WEB EXTRA: Minneapolis Stadium Proposal

WEB EXTRA: Ramsey County Stadium Proposal

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The time is up for Vikings stadium plans. Gov. Mark Dayton set 5 p.m. Thursday as the deadline to submit proposals.

That’s so the state legislature can start debating the options. It all boils down to building a new facility at a site in Arden Hills, one in Shakopee, or keeping it Minneapolis, possibly where the Metrodome is now.

Ramsey County officials marched their plan into the Governor’s Office Thursday, and delivered with it a little bit of attitude. They said enough is enough.

“It’s time to get real. It’s time to get this piece of business done and finished for the state,” said Rafael Ortega with the Ramsey County Commissioners. “Our proposal includes all the work we’ve planned.”

Ramsey County does have one thing no other site can claim: The Minnesota Vikings. But in a late afternoon news conference, team officials said while they support the Arden Hills site, they’re prepared to go wherever the Legislature tells them to.

“There’s great urgency to get this resolved and that means there’s great urgency to come up with a legislative package before the session starts and has that site and finance plan that works,” said Lester Bagley, Vikings vice president and lead in stadium development.

To build Ramsey County’s Arden Hills site, Ramsey County officials are proposing a three percent food and beverage tax.

Minneapolis has two sites: The site where the Metrodome currently sits and a Linden Avenue site that’s currently behind the Basilica, financed by diverting city sales taxes in 2016.

Gov. Dayton said he’ll take several days to review all the plans and endorse one next week, urging lawmakers to do the same soon.

“If it’s going to just get torpedoed to the end of the session and not even be something people are going to want to vote on because they’re worried about how to fix their re-election, their jobs rather than thousands of other people’s jobs, then let’s admit that at the beginning and move on,” Dayton said.

The State Legislature is set to convene on Jan. 24 to start its session.

Pat Kessler

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  1. Any $ but mine sayeth the Zyg says:

    It’s always so easy to spend other people’s money. Isn’t it, Zygi?

    Oh … some free advice to the male rubes of MN – don’t stand next to Zygi at the urinal unless you keep one hand on your wallet!

    1. Wright says:

      Zygi would be paying more money out of his pocket than you’ll probably ever make in three lifetimes and the Minneapolis Proposal will use existing sales taxes therefore nothing more would be coming out of your pocket than what already is. So what is there for you to complain about?

      1. steve says:

        three lifetimes? more like a thousand. and cry me a river OP, the stadium will take at most what? 5 dollars from you each year, but will create millions in revenue and thousands of jobs. would you rather us pay hundreds of millions more in 5 years to get an nfl team back here when everyone realizes how dumb this all is? didnt think so.

      2. frozenrunner says:

        @ Wright. Since the taxes are already in place for Minneapolis and not for the State or Ramsey County it is a safe bet the stadium will be built there. There are too many hurdles for anyone else. The prize at Arden Hills is the parking. Wilfs can make money off it. Expect if it is built there to pay big for the privilege of eating your own food. This whole thing is driven by the Wilfs to make themselves money. Not condemning it, just pointing out a fact They have said in the past they are looking at all revenue streams. The second reason why I think it will be Minneapolis and the Metrodome site is that the U of M would get someone else to pay for upgrades at TCF. Remember, this is all about getting someone else to pay for your stuff. In the end, the people who could care less end up paying.

        1. Wright says:

          Yes you’re right, it is driven by the Wilf’s to make themselves money, I’ve never denied that nor do I spite him for being filthy rich as there are worse things in this world than rich people. People will always take advantage of the opportunity for money or power even if it’s at somebody else’s expense, that’s just the way it is and there is no stopping it.

          My stuff? No, it’ll be Zygi’s stuff and for the public to enjoy if they choose to partake in that type of thing or if it’s even their cup of tea. I have paid for more things that I care less about than things that I do care about from a tax paying aspect, so if something comes to the table that I actually do want, I’ll support it even if it’s at the expense of Zygi getting richer and taxpayers that don’t fancy football or the Vikings having to pay a little bit. Believe me, I understand your frustrations, I just don’t share them with you in this particular matter and for that I apologize even if there is no need to. I’m tired of discussing this particular matter as I have said enough and none of it will make a difference anyways. There will most likely be a new stadium within the next few years and we will find out where within the next week and we will all help pay for it.

      3. Oh ye of little brains says:

        You forgot something there, Einstein. What about the other $350 million? Who do you think gets to pay that?

        Rubes of Minnesota unite – tell your legislators “NO MONEY FOR THE ZIP.”

        That guy is 10 lbs of doo doo in a 5 lb bag.

      4. Jack Anderson says:

        And just why is it I should be supporting Zygi and his private business in any way? I have little interest in football in any sense and certainlly not any sort of professional sports. Thankfully I have not been victimized by “sport addiction.” Seems to me the users and benefactors should pay and the rest of us should be off the hook. Let me support my interests and give the sports addicts the opportunity to support theirs. And PLEASE don’t lay on me all of the benefits to MN that would follow from stadium construction. My interests would be equally beneficial!

