MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A nationally-known peace activist from the Twin Cities died Saturday.

Marv Davidov was the iconic face behind many anti-war protests. He was a Freedom Rider for more than four decades and claimed to have been arrested dozens of times.

He may be best known for organizing protests against Honeywell, which he believed created weapons to be used by the U.S. military.

Davidov suffered several health problems. He was 80-years-old.

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  1. end war now says:

    well how the heck did this even make the news, an insignificant pacifist, big deal, way to spend your whole life crying about issues way above your pay grade.

  2. mark says:

    Saw the Socialist many times across the bridge from me, from the Lake St bridge to Stillwater. We both stood our ground, believed in our own causes, and values, he finally blinked.

  3. Brett says:

    He died? Big deal. A ‘peace activist’? Really? Maybe more like an enemy of the state, if you ask me. NEVER heard of him. Such people will NOT keep this country SAFE. They would rather kiss the enemy than our own troops.

  4. Jenny Peterson says:

    There is a difference in completely disagreeing with someone, even despising their tactics, and making disrespectful comments about them at the time of their death. If you are unable to say anything polite be civilized enough to just shut up.

    1. mark says:

      Cry a river for us:)

  5. mark says:

    Well no loss there, lol

  6. Me says:

    Another smelly misguided hippy done, plenty more to go!

  7. DougT says:

    I do not take joy at the death of anyone. I am just sorry he did not get help sooner clearly he had “issues” And a pity as he seemed able to focus and commit himself to something. Sadly he was terribly wrong and some might call it a waste of a life

    Most likely he will become a reverenced person to be honored by the “social progressives for justice” (what ever the hell that means) groups

    1. Old Nurse says:

      Severe health issues were being treated. Some health issues you can’t do much about. If you are calling his passion for his causes a disease then perhaps you ought to consider a little counseling yourself.

  8. Kevin says:

    As a Vet I say goodblye you sackless POS….

    1. Jusderp Bieherp says:

      Why? Was he also against animal doctors as well as war?

  9. gtV says:

    @[Nitwit] Rulz! and ALL;
    What’s in that tea you’ve been imbibing today? I personally disagreed with Davidov on just about 99-44/100% of the time! In many cases I won the day[arguments] and at others he may have won depending on who was moderating the debate. However, we both respected each others views and our Constitutional rights to freely express how we felt.

    As a veteran, I once told Davidov that his pacific views were slightly “Quisling” in nature. I asked him who would defend his rights to express his disagreeable [to me at least] comments on anti-war views or being an anti-war activist. I and others were willing to defend his rights and even give our ourselves to protect his rights by force of arms if need be. What would he say about that?

    He quoted Buddha and Gandhi. However, as I pointed out, even Gandhi espoused standing up for the rights of others by assertive means. Surprise, he saw my point. But, we still agreed to disagree with each other in a civil, respectable, and most amicable manner. At least we respected each other’s views.

    Davidov has past on. His dissensions will be missed. He had his “rough around the edges” moments but Davidov was consistent in his fervor and tenacity in what he believed. Many so-called activists would be hard-pressed to match his commitment to his beliefs. He will be missed and his local causes never will be same again.

    Rest-in-Peace my dear adversary and friend for social justices. I will miss our lively discourses. Don’t stir-up the Hereafter too much!

    1. mark says:

      just another coward

      1. mark says:

        I’m very, very lonely. Will someone please pay attention to me? Because my parents won’t and I don’t have a lot of friends at school. TROLLZ 4 LYFE!

  10. Bubba says:

    It’s obvious, some people have no life other than to trash other they don’t agree with. Whether the story is newsworthy, is beside the point. What purpose does it serve to trash. To make you feel superior? He didn’t cause any harm to anyone, be just didn’t agree with you. Such vile hatred is destroying our society. No longer can you disagree with someone, you have to tear them down and attack them.

    1. Clive says:

      The negative commenters here have posted many nasty comments about many things to the left of right wing. The freedom to have a difference of opinion does not exist with these people. If they cannot present an opinion they personally attack. US Vets fought for freedom, these people would deny that freedom.

  11. W says:

    Trashing a protester is not surprising given the intimidation practices used by the prime military defense contractors here in the Minnesota area.

    I was surprised by the comment in WCCO’s article, which stated: “He may be best known for organizing protests against Honeywell, which he believed created weapons to be used by the U.S. military.” Honeywell made many weapons for the U.S. and foreign governments until it spun off Alliant Techsystems (ATK) in 1990. More recently it’s military offerings have been more modest, but they are still making equipment. For example, the RQ-16 drone, funded by DARPA.

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