MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prosecutors say an identity theft ring that affected banks and stores in at least 14 states has been broken up now that 12 people have been indicted.

A superseding indictment unsealed Friday alleges that from 2006 through last December, the defendants conspired to defraud banks, customers and businesses.

As part of the scheme, prosecutors say, some of the defendants stole information from people at their workplaces and gave it to co-conspirators, who created false driver’s license, checks or other documents.

The fake documents were used to buy expensive items and gift cards at stores, then the items were returned for cash.

Prosecutors say the ring stole about $2 million from financial institutions and stores in at least 14 states. Seven others have already pleaded guilty in the scheme.

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Comments (5)
  1. Kevin says:

    Nice description of “the ring”…..was “the ring” a bunch of college boys out for fun…or was “the ring” a bunch thugs? Why the need to always leave out information on the thugs? Begining to feel a little racist?

    1. g8bbg says:

      Since you once again left your brain up your butt Kevin a ring is a group, who cares what size age or color they arei, f the stole you info would you care? Good Lord your are so stupid and a waste of space with you comments.

  2. Robberbarron says:

    Yep, ripped us off big time but these thugs will get little if any time and starrt doing it again… what a joke our corts are on these criminals…

    1. Bernie's laughing says:

      Naaa – Petters, Hecker, BOA, Wall Street ripped us off big time. The are skeeter bites at best. They itch, they pizz ya off but they really not much of anything in th ebig scheme of things.
      That said – lock ’em up. And take that killing beetch Amy S. with them

  3. Ken says:

    Careful there pal ….. from the little info the radio (1500 and the 102 country one)has had on they may be 100% Norweign-like. That’d be white if you are mentally impaired today Kev. White like the snow that came down. 😉

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