MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, New Gingrich has resurrected his campaign in South Carolina with razor sharp attacks on Mitt Romney and the news media. He has successfully deflected the embarrassing claim by his second wife that he wanted an open marriage.

When CNN’s John King opened the debate with a question about the “open marriage” charge, Gingrich lashed out at King for asking the question. Gingrich received a standing ovation.

The question from King could have been better worded. The issue for some is not that Gingrich, while married, engaged in an affair with a young Congressional staffer. The issue is that he engaged in an affair with a young Congressional staffer at the very time he lead the charge to impeach President Bill Clinton over allegations that the President was lying about an affair he was having with a young staffer.

It is, at the very least, the appearance of hypocrisy that is the issue. The young staffer is now Gingrich’s third wife.

Some voters will care about this, many others won’t. Some will agree with Gingrich that bringing it all up now is, in his words, “despicable”. But when someone runs for President their past, including their personal conduct