ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton asked Minnesotans for stadium ideas — and that’s exactly what he got.

In fact, if an iconic Minnesota stadium is what you want, Rober Roscoe’s your man.

The Minneapolis architect and preservation expert designed a retractable roof stadium in the shape of a truck topper — on wheeled sawhorses.

“You can make a huge camper stadium cover in the form of a camper top, and put it on sawhorses,” said Roscoe, who insists he is serious. “That’s on wheels on rails so you can roll it back and forth depending on the weather.”

That’s not all. The materials come from the Midwest-based home store Menard’s.

Roscoe envisions the roof getting pulled on and off by giant tow trucks from Bobby and Steve’s Auto World.

“They work by the hour,” said Roscoe.
But that’s nothing compared to David Sweet’s “iDome.” Yes, the iDome.

“Right now, there is an iDome speaker that’s trademarked,” said Sweet. “But this is a different category. This is a building. It will have T-shirts and things like that.”  

Sweet, a comedy writer and inventor, is serious. He’s trademarked a stadium with a fixed roof in the shape of an iPad. In fact, it would be the world’s largest iPad.

With with lighted adverstising visible from above, and world class television production studios for use in the off-season.

“Obviously, this would be a huge advantage for the vikings, to get world wide attention on the team. And it would be a world wide tourist attraction,” he said.

Dayton’s office got a total of nine stadium proposals, including unique financing packages.

One Minnesotan offered to pay the billion dollar cost himself, if the stadium is at the University of Minnesota farm campus.

Another sees the Vikings on the empty parking lot at the Mall of America.

None of the stadium designers have yet heard back from the Governor’s office.

Roscoe, however, says he’s certain his truck topper design resonates with more Minnesotans than a $1 billion pigskin palace.

“That may be more Minnesotan than just about anything,” he said.

Roscoe’s Topper Dome would cost about $300,000, which is almost a billion dollars less than some other stadium plans.

Check out the proposals below:

iDome 1, iDome 2
Topper Dome
Bloomington MOA and Stadium
Eagan Gaming Proposal
U Of M Farming Area
Vikings Card

Comments (33)
  1. Boom!!!! says:

    Take down the State Capitol, and put the stadium there. Nothing gets done at the Capitol anyways… 😦

  2. Deep Thinker says:

    Giant wheeled saw horses? How stupid is that, can’t wait for the first drunk that gets caught in the wheels. And it will only cost $300,000…lol…Tell you what, I will build an invisible stadium for $25,000.

    1. More Ignorant Stadium Comments says:

      If your weren’t so deep in thought you might see fit to look at the design and critique it intelligently

      1. I GOTS TO GO BAFROOM says:

        Intelligently? You are talking about a stadium being built for $300,000. Apparently you are as dumb as this idea. But then you are problably a friend or relative of this nut job. In case you don’t know, a really nice house costs more than $300,000. If you truely think this is possible you are really an odd ball.

      2. Deep Thinker says:

        @More Ignorant Stadium Comments….$300,000? lol…..please tell us all how that can be done when just the plumbing & electrical work would cost more than $300,000….seriously I hope you are joking…..seriously..

        1. shallow thinker says:

          @ BAF and deep.

          Have you ever seen structural steel at Menards? The roof is riding on 16 tires, ever see tires sold at Menards? Somebody was being creative and you bought it hook, line and sinker as serious. The article says he is serious but the design showed up in the JARS website, which I provided for you earlier. . Their esrimate to build the topper, 104 000. Hold your wallets tightly fools, the hucksters will see you guys a mile away

          1. Deep Thinker says:

            You are funny, you got busted for being stupid & now you want to turn it around on…by the way what is an esrimate?….lol…

          2. I GOTS TO GO BAFROOM says:

            Oh I get it, you give us a link which is suppose to show us that this could be done. And now after making you look foolish, you want to pretend that you knew it long ago. I don’t like making things personal, but you are a moron.

    2. Ace says:

      I love your invisible stadium. You have my support

  3. Political Genius says:

    Here’s the only sensible proposal:

    Pretty good huh? And it will save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

  4. Me too, me too says:

    I have an even better proposal that will save MN 3/4ths of a billion dollars – tell Zippy the Beggar to bug out of Minnesota!

  5. Krissi says:

    I really hope the truck topper guy wasn’t serious. I’d hate for our whole state to be represented by such a redneck display.

