FOREST LAKE (WCCO) — It is a case that has neighbors really upset with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: two deer fawns killed by police in Forest Lake.

The fawns were found and fed by Jeff Carpenter on his property, and he put pink and orange collars on the deer.

Anne Wolfe sees lots of wildlife in her backyard in Scandia. Her property is very near Jeff Carpenter’s land. So, when she saw the fawns with collars, she took pictures and called the DNR on Dec. 29, 2011.

Now, she said she feels responsible for the fawns’ deaths.

“The man asked me if I could send the pictures, and I did, and the next thing I heard was that they were shot,” said Wolfe.

Early last Saturday, a Forest Lake police officer shot and killed both of the collared deer on Jeff Carpenter’s property.

The police were acting on DNR orders, but Carpenter says he will file a complaint with the Forest Lake police about the incident.

“The DNR and the Forest Lake police department need to step up to the plate and say, ‘you know what, we screwed up. We made a mistake here. Yhis could have been handled so much better,'” said Carpenter.

Chronic wasting disease has been found on game farms, and the DNR had no way of knowing if the two deer with collars had come from a game farm. Conservation officers are trying to prevent the disease from reaching wild deer herds.

The fawns will be tested for the disease.

Wolfe says the whole thing is a big misunderstanding.

“I told them I wouldn’t have called them if I knew this was going to happen,” said Wolfe.

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  1. Judi Fitzgerald says:

    This incident is so disgusting that it makes one embarrassed to me a Minnesotan. The DNR people and the involved police should be fired. There was no rhyme nor reason to this. Knocking on the door and getting information should have been the first step. The second step should have been advising the people to remove the collars. The third step is to put those responsible on unemployment and let them think for a year. Absolutely disgusting.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      There is nothing to suggest any CWD is or was present. Ever. This was not a good call.

      Number two, since when can a government official enter my property and start shooting 12 guages without even so much as letting me know first? Please be specific, Brian, and while you’re at it, get a life yourself.

    2. Merry says:

      Spoken like a REAL man with a gun in his hand. Who would you be without it. Ponder that.

    3. Blonde Bailey says:

      Never mind the DNR or the disease BS that is now being used as their excuse for what they did…are you kidding me! Don’t the cops have anything better to do…seriously…get a clue! The two innocent beautiful orphaned fawns were bothering and hurting no one. Remember…didn’t the cops first use the excuse that they almost hit one of the deer with their car?? Now all of a sudden its about disease…which is it…neither! its cops with guns who think they are god over all of us who are bored and have nothing to do at the moment to continue the power trip that they’re on. Just picture yourself in your house at 7am on a peaceful Sunday morning…10 acres…your private sanctuary…nothing unlawful going on there…and all of a sudden you have two axxholes waltzing around on your land taking charge and doing whatever they want for no good apparent reason…and you find that they are targeting two completely innocent animals…i don’t care if they are from the wild (deer) or not…whats the freaking difference…those two sweet beautiful babies hurt no one…the forest lake police officers who did this should have to issue a public apology to the homeowners…the homeowners should hire an attorney and sue the idiots that shot these animals on his property (or the dnr…whoever did it) who care who did it…it is completely unnecessary…these two deer were no threat to anyone!!!! Was anyone complaining about the deer…NO! If you did call in a complaint to the police…they would not be there to help…they would probably laugh it off and tell you they cant do anything about it…sound about right people out there in the neighborhoods and everywhere. Yeah, i would bet that if you called the police about deer being in your yard and bothering you…they would tell you that they cant do anything about it. Here is a situation where these beautiful loving kind people are there for these two newborn babies who lost their mothers to deer hunters (murders) who get off on and feed their egos by shooting innocent animals (i dont care if its to put food on your table) thats not the point…i’m certain that if you can afford your hunting gear, guns etc…you can afford to shop for your food at the grocery store…the point is…these people are a god send. Those two babies were scared with no where to go…no mother to follow and to show them what to do and where they should go…BRAVO and GOD BLESS YOU for being kind and loving (something we need alot more of from people out there) I want to send my personal condolences to the homeowners…i feel so hurt for you…the babies were sweet and beautiful…thank god for people like you! you are in my thoughts and prayers, and so are the two fawns! This whole story makes me so unbelievably sad…i will never forget it i know that. Sue the city…sue the dnr…try to do something…they were in the wrong wrong wrong…cant you get them for trespassing…something, anything…i will cross my fingers for you…google…research…find a way to make this right…nothing will ever make it right…your good deeds and love were slapped across your face by cold hearted idiots who see animals as nothing more than an animal. Look further than that narrow minded cold hearted thinkers!

