MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A young Minnesota hip hop artist is holding a concert to benefit ovarian cancer Thursday night.

Nicky May, 19, said 10 percent of proceeds from the event at Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis will go directly to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance or MOCA.

May said he will use the rest of the proceeds to produce an album, and sales from that album will go directly to the ovarian cancer alliance.

May said his mother, who is now 46 and an ovarian cancer survivor, was initially misdiagnosed.

That is a very common problem with ovarian cancer, and one of the reasons it is so often deadly. His mother is now doing well, but a misdiagnosis is common because the symptoms can be overlooked. They are things like bloating, abdominal pain, having difficulty eating and urinary symptoms.

At MOCA, there’s a lot of excitement about May’s campaign.

“We are really excited that Nicky is reaching a younger audience that we may not be able to reach,” said Becky Lechner with MOCA. “Hopefully they can spread the word and tell their mothers and friends and families.”

Through his music, May is convinced he can spread the word.

“I really want to get a younger audience involved in giving back that might not understand or pay attention as often,” May said.

While ovarian cancer usually strikes women at about age 45, it can also strike much earlier.

Thursday night’s concert will be at 10 p.m. at Hell’s Kitchen. May said he expects to roll out his new album in May.

Esme Murphy

Comments (30)
  1. alligator says:

    what?…where is his father?…..hes just a typical misguided youth with delusions of grandeur……hip hop rap artist?, LOL, give me a break……10% of nothing is as good as zero % of everything …….i predict he gets about ten bucks total and a lot of humiliation.

    1. see ya later! says:

      So all “hip hop rap artist” are horrible people who are up to no good? Great logic friend.

  2. saberfan says:

    he’s doing something positive, I don’t see what the problem is. He isn’t smoing, gang banging, getting girls pregnant. What’s the problem?

  3. hiphopisn'tallbad says:

    Bravo to him! I’m glad he is making something positive out of a negative situation. He will be able to reach so many youth with this and, hopefully, make a difference. I hope he gets involved with Relay for Life too! They would love to have him help raise money for all cancers!

    1. Nicky May says:

      I would love to be involved with that!

      -Nicky May

  4. LO says:

    Yes, it’s nice that he wants to put on a benefit. But 10%? Come on. If his main purpose was to benefit the charity, he would at least split revenue 50-50 or donate all the proceeds to charity. Giving only 10% while taking the remainder 90% shows that his ego is more important and he is just using this as a publicity stunt to get his name out. Assuming tickets are $10.00 at the door, 10% is only $1.00 per ticket for the charity. Assuming about a 115 people show up, he walks away with $1035.00 and donates a measly $115.00 to charity. You call that a benefit?

    1. AntiTeabagger says:

      Agreed, and that is NEWS worthy? I mean, I gave more last year to charity and didn’t make a dime off of it. He should donate EVERY PENNY he gets to the charity, now that is news! Come on WCCO!

      1. Dorks says:

        So you both missed the part where the other 90% goes towards producing a record and that all profits from that will go to charity?

        1. AntiTeabagger says:

          Yeah right! I am not buying the BS

  5. alligator says:

    all i’m sayin is that “rap” is a joke upon the MUSIC scene, it isn’t music and never has been, a guy saying stupid rhymes to a basic beat, making stupoid hand gestures and expressions and then grunting or making other stupid noises when they cant come up with anything to say IS NOT MUSIC. Its just a shame to see a person such as he go down a misguided path, although his intentions are good however more self serving than anything else. IF he had parental influence and more importantly GUIDANCE he would be putting his energy into something worthwhile instead of this “rap” nonsense.

  6. Kevin says:

    Ill give him the 10% if he pulls up his pants….realizes that he is a white kid….and never raps again….

    1. ice ice baby says:

      word to your mother

  7. Nicky May says:

    Actually its 10 percent of the campaign that goes to MOCA which were almost finished rounding up $3,000 in donations, and its 100 percent of the album that will be donated directly to MOCA in efforts to give back up to $10,000. Along with more sold out shows to give back through music.


    -Nicky May

  8. undefeated says:

    This is a great thing for a good cause.I’m proud of my friend nick and what he’s doing. I can’t believe some of you people have found everything negative in the situation instead of embracing it. Also downing him as a person because he makes hip hop music?? seriously… grow some balls.Stop Speaking Negatively on things you simply don’t understand nor took the time to.CHECK YOURSELF

    1. AntiTeabagger says:

      Check your self, ok HOMIE

  9. Notorious says:

    Why would you hold a concert to benefit ovarian cancer? I’m pretty sure cancer is doing just fine on its own. They should be ashamed to be supporting the harm of all these innocent women.

    1. Guess Who says:

      Sarcasm or not, you are an idiot

  10. haha what a joke says:

    Cant trust nicky may!!!!!!!!!! scam artist,

  11. Disrespeful kid says:

    Nicky May
    I’d advise ANYONE not to attend McNally Smith College of Music based on this school having the DUMBEST financial aid office i’ve ever had to deal with period. Out of the billion times i’ve been there with any questions or signing any paper work, only one time were they not rude as hell. I want to drop out of McNally Smith just because I don’t want to give this school any more of my money. It’s appalling how rude your financial aid advisors are to your students. I’m not the only one walk around McNally Smith and ask people its that easy.

