BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Things at the Mall of America are back to normal after someone left a bag unattended on Friday.

A small portion of the Mall of America had be closed while Bloomington Police were called into investigate the scene. Officials didn’t say when the suspicious package was located or when authorities were contacted.

Mall of America Spokesman Dan Jasper said the bag was left unattended on the first floor near the north side of the mall. People were not allowed in that area, and several stores were closed for nearly an hour-and-a-half. Deputy Police Chief Rick Hart says the Bloomington bomb squad was called in and X-rayed the package but found nothing harmful.

Jasper said the procedures that took place were standard for when they investigate a suspicious package.

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  1. Crazy Joe says:

    Suspicious people carry suspicious packages and they are all over the place.

  2. Front Page Pizza News says:

    So this hugh story what was in the stupid bag? Let me guess ok ok ok at the mall first floor food court area am i getting warm? ya! ok ok! left over pizza! YES!!!!!! I knew it!
    To the reporter Edger were you on scene did you see the pizza did you interview the pizza what kind of pizza these are important questions if you want to move up you need to ask you need to fight for you pizza!!!!

  3. thanks says:

    While some people might not appreciate the gravity of the situation, as someone who actually works the North Side of the MOA, I appreciate that the situation was taken seriously and that proper precautions were made. Any of you would expect the same thing if you were in the radius of a possible threat.

    Thank you WCCO for reporting.

    1. klj says:

      I think what the person was getting at is that its the mall not an airport yes its big and infested with localsbut CCO only give portions of stories I would have loved it if they open the bag and found dog food but what did they find what did they waste time and money on. A Scooby Doo back pack full of snacks a possible threat I dont think so.

  4. Jason Carle says:

    be afraid, be very afraid… yet another overreaction…

    1. Bob from S MN says:

      Not an over reaction by any means. Suppose it was real then what?? What if it turned to be the real deal?? So many people out there who want to make a statement by taking out as many of us innocent people just so they can have ther flash in the pan two mins. Of fame.

  5. Overreaction is normal business at the Ghetto Mall says:

    More people die in the US from lightning strikes than from terrorist attacks. Be afraid proles the big bad boogeyman terrorist is lurking around every corner. Have to justify those Police and Security expenditures somehow.

  6. Unexicle says:

    click to view mbt for more

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