  2. Frozen says:

    It figures a Wolfe would be responsible for killing deer!

  3. I.P. Freely says:

    Lately, it appears that the the letters DNR stand for Destroy Natural Resources. They order docile, helpless animals to be destroyed like they are a plague on our state…Guess who or what the plague really is?

  4. rc says:

    The Persons or person should be fired from there Job for the ordering the shooting of fawns on private property in Forest Lk.
    What will be the next thing you order shot on private property without contacting homeowners of your intention kids, cats dogs what?
    Most of feel this was done because you people have to much power and think you’re the best next thing to God.

    The person responsible should turn in there badge and not ever have a government job again. You are not any better than the Taliban they also kill to prove they can.

    1. Thurman Merman says:

      The taliban…yeah that’s the same. So your problem with this whole thing is the DNR didn’t contact the homeowner and get permission? Guess what…the DNR has more of an ownership claim on those deer than the stupid homeowner who put collars on them and named them.

      1. Dee says:

        It wasn’t to get permission to kill the deer, it was to knock on the door and tell the home owners that there would be shooting on his property. And to show some type of paperwork / orders to allow them to do it. I think this is the biggest problem. that someone can come onto your property for any reason without the proper authorization. We live around the corner and I believe these were the fawns that were born in our back woods because after June we didnt see them anymore. And it’s a shame that it happened but again, it was the way it was done. That is what needs to be addressed. We still live in America, right?

    2. Mmmm. Deer says:

      Some unbelievable posts here. Taliban, communicating with animals, putting collars on wild animals. The next thing you will read is how PETA will advocate putting collars on every wild animal in the woods, then tell us not to shoot them.

  5. R. Schneidrhan says:

    totally unreal that the DNR & State officials made suck a disgusting decision as to destroy to helpless animals. there are many other ways this could have been solved without DESTROYING what they are supposed to be preserving just unreal. Typical state bungeling

  6. rockfish says:

    Post about the article idiot.

    1. geesh says:

      You want posts about you? Are you the article idiot?

    2. dhillips says:

      Am posting about the article,as you people are mostly hillbilly gun nuts trying to preserve the rights of gun owners,and th great white hunters!

  7. BABS says:

    I have a 50 lb racoon running around my neighborhood, I have called the police, animal contol, and the DNR. Nobody will do anything.

    Wish I could figure out how to get an orange collar on it!

    1. dee says:

      yes, and I will try and figure out how to make little collars for the 50 + geese we have in the backyard every summer that poops all over the place and makes it impossible for the Grandkids to play in the yard. Talk about disease!

  8. Dawn says:

    How stupid!

    If the police wanted to know the story behind fawns with collars, why didn’t they ask the people in the neighborhood. I would think police officers would know how to investigate.

    With animals as with humans, the use of deadly force should be the last result when there is no alternative way to safely handle a situation.

  9. Mr D says:

    All of you are blaming the wrong people. Jeff Carpenter signed the death warrant when he put collars on the deer. The DNR and Forest lake police followed the law unlike Mr Carpenter.

