips a gay boy like you. Some people won’t and I find that wrong too.
              All the above being said ____ AMY KILLED A GUY AND FLED.

            2. Bud Grant says:

              Hey pimple face – at least he tipped you. I never have nor will I
              Your heroine did it _____ Amy Senser killed someone, fled and will walk and drink again.
              Ain’t America great !!!!
              Well – at least the world sees the trashy ones for what they are. I’d imagine the kids want to marry fast to have a last name change sooner rather than later.

      3. See BS says:

        Snobby paranoid delusions are so corny – Freeways are dangerous places at night for pedestrians, it’s just a scientific fact.

        Sorry if the truth hurts

    3. Another bs attempt says:

      and anyone else would have stopped. Nice try but another failure there schiller

  5. X-Puffer says:

    Please get a new picture. This one is creepy.

    1. Molly says:

      Agree!!! scarey and creepy is Amy Sensor,,,,and creepier yet what she did!!! The Sensors are terrible people!!!

    2. lol says:

      Is she Michelle Bachmans sister? They both have the crazy eye thing goning on.

  6. rita says:

    I think she should get what the laws state in Minnesota without being let off easy cause she has money everyone else would have to. Also, in the previous comments from other articles I think the Tom Peters or Denny Hecker should not comment because they have hurt so many people themsevles and are not creditble for anything they might say All three of them are crminals and should be silent and take the punishment they deserve

  7. Stogies says:

    I’m gonna agree with others here, there are some relatives of Senser posting on here. She is guilty as sin. She will get 10 years, serve 4 and deserve everyday if not many more. The issue with her is she cares what happens to her, could give a rip about what happened to the dead man…he was poor why would she.

  8. konjokris says:

    Sure blame the victim . . .

    1. konjokris says:

      The victim being the dead guy.

  9. konjokris says:

    I bet one of her daughters is the real driver.

    1. Another mom says:

      Would this be the same daughter partying it up at the Katy Perry concert on the evening in question? It is only logical she would drive Hwy 94 west when leaving St. Paul. I’m with you. I don’t believe Amy just happened to take the Riverside exit to relive her youth by spending a late night at the U of M No has asked what would Amy S be doing on the westbank..

  10. uh huh says:

    nah…her pupils would be huge…where is the blotter these days?…been a while

  11. Yonkers says:

    Kristi Rowan Hecker easily outdoes this murderer for the eyes. Amy wins it on the coldness and evil end

    1. Pathetic Family says:

      Just listened and watched the vid – she doing the judge?
      If it be fact they have received threats I guess I would understand the whys
      An Eye for an Eye ……
      That’s how our government handles things – you strike and we strike back
      Hang on Sensers – I think karma is maybe happening

  12. who what where? says:

    your real name must be Amy Sensor, becasue only she could know all of that. Again someone putting out suppositions as facts. Unless you were there and tested for B.A.C., we will never know for sure. Nice try though, it is always so much easier to try a person annonymously in a blog than to get facts and act resonably and responsibly.

    1. Time says:

      yep another relative…prob’ly husband-cover up, Joe. sorry, but its obvious what happen here and its also obvious why Amy has been treated with kid-gloves. all because of wealth and fame. is disgusting!! why don’t the Sensors ever get their eyes off themselfs and think about that young innocent man that Amy mowed over and left to die??? think about him and what his fam has endured all this time while Amy is out and about scot-free. Time to pay your due punishment Amy…time over-due

      1. Another "Kid-Gloves" LOSER says:


    2. Denny Peterson says:

      You have to be under the influence of something, if you do not know if you have hit someone a car or not. I live in Northern Wisconsin, I can tell you if I hit a Deer or a Skunk. (THINK ABOUT IT).

  13. VICKI says:


    1. dont be stupid says:


  14. madman says:

    BTW, She is iinnocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty, folks. Tragic a man died. And perhaps she will be PROVEN guilty. But none of us has a right to prejudge her actions, at least not as far as criminal culpability. And yes, ACCIDENTS do happen, and yes we are all entitled to our day in court to explain our actions and have them judged. Regardless of our OPINIONS of what might or might not have happened, none of us knows what truely happened that night. SAD BUT TRUE. Even she may not know what happened fully, so WE MAY NEVER KNOW WHETHER SHE ACTED CRIMINALLY OR NOT. We may say WE would have done something different, BUT WE DON”T KNOW THAT EITHER. For all we know he explanation so far in the press is true and accurate. It is POSSIBLE, however unlikely, that she did not realize she had hit a person on that ramp. so people, please just wait until the FINDERS OF FACT have heard the evidence and looked into her eyes (buggy or not) and find what they find. TRAGIC A MAN DIED. But let the court do its job.

