FOREST LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Forest Lake family is upset after two fawns that made a home on their property were shot by a police officer.

The Forest Lake Police Department said the officer was acting on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who believed the two fawns posed a health risk to other animals.

On Jan. 3, police say they received an email from the DNR advising them of two collared deer near the area of Highway 97 and North Shore Trail. The email advised officers to shoot the deer if they were located, saying they were likely captured and collared illegally.

Around 7 a.m. on Jan. 14, an officer said he nearly hit the two deer while driving near that location. The officer noticed the deer were wearing collars, as stated in the DNR email. He removed his department-issued shotgun and shot the first deer. The second deer ran into the backyard of a home on North Shore Trail.

The officer said he followed the deer and shot it. He said both deer were shot about 50 to 60 yards from the residence.

Jeff Carpenter said he woke up early Saturday morning to the sound of gunshots.

When he went to investigate he discovered a Forest Lake Police officer standing over the dead deer holding a shotgun.

Carpenter said the two fawns roaming in his backyard just kind of made themselves at home.

“She got her name by Abbie, the abandoned baby, and she showed up in our doghouse one day,” he said.

First Abbie and then Pinkie, both became a fixture throughout their Forest Lake neighborhood, even the family dogs got along with the deer.

“We never pinned them, never were raising them to be,” Carpenter said. “They were independent wild animals coming and going on this property as they please.”

That was until last Saturday, when Carpenter woke to the sound of gunfire.

“I heard a loud pop or bang but I didn’t think it could be a shotgun,” he said.

Minutes later he heard another shotgun blast.

When he went to investigate he found a Forest Lake police officer standing over Abbie with a shotgun.

Pinkie was found feet away in the front of the house, she too, had been shot.

Carpenter asked the officer why, and he said the DNR told them to kill the deer.

The DNR says they asked Forest Lake to help them destroy the animals.

They say the deer were collared, leading them to believe they escaped from a facility, and with the threat of disease, they had no choice.

“And that’s what it’s all centered around,” said Capt. Gregory Salo of the Minnesota DNR. “We’ve had the scare up north with bovine tuberculosis. We just had a scare in 2010 with chronic wasting disease.”

The DNR says it is illegal to raise wild animals. The deer will be tested to see if they were diseased.

Carpenter says he put collars on the deer so he could identify them from the others.

The DNR will also be conducting an investigation on the incident.

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  1. Swamp Fox says:

    What goes on here? Did this homeowner have proper DNR permits &/or local licensing to keep deer as pets? Did the homeowner have the proper facilities: IE-containment, fencing, facilities, etc.; to keep deer? Why did he put collars on the deer?

    A lot of legal questions and no answers. WCCO we need more information on this story. Something isn’t right here!

    1. Ricky says:

      You’re correct; WCCO is doing a terrible job reporting on this one. But they’ll just censor this response anyway.

    2. Bee says:

      They didn’t keep them as pets, its like putting out a bird feeder, just putting collars on them.

      1. kat says:

        it still is illegal to collar them.

    3. Dead on ... kinda says:

      Pets are under control or contained – these deer were not using either criteria.
      I have no issue with the officer doing what he was told to do. I once again do have an issue with the bush league DNR in this state. We have deer here mowing down everything we plant in area – everyone screams about it. They are protected – to bad. The city (Mtka) protects them – I have a herd of 17 that sleep on the rear berm on my lot almost every damn night. I want them thinned – but nooooooooooooo.
      Here – evidently all wanted them and they say take them out. What a messed up DNR from top to bottom

      1. Kat says:

        They will stay in an area that people are feeding them in… I would take a look around your neighborhood, Someone has feeders out.

    4. Matt says:

      clearly states why he put the collar on. Maybe you need to learn how to read the whole story.

      1. Ralph says:

        clearly state putting a collar on a deer you don’t own is ilegal and keeping illegal deer endangers EVERY deer within 50 miles!

    5. linda says:

      What a stupid comment, have a little compassion.

      1. Chris Jackson says:

        Compassion for people who enjoy breaking the law?

  2. Chuck says:

    Sorry Rusty, but it is illegal to collar and keep deer without a permit. Law is what it is!!!! One may not agree with the law, but it is the law.

    1. Rocket Scientist says:

      What constitutes keeping them? There was no fence. The deer were wild. The collars may have prevented a hunter from killing them during the recent season. The “collars” were not for ID purposes. Look at the picture. I am not sure we want cops who are not observent enough to ask questions when this scenario plays out.

      1. Ricky says:

        You hit on an important part of this story that WCCO left out. The cops didn’t even go to the home owner’s door. They just drove up and shot. Everyone is calling them ‘collars’. Well, go over to the pictures at and see the pictures of the so-called collars. Not what you are going to expect. These were fawns that no longer had a doe to care for them. They sought refuge in the home owner’s garage, first one, (and they moved that one back out to the wild), then they both came back. The homeowner no more “captured and collared” these fawns than you did to your children.
        No, the DNR should have some explaining to do, but they won’t given the special treatment they get. Unbelievable budget, no accountability. They’ve done such a great job keeping the Japanese Carp out of our lakes and rivers. NOT!!!!

        1. Ralph says:

          Ricky these were NOT fawns, they were legal adults as of the opening of bow season (sept?)These people ilegaly fed and cared for them and have now endangered EVERY deer withing 50 miles. The DNR may have to kill all those deer (just like they should have done with the caro) BEFORE the CWD gets put of hand and kills ALL the deer in the state

          1. Steiny says:

            Ralph your a moron…
            ya the dnr found cwd in a deer near rochester… then the hired sharp shooters to kill another 200 deer and test them for cwd… guess what none of them tested positive for cwd…. nice job dnr….it isnt cwd thats going to kill all the deer in minnesota its the dnr… they cant even control the asian carp…im a life long hunter in minnesota and the DNR mismanages everything……..