    1. DougT says:

      Don’t worry – if – IF people from other places even think of minnesota they already know what kind of state this is and another weird, dumb axx item will not affect that opinion………………. its not exactly cosmopolitan here…..

    2. Paul says:

      Then you must really hate being represented by the Vikings.

      1. Krissi says:

        Indeed I do 🙂

  6. millionaires billionaires says:

    Did Ziggy loose his option to move to LA?

    Davis threatens to move Raiders to L.A. (yes, again; no, different Davis)

    Newly anointed Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis made his first public remarks on the future of the team yesterday, and they were drawn straight from the threatmongering playbook:

  7. Axe Me I'll Tell You says:

    It looks like something a 12 year old would come up with. I hope this guy was just trying to be funny…and why Menards? Does the “architect” have a buddy that works at Menards or what? Sometimes you have to just wonder how moronic some people are.

    1. Why Even Report This as News??? says:

      Well, with his buddy’s 10% employee discount from Menards they will be able to buy more 2 x 4’s & some fertilizer for the grass field……

    2. you was fooled says:

      A football field is 160 feet wide. Given the scale of the picture the span of the sawhorse would be 300 feet. Do you really think you can laminate wood for that long of span and have it move on eight tires? Roscoe is having a good laugh at the rube’s expense.
      The material for the topper would be whe tin that they sell for roofing

      1. Deep Thinker says:

        “The material for the topper would be whe tin that they sell for roofing” …I don’t even no whart you are trying to say…..please learn English…thanks

        1. Stupid Thinker says:

          You are stupid. You are simply stupid as a box of rocks. Is that clear enough for you. You have any clue what they even sell at menards? It is not structural steel, it is not tires. About the only material that Menards sells that would go into the topper would be metal roofing. You were even so stupid ad to not realize the stadium drawing was that of TCF Bank Stadium.

          1. Deep Thinker says:

            You got busted & now you just can’t walk away from it…keep your chin up & don’t talk & maybe everyone else won’t think you are an idiot….lol

          2. Alison says:

            First of all yes “you was fooled” sounds ignorant, but there is no reason to lower yourself to his level by calling him names….the world needs stupid people as well as intelligent people

      2. Why Even Report This as News??? says:

        @you was fooled…..I think you were the one that was fooled & now you feel stupid so you are trying to pass it off…nice try…just admit that you were dumb enough to think this was a viable option

        1. Glen says:

          All of the posters on this thread are lacking quite a bit in the intelligence department. Start with those who thought the proposal was serious (Deep Thinker) and someone trying to correct the stupidity. Then there are people like you telling other people what they were thinking. No wonderr WCCO has to talk so slowly when they report, this bunch is their audience.

  8. Dave P. says:

    Citizens are jobless, people are living in the streets, children are going hungry and lacking in good education. So lets spend millions if not billions on a sports stadium so a small percentage of the public can pay high ticket prices to watch a bunch of millionaires play a sports game and make more money. If they don’t like the present accommodations, let them move out. They haven’t fielded a winning team in years anyway.

  9. StraycatStrut says:

    Luckily Dayton only got 9 proposals…any more and he would have to take off his shoes and use his toes to count the ideas. I say… set up some folding chairs at Parade Stadium if you absoutely cannot get anything done at the Capital. Feb is close and Dayton seemingly is as confused as ever. I cannot see where we are a “Better Minnesota” (Dayton Compaign solgan) if we lose the Vikes.

    1. Glen says:

      Take your head out of your bottom and you might see a better Minnesota. Really, are you that pathetic that your being is tied up in an organization you have no involvement in?

  10. William Jewell says:

    Mall of America is a great idea with the hassles of traffic & parking in Downtown and plenty of things to do…

  11. David Sweet says:

    I agree with the MOA, location.

    The artwork is updated.

    the top would be solar panels..etc..and FREE to the tax payers..

    I will get a survey up this week.

  12. crash says:

    So, let me get this straight. A private enterprise asks the State to help fund a stadium that they would like to build on a given site. The citizens and the Legislature don’t like the proposal, so Gov. eventually asks for other ideas, and all these communities spend who knows what to develop proposals that the private enterprise didn’t request and has made clear it isn’t interested in? Only in Minnesota.

  13. Renerive says:

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