MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman from Lakeville, Minn. is talking about her experience on the Italian cruise ship that crashed into rocks near the Italian Coast on Friday.

Ronda Rosenthal was on vacation with her sister, Vivian Shafer, when it happened. Both are in the process of trying to get back to the U.S.

The sisters said they had been getting ready for bed when the lights went out, and there was an announcement about a technical difficulty.

“They told us it was a technical problem. (They said) everything is going to be OK, no problem, go back to your room. Everything is going to be OK,” said Rosenthal.

When the ship started to tilt they knew they were in trouble. The sisters said they looked out and saw people getting in lifeboats.

“There wasn’t anybody to help you. There was so little information. They didn’t prepare the people. I mean, if they had just told us, you know, we are evacuating for your safety. Please put on warm coats,” said Shafer.

The women didn’t take anything with them. They said it was frantic rush to get off the ship. They waited 40 minutes to get on a lifeboat and received little direction from the crew, but the two made it to shore on a lifeboat.

“We had to go four or five gates down before we found the lifeboat that we could get into. Then the people were very angry that we got on that lifeboat because it was very crowded,” said Rosenthal.

“It was pretty bizarre. We were lucky. I mean other people, their lifeboats got hung up and they got hurt,” said Shafer.

Italian media say five more bodies have been found aboard a cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Tuscany, raising the official death toll to 11. Before the latest find, 29 people from the cruise ship were still missing. Officials said the missing included 14 Germans, six Italians, four French, two Americans, one Hungarian, one Indian and one Peruvian.

That tally of 29 is 13 more than first believed, and it includes a couple from White Bear Lake, Minn.

On Tuesday, rescue crews set off several explosions on the ship to create holes to make it easier for divers to search the missing.

Meanwhile, the captain of the ship is in jail facing the possibility of numerous charges from manslaughter to causing a shipwreck.

He claims he hit an “unmarked” reef but the company that owns the cruise ship said it was the captain’s fault for going off-course.

Despite passengers’ claims that the crew was directionless and didn’t know what to do during the evacuation, the company says the crew acted swiftly and bravely and routinely practices evacuations.

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  1. red says:

    Glad to hear they made it out safely but I feel for the family. I guess no transportation is safe.

  2. beware says:

    While absolute safety is impossible, cruise lines are placing profit far above safety as a priority. Crews are a poorly trained mix that can’t even communicate with each other due to language barriers. Many captains are second rate and rely on automated systems to see them through. Poorly maintained and trained food services make food borne illness outbreaks a common occurrence. If a cruise ship is faced with an emergency, these conditions are sure to create a disaster. Cruises are wonderful getaways, but be sure to research the cruise lines safety record and also check for customer complaints.

  3. Swamp Rat says:

    Sounds like Carnivale Cruises’ “Costa Concordia” became the “Costa Circus”. Looks like this calamity is going to be the biggest class action marine legal tort suit in history. It is about time these offshore cruise line companies held to a higher standard when it comes to maritime safety, ship design, and crew training.

    It’s unfortunate there was loss with this sip disaster. Nearly 100 years has past since the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. Have we as a society and maritime culture really learned the lessons of 1912? The “Costa Concordia” incident makes one wonder….

  4. See BS says:

    If you ever worked in the Hospitality industry, like a hotel with a convention center, you will understand why this guy was Captain of the ship.

    Sounds like the Captain was demanding to know here his companions dessert was, a full half hour after the incident according to a chef on the ship.

  5. Dont expect more says:

    Let’s see, $500/month helpers and staff throughout the ship. Most speak Asian only. Chaos, gimme a break please.

  6. BIg deal says:

    Let’s see, $500/month helpers and staff throughout the ship. Most speak Asian only. Chaos, gimme a break please.

  7. ada says:

    the sisters forgot a lot of things..

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