        1. Eric says:

          By that theory that everyone should just pay taxes on their “own” interests none of my tax dolllars should go to state parks, zoo’s, or school’s which are all partially funded by tax dollars.

          98% of all pro sports stadiums are city and state owned and are forms of entertainment for some just like if a state decided to build another zoo or park. Everyone pays for it and some will get enjoyment out of it. That is the way American taxes work and if you don’t like it move to another country because every state has some sort of state funded entertainment which not 100% of it’s citizens will use.

          1. Wanna try another run at it? says:

            Do your parks, schools and zoos have private ownership? Is there an already rich individual who gets to add profits to his bank account with money from your taxes?

            Tighten the loose bolts between your ears and think it through.

        2. john says:

          yes you are a packer fan. get a life dude.
          built the stadium and stop this nonsense about wilf only wants to make money.its not only wilf’its all 32 owners that make money. its a buss. look at all the money is going to bring in also in the long run.

        3. Joe Johnson says:

          “Victimized by sports addiction”, really? I hope you have kids that don’t ever look up to a respectable athlete as a positive role model, I hope they’re not encouraged to engage in healthy extracurricular activity like sports either, and I really do hope your dream of having all of your taxpayer dollars only go towards what YOU want comes true some day.

      5. Orrest says:

        @ Wright, Sal-E or whatever else for a name you go by
        Zygy will make more in profit in a year than you will make in a hundred lifetimes.If he can make a profit from the team that large he can pay for most of his playpen

        1. Nate says:

          He will pay for most of his playpen and you’ll be helping out with the rest.

          1. orrest says:

            You really need to pay better attention to the proposals. With road improvements less than 1/4 for Arden Hills, less than 1/3 for Minneapolis.

    2. Tailgunner says:

      Take a hard look at Carl Pohlad…The biggest crook ever….No one complains about that CREEP….

      1. Nord says:

        I do that old skin flint

  2. Ed Wilts says:

    Ramsey County’s title of the attached press release is perfectly fitting: “Ramsey County to host 2nd countywide disaster planning meeting”. Some things are just too good to make up.

  3. Best3800 says:

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket,so we may as well go down with all the bells and whistles. Build It!

  4. Matt says:

    $10 that Dayton picks Minneapolis, he couldn’t let a fellow Liberal (Rybek) fail.

    1. Frozenrunner says:

      The Ramsey County board is all democrats. Ill informed partisanship is very unfortunate but sadly common.

  5. Ryan says:

    60% of our taxes go to the military…not to mention the gov’t “loses” 2 trillion dollars of our money a year. so get over the 5-10 dollars a year it will cost you for a stadium.

    1. Allen says:

      “60% of our taxes go to the military”

      Do they let inmates in mental institutions have access to the internet?

    2. Babble on, just babble on says:

      Back up your false statement with some verifiable facts. Bet you can’t.

      And again, just because your pal Ignatz jumped off the bridge and fell to his death, that means you think it’s wise to also jump off the bridge?

      That’s the problem with so many of you sports fanatics. You’re not well educated, you think muscling and bullying your way through life is the macho thing to do, getting drunk on weekends is “cool,” and living “the game” is the most creative form of entertainment in your limited world. You think nothing of buying more beer and power ball tickets despite the facts that your kids could use some clothes and maybe a little of your time.

      You won’t miss that money for a stadium not so much because of your generosity but more because you’re not smart enough to understand that it’s been taken away from you.

      1. Ryan says:


        thats just the first article i found. do research fool. and no im not some macho guy who drinks all the time. so get out of your moms basement, turn off WOW, and do something with your life. if you are dumb enough to believe the gov’t, well then, you should be the one in an insane asylum.

        1. More babble, just regurgitated babble says:

          Your “source” is Common Dreams? OMG. Okay, you went with that, let’s look at your own source material. First off, it says 53%, not “over 60%.” Next, did you actually look at the items that so-called source is counting in it’s percentage? At least, repeat – at least, 21% of it is “non-DOD” expenditures. And that’s just what your “source” admits to! I think we can discredit your source pretty easily.

          And as for grynch … hey, if the shoe fits …

          It is what it is.

          1. Sven says:

            hahah. you really should relax. love messing with psychos like you.

      2. Grynch says:

        Stereotyping somebody due to race, gender, or culture is already simpleminded and ignorant enough as it is, to judge the intellect of someone based on whether or not they like sports is far beyond that.

        Have you yet to experience any of this gargantuan world beyond the infinitesimal one that you live in?

      3. Nate says:

        You tell them Mr. -Babble on, just babble on!

        These idiot jocks and their fondness of sports are so gosh darn inferior. You know as well as I do that you have to drink tea and attend opera in order to be smart.

  6. Bill says:

    That “it’s just a few cents or few dollars” line is something they use on gullible fools.

    The Twins stadium tax is costing each person in Hennepin County $30 for 30 years or $900.

    If you think that’s paltry, perhaps you like to pay my $900. It goes out of your pocket into the Pohlad’s pockets.

    Why are jocks so stupid?

    1. Rich says:

      wow 900 dollars over 30 years. you must be the cheapest person on the planet.