    1. tan pup says:

      I guess you were the one who WANTED to pull the trigger Mr. D . . . If putting collars makes it OK fo rthe DNR to shoot a deer, I’m taking the collar off my dogs who are the same color and size of deer, to make sure they don’t get shot in my yard! Watch your kids too, the DNR might say that they were justiified too because the kids were wearing white mittens and a hat with a puffy ball on top, which looked like a deer’s tail, and GOD forbit one wearing a brown coat or brown scarf, maybe the DNR will use that as an excuse to shoot too!

      1. Matt says:

        You’re one to talk about leaving feelings out of it. Unless the following post you put up yesterday is you holding back your true feelings.

        “Mr D – It’s sad to see how many stupid people post on this site. Anyone who wants to blame the police or the DNR is an idiot. The blame lies solely on the moron who decided to put collars on the deer with an attempt to make them his personal pets. For those of you who think that the Forest Lake PD violated the dumb ass home owners constitutional rights, You are idiots too. For all of you tree hugging liberal wusses. Go back to smoking some pole and let the police do their jobs. If we relied on people like you we would be in a world of S#!T. January 17, 2012 at 9:10 am”

        You manage to call everyone else stupid, idiots, morons, tree huggers, liberal wusses, and somehow tie homosexuality into asking the police to have enough respect for a homeowners property that they knock on the door before discharging a 12 gauge shotgun 50 feet from the front door.

        And how about those facts you want everyone to get right? Where does it say the homeowner wanted to make these deer personal pets?

        1. Mr D says:

          I stand by mt statement. The difference is that My feelings do not cloud my ability to see the truth or prevent me from understanding the laws put in place. Unlike the Idiots who let their emotions get the best of them and fail to see the real picture.

          Examples, ” I want the cop fired”. ” People at the DNR should be fired”. Someone even said he would have shot the cop in his yard. Yet they fail to see that Mr Carpenter caused the whole thing. That is irrational thinking.

          Where does it say the homeowner wanted to make these deer personal pets?
          I think that by putting collars on the deer it speaks for itself.

          1. Merry says:

            Please count your brain cells. They probably reside in the reptilian part and will take less than two hands to count. Are you up to it?

      2. The Deer Hunter says:

        That’s the problem, bud. These lefty idiots think animals are people too. And Carpenter should keep his B.S. complaints about the police department to himself. I feed the deer in my yard too. But I’m not stupid enough to put collars on them. What’s next? Painting their hooves w/ nail polish and putting mascara on them? They are deer. Personally I like the DNR playing it safe. Better two dead fawns than a whole herd suffering & dying of CWD.

        1. @deer killer says:

          Duh, Deer shooter. I’ve known many wild animals who I think would rather be around, than many useless humans. If you are incapable of communicating with animals, you are missing something. When wild animals allow us to experience their world when they know we are trustworthy, we are closer to God. Sadly, from your statements, you are missing a great part of being alive. You, simply extinguish life.

          1. The Deer Hunter says:

            Ok, deer whisperer. Let me know when you go on your next magical journey to save a deer herd from CWD. Show me how you administer medication and nurse them back to health. I’m sure they REALLY know you’re trustworthy after that. You’re confusing the issue, like many other. Of course I’m not happy that two deer were killed. However, if these deer were killed to potentially save many others from getting sick, I’m not gonna cry about that.

  10. trav says:

    knock on the door…….. if it was my house some one would have 2 explane the dead officer. you cant shoot on privet property and expect no one 2 do something.

    1. Mr D says:

      You really don’t understand laws do you. They can shoot a wild animal on private property without the owners permission. You can NOT shoot a officer in your yard. You can not even shoot a criminal on your property while they are committing a felony. I hope that you do not own any firearms.

    2. Mr D says:

      Some people have a problem with facts. They confuse them with fiction. You would be one of them.

    3. Mr D says:

      By the way it’s “explain” and not “explane”. If you can’t spell your browser should have a spell checker available.

      1. Dave says:

        My comment was in response to trav, not you. If you can’t follow along, your browser should have some pictures available.