    1. Pity you there Madman says:

      So is everyone else out there. Even the blacks to the south but that never stopped the KKK from lynching them.
      Here we are being civil and speaking what we all know – slime and sleeze and guilty. Whether it Amy or a brat of theirs – GUILTY of KILLING someone.
      End of story.
      And if you are making the assumption for the rest of us in that we would fllee and be in hiding – DUDE, you were raised totally wrong and don’t have a damn moral thread inside you. That be fact also.

      1. "MOM! Denny got out again!" says:

        Denny the re-tawd is the reason Sensers go through a secret and secure entrance. PSYCHO.

    2. lol says:

      @ madman REALLY, Give us all a break, you must be part of the Sencer family, You doing the Mother or the Daughter?

  15. Just listed says:

    Big Bumbling Joe has her listed on CL for either sale, rent and he’d accept trade-ins too at this time.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Things getting interesting

  16. madman says:

    I still say she looks a lot like Michele Bachman…

    1. Carrie Nation says:

      Both hotties!!!!

  17. Allen Page says:

    Poor woman, just leave her alone and you all crwal back under your rocks..

    1. Denny Peterson says:

      Allen Page, I hope you are the x-football player, that has become a Judge. I guess that is what is wrong with are legal system, BONE HEADS LIKE YOU. LIE-LOVER.

      1. cheryl says:

        Isn’t Allen Paige spelled differently ?

  18. Cindy says:

    …she’s done the absolute minimum in cooperating with police … no kidding, if I was guilty as sin I would not help the police one bit! Why would anyone help with an investigation that will land them in jail. Drag it out for years and years…admit nothing, time is on her side.

    1. Marlis says:

      because a good decent honorable person would do the RIGHT thing and fess up,and be accountable for your crime….of which Amy is none of those,,,,shes a disgusting,dishonest despickable human being who deserves to spend many yrs behind bars for using her vehicle as a lethal weapon and KILLING a man and leaving him to DIE!!! Its called ‘accountability’, its called responsible!!

  19. Bad woman walking around says:

    Been hearing from some of the local HS students and college age too that there is a movement that plans on making themselves heard at all of the Joe Senser’s if she walks away on this.
    I guess if all else fails that’s all that remains – hit them in the place they Worship.
    The 2 softball teams we sponser will not be going there I am told, somewhat a league wide decision.
    Someone above said karma. That is worth repeating.
    I actually don’t have any pity for the family – even if it is a daughter as some suspect it is a family decision made to cover up a murder. And whether you like that word or not that is what was done. Murder and flee and cover-up.
    Maybe God will have mercy on their souls but we do not need to as the living.
    Take them down people, take them down

    1. Glass Houses says:

      you’re an idiot-lynch mob-strength in numbers wacko. No one was murdered. I bet people look for the nearest exit whenever you open your fat faced mouth. With all the bee-ess going on in the world today this is where you invest your passion. What a bunch of losers, the whole lot of you.

      1. Denny Peterson says:

        Sounds Like someone is a OBAMA SUPPORTER like I told Allen Pages Note. LIE-LOVER

        1. @Denny tha Idiot says:

          Another blind sheep loser.

        2. Call Denny for a Good Time says:

          Leave your politics out of this”denny.” Your a bathroom wall scribbling little 3itch. Way late to the party and sound like a MAJOR PVSSY!

  20. Dog Face says:

    Hay I think I see something new… “Phathavong sport’s bars” used to Joe’s….

    1. Uncle Rico says:

      He might of been in the wrong place at the wrong time but he wasn’t a saint. Guy had a wrap sheet a mile long, so convenient to misplace those facts. You are all the same idiots that would have been saying he needed to be burned at the stake, and to “send him back home,” and lets not forget the moron that loves to say “I know how to tie a knot…” if WCCO would have reported his crimes and let the banter ensue on message boards with the village idiots when they happened back in the day. Pathetic people.

      1. Me says:

        That doesn’t matter. He was struck by a car and killed. He did not commit the crime but was the victim of one, whether or not it was Amy Sensor. And I’m sure it was a Sensor.

        1. @Me says:

          Are you even reading what Uncle is saying? He is pointing out the hypocrisy that runs rampant on these boards. The guys doesn’t deserve to be glorified anymore than Senser deserves to be vilified. The people on these boards are CRAZY, and worst of all, out neighbors.

          1. lol says:

            I read what uncle wrote, who cares, what the dude has done before, thats not whats on the table. One of the SENCERS hit a person,KILLED him and drove away. End of story

      2. Agreed says:

        I agree, lets not go building any statues or naming streets after him or anything. People are so jealous of money.