            1. Ralph1 says:

              they cant even control the asian carp BECAUSE they let the situation get out of hand. and didn’t kill every fish withing 50 miles of the original outbreak which was caused by the same issue as the deer, PEOPLE keeping wild animals they should not have.
              NOT finding CWD in the 200 test deer is a GOOD THING. Had they found even 5 or 6 positives they wouls have had to kill EVERY deer within 50 mlies to have ANY chance o preventing the total colapse of the deer heard. google it

      2. Ralph says:

        “The collars may have prevented a hunter from killing them during the recent season”
        That is THEFT of public property, these people had NO right to take the publics property for their own use, If they had collars they were not wild and endangered ALL wild deer with chronic wasting disease, There would be no seer left in Minnesots if we allowed there iresponsible people to make their own rules.

      3. kat says:

        “Carpenter says he put collars on the deer so he could identify them from the others.”
        Read this again!!!! It comes from the story and the video… Yes Carpenter collared them to ID them.
        I have friends that have hit at least 3 deer this year coming home from work on NST.

    2. DougT says:

      Ya, and if you do it they will come and shoot the animals!!

      Really, I think this was badly handled by the DNR and the local governmental representative. And there is the property rights of the owner…You cant just march onto someones property and start shooting animals – please the state has gotten a bit full of itself….

      The Progressive fascists – totalitarianism with a smile…..

      1. Ricky says:

        I agree with all you wrote, except the term ‘Progressive fascists’. I think you will find that Progressives and fascists are opposites of each other. Fascists tend to be corporates and the politicians that support them. Progressives are anti-corporatocracy. Please look up the definitions and you will see the difference.

        1. DougT says:

          Oh no, historically Fascists were the progressives. Nice book to read is “Liberal Fascist” By Joana Goldberg – very well researched and a good read

          It goes through the history of “The Progressives” – including such things as their ideas on sterilization of “undesirable” and weak groups of people ect…Why do you think they are so gung ho on abortion? Oh yess they are Fascist – even though most do not understand these roots.

          Unless you prefer Stalin’s definition of Hitlers socialism – but then they were fighting for the same socialist progressive niche

          And that’s why over time Progressives and Liberals change back in forth with their name – it gets a bad rap so they change back to progressive or liberal depending on the times


          1. What? says:

            If what you’re saying is correct does that mean that black is white and night is day?

      2. Rex Hamann says:

        This in no way equates with anything “progressive” so go and teach yourself what progressivism is and we’ll all be better off.

      3. Ralph says:

        These deer were NOT the property of these people, you CANNOT steal the publics property because you think they are cute..
        Bovine tuberculosis, chronic wasting disease DEAD people due to auto crashes, do you understand any of these?

  3. Swamp Fox says:

    Read the story! I realize it leaves much to be desired for information sake but if read the story the officer was only doing his job. Also, the deer wore collars? Why? The homeowner call these deer his pets(?) is that legal? Read the story and let’s hope more information is forthcoming!

    1. AndY says:

      First thing, do you now how much horror has been inflicted on people by government agents using the excuse “I was just doing my job”? Second, guess what? The constitution and the 4th amendment apply to the Dnr also. Fish and wild life agencies are allowed to violate the constitution and people’s civil rights far to often and this was a perfect example. Say what you want, but no government agent had any right whatsoever to criminally trespass on someone’s property . This so violated the 4 th amendment it’s actually comical! Can you say federal law suit! Again you and me the tax payer will foot the bill again in civil damages because another government agent thought the law didnt apply to them. Thanks!

      1. Real Talk says:

        Thats some nice armchair lawyering there Andy.

        Unfortunately the government has duty and right to protect and serve the state. Including ensuring that natural resources are presevered in a manner as consistent with community values (ie. the elimination of any animals that the governmetn has reason to believe maybe a danger or hazard to other animals, resources or the general public.)

        As far as you or anyone else is concerned the state of MN own the deer. And you pay them every fall to try and take a couple of them.

        The government agent in this case did NOT enter a dwelling or establishment for the purposes of searching or arresting anyone. Period. Second…how do you know it was criminal trespassing? You know, just because a government agent sets foot on your property without an invitation does not make it criminal tresspassing right?

        Anyway…good luck with your federal lawsuit Andy….LOLOLOLOLOL

        1. Andy says:

          Hey dumb a$$ have you ever read the fourth amendment? The state of mn owns the deer ? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, with that mentality if the state owns them we the tax payers own them. The point I was making is the wildlife agents have way to much power to violate people’s rights. It is criminal trespass, the officer went on someone’s private property and discharged a weapon on top of it. People like you scare the hell out of me because you are the ones who think everything the state does is ok even when they violate the law. Badges don’t grant extra rights to violate the law, period! They wanted to shoot the deer on someone’s private property they should have got a warrant that’s the law and it applies to everyone! Guess what smart guy I am a lawyer and a very successful one. The homeowner takes this to court he will win for violation of his civil rights and again we will foot the bill.

          1. Real Talk says:

            If you are a lawyer…i am an rocket scientist. And only a moron would indicate he is a “successful” lawyer in an anonymous chat room. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day…thanks Kid.

            For arguments sake, lets say you are a “lawyer”, you seem unable to grasp the basic concept of criminal trespassing…which did not occur in this instance. Neither did an unlawful search or seizure of private property…no 4th amendment issue. Period. And vehemently insisting it does…doesn’t change the facts and doesn’t make it so.

            Your “point” as you say is that “wildlife agents have way to much power to violate people’s rights.” What rights of this individual were violated smart guy? His right to collar wild animals and have them visit his yard? He wasn’t arrested, searched, detained or restricted in anyway.

            Again…an officer coming onto your property uninvited does not equal criminal trespassing. You cannot own private whatever you want and think they only way the cops can come onto your land is with a warrant. That is demonstrably false. How dumb are you? Where are you even getting that from?!?!?!?

            Second…the if not the state of mn, who “owns” or controls the deer and other resources in this state? You said I’m stupid and wrong…so please correct me smart guy. Do you own shares of deer and fish the rest of us are blissfully unaware of?

            1. Andy says:

              Again dumb a$$’, you can own private property and if you have not committed a crime on your property you are protected under the 4 th ammendment., and to the other dumb a$$ below, warrant was needed the man did not commit a crime. Hot pursuit, are you kidding me. You act like these deer were wanted felons. The cop should have at least gone to the door and asked permission. He is lucky he is alive and the homeowner wasn’t armed. Again morons like you are scary because you know nothing about the rights afforded to you in this country. I can’t wait until one of you idiots gets assaulted, trespassed on, or illegally arrested by the ever growing police state. Last thing moron, I stated, the state does not own the deer, we do because we pay the state tax. The state just regulates it! Ignorance is bliss I guess.