        1. Mr D says:

          How would one load such a add on? I would really like pictures. I know I hit the wrong reply and noticed it as soon as I posted it. Unfortunately there is no edit feature. I sincerely apologize and I hope that you are not to butt hurt over my mistake. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

  11. trav says:

    no eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Jerry says:

    I’m surprised the DNR doesn’t need a warrant to enter private property, no matter what the reason.

    1. Brian says:

      You’re surprised, Jerry, because if people watch enough TV, they think they have more protection under the Constitution than they actually do. No warrant is needed because cops walking into your yard and killing a deer doesn’t violate your right to be secure in your person, house, papers, and effects. Not only that, but killing a deer on your property is neither a search nor a seizure. On the contrary, your yard is in public view, and therefore there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy. Don’t believe me? Walk out to your front yard naked tomorrow and wave at the school bus as it passes. See who gets arrested…

    2. Wheels of Justice says:

      No search, no seizure, no warrant needed. The right of the homeowner to be free from unreasonable search or seizure wasn’t violated. It’s nice if they ask permission, but not necessary in this case.

  13. Matt says:

    Mr D, You’re one to talk about keeping feelings out of it. Unless this post you put up yesterday is an example of you holding yours back. In which case I’d hate to see you get upset.

    “Mr D

    It’s sad to see how many stupid people post on this site. Anyone who wants to blame the police or the DNR is an idiot. The blame lies solely on the moron who decided to put collars on the deer with an attempt to make them his personal pets. For those of you who think that the Forest Lake PD violated the dumb ass home owners constitutional rights, You are idiots too. For all of you tree hugging liberal wusses. Go back to smoking some pole and let the police do their jobs. If we relied on people like you we would be in a world of S#!T. January 17, 2012 at 9:10 am ”

    You manage to call everyone else stupid, idiots, morons, tree huggers, liberal wusses and homo’s. And somehow you manage to tie homosexuality into a request the police have enough respect for property rights that they knock on the door before discharging a 12 gauge shotgun 50 feet from your front door. And how about all those facts you want everyone else to look at? Can you show us where it says the homeowner wanted to make these deer personal pets? Perhaps you should be the one checking facts and keeping emotion out of it.

    1. Mr D says:

      I must have really gotten under your skin for you to post it twice. There you go letting your emotions get the best of you.

      1. Matt says:

        No Mr D, you didn’t get under my skin. You are some guy with anger management issues blogging about an issue with more passion than is probably justified for individuals peripherally involved in the situation. I made my comment because you were lecturing others about keeping their emotions in check, while polluting this website with inflammatory derogatory commentary that is far from constructive. When my post didn’t appear after submitting it I just resubmitted it as a new comment instead of a reply. Later on the first one appeared as well.

  14. Grandpa G says:

    Again the DNR blames the deer farmers. Trying to divert attention from themselves. There is no CWD in deer farms in Minnesota. The farms are all tested for CWD, TB, and Bruc. Ask the Board of Animal Health, they are veterinarys. The DNR can’t manage anything well, with all the government money we give them, we should cut there budget in half and cut our taxes.

    1. WTH says:

      Only half true. There were and still could be farms with CWD in MN. I believe they don’t test until the animal is dead and that is not untill it shows signs or is slaughtered that could be a couple/few years. This spreads quite easily and It would be devastating to many more deer if these deer were from farms and had the disease. If that happened then everyone would blame the DNR for not doing there job. I agree with Mr. D follow the laws and Mr. Carpenter did this by putting the collars on them. As to the other comments on here it seems their anger is misdirected.

  15. Katie says:

    Trav your absolutly right! Where are the cops out there? Whats your opinion? Turn your badge in. (Both the officer who shot the deer and the DNR officer who ordered it.) Absolutly pathetic, what a shame. Tan pup you made a great point as well. Something needs to be done, this can’t happen again. I’m an avid hunter and this was horrifying for me.

    1. Mr D says:

      You have a problem with the people who followed proper procedure and policies that were created through the laws in our state. Rather than demand their heads on a platter you should be angry with the laws of the state. Don’t blame them for doing their jobs.

