WEB EXTRA: View the MSHSL reports for Jenna Privette and Jack Jablonski here

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A report released Thursday by the Minnesota State High School League said Jenna Privette was not checked and no illegal hit was made before she went into the boards in a recent girls high school hockey game.

Privette, a senior at St. Croix Lutheran playing for Minnehaha Academy, has been in the hospital since Saturday morning and still doesn’t have feeling in her lower body after the injury.

Minnehaha Academy was playing the St. Paul Blades last Friday night, and the injury happened with about 1 minute, 43 seconds left in regulation. The report said Privette picked up the puck and went behind her offensive net. She then lost control of the puck and turned to pick it up.

The report said that’s when a St. Paul Blades player moved from the front of the net to make a play on the loose puck. As that player got close to the puck, it was played from behind the net to the front of the net. She pivoted to the front of the net where the puck was, and that’s when Privette fell.

The report said she was not contacted illegally, did not fall into the boards and did not appear to fall awkwardly to the ice. Privette lay on the ice motionless, was eventually taken of the ice and went by ambulance to the hospital.

Officials consulted on the ice after the play, and the report said they determined she fell to the ice without being “aided” or hit.

Both teams met at center ice for a prayer for Privette after she was taken off the ice. The game was called early and will have to be completed at a later date.

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  1. Rocks in her head says:

    IT appears so but you really have to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    1. huh? says:

      How can someone fake something like this when they are in a hospital and official statements confirming her injury are coming from the hospital?

  2. Al says:

    I sure hope there is a positive report that comes through on this.

  3. Odd says:

    I posted then that I was there at the game and maybe 55-60′ away and saw no hit.
    Not sure what what the reason for it all to happen and by no means am I a trained MD so I will leave that alone. What maybe troubled me most was the reaction from family who did NOT see the play but inferred they had and ….
    I guess it was knee jerk reaction but I also believe they owe an apoloy to all and to the sport itself. No reason to damn the very fabric of the game. And please Jenna do not play it again until all is well with you. A year or 2 away is just that – a short time in ones life

    1. Grow up says:

      Her brother was right in back of the glass the entire game.

      1. duh says:

        Oh, thank you!! That’s a great neutral resource!

  4. Grow up says:

    I was at the game and it was clear that she was hit and she fell extremely awkward. You are all too paranoid if you think that she is faking it. Doctors are extremely intelligent individuals and can tell whether or not someone is faking it.

    I hope you all realize how cruel you are being for saying that she is faking it.

    1. duh says:

      Actually many aren’t saying she’s faking it. (If that’s what you are implying because you didn’t say “faking it” enough for us to be clear) Many of us are saying that her injuries (whatever they may or may not be) are NOT a result of a check into the boards.

    2. Anita Tention says:


      1. debmay1 says:

        It’s about time someone actually used the word that most of us are thinking!

  5. Kelly says:

    Let’s be adults here and hold the rude comments and judgement. None of us are in the consultations with Jenna and her doctor.
    Watch the video. Jenna makes contact with another player. It happens quick and the video is from some distance, so it’s hard to see the significance of the contact. Whatever happened, whether it’s a re-injury, a neurological disorder or something else – I hope Jenna has a complete recovery.
    By the way, all you rude commenters – have the courage to identify yourself if you are so sure you know what the story is here.

  6. Wait and see says:

    I am not commenting on my feelings toward whether I think she is faking it. However, the MSHSL might know something if they have the guts to put this out there fully aware that it is going to make people assume she is faking it… For MSHSL to do this and have this player seriously injured would make them look bad for even putting this out there… They may know something is all I’m saying.

    1. Just saying says:

      The MSHSL report is only the report turned in by the Referee, and that is all the report confirms. every major incident is reported. maybe he just did not see it? and because of the no call did not want to say so? I did see in the video that as soon as she was bumped into someone near the glass raised there arm like they thought that it was a penalty! so someone else saw something

  7. Julie says:

    From 2008:
    One member of the Farmington High School girls hockey team will be reluctantly watching from the stands when the Tigers open the Class AA State Girls Hockey Tournament tonight against Eagan at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.
    Jenna Privette, an eighth grade forward, suffered a concussion and a severe spinal cord injury when she was checked from behind during a JV game at Lakeville North Jan. 31. One player landed on her head and another on her back, pulling her spinal cord opposite directions, according to her mother, Penny Privette.
    Privette was initially paralyzed, but she is now starting to walk again. She started physical therapy Tuesday and she is expected to be able to return to softball and hockey next season.

