MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When you start a new workout routine it’s much more helpful to achieve your goals if you can see your progress. That way you know if your endurance is increasing, if you’re losing or gaining weight, and if you’re getting stronger.

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The Microsoft Store at the Mall of America suggests using their Excel computer program, which comes with the latest version of Microsoft Office.

You can create a spreadsheet to track the calories your consuming and burning as well as your weight goals.

“If you’re a visual person — if you want to use (Excel) as a table — you can make sure that you’re staying on track,” said Leif Knutson with Microsoft Community Development.

You can also track your progress on-the-go with an app.

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The Livestrong app ($3) is a popular app for fitness buffs. It has a large database of different foods and workouts to track your progress more precisely.

“There are 600,000 input devices you can use, whether you’re eating at a restaurant or having an apple,” said Knutson.

Another app is Fit Day. It is a free app that let’s you create a custom food plan.

For example, not all smoothies are created equal. After you figure out the nutritional information for the smoothie you can add it to a list of custom foods.

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With Fit Day you can also set a target weight, and use the app to budget how many calories you should consume in order to achieve the goal in the time you want.