    2. MN Cop says:

      There is a cop right here. If my local DNR officer asked me to put down a couple of deer due to this reason I would have no reason to question him or not follow through. The DNR had a reason to put these two deer down and they did it. Turn a badge in over this? For following protocol? Riiiiight. The homeowner in this case is the one who caused the demise of these animals. Obviously he didn’t know the ramifications of placing collars on deer so I don’t really lay any blame his way. He made a mistake. Oh well.

      The DNR was worried about CWD spreading from animals that had escaped captivity. Obviously if they have that policy then it has been a problem in the past. Would you have rather that they just took a chance and let them escape the area? As an “avid hunter” I would hope you would understand that the DNR was looking out for the greater good of the deer population. I mean it’s not like they are gonna show up at a vet because they are not feeling well…

      And tan pup did not make a great point. We don’t mistake children wearing brown clothing for deer. How outrageous!

      1. swflmom says:

        I am happy to see a boy in blue leave the comment. Passion runs deep on both sides. I live in Florida and the FWC here can get a bit overzealous with alligators but its the law and dumb people that freak out over a wild animal walking thru their yards actually cause the demiss of the animal. I just would want a knock on the door prior to the shooting. If it was a fugitive, that would be different.

  16. Kate says:

    It’s there job to test the animals, not to kill the animals. Testing doesn’t need to be done with the animal dead. Do they kill people when testing for strep throat or for a low white blood count? Didn’t think so. I’m a conservitive, part of DU and pheasants forever and a life long deer hunter. Those deer could have been used for many things if they became a nusance to neighbors, ever been to a deer nursery where the deer have there pee collected? I will do whatever I can to do to support this family, so many laws were broken.

    1. Mmm, Fawn Chops says:

      If you wanna make an omelette, you’ve gotta break some eggs. As a hunter, I’m not gonna lose sleep over two dead fawns. Better safe than sorry. Better two dead fawns than a whole dead herd.

    2. Mr D says:

      What laws were broken by the DNR or police? The only laws that were broken were by Mr Carpenter. Why do you want to support the law breakers and not the law enforcers?

    3. WTH says:

      I also am a life long deer hunter and all the others you mention I hunt on occasion. Are you sure about the animal doesn’t have to be dead to be tested? They test the brain tissue. There may be other ways I don’t know about. It doesn’t matter the DNR and the officer did what the law allows them to do.

  17. WTH says:

    Oh by the way everyone who doesn’t understand, its illegal to domesticate a wild animal in MN. By putting the collars on these deer that is what Mr. Carpenter was trying to do. So now should there be a punishment given to Mr. Carpenter for breaking the law? I bet many of you will be irate at the thought of that.

    1. Mr D says:

      I’m with you. Charge him. It’s his fault the deer are dead. Feeding them was one thing, but putting a collar on them was over the top.

  18. Katie says:

    Fourth Amendment, look it up. Your not a conservitive if your un aware of laws like this. How were dogs domesticated? They were once wild….so this gives DNR and police officers the right to shoot our pets now? The Carpenters may have been un aware of this law,what is so hard about going to their door to explain this to them? Laziness and power gets to their heads. Plus deer season is closed, and there was no warrent. The Carpenters will fight this along with many other folks all around who were shocked by this story. Those of you who don’t care about the deer or your rights then leave this chat room and leave the rest of us who are trying to support the family who was only trying to do good alone.

    1. WTH says:

      I will answer these in order for you to follow.
      It wasn’t illegal to do so when that happend. Actually they could if there was a reason for it(ex. dog chasing a deer, yes your dog can be shot for that). Ignorance to the law is no defense, they did after. Makes no sense. On issues like this deer season has nothing to do with it. No warrent was needed. A dog was on my property the other day and the police were chasing it and they didn’t need a warrent. Go ahead and fight it. I do care about the deer thats why what happened is ok with me, and our rights were not violated. Trying to do good by what exactly?
      Again misdirected anger the only one to be angry with is the person that put the collars on.
      I don’t have to leave this chat I have the freedom of speech.