    Nick, sorry about your current frustrations. I have elevated your situation to our upper administration and we will work to get your problem corrected. We will contact you soon with details.
    Tuesday at 10:00am · Like

    Adam Phipps Don’t speak for all of us, big guy. I’ve never once dealt with Paul or Jayne and found them to be anything less than the most patient, helpful, and understanding people that have ever walked the earth.
    Tuesday at 10:26am · Like · 10

    Adam Phipps ‎(I’m sure Shannon’s pretty great too….I’ve just never actually worked with her.)
    Tuesday at 10:27am · Like · 6

    David Gerald Sutton sorry sir, but that’s just rude. I’m kinda surprised you are saying such a thing when you are promoting giving back through music. It’s because of being here that you are able to give back through music. Yes, it’s expensive, and of course they are a little sour, it’s the beginning of the semester. They have 700+ kids to work with, not just you. Please rethink what you post on here for the world to see, cause that was just downright ungrateful.
    Tuesday at 10:50am · Like · 12

    Molly-Jo Smith Hmm . . . whether you have a point or not, you kind of lowered your credibility by posting it on Facebook. Billions of times? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
    Tuesday at 1:48pm · Like · 2

    Molly-Jo Smith And, as David said, they have a lot of people to work with. If anything, they deserve more help in the financial aid office.
    Tuesday at 1:49pm · Like · 3

    Nicky May I’m not speaking for everyone I’m speaking for myself thank you..and if u don’t like it to bad…
    Tuesday at 2:54pm · Like

    McNally Smith College of Music Nick, your last comment was erased due to its offensive nature which is against our social media guidelines for this page.
    Tuesday at 3:04pm · Like · 3

    Crystal Shoener I’d like to suggest that you step into the other people’s shoes for just a moment. Don’t you think that perhaps they are incredibly overwhelmed, frustrated, and unbelievably busy over there right now? It’s the beginning of the semester, after all. Try to have a little more patience and practice a little more kindness, and, as Molly said on one of your many postings of this, say something face-to-face and tactful.
    Wednesday at 1:19am · Like · 3

    Joel Thielman then drop out
    Wednesday at 1:24am · Like · 4

    Nicky May Doesn’t give you the right to talk down to others because your busy and multiple times. I’m busy to. I’ve let it go about 8 times but not any more. When you mess up someones money, and give an o well attitude thats not cool. Your talking about someones MONEY!..that isn’t a game or a joke.

  12. Your Audience says:

    sounds like you should take your own medicine. 10 % of the profit… really??> CMON! that’s really CHEAP! and your own mother had this disease? would you only give her 10%? WHACK! take a second to think about what you’re really about… cuz if you’re really about what you say you are… you would back that with actions. just a thought… from your observers… from a member of your AUDIENCE.

    1. Your Audience is Illiterate says:

      Can you read?

      10% goes to the charity. The other 90% goes to making an album. 100% of the sales from that album go to the charity.


  13. Your Audience says:

    not to mention it barely costs anything for people to make music these days… what do you REALLY need that money for?

    1. Justin says:

      Your an absolute idiot. To make a horrible quality album it cost’s about $3,000. To make a professional, studio mastered record it costs at LEAST $100,000, Forgetting Marketing, promotion, printing and distribution much less licensing. Pull your head out of your ass. You don’t know how it’s made, so you don’t value it.

      1. imakemusic2 B says:

        i know how it’s made. i value it more than the entire solar system. fate will prevail though. if one follows the heart & soul….. he shall find his place…. his dynamic to the world. stay energetic people. cuz allyall act so slow, can’t dance…. you’re whack these days. where your class at?

  14. chris s says:

    While I am not a big fan of “rap”, I for one applaud this young man’s effort. For those of you that are complaining about him only giving 10 percent of his proceeds… all I can say is, how much have any of you given to ovarian cancer research? I lost my wife in February of 2010 to this terrible disease. We had been married for 16 years and together for 26 years. I donate whatever I can whenever I can, to this very worthwhile cause. I feel sorry for any of you that feel this is a bad thing.

    1. chris s says:

      not a big fan of “hip-hop” either… sorry… but I still applaud his effort 😀

  15. iseeOCae! says:

    oh justin.. really? i have attended the same college as ‘Nicky May’. paid just as much money… don’t get me wrong. McNally Smith is a great place. it truly does bring interested students closer to learn from soulful legends and inspirations… being a student there helped me realize .. for a fact. that GREAT music is made from the heart and fromt the soul. and i promise you. that this kid has not found that yet. i have worked with him. as i have also worked with many,very beautiful, dedicated, inspired; and on grasp individuals who actually have a valid, and important meaning to this world titled EARTH. #getreal!

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