MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The deadline for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium came and went.

Lester Bagley, the vice president of Public Affairs and Stadium Development for the team, spoke with Eric Nelson and Steve Thomson on WCCO Radio Saturday night.

WCCO’s Steve Thomson And Eric Nelson Interview Lester Bagley

Bagley said they are trying to get a package together and that in order for the Legislature to consider a new stadium they have to have a package in front of them.

“We’re working hard and trying to put that together. And that, of course, has to have a site and a viable local finance plan,” Bagley said. “I think that’s what the last few days was about. Let’s see what local communities have in terms of a site and a finance plan.”

Arden Hills remains the Vikings preferred choice for a stadium location. There were a total of nine site proposals submitted to Gov. Mark Dayton earlier this week.

Speaking about Arden Hills, Bagley said: “It allows and provides the best fan experience of any of the sites.”

Bagley said the team hopes the stadium decision and hard work they are going through will eventually payoff in the long run. He said that the significant issues that need to be addressed are: finance, local support and what plan will pass the Legislature.

“While we like the site a lot in Arden Hills and have a great partnership and relationship with Ramsey County, there is a lot of work to do and others that need to weigh in on the situation.”

Bagley said no short-term Metrodome lease will be signed by the Vikings until a stadium agreement is in place.

“Hopefully this stadium package that we’re putting together can include a short-term lease extension. That’s what we said and I think we have communicated that to Ted Mondale and our state leaders,” Bagley said. “I think that’s the way that resolves everything and takes that issue of the lease question out of play.”

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  1. The best plan is the simplest one says:

    Well Bagley, here’a a plan that will get instant approval: PAY FOR IT YOURSELF or get out of Minnesota!

    1. Beggars Can't Be Choosers says:

      “Bagley said no short-term Metrodome lease will be signed by the Vikings until a stadium agreement is in place.”

      1. we iz dum says:

        Translation: “No short-term Metrodome lease will be signed by the Vikings until we get every last cent of the taxpayers’ money.”

        Who’s a rube? heh, heh

      2. Gene says:

        Huh, who said that he dictated the terms.

        Contact your representative and tell them how you feel: email, phone, fax, it’s all good:


  2. Greg says:

    If your not going to post everyones opinion, then stop letting anyone post.

  3. Greg says:

    All the whinning, bike riding, sedgeway riders are going to be so disapointed when the stadium is built. Well the deal is done so get over it. Go Vikings

    1. And there's your answer says:

      Now you know why they don’t let just anyone post 🙂

  4. RIII says:

    If we can drag this out long enough they will move to LA. Problem solved.

  5. Jason says:

    Agreed, you should all contact your rep. I have. Thats what they get elected to do. Considering the amount of tax resources this would require this should be put to a vote.

    1. Ace says:

      I contacted my reps and also those traitor Ramsey County commissioners Ortega and Bennett. I’m sure they’ll listen. What part of no don’t they understand?

      1. Good intentions but you give too much credit to them says:

        All well and good — except — you’re sure they’ll listen?

        I seriously doubt it. They haven’t paid any attention to the general public yet, why would they change now?

        Personally, I think both of them are on the take from his Zygiship. They are both just as arrogant, demanding, and greedy as Zygi and they obviously don’t care that they’re swimming upstream from what the majority of the residents want.

        As they say in the shop “This doesn’t pass the smell test.”

  6. Lets think about this one... says:

    Think of the tax revenue generated each year which is upwards of $20 million per year. The construction will generate thousands of jobs in the construction industry which has been slumping since the bursting of the housing bubble in 2006. Yes the stadium is going to require some public funding but the pro’s far outweigh the cons.

    1. Guy says:

      Sorry – all the “cons” work for the Viks … Wife/gf beaters …. assulters … dui’s

    2. Gene says:

      There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. In the long run jobs are LOST! Anyone who tells you different is lying.


  7. Lets think about this one... says:

    Think of the tax revenue generated each year which is upwards of $20 million per year. The construction will generate thousands of jobs in the construction industry which has been slumping since the bursting of the housing bubble in 2006. Yes the stadium is going to require some public funding but the pro’s far outweigh the cons..

    1. older than dirt says:

      This false argument is older than dirt. Study after study, including Jason DeRusha’s recent report on WCCO, conclusively proves that the NET “revenue” to the state is in fact a negative number.

      The jobs argument is just as false. It isn’t even worth the time to address this again; it’s been beat to death and the so-called jobs don’t amount to a hill of beans in comparison with the debt the people of Minnesota would have to take on. In short, the debt will last at least 25 more years than the construction jobs would.

      The project is a total waste for the state – which has no business getting involved with it in the first place.