    2. Mr D says:

      The fourth Amendment does not apply here. There was no search or seizure. No warrant was required by law to enter the property to shoot the deer.

      ” Plus deer hunting was closed ” Are you serious, really. Who was hunting?

      “Those of you who don’t care about the deer or your rights then leave this chat room and leave the rest of us who are trying to support the family who was only trying to do good alone.

      Where does it say that this chat room is only for those who support the Carpenters? They are the reason this whole fiasco started. They are the ones who caused this to happen.

      I guess you believe that anyone who disagrees with you should not be allowed to express their comments. I know it can be hard to face the truth especially when you let your emotions cause you ignore the facts and the laws.

  19. FEDupWithThis says:

    WOW. He domesticated those deer? What about my birds at the feeder? Is that a shotgun you have on my deck Sir? Ok, fire away and arrest me. The DNR is out of control in this state. Wait til they start pulling over and inspecting law abiding citizens without probable cause simply because they are pulling a boat behind their car. (coming this May). Shoot first and don’t ever bother to ask any questions. Taxpayers should put this NAZI GESTAPO organization out of business and imprison the creeps that run it.

    1. WTH says:

      Wasn’t done by feeding them but by putting a colllar on them. Try and get a collar on a bird. Let me know so I can watch. The rest of your comment makes me wonder you must have gotten tickets or in trouble from the DNR at some point. Without the DNR people would be running wild with our beloved natural resources.

      1. FEDupWithThis says:

        to WTH. No I havn’t ever had a ticket or trouble with the DNR. And YOU must be a CO who always covers for bad behavior by your co workers. You assume and so Do I, but your assumption was a deliberate attempt to discredit me personally. That says something about you and your kind. If it’s ok for a anyone to fire rounds off in your yard without any prior notification, then I hope this kind of activity visits your world soon.

        1. WTH says:

          I am not a police officer or CO I have had my talks with them while hunting or fishing. How was I discrediting you because I made a statement about what I thought, and you cleard it up thanks now I know. And I don’t understand the comment about my kind, what kind is that? And this isn’t just anybody in my back yard firing off rounds it a police officer, they are trained to do this. And to call them NAZI is crazy and actully says something about you.

        2. WTH says:

          No I am not a CO or Police. I have had my talks with them while hunting and fishing tho. I wasn’t tring to discredit you in any way just stating what I thought and you cleared that up for me thanks, Not sure what is meant by my kind, but what ever. And for you to call them NAZI is crazy and actually tells me a little about you. As for shooting in my yard it isn’t some random guy with a gun out there, its a police officer he is trained and doing what he was supposed to. You are correct about one thing It might freak me out to hear gun shots in my yard, but I wouldn’t be all worked up about it after finding out this is what it was.

    2. Mr D says:

      Keep the collars off the birds and they will be fine. Also don’t try and catch one and put it in a cage.

      I’m all for checking boats. Their are to many people who don’t follow the law and check for Milfoil. Just watch at any boat landing when they leave. the DNR can’t possibly be at every boat launch in the state, so catch them when you can.

      Yeah let’s shut the DNR down and let the people police themselves. In a perfect world that would be fine, but we are far from that.

  20. Grandpa G says:

    I agree with FEDupWiththis. the DNR is out of control. The DNR is an supposed to be an enforcement agency. The legislature makes the laws, not the DNR. The DNR gets around this by calling what they make RULES. My son is a Deputy Sherriff, he can’t enter a property without a search warrant, even looking for drugs. He can’t take property without due process. The DNR can do all this. They can look for poached deer. Where are our priorities?
    WTH– Deer farms have been testing deer for CWD for 10-15 years in Minnesota. That means several generations have been tested. That tells me that there is a pretty high level of confidence that the are clean. If CWD is spread so easily, Why haven’t they found any more deer by Pine Island with CWD. They tested close to 5000 deer over 2 years and found no more positives. Are they crying wolf again??? Seems like CWD is a cash cow for them.