  21. Der says:

    Give her a $500 fine and move on, accidents happen, it doesn’t take much sense to keep gas in your vechicle, then you’re not standing on a freeway at 11pm in the pitch black.

    1. Denny Peterson says:

      WOW Joe Senser can’t even pay people that know how to spell correctly to write their BS.

  22. see BS says:

    Law enforcement gets hit on the freeway all the time — even when they have their lights on.

    That’s because it’s not safe to be outside your car on the freeway.

  23. for See BS says:

    Poor little See BS – you are getting rattled huh.

    I am with the others – how close are you to the family? Who pays you to schill for Amy? Or are you immediate family? .
    Thanks for making me laugh anyway. Even the dillusional like you can have your moments! lol

    1. See BS says:

      Rattled by whom? And how on earth would I know the Sensor family?

      Do they travel to Scandinavia on a regular basis or something?

  24. Shafina Jackson says:

    Amy Senser is innocent. No tire skid marks. She never knew she it anyone. Construction was going on in the area. It could have felt like a pothole or construction debris.

    Anousone should not have been walking down the middle of the ramp. Not paying attention to traffic. Autopsy narcotics and alcohol results for Anousone Phanthavong have not been released. They are sealed.

    This case should be dismissed. It’s a travesty to go any further.

    1. Denny Peterson says:

      No Skid marks because she was drunk out of her mind. Just like you are out of your mind.

  25. OrangeJulius says:

    You liar. What was her name? What did she look like? What type of vehicle did she drive? You picked her up but never dropped her off. You killed her.

  26. Party Time says:

    Hey – lets all head over to the Sensers and bring some Mike’s, maybe some scripts and whatever else you have available. Park your cars in the back yard please so we keep the thing under control.
    Amy is offering her charm to the first 50 in the door. After that it’ll cost ya.
    P-P-Party time

    1. @party time the LOSER says:

      you have a long way to go till you become funny.

  27. RFF says:

    Its the justice system holding this up. Any of you had the opertunity to sit in a trial lately? The justice system in MN is a joke. So slow. The judge in this matter could and should speed it up. Just dragging it out. Don’t blame Amy blame the justice system and the judge.

    1. Denny Peterson says:

      LOOK, like I said before, if Joe Senser is going to pay for people to stand up for her, they really should know how to spell. LET THE JUDGE take his/her time so they can stick her away for a long time without an APPEAL.

  28. Robert says:

    She made a stupid mistake. It doesn’t mean she is a bad person.

    If stupidity was a crime, some of the posters here would be doing some serious time.

    1. Denny Peterson says:

      STUPID Robert

      1. Denny is easy says:

        Denny sux

  29. Mike's Hard Sauce says:

    Amy … what ya gonna dooooooooo ?
    Slaughter …. another 1 or 2

    Amy what you wanna do?
    I think I could stay with you
    For a while, maybe longer if I do

  30. Oh boy says:

    Amy … what ya gonna dooooooooo ?
    Slaughter …. another 1 or 2

    Amy what you wanna do?
    I think I could stay with you
    For a while, maybe longer if I do

  31. Larry says:

    get her locked up already!!!! people on here sticking up for Amy S are shameful. She HIT&KILLED a man…and sped off leaving him to die in the street,,,and hid the truth for over a wk.;you people are sticking up for this appauling disgusting person. Shes cruel and heartless..and her husband is as well. they have fame&money and some fancy lawyer that will help lie for her. she has not cooperated with authorities. one day she won’t be able to hide anylonger…reckening day is comning, she WILL be held accountable for killing that young man.

    1. Truth be says:

      Amy was given a Halo and a pound of chocolates by some here for her courage in enduring what is obviously an error on the part of the PD and DA.
      She did nothing wrong, she has been bestowed the Hard Mike’s Princess crown within the past 24 hours also by none other than Mr. See BS himself.
      I bow to thee Princess Amy (bowing and kissing her feet)

  32. Bewildered says:

    Am not surprised to see so many comments in favor of the murdering witch…this site is affiliated with the POS family in question…

    1. Positive spin ... lol says:

      Indeed – they spend a chitload of money advertising here and on radio and tv. A few comments have been made on am1500 or whatever it is espn… and they quickly get hushed too.
      Money Money Money …. follow the stream of money.
      This will bite the Senser’s in time I sense as they are quickly becoming Hated Public Enemy #1 now that Hecker and Petters are gone. Frankly – in many ways this is a lot worse. Someone was killed. Period.

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