    2. Grynch says:

      So would $1,000.00 have any value to you if it were given to you in increments of $1.00 per year for 1,000 years Bill?

      And the whole “jocks are stupid” line is for ignorant simple minded fools.

    3. Nate says:

      You’re exactly right Bill, these idiot jocks would value $2.00 per year over 500,000 years as only $2.00 per year, but that’s $1,000,000.00 dollars man!

      1. travis says:

        would anyone be alive for 500,000 years? your point is dumb. $30/yr, big deal cheapskate. this stadium would create jobs for thousands along with revenue. will the owner get rich? of course, but he is the one fronting almost a half billion dollars.

        1. Nate says:


          1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain

          2: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against the individual

        2. Nate says:

          There is definitely a direct connection between being a cheapskate and despising successful billionaires… its called envy. It’s similar to that of the connection between crying about a small amount of taxpayer dollars coming out of an individuals pocket and trying to have good reason behind all of the outcries… its called I don’t enjoy football or having a football team in Minnesota so I don’t think anyone else should be able to.

          1. you can't reason with an unreasonable person says:

            It’s called you pay for your toys, I’ll pay for mine. But you wouldn’t understand the concept.

            1. Nate says:

              I understand the concept plenty, no need to take a crack at my intellect but if it makes you feel smarter then go ahead, be my guest.

              I’d gladly pay your share (a fraction of a penny per day) if you aren’t going to partake in anything that has anything whatsoever to do with a new stadium or the team if a proposal is accepted but it doesn’t work that way you see, not everybody likes what their taxpayer dollars is being spent on but they have to pay them anyways. I don’t like lenient welfare programs but I pay for them, I don’t like the roads being made out of asphalt as opposed to concrete because they’d probably last longer with concrete but I pay for it, I think a lot of state workers are undeserving and overpaid but I pay for their salaries, I don’t fancy baseball but I’m paying for that stadium as well. So if you don’t like it and you have to help pay for it you’re not the only one and it wouldn’t be the first time so quit crying about it.

          2. Gunnar says:

            Is this the same envy as when people rip on state workers for having a pension? The same envy for union workers and their wages. On this site you are called a socialist and worse for supporting these people. Argue against giving 500 million to a millionaire and your intellect is questioned. $25 million to build the Guthrie was fought tooth and nail, The Guthrie raised 150 million on their own. It is not unreasonable to expect the users of the stadium to pay most of their way. They are not even close.

    4. Earl says:

      $900 is a lot of money. Are you willing to pay my share? Hello? Where did you go? What a loser.

      That is money taken OUT of the economy and and NOT spent by the people who earned it to buy goods and services THEY want and create permanent jobs.

      1. dirk says:

        yea, in 30 years ill definitely pay your 900 dollars. your a loser. get a life and get a job. being concerned with 30/yr, your obviously not in a position to be calling others losers.

  7. Blake says:

    the stadium will get built. no point in crying over your precious dollars any longer.

    1. Jill says:

      It may get built, but the question is are the politicians going to rip off the taxpayers yet again.

      Contact your representative:

      Let them know if they get taken in by this scam you will be voting them out.

      1. Stan says:

        haha. yea, like contacting a representative will do anything. while were at it, lets call obama and tell him we dont like how much of our tax dollars he wastes…

      2. Nate says:

        Thanks for the link Jill but I’ve already contacted my representative and expressed my opinion on how we should build a new stadium and keep the Vikings in Minnesota.

        1. Jill says:

          The representatives have to listen to stupid people too.

          In the meantime, the rest of us aren’t gullible dupes and aren’t taken in by sleazeballs from New Jersey.

          1. Nate says:

            A personal attack at my intellect because my interests and opinions differ from yours. How original. Does it make you feel smarter when you do that?

            Are you that poor that a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction of a penny per day is going to ruin your financial stability, or do you envy billionaires, or do you just not enjoy football or the Vikings and don’t believe any one else should be able to in this state either, or all of the above?

  8. Nate says:

    Let’s say that we’d pay as much for a new Vikings stadium than we do for the Twins stadium… 12% of a penny is what an individual would be paying per day for this whole deal. It would take 8.4 days to even pay a full penny. So unless you’re so cheap that you stretch a penny out for 8.4 days this is not at all likely to have any type of noticeable affect on you.

    1. Sam says:


      Precisely the same argument could be made for giving that same amount of money to county or state parks, or to schools, or to fixing the roads, or to libraries, or to any number of things that benefit a lot more people than this stadium, with the highest taxpayer-footed-portion in the U.S..

      So why not, instead of taking this .12 of a penny every day and putting it in the pocket of people who make more in a day than my family makes in a year, and put it somewhere it will give real value?

  9. The Scheme says:

    Did Ziggy loose his option to move to LA?

    Davis threatens to move Raiders to L.A. (yes, again; no, different Davis)

    Newly anointed Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis made his first public remarks on the future of the team yesterday, and they were drawn straight from the threatmongering playbook:


  10. X says:

    Do all NFL team owners wanting a new stadium whine & threaten they will move to L.A. if they do not receive their deserved tax money from tax payer’s?