      One more observation – most people know it’s a bad deal for MN but, by the same token, most refuse to admit this thing is nothing but a WANT and doesn’t even begin to enter into the realm of a NEED.

      1. Build it and they will come says:

        If keeping the team here means the state has to get involved and shell out some money, then so be it. Our government spends money on projects that are much more inefficient than a stadium (which is a more permanent fixture and a useful piece of infrastructure as well)

        1. Jenny says:

          Really that’s your argument?

          The government does other stupid things so why not this one?

          Of all the lies and dumb things stadium proponents say, that has to be the dumbest.

    2. Guy says:

      This whole viking stadium deal IS one big “CON” job … by Ziggy & co.

  8. glen t says:

    Where is zygis’ plan? We need to do nothing until they tell us what they are doing. No open-ended proposals for the Vikings. They do not have veto power over the amount of money they are begging for.

  9. I'm afraid the team is a dead end says:

    Yeah … but … if something’s REASONABLE, our legislators surely won’t do it. In this case the “it” is a statewide referendum.

    I know it’s getting old. Heck, all of this stadium stuff is getting moldy – but one thing that really chaps my cheeks is the way Zygi has been so darn arrogant and pushy about this. Dear Lord if there’s anyone in the world who thinks he deserves our tax money as an entitlement, it’s Zygi. As is the case for most Minnesotans I would have too much pride to beg for money and, the worst part of it is, he’s begging for money when he has so much more than any of us do!

    I think he’s irreparably worn out his welcome in Minnesota and it’s time for him to move on. And I genuinely think that would also be best for this lackluster team who still can’t get it together after 51 years here. They, and we, all need a fresh start.

  10. Drop Kick says:

    The jobs will get farmed out to Wisconsin workers just like our highways.
    Go Vikings, and take the Twins with you.

    1. Invalid says:

      Another fair weather fan… If the Twins won the world series you would not be making those comments. But from a financial standpoint, they made just as much money and provided the state with millions from sales revenue as any other season.

      1. simple, very simple says:

        Another myopic comment from the beer gallery.

        Get the purple paint out of your eyeballs and try to grasp the fact that these sports teams are anything but the proverbial cash cow that they want you to believe they are. The cold hard facts don’t support such claims.

        Of course there are those who “want” them here and that’s fine but they also need to realize that we don’t “need” them here.

        All businesses, including sports businesses, exist by filling a need in the market place. And they need to make a profit in order to continue. Here’s where we differ: the people of Minnesota do not -repeat, do not- “owe” guaranteed profits to the Vikings or any other entity.

        If the MAJORITY of residents want to subsidize a business such as the Vikings, that’s great … PROVIDED they get to make that decision for themselves! Like via a referendum. Not by some on the take politicians.

        Play fair or get out of the sandbox.

      2. Drop Kick says:

        If, and when the Twins ever win another World Series you won’t be watching it from Target Field, they will have to move it to a warmer location. That’s why Calvin Griffith insisted on a covered stadium when the Metrodome was built.

  11. How About Winning??? says:

    \”It allows and provides the best fan experience of any of the sites.\”

  12. Swamp Rat says:

    After ten years of squabbling and arguing about the Vikings it’s time for all Minnesotans and government entities to put-up or shut-up!

    It’s time for all concerned if they want the Vikings to put-up or shut-up.

    If a new venue is to be built then put-up or shut about It! If the people are to subsidize this new venue then make it so that revenues pay for it and the treasuries involved keep solvent or my a profit. Also, if the state subsidizes this venue, the Vikings will be primarily a tenant organization and leasee but the people will/can use this venue for their own benefit as need and opportunity presents itself.

    Surprise, Arden Hills should be the site with any related developments and their tax revenues going to the proper local, state, or regional treasuries. Arden Hills will be/should be a national attraction and/or showplace that generates tourist traffic etcetera. Infrastructure, access and transportation, will be/should be designed better than the MOA. Here again if access and infrastructure are in place to handle the future needs of the Arden developments people will come.

    It’s time to put-up, shut-up, and/or lose the Vikings. Think of Minnesota– Not of yourselves. The future is upon us. Are we going to blow it aside and hurt our selves for the next few decades? Think about it!!!

    1. Big Talkin' Swamp Rat says:

      You talk big, Swamp Rat. This is an election year and nothing is going to happen. No politician is going to stick his neck out for a 1.3 billion dollar queens stadium.

      1. Oh yeah baby, oh yeah says:

        Swamp Rat likes his beer; it helps him say smarter things like “build da boyz a playground wit your money.”

  13. Brandan Fiedler says:

    Build the stadium!

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