              1. Real Talk says:

                “The cop should have at least gone to the door and ask permission”

                How, smart guy? Run the tabs on the deer and see who they belong to? Go knocking door to door at 7am to find how if anyone knows who put the collars on them? The were wild animals you nitwit.

                Second…you dont know what the 4th ammendment is do you? You said, “if you have not committed a crime on your proerpty youare protected under the 4th ammendment” Guess what…even if you do commit a crime on your are still protected by the 4th ammendment. Wrong again boy wonder. Finally for the last time you slow here…the fourth ammendment protects you form unlawful search and seizer. In this case the cops didnt search anything and didnt seize any private property.

                let that sink you numb skull

          2. Ralph says:

            There is NO civil right to STEAL the publics property (these deer) first year law student should know that, I call BS on Andy being a highly succsessful lawyer! The deer crossed a public road, officers responded in hot pursuit, no warrent needed!

          3. Katie says:

            Andy I hope you can help the family. Thank you for reminding everyone of the fourth amendment!

        2. Realist says:

          You have no clue what you are talking about either.

  4. Monica Nyblom says:

    Again, the dnr!!!!! Those deer were COLLARED!!!!!! Doesn’t that tell you something??? “Just shoot”!!!! is that the dnr’s motto?? Evidently it is. Every bear that has shown up in the area has been killed. I hope the land owner goes through with this. The dnr needs to put their guns away and find other solutions!!

    1. Ace says:

      It’s terrible, killing a defenseless fawn is just cruel, mean and arrogant. Killing is not a solution, it is the problem. Shame on them

      1. Bee says:

        Amen! They are innocent. It isn’t their fault for being there and needing a helping hand. After all, deer were here before humans invaded their space. Every animal that is seen is shot, according to the DNR. The “Department of Natural Resources” should be called Killing Innocent Animals.

        1. Dan Boone says:

          I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

          1. something stinks says:

            I think I just messed my britches a little bit. Not alot, maybe a teaspoon full.

            1. kat says:

              The only way these deer would survive is with humans feeding and caring for them. It is illegal to collar deer. We as hunters pay for tags and are subject to the rules and regulations of the DNR. Like it or not, that is just the way it is. I think they are cute too. However they are very tasty and when they get bigger I will shoot them and tag them and register them just like everyone else. It is sad that they were shot but they would not have been shot if the idiot wouldn’t have collared them and brought this attention to them!!!!!. Yes the officer shot them but Carpenter is responsible,

    2. Ralph says:

      Those deer were COLLARED!!!!!! Doesn’t that tell you something??? .
      Yes it tells me these people STOLE the deer from the people of Minnesota, they had NO right to collar these deer, in fact it was illega,
      EVERY time you feed a wild animal you are sentencing it to DEATH, one way or the other!

  5. Jim says:

    Meanwhile car accidents are occurring, burglaries are in progress and other crimes are being committed. Good to see that they have their priorities straight.

  6. Don'tget-it says:

    How is it he ended up with 2 fawns, what happened to their mother, what kind of fool thinks you can just collar anything you want and name it as a pet? I hate that they were shot, but c’mon collaring fawns as pets.

    1. Rockford says:

      The mother was hit by a car. The young deer just showed up and stayed. The homeowners did their best to keep them in the wild. Pioneer PRess has a better story on it.

      1. kat says:

        You cannot keep any animal “wild” by feeding it… So if you see a little bear and start feeding it do you really think it will go away?? No once you decide to stop feeding it, it looks for other food close by. Deer do the same thing, they will look for another feeder,..but most likely will trash peoples gardens and trees. Or get hit by a car and poeeibly cause a fatal accident.

    2. Ricky says:

      Because you didn’t get the entire story (because WCCO didn’t bother to get it), he didn’t catch, or collar it as you are thinking he did, nor did he keep them at pets. Please go to and read the more informed story there.

      1. Karen says:

        Anyone who has acreage usually has little friendly visitors: bunnies, sqirrels, deer, racoons, birds of all kinds etc. If your property is a safe haven, such as ours, these creatures become regular visitors and almost friends of the property. If there isn’t a serious situation of danger on my property, I will assume anyone carrying a gun who comes on my property, is trespassing with intent to harm. If someone can’t contact me as a homeowner, discussing with me the reason someone is coming into my sanctuary with a weapon, I assume I have the right to defend my property and home against that trespasser/intruder. The DNR’s lame excuse involving chronic wasting would be about as applicable as me hearing of a murder or break-in in our neighborhood. giving me the right to shoot on sight, any trespassing, gun-toting intruder. Why would the neighbor woman call the DNR about the deer? It seems the deer had been in the neighborhood for a while. I’m so sorry for the homeowner who enjoyed his visitors. Policies are supposed to be guidlines with human discernment always trumping “one-rule-for-all” type policies. This foolishness was so unnecessary.

  7. PJO says:

    I know the people in the piece, and are awesome and compassionate people. THE DEER WERE NOT PETS. they had been feeding the deer since they’re momma was hit and killed by a car last summer, so because of this they had no fear of humans. the deer came and went as they pleased, they weren’t penned in at all.

  8. Unsafe! says:

    How can they shoot near homes without notifying the residents? What if someone had run out of their house to see what the commotion was and got shot accidentally? Sounds very irresponsible!

    1. Ricky says:

      You’re right, very irresponsible. At the least, they should have gone to the home owner’s door and informed him. Then they would have discovered what moronic behavior they were about to carry out. They did not THINK AT ALL!!!
      Glad I don’t live in Forest Lake.

    2. Jess Ryan says:

      You hit this one right on the head. You are not suppose to discharge a fire arm so close to residential homes and yet the police did it any way. If you had done this as a hunter with in the hunting season you would have gone to jail. The police and the DNR acted irresponsibly and that is the bottom line.

  9. Doh!NR says:

    Shoot first, ask questions later?