    1. duh says:



  8. Learn the Game says:

    You are all idiots if you cannot clearly see that a girl extended her arm and put impact on Jenna behind the net. I have been a ref for quite some time and have played hockey for almost 18 years and played girls high school hockey and this is for sure not a fake injury. Even if she did not get hit super hard, a little impact can cause someone to get inured if they fall the wrong way. I have seen many instances where players have gotten hurt on freak plays so you all need to learn the game of hockey and understand that freak things happen before you start blaming the refs, the high school league, other players or saying that a girl is faking something like this.

    1. W Gretzky says:

      Angry referee man, nobody said there was no contact. It was that there was no “illegal” contact. Kinda troublesome that you don’t understand the difference. The video shows, at best, incidental contact when they both played the puck, and the one player fell down on her front. I also don’t see anyone credibly blaming the refs or the MSHL in this.

      Apparently some people can suffer freak brain injuries when they start typing blog entries.

    2. just like that says:

      I agree completely, No one knows that this maybe would not have been an injury to someone who had never had a back injury before. it is an unfortunate this happened
      enough with the bashing no one will get rich off of this. and you are condemning a kid! And Yes it is possible Channel 9 had a Spine Dr. that confirmed this can happen and has happened. If it is the Wording that bugs you get over it.
      Illegal hit from behind a check a bump who cares she is being attended buy Dr. who I am sure are smarter than us.

  9. Tom says:

    From what I have heard that she was coming back from a back injury. It could be that she came to soon. Hopefully she isn’t faking it, but if she is that is so bad!

  10. Tom says:

    I understand that they want to make some changes. That worst thing you can do. You have to let the kids play the game. You don’t make changes to the game because of “what ifs” Athletes know the risks they are taking in any sport.

  11. Jenn says:

    Look at the NFL. Player Safety. Thay are changeing the Game to make it So players dont get hurt.

    1. just asking says:

      How are NFL regulations related to this story?

  12. Keith Werlinger says:

    I know this is going to come off as unpopular and unsympathetic but something is fishy here. Minimal physical contact, female (ie. more flexible, less powerful contact), and the fact that this also happened less than 1 week ago to another hockey player. When was the last time you have heard of this? 2 in a week is too coincidental for me. And the fact that no injury is evident on CT or MRI. There has to be AT LEAST soft tissue swelling evident on MRI for paralysis to occur. Sorry but I say stick her foot with a needle when she’s sleeping. The fact that the family is not letting any visitors in the hospital to see her sounds a little suspicious as well.

    1. duh says:

      Other than the stereotype about female players, I totally agree with you. You did forget to mention the majority of “news” is coming from the parents.

      I’m sure the meetings with attorneys are already happening.

      1. The truth is out there says:

        Your comments are the best

  13. just saying says:

    Pulled from Fox
    Dr. Murali Krishnamurthy, at Allina’s Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, is not connected to either patient, but he says there are large number of injuries that can cause paralysis, from pinched blood vessels cutting circulation to the spinal chord to sprained ligaments causing swelling. Bleeding can also compress the chord even without the chord itself being damaged.
    “She could have multiple reasons for pain,” Krishnamurthy said of Privette. “This could be coming from ligaments, coming from pulled muscles — could be coming from stretched nerves.”
    Krishnamurthy cited the MRI of a paralyzed football player whose spinal chord and vertebrae were fine except for some narrowing that indicated swelling. Eventually, he was able to recover and returned to playing football.

    1. duh says:

      Again another GREAT resource…Wow! Fox news!

  14. making an issue out of a non issue says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Referee Report Riles Privette Parents
    Teen injured in game dedicated to Jack Jablonski

    Updated: Thursday, 12 Jan 2012, 7:59 AM CST
    Published : Wednesday, 11 Jan 2012, 11:29 PM CST

    by Leah Beno / FOX 9 News

    MINNEAPOLIS – Jenna Privette’s parents say they are livid after seeing a report from the referees who were on the ice when the 18-year-old suffered an injury. An incident report obtained by FOX 9 News on Wednesday afternoon says the teen was not checked behind, despite what her family says they saw.