    1. WTH says:

      Again only half true. They might have been testing for that long but the most recent I could find was a farm in 2009 had tested positive. That is only 3yrs ago.
      Because CWD infectious agents are extremely resistant in the environment, transmission may be both direct and indirect. Concentrating deer and elk in captivity or by artificial feeding probably increases the likelihood of both direct and indirect transmission between individuals. Contaminated pastures appear to have served as sources of infection in some CWD epidemics. The apparent persistence of the infectious agents in contaminated environments represents a significant obstacle to eradication of CWD from either captive or free-ranging cervid populations.

      1. Grandpa G says:

        WTH– I am a retired beef and dairy farmer,with over 45 years in the livestock industry. I have imported cattle from Europe several times. I was in Europe during the Mad cow in the early 90’s. I have worked with the Board of Animal Health and APHIS in Washington for over 30 years. CWD and Mad cow disease are virtually the same protein disease. Both England and Germany determined that there was no transmission through the soil of prion diseases. I have seen the reports. Over 20 years later they have proved it. In have several neighbors that are deer farmers and they are well run and clean farms. There have been no positive tests for CWD in deer farms in Minnesota, I checked with the BAH. I don’t know where your getting your info. As far as direct or indirect contact, that is contrary to what I learned in Europe. The very few cases popping up in the wild are probably spontanious. CWD comes from a mutated protein. Back in 1997 they felt BSE diseases would occur in one out of a million animals in species through protein mutations. The reason were finding CWD now is there looking for it. We have probably had it here for 50 years, we just didn’t have a name for it.

  21. Jon B says:

    Everyone here feels compassion for the two deer. It is true that they did not have to die. The CARPENTER’S are the ones not taking responsibility for their ignorance of the law and the end result, two dead deer.
    Ignorance is no excuse for not knowing the law. The person is responsible for finding out the law, or communicating their actions to law enforcement. The law does not have to guess which house is taking care of illegally tag deer that are free roaming.
    Second, for those saying the DNR is over funded…the opposite couldn’t be more true. They are vastly under funded. Maybe they might have more officers to address the situation but had to send someone else because they can’t afford it. If you form your opinion about wildlife management from the skywalk you might want to expand your base of knowledge.
    The DNR does have PR issues. The DNR does a poor job of managing its image. Some people have a completely separate argument with the DNR about its rights of search and seizure, it might have two valid opposing viewpoints, but this situation isn’t one of them.
    When human emotion ignores easily observable evidence and fails to apply the proper level of rational thought you will see more people project the unattainable depth of human emotions and rights on animals or even inanimate objects.

    1. FEDupWithThis says:

      Jon B: Thank you. However, this is not an issue relating to the “unattainable depth” of projected human emotions upon animals. This is all about degrees of totalitarianism, heavy handedness and arrogance hiding behind the boogeyman called CWD. The actions and thinking of law enforcement, in this case, could be right out of the handbook of the typical middle eastern dictator. “PR issues”? Is that your diagnosis? Let’s just throw some PR at this. Now that’s part of the problem here. The DNR thinks their way is the only way. I submit that there is a better way, and it’s time to start developing it and replacing the old thinking that they cling to. Let’s start by getting better people who don’t live and think 19th century. People want to love living wild animals. Get used to it cuz it’s just getting started.