  10. PJO says:

    I know the people in the piece and they are awesome and compassionate people. THOSE DEER WERE NOT PETS. They fed the two deer because they’re momma was hit and killed by a car last summer. The deer came and went as they pleased and had no fear of humans because they were fed by these people. Pure b.s. if you ask me!!!!!

  11. angus says:

    Someone is lookinng for a bit settlement

    1. Pennie says:

      settlement for what?????????????

    2. Ricky says:

      What are you possibly trying to say? No one but you has mentioned such a thing. Certainly not the homeowner. All they wanted was to be left alone helping two fawns reach an age where they could be on their own.

  12. Serpico says:

    “…who believed the two fawns posed a health risk to other animals.”

    Sure, fawns savagely attack other animals all the time.

    Beside, we’re the police. We can do anything we want and not get fired.

    Since they closed the Metro Gang Task Strike force, we’ve been itching to mess somebody up.

    1. Ralph says:

      1 There are NO fawns in January, they were fawns in June,now they are legal adults.
      2. “Chronic wasting disease” does savagely attack other deer all the time. google it

  13. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Pathetic…..just should have left them alone. I don’t care what the law says, it was heartless.

  14. Gangsta says:

    Gangsta deer, oh maybe not if they were gangstas they would have to get rehabilitated and put back on the street where they can rob and kill again and get food stamps.

  15. Ricky says:

    Now, on the other television station website, they are quoting the DNR as saying, “If domesticated deer are not recovered by owners, they are destroyed to protect the wild herd from disease.” Seems they are changing their story or the the reporters aren’t listening very well. Either way, none of it is anything more than silliness and ‘cover your butt’. For that logic to be true, that would mean that all deer that roam into suburban areas and are exposed to domesticated pets should also be shot otherwise it would possibly endanger the rest of the wild herd. Seems the DNR likes to kill stuff, period. What a mentality. No more contributions from me!

    1. Can't believe the waste of precious life says:

      Ditto for me, Ricky. I have been sickened by the DNR for some time now. Wouldn’t you think they would care about animals? A visit to the vet and being let go somewhere else, makes more sense than purposely shooting or as I remember it stated; MANAGING the herd. There are wildlife agencies, that probably would have gladly taken them.

    2. Will says:

      From an epidemiological point of view, if we are to conclude that they two fawn in particular are a risk or threat to the health of our free ranging animals you would have to conclude concomitantly that all deer in the particular area are of a similar threat or risk. I seriously doubt that any rational well trained DNR employee instructed the Forest Lake police to single out these two deer. This action seems to support suspicion of some other social interaction between the home owners and said police officer or officers and perhaps someone within DNR, the killing of the deer then could be a retaliatory response.

  16. Ken S says:

    You need to have a h*ll of a lot better reason for going around discharging a shotgun in a residential neighborhood than two orphaned fawns.

  17. dennis says:

    if they came on my property to shhot the deer i would give them the ammo, collars on or not ,, deer are not pets just like snakes. and bears. they live in the wild and if on my property i will shoot

    1. Bee says:

      No innocent animal deserves to be shot.

      1. SHOOTEM says:

        PETA, plez…..

  18. Mr D says:

    I don’t know why he wasted good ammo shooting the fawns. It sounds like he could have walked right up to them and slit their throats.

  19. Jackie Du Charme says:

    Sorry this happened Jeff.
    Why the DNR think they are so smart I have no idea. They are idiots. Why would they think these deer have the brain disease. There was no indication/sx of it.
    Why the police followed orders that were complete idiotic we have no idea. How sad.
    The one that gave the order and the one that followed need to get out of their so called profession. What goes around, comes around. Damn bums.

    1. Ricky says:

      If I lived in Forest Lake I wouldn’t dare call the police for anything. I’d be afraid they would have some stupid orders or rules from some other moron, and come in blazing. With the great number of rationale, well-trained, professional cops who are looking to get hired, I would think that Forest Lake could do a lot better by replacing some of their police department.

  20. Ricky says:

    Watched the 5pm news article on this. Interesting how the DNR stated it ASSUMED that since the fawns had the cloth wraps on their necks (which they still call ‘collars’), they were PROBABLY escaped from a facility. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? How about going to the door of the home owner or the neighbors and asking some questions? Let me see, …. the cops SUPPOSEDLY patrol the area; and, the neighbors are quoted as saying they were well aware and comfortable with the fawns, yet the cops knew nothing about any of this. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Sounds to me like the cops in that community are WAY OUT OF TOUCH with their citizens. Nothing like being shotgun-firing law enforcement, but being unaware of the neighborhoods you serve. There’s something really, really wrong in that township. Wonder what happens if someone’s dog gets loose…… DNR could have stopped by the homes in the area and asked some questions before ordering a shoot-to-kill order. Oh, I forgot. They don’t answer to anyone.

  21. Bee says:

    THe DNR and the “police” think that just because they are involved with the so called govt of minnesota, that they can shoot anything, and do anything. Those were poor fawns that just needed a helping hand. Its just like if there’s a dog without a collar, it automatically has rabies. Someone needs to stand up for these animals, because they don’t have a voice.

  22. Merango says:

    3000 wolves have been ripping live deer flesh apart in Minnesota and nobody seems to care.

    1. Chumlee says:

      I have watched live fawns and other young deer get ripped apart by both wolves and coyotes right in front of their mother. It is more horrible than anything I have ever seen.

  23. Captain Logic says:

    If it’s OK to shoot animals that MAY have a disease to protect the herd, then when does the season open on people with Aids?

    1. Captain Kangaroo says:

      Why? Are you worried about people hunting you?

  24. Al says:

    Too bad the cop had to do it at the request of the DNR. I am sure it is something he/she really didn’t want to do. The law unfortunatly is the law. Wonder if 2 coyotes were shot would anyone care – probably I am sure.

  25. Ronski says:

    I’m a hinter and I am outraged by the conduct of the police officer and DNR. You don’t go unannounced onto somebody’s property and home blasting away with a shotgun. This was just plain cruel and down right stupid actions by the police officer hiding behind the authority of the DNR. Yea, this comment is coming from a deer hunter.