    Officials filed the report with the Minnesota State High School League.

    “In talking with some eye witnesses, as well as the official, there did not appear to be any sort of check from behind, or light contact from behind. So, we are not sure if the player lost an edge on their skate — or lost balance or whatever — and somehow, through that course was injured obviously,” says Kevin Merkle, associate director if MSHSL.

    Yet, since Privette is still at HCMC with a spinal cord injury, her parents say they find the report insulting.

    “My husband and my son — and everyone … They all saw it happen,” said Penny Privette.

    The Privettes have insisted Jenna was checked from behind since the beginning. Her father told FOX 9 News over the phone the report is outrageous and wrong.

    “In girls’ hockey, there is no checking, and any type of checking should be called,” said Penny.

    Regardless of what caused Jenna to fall off her feet, both Merkle and Penny Privette agreed the report is a non-issue, and everyone is focusing on healing.

    “She knows exactly what happened, and you know, that’s okay,” said Penny Privette. “We know what we need to know and we are fine with that. “

    Read more: EXCLUSIVE: Referee Report Riles Privette Parents http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/news/minnesota/referee-report-riles-privette-parents-jan-11-2012#ixzz1jM4alyfH

  15. Levitra says:

    Hello dude! Great website ! I really liked reading it.

  16. Eyes wide open says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!RED FLAG RED FLAG !!!!!!!!!

    instead of concern for their kid Privette family obsessed with having her checked from behind. WHY?
    Who knows. this family is turning our to be one for the ages- a sad tale of lies, über-weirdness and delusion. Hospital should protect themselves from this money seeking family.

    1. debmay1 says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      1. Amen to that says:

        Me too! Money seeking and attention seeking. Red flags all over from day 1!

  17. SVduckfan says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen so many know-it-all’s in my life. From the camera angle and distance you can’t tell how much contact was made but hello you can’t stand a foot from the boards and slam them that hard by yourself. This was some serious contact not a light tap. Incidental maybe, legal maybe but odds are with her back turned towards the ice and the slam she took to the wall it was very dangerous contact penalty or not. Those that think she’s faking it I hope you get paralyzed in a car wreck tomorrow as that’s what losers like you deserve.

  18. Dean says:

    Very sad. Something is wrong here. I hope that this young woman gets better.

  19. JG says:

    The left handed player in front of the net stick checks a player to her right then goes hard, stick down toward Jenna who skates the puck behind the net and then turns either because she is shielding the puck or lost control. The left handed player may have poked checked the puck away from Jenna as it goes directly to a blue player who centers it to the slot.

    The act of poke checking and gaining control of the puck is perfectly legal even if the result is that the former player in possession of the puck is tripped. (639 a1, Note)

    If the stick contacted Jeena’s skate or lower leg it would cause a reaction that the video shows. Arms raised, loss of balance and usually a fall straight down on the ice.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Not only do I know many of the players on the opposing team, but I had many friends in the stands during the event. Jenna tripped over another players skate and fell into the boards. There was not a check or a shove of any sort, she tripped and fell. It was an accident, people fall and are injured severely every day. I hope her parents can stop this and start to focus on her recovery, as we all are hoping for her to get better.

  21. anonymous says:

    Sounds like it may be conversion disorder from what I’ve read. Most of the time when I’ve seen it, its been in teenagers and more prevalent in women. This isn’t something somewhat fakes, but the brain tricks the body into believing it is paralyzed for example (its subconscious). Given the recent news on hockey players and paralysis, and that the game was being dedicated to this, it is very logical for someone to get checked from behind in the same fashion as Jack, be concerned about paralysis, and ‘get’ the same injury. I have no real knowledge of this case, but just based on the surrounding events, normal imaging, and now questionable whether she was actually hit (and the fact that two high schoolers paralyzed in MN within the same week would be statistical anomaly), I am hoping this is conversion disorder for her sake. again, I want to reiterate that conversion disorder is NOT something a person fakes, and it is truly subconscious. again, I have zero knowledge of this case besides what I’ve read in the papers

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