      1. Jon B says:

        I enjoy a good discussion with valid points to be made. Totalitarianism and dictator are terms that as you say are, “heavy handedness” is this case. Stalin didn’t rise from the dead, change our form of government, and demand the deaths of innocent deer.
        PR issues will always be an issue when a good portion of the people that benefit from the actions of the DNR also demand perfection on an ever shrinking budget. Higher fees are coming as a result of under funding. Fees haven’t been raised since 2001, but it’s ok that people of the state enjoyed some of the lowest license rates over the past decade and will complain that they shouldn’t have to pay more to get less (then when they do more they will find fault again).
        There are better ways to do this. I agree with that. What those ways are are up for discussion. How about enough C.O.’s to cover the state for starters? How about enough stations at lakes with confirmed invasive species? How about enough officers to catch the people who poach our million/billion dollar wildlife/nature/vacation industry? How about enough scientist to help solve diseases like CWD? These things cost money and all the people of Minnesota benefit, whether they like it or even if they don’t want the benefit they receive it’s benefits.
        Let’s realize who and what is really “buttering the bread”. Those that fight funding at the expense of better and more friendly methods (which are always vastly more expensive to undertake) are preventing your wished from taking place. How much do two bullets cost? How much do you think it would cost the DNR to chase two deer down and then replant them? Not to mention that once they are partly tame they have a near death sentence on their own.

        I am all for your implied methods. I would love a world where education and proportional funding lead to responsible actions.
        Why haven’t we addressed the illegal actions of the Carpenter’s that set this whole thing in motion? Or is it some people’s viewpoint that this is not a country of laws but of men and they can do whatever they please and forget the consequences?
        Just because the outcome is unpleasant it does not dismiss how we got here.

  22. Thomas says:

    DId anyone else thionk the older woman was hot?

    1. lol says:

      Thank you Thomas, that was awesome. It felt good to laugh out loud after reading all the above drivel from the armchair Supreme Court.

  23. j speedbag 64 says:

    well they killed em so now they better eat em….2 deer sheesh…you like deer move to bemidji you’ll have all the deer you can shake a stick at….

  24. kevin says:

    Now I know who killed Bambi’s mother after all these years.

  25. heather says:

    The person at fault here is the person who put collars on these deer.. How ignorant of this man, These are wild animals not pets, had he not collared them they might still be a live, or hung up on some tree branch or fence post because their collar got them stuck. stupid people!

  26. dhillips says:

    Here come the hillbilly gun nuts! Go shoot ya some food!

  27. Peace says:

    I sitll think goingo onto someone’s property and start shooting is very dangerous. What if one of them had been outside, maybe walking their dog? Their dog could now be dead for lunging at the officer or even worse, the homeowner could be dead for trying to protect their dog. I truly hope the cops never come to my home with guns blazing. I don’t have guns, but people, dogs, and cats live at my home and I would hate to see any of their lives sacrificed because the cop was shooting up the place.

  28. Ms Green - 2nd grade teacher says:

    Your…. you’re
    their…. there
    Please learn the difference (and others)

  29. Deer Farmer Mom says:

    My son has a deer farm. Farmed deer are required to have numbered USDA metal ear tags and can have personal plastic numbered ear tags for easy identification….not collars!! The DNR know this because they used to monitor deer farms before the Minnesota Board of Animal Health was given this responsibility not too many years ago. They certainly knew these were NOT farm deer. The public is not supposed to feed or adopt wild deer and I think this is why they were killed. Most orphaned fawns are destroyed by officials if their mother has died or hit by vehicles.

  30. JJ says:

    Please check out this web site and see what the neighbors of Mr carpenters and other local people have to say. A more comprehensive report on what and who the people feel are at fault. Read the coments at the end of the article.

  31. get a clue says:

    There is no need to feed deer and the law says you are not suppose to. You are not supposed to feed those ugly Canadian geese either. If your feeding birds do it properly, please and feed without corn. Squirrels love corn! This is the reason we have so many squirrels! Too much access to corn in bird feeders. Every one have a real fun day!!

  32. Matt K. says:

    I’m sure the citizens of FL are glad that their officers (paid for with thier tax dollars) are killing deer and not busting methheads and other undesireables. This is an example of the world we live in today. I would like to find one resident of FL that is satisfied with the fact that their officers are killing fawns and not doing their job. What ever happened to “Protect and serve”. If I was a resident of FL I would sleep better knowing these two fawns are dead. Pathetic.