    The police officer should be completely ashamed of himself for this incident. But he won’t even think a second thought, as long as he gets to kill something (and not even us it for meat or leather).

    1. Mr D says:

      What’s a hinter?

      1. tko says:

        Maybe it’s a hunter with one eye.

  26. Patrick says:

    To the police officer and the DNR : #@&* YOU!

    1. Shane says:

      Unrestrained power trips – driven by unchecked mega egos – yet again, demonstrate the absence of basic human compassion and respect for life.

  27. John S. says:

    How the heck can police come on private property and fire weapons? What if the home owner was a Veteran with problems? This could have been a nightmare and is the stupidest thing I have heard for some time. The owner should file charges against them for violation of his Constitutional rights.

  28. Dave Smith says:

    The last time,I heard,it was my understanding,that it is DNR’s job to protect our wildlife from unjust harm.My first thought upon seeing any animal with a collar on is to be protected.The only time that an animal should be put down is when SIGNS of disease,or aggression are apparent and obvious.Why didn’t the DNR do their job by putting them down with tranquillizers and then test them for disease?There have abeen a number of (I feel) unjust killings,of animals in Minnesota.

    1. Ralph says:

      Once there are SIGNS of chronic wasting disease the whole herd is infected and will DIE, slowly, painfully, google it
      put them down with tranquillizers and then test them for disease? HOW HIGH DO YOU WANT YOUR TAXES????
      than what, have them call their doctor in the morning?

  29. Dougski says:

    I’m a hinter too and I know exactly what you mean Ronski. Too bad there aren’t more hinters among us.

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      I hinted once…didn’t like it, so no more hinting for me

  30. Brian says:

    hey everybody, If the landowner would have just let the fawns alone in the first place, kicked them out of the dog house, not put any kind of idetification “collars” on them, and let them fend for themselves like WILD animals do, they would still probably be alive. The landowners are the ones that caused these fawns to be destroyed! Why can’t people let nature take care of it’s self!

  31. tony says:

    Fend for themselves, keeping them wild. Ever seen this video?

  32. Jon B says:

    The people collaring deer were overstepping their bounds at best, breaking the law at worst. Blind compassion is not really compassion if you don’t act with all the available knowledge and responsibility.
    The home owners failed to act properly and the consequences were paid by the deer not by those who acted without regard to the law, without regard to the long term future for those specific deer or a multimillion dollar natural resource. Not to mention the safety (CWD) of humans over managed animal populations.
    It feels good to share our compassion but without all the information and a long term view of the consequences of those actions we will end up hurting those things we are all trying to help.

    1. Brian says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    2. tko says:

      You must be an attorney. Your comment is a bunch of blah…blah…blah…

      1. Jon B says:

        tko must not be used to people who can use their intellect to observe and properly express a well informed viewpoint

        1. tko says:

          Any moron like me can see the injustice of this incident and express themselves without all the… blah…blah…blah…( by the way, I have a Masters degree in common sense and compassion)

          1. Brian says:

            tko, do you really think these deer would of been shot if not wearing identifing “collars”? I doubt it! It would be just another deer, nothing to draw attention or to question whether it is wild or an escaped pet/livestock. Common sense!

            1. tko says:

              The collars were pink and orange cloth I believe. If these were deer from a ‘facility’, I am sure the collars would’ve been of a different type (a professional, monitoring type maybe-oh,and EXPENSIVE I am sure) These ‘collars’ look like something I would put in my kids hair.

              1. Brian says:

                That is why they were believed to be a(n) escaped pet/livestock and not a WILD deer! WILD deer don’t wear pink or orange necklaces!!

                1. mk1 says:

                  Brian, Go to bed.

                2. Ricky says:

                  deer farms dont have COLLARS either….they take there ears….. DNR knows that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                3. Ricky says:

                  deer farms Tag there ears……

  33. tko says:

    Sounds to me like the ones needing to be checked for ‘BRAIN DISEASE’ are the ones with the money (DNR), and the ones with the guns (POLICE). Really ticks off some of us tax payers here. I think I will pass on fishing from now on too, they don’t deserve my money.

  34. Mr Deer says:

    That doesnt make me sense about cop shot cute deer, it’s violate the law, because shoot on his property. Why cop need to shot, for what? Chronic disease, maybe no chronic disease. I think cop may lied to DNR about lie story, cover up his BS story. I hope COP or DNR get suspend without pay for 1 week or lost his job? Of course, God doesnt approve about cop shot innocent fawn with no reaseon.

  35. Will says:

    There is no requirement that a peace officer or an employee of the MN DNR has to take or pass an IQ test.

  36. hillbilly says:

    look billy bob they got white collars, did the warden say to shoot them , he sure did ,well lets get them then,do you think we should tell some one , no billy bob no one will never no

  37. austin says:

    That DNR officer and cop should be fired, fricken pigs. They did nothing wrong by helping out the deer.

  38. Curand says:

    I was enraged while watching your story on the deer that were shot on private property in Forest Lake. First, I am and have been a hunter and do support the legal taking of game to manage population levels. I see this as needlessly endangering the public and that I do not see any way that this was a legal taking of game. The officer interviewed did not provided any evidence they had received authorization from the DNR to proceed with an out of season hunt or that the public was in danger. I found that that the officers response to shooting wounded or injured animals as a very poor excuse since that was clearly not the case. I truly hope you will investigate this incident further and provide the following published hunting regulations

    1 Deer season is currently closed

    2 • On another person’s private land or a public right-of-way, a
    person may not take a wild animal with a firearm within 500 feet
    of a building occupied by humans or livestock without written
    permission of the owner, occupant or lessee of the building. (this requirement is located on page 6 of hunting regulations)

    3 You may not take small game unless a
    visible portion of at least one article of clothing above the waist is
    blaze orange, except when hunting wild turkeys, migratory birds,
    raccoons, predators, when hunting by falconry, or while trapping.
    Deer Season: Also, you may not hunt or trap during any open
    season where deer may be taken by firearms (including special
    hunts, early antlerless, youth seasons, and muzzleloader) under
    applicable laws and ordinances unless the visible portion
    of your cap and outer clothing above the waist, excluding
    sleeves and gloves, is blaze orange. Red is not a legal color, except for those
    who qualify under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.
    Blaze orange Includes a camouflage pattern of at least 50 percent
    blaze orange within each square foot. This restriction
    does not (this requirement is located on page 6 of hunting regulations)

    4 Wanton Waste
    A person may not wantonly waste or destroy a usable part of a
    Protected wild animal unless authorized. (deer are currently protected since it is out of season and there is no evidence of a permit or special cercomstances)

    1. T says:

      Calm down it’s two deer. They had no right to collar the deer. OMG your little neighbor girl just hunted a sunfish!

    2. Ralph says:

      All your arguments apply to hunters NOT law enforcement doing their job
      protecting the rest of the deer population from diseased domesticated deer (chronic wasting). Anybody who feeds wild animals KILLS that animal one way or the other

  39. Bambi says:

    Good question, what if DNR send email to Polcie follow deer ( maybe not that deer, like wrong ID deer) shoot wrong deer? Where is collar? Need to see proof by video or pic about deer does still have a collar before shot? I bet cop and DNR make a big mistake? EVeryone doesnt know, God know what was going on exactly!

    1. tko says:

      We got another ‘Hinter’ here.

  40. truthhurts says:

    with all due respect to all but did not the home owner really set the fait of the deer by puting a collar on them, he made them the target not knowing

  41. Shock and Awe says:

    Wow!! I am a Police Officer and an avid hunter. Shame on you Forest Lake PD. Find something better to do and SHAME on you DNR!


    1. Brian says:

      somehow I don’t believe you. If you are an officer, you will ignore orders from above? I hope your not in my Town.

        1. Brian says:

          excuse me, MK1?
          Just trying to open eye’s that are blinded by emotion. They’re not wrong in feeling bad for the animals, but are pionting fingers in the wrong direction.

  42. mk1 says:

    There is a feral cat clan living next door to us and we made some calls to the local authorities and agencies trying to get something done about them but the answer was the same from all that were contacted. ‘We can’t do anything about it.’
    Do you think if I put a pink or orange collar on some of them I could get the cops out to do some shooting at 7:00 AM on Sat. Probably just not ‘Manly’ enough for them. I bet if I did it myself, (which would be a favor to the neighborhood) I would end up in jail.

  43. Come on! says:

    If you didnt see the story don’t comment on it. They weren’t collared and they weren’t kept as pets. Unfortunately it seems like our DNR has really gone downhill or have just gotten plain lazy. Come on DNR get your act together. This is getting old.

  44. Tony says:

    Plenty of other deer in this neighborhood. They cross 97 all the time. Some bears too. We gonna shoot all of them now?

  45. Tim says:

    I live in Forest lake. I really dont care whether its legal or illegal to shoot a deer. Im gettting kind of sick of this city and while he have a bunch of new bridges and a round about, Maybe Forest Lake really isnt such a good place to live. Someone arbitrarilly came onto someones private property and snuffed out something that really meant something to them. So they say they were in the right. Who can argue with someone bigger than You. To the people that lost Your deer, i dont know that our government agency is sorry for what they did, I am sorry for You for what they did.

  46. Up Nort in Forest Lack says:

    I hear that the folks “Up Nort” always eat what they kill and sometimes even kill what they eat.

  47. Put it in Perspective says:

    Over 12,500 murders by gun annually in the US and all you have to worry about is two mangy little bambies being shot? You whiners would all condemn the Police and the DNR if you ran into one of these collared critters on the highway and they had not shot it!

    1. Come on says:

      Huh? Totally lost me there. Obviously there are far more important issues going on In the world. Always will be. Just because people comment about this story doesnt mean they dont recognize that. The point is, the shooting of these two deer was LAME. And where they did it was worse. End of story.

  48. MJ (a mom) says:

    So sad that killing 2 young, defenseless animals becomes a higher priority for law enforcement than actually making contact with the people on whose property they were on and the animals were frequenting. I do not believe that the officers who shot these beautiful animals did not know what they were doing and how the homeowners might respond. If this happened in Highland Park in St. Paul where I have seen mature deer roaming the streets of St. Paul, folks would be up in arms and a few heads would roll. DNR and PD need to reevaluate their priorities.
    If cardinals and rabbits frequent my bird feeder, can I expect that officers will come on to my property and shoot them? I hope not.

  49. meg says:

    ruthless and senseless

  50. Gangsta says:

    Day was colored deer so dey shoots dem alwayz holdin da black man down

  51. DougT says:

    So if I did this on my own I would be a evil Bamby killing poacher, loose my gun. money, truck (if used to get me there) possible time in jail and have a really large legal bill

    They illegally, unlawfully trespass onto private property and blast them and its oky doky? Wow – so much for the Rule Of Law theory

    1. What a Dope says:

      Gee what a shock, you drive a truck….enough said….

  52. mannex67 says:

    “… when he nearly struck the two collared deer with his squad car.” Man, you can just pick out the BS in cop stories too. “More than any other deer, these two deer had gone rogue and were a hazard to the roads and for the safety of the community they had to be shot.”

  53. Only Doing My Job says:

    Nice, expect a visit shortly…..

  54. Whodat says:

    I’ve good point about why DNR didnt stop at his home about deers, before? If DNR never did, that mean DNR is LAZY…why DNR didnt tell him before, why wait till …sound like as Penn State! I guess some people and state of MN, goverment, officers, congress and MN governor look up at DNR, ….that’s very disappoinment! Everyone and I will never know that possible state of MN DNR will investigated about why shoot deer? Maybe, MN governor could send U.S. general attorney investiagte them, may found violate or other ? That’s not my job, it’s up to State of MN, because more, more people grow complaint about MN DNR doesnt seem care about shoot any animals, doesnt save whitre albino deers in MN. Wisconsin doesnt allow shoot white deer, save! Well, I think MN DNR just copy from Wisc DNR shoot 3 legged deer. Copycat! If I’m governor or mayor, would want to protect white deer in MN, need to raise more white deer. If MN DNR doesnt want to protect white albino deer, then will be gone..never come back again! Extinct! I’d like to hear from your good point and nice comment, great appreciate! What u think?

  55. Christopher Lambert says:

    Did the DNR contact this homeowner? Did law enforcement? This was not a case of a a known felon hiding. And what was the risk? Really because itt doesnt seem that officials did there due diligence in finding out the true situation. Is this what we have come to? Officials making off the cuff decision that negatively effect the majority of people? Since this was private property what if their were children playing beyond the next tree oir bend? What then DNR?

  56. RexNearAnoka says:

    The DNR manager who authorized this shooting should step down. This is no way to manage a deer population. What kind of power trip is this guy on???

  57. Rex Hamann says:

    Why didn’t the Forest Lake police tell the DNR to shove it? They could have said, hold on here, let’s get the community together to see what they think about this before we do anything drastic. The way they handled this is the best way to alienate the community from law enforcement. That is not what law enforcement is about!

  58. its just awful says:

    These are animals, which the Disney-headed animal lovers believe are more important than people. Never mind that the homeowner put them in harms way by feeding and collaring them. Never mind that the DNR was acting to safeguard the population as a whole. What matters is that two “innocent” animals were killed. Time to heap abuse on the DNR and law enforcement for doing their job. No expense or risk would be too great to save the lives of these deer and spare the ignorant the sad consequences of this homeowners foolish actions.

    1. Christopher Lambert says:


      1. Christopher Lambert says:

        Maybe I was quick to comment. What exactly is your point? Because it seem that you are saying this was justified. I retract my hasty comment for the time being.

  59. Brett says:

    Venison, MMMMmmmm. Nice and lean, not the sort full of drugs, hormones, etc.
    I don’ fully understand why this happpened, but I can lend a guess… Better than launching a car 60 yards thru the air without a driiver’s license, or insurance, or a JOB, or the fact that the driver was about to be a DAD at the age of *14*. Or riding your sled across an open body of water in January in MINNESOTA., when the temps were consistently ABOVE FREEZING, for a lenghtly period of time. But dont’ let THOSE FACTS keep you from saving your STUPID KID.

  60. Pork Sandwhich says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that a donut eater would do something so stupid! Good wild life management idiots!

  61. curand says:

    There has been a lot of discussion most of which condones the action of the police department and the DNR which would be normal for a civilized society. This really needs to be posted to youtube to let the inhabitants of our world weigh in on the justification for this horrendous event. If I knew how I would, but I don’t, I hope someone who is tech savvy will step in and help get this posted

    1. Ralph1 says:

      how tech savy do you have to be to post on youtube?
      Feed any wild animal and one way or another you have sentenced that animal to death. WHAT PART OF THIS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

      So you would rather the entire Minnesota deer herd die off from CWD?

  62. Matt says:

    I am a hunter. I have been my whole life, so I have no problem with killing animals. I also understand police officers shooting animals under certain conditions. This however is not one of them. I’m imagining the scenario at my home. It’s Saturday morning, my kids are watching cartoons and I’m having a peaceful cup’o jo. And 50 yards from my front door, literally in my front yard, a local officer is firing a shotgun at a baby deer? There’s no forewarning? My kids run to the window and see a fawn bleeding out in our driveway? It’s ludicrous to suggest that this is considered a competent thought process on behalf of the officer involved.

    1. Ralph1 says:

      Been a hunter your whole life and did not know there are NO baby deer in January? They were legal adults as of the opening of bow season (sept?) .
      They were fawns last June, they grew up

      1. Katie says:

        Not adultus, yearlings actually. It hasn’t lived a full year of its life so therefore it is not an adult. So they can call it a baby if they would like.

        1. marka$$ says:

          If they can’t control immigration they might as well control migration

        2. The Man says:

          Not adultus, yearlings actually????
          A yearling is a legal adult in EVERY State.
          They could have been legaly SHOT last fall as ADULTS.
          9 months is 20 Deer years

    2. Ralph1 says:

      Katie .
      “So they can call it a baby if they would like.”

      Does NOT make it true!

  63. protectourrights says:


    Make the phone calls, do not let this behavior go unchecked.

    Forest Lake Police
    (651) 464-5877

    City of Forest Lake
    (651) 464-3550

    Washington County Sheriff
    (651) 439-9381

  64. Brett says:

    The Green Hornet to Kato: :”Uwaaaa, Uwaaaa…”.

  65. alligator says:

    YES…..its TRUE……the police ARE PIGS….they have very well deserved that name and the DNR is even worse….i have completely lost all respect for police and the DNR given their trigger happy ways with animals that DO NOT NEED TO BE KILLED …..yet they are killed in the name of convenience and PERCIEVED yet unwarranted fears…..i am just disgusted at the despicable lack of leadership and ignorant ways of those we entrust to safeguard ours and wildlifes existence….police make me sick and i will never support them nor the DNR as long as i walk this earth.

  66. John Krenik says:

    Often times many situations like this could have been handled better by all parties involved. Even if the FLPD was 100% correct, look at all of the poor PR this situation has generated, both local and national. If the FLPD officer had taken the time to notify the homeowner he was going to discharge a firearm on his property he would have been informed that these were pets. As Solo from the DNR stated, had they known the whole situation things would have been handled much differently. As a result the bad PR FLPD and the DNR is receiving could have been eliminated by doing a little homework and using a lot of common sense before shooting. Look at all of the ill-will that has resulted from this.

  67. marka$$ says:

    u call that crime prevention? get a grip forest lake pd. that is low, real low……

  68. North 400 Club Memeber says:

    Who puts a collar on a deer in the wild? What about their god given animal rights to not wear a collar? The home owner is to blame for their death, maybe next time he’ll just enjoy them from a distance and not try to put his mark on them. Idiot.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      There were no collars. Does that change your opinion?

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        What about his opinion would you like him to change? Please be specific.

  69. Bob says:

    Stop blaming the cops and DNR, not that it couldn’t have been handled better but those were not fawns, the picture was obviously taken this summer not last weekend. The home owner is at fault for marking the deer in the first place. They probably would have been killed by a car anyway because the home owner feed them so they will keep coming back, again his fault. The idiot with the hunting rules must not realize that these are not hunters fool. They do play by different rules and by the law. CWD is an issue and look at the trouble Wisc. has had and MN up north. Two deer dead is not going to make dent in the population.

    1. Ricky says:

      deer farms dont put collars on deer anyways… they TAG their ears….just like cows.. ya cwd was an issue down by rochester where they found it in one deer and then had sharp shooters kill 200 more deer and find none of them with cwd…. nice….great DNR…… Salo should be fired… end of story

    2. kat says:

      If they will look at the photo of the deer on the ground they would see they are not fawns anymore…. No Spots!! but people only want to hear and see that they want to. I got a deer last year that was diseased… it wasn’t pretty, I was unhappy about wasting my tag and not getting the meat but at least the rest will have a chance!

  70. Realist says:

    Let’s see… The sun isn’t up yet, I’m enjoying my morning coffee, and then I hear gunshots right outside my home? My reaction would be to grab my weapon and investigate. Unless I am able to immediately identify the individual as a police officer, as soon as I see a long gun I’m neutralizing the threat. The Forest Lake PD should be thankful they didn’t lose an officer. Bottom line, FLPD should have made contact with the homeowner first, “Hi, I’m office so-n-so with the Forest Lake Police. I’m here to ______.” I have the utmost respect for the law enforcement community, but this was plain stupid police work.

  71. Mr D says:

    It’s sad to see how many stupid people post on this site. Anyone who wants to blame the police or the DNR is an idiot. The blame lies solely on the moron who decided to put collars on the deer with an attempt to make them his personal pets.

    For those of you who think that the Forest Lake PD violated the dumb ass home owners constitutional rights, You are idiots too.

    For all of you tree hugging liberal wusses. Go back to smoking some pole and let the police do their jobs. If we relied on people like you we would be in a world of S#!T.

    1. Realist says:

      What a classy person you are. Your knowledge and wisdom is astonishing!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      What collars?

      What pets? That was never stated. So are you making that up then?

      Smoking pole? So you are against gays also? I’m guessing you have a long list of “hates” you like to talk about to whoever will listen. What a blowhard. No pun intended.

      1. Mr D says:

        Watch the news. He collared them with different colors so he could tell them apart. That was a death sentence for the deer.

      2. kat says:

        read the article, He said he put collars on them to identify them…He probably told his neighbors or they saw him caring for them and they probably called the DNR on him. If he would have left them alone they wouldn’t have been shot.

  72. Andy says:

    No idea what I’m talking about? Two definitions: criminal trespass-Short version, entering property not owned by you without knowledgeof entry by the owner. So the cop is exempt from the law because he wears a badge? 4th amendment short version, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, house, and papers from unreasonable search and seizures, know warrants should be issued, but upon probable cause. So if the officer thought he had probable cause he should have woke up a judge and tried to get a warrant. Be thankful, for now, that we live in a country that you have rights and an agent of the government on any level can’t just enter your property whenever they feel like it, but the police state is becoming more of a reality and this just another example.

  73. Dave says:

    It’s time to put collars on the DNR. They seem to revel in their right to enforce idiotic eddicts on the populace. How lame to insist that these two fawns might be infected with disease just because they had rags tied around their necks; much more likely they didn’t.. Some of these pomopus bureaucrats insist on seeing boogymen behind every tree. The involved DNR officials as well as the local policman that did the shooting should be sent down the road. Seems like our tax dollars could buy personnell with some common sense. The law against the taming of wild animals could be reconsidered as well.

    1. Rex Hamann says:

      Ditto. If the man who ordered the FS cops doesn’t lose his job, I’m picketing the DNR. Join me.

  74. Pauline Overby says:

    Next time put some spray paint on them like in the form of a target. That way no one will be able to hit them. or just a little green on each side of the neck.

    Minnesota, where you must write horse on horses and cow on cows for deer hunting season, and they still shoot them.

    1. Rex Hamann says:

      I must have read fifty of these blurbs, and I’m grateful for yours, finally some comic relief. Reminds me of a Larson cartoon. I know it isn’t really funny, pathetic actually, but I laughed out loud reading this. Hit the nail on the head squarely.

  75. Mr D says:

    Rumor has it that Jeff Carpenters son works for the DNR. They really should have known better than to adopt the deer as pets.

    1. marka$$ says:

      Rumor has it The D in MR D stands for dumba$$

      1. Mr D says:

        Like I give a S#!t what any of you d-bags think. It’s not a rumor it’s true.

        1. marka$$ says:

          somebody please put a bark collar on MR D

  76. anti bachmann says:

    your all idiots get over it

  77. gtV says:

    To all;
    Anne Wolfe you are not responsible for the fawns’ deaths. It was a comedy of errors from the git-go.

    First of all, these were wild animals abandoned in the wild who got attached to humans.

    Second, the Carpenters who took the deer to heart should have called the DNR to have them relocated and tested for diseases.

    Third, since Jeff Carpenter supposedly did not call the DNR then it stands to reason that the collars he put on the deer made them targets for notice and identity.

    Fourth, Anne Wolfe, a concerned neighbor, rightly called the DNR for health, safety, and legal reasons. Besides, deer that congregate near human habitats pose a safety, health, and vehicular hazards to them selves and humans.

    Fifth, the Forest Lake police officer was doing his job besides following orders from his department and the DNR. How was anybody to know that these ‘wild’ deer had become de facto human pets?

    Sixth, last but not least, this situation could have been handled in a more civil procedural enforcement manner. But, under the circumstances how was DNR or the FLPD to know that their enforcing the laws would result in such a clamorous uproar?

    It is sad and tragic, to some degree, that these almost yearlings have to be eradicated but CWD and Bovine diseases with wild deer is something we as Nature lovers don’t want to see crop up in our wildlife resources.

    Maybe, this situation could have had a more positive outcome. It should have started with the Carpenters calling the DNR to capture the deer for testing and relocation. After all, they are supposed to be ‘in-the-wild’ and de facto pets or human conditioned. There is no one singularly the blame, however, it’s a real life comic tragedy of errors that we should learn from.

    Enough said.

    p.s.; I love the outdoors and I’m an outdoors sportsman and conservationist. I wish this situation could have been progressed a bit more carefully and humanely for the yearlings.

    1. marka$$ says:

      come on you can do better than only 6 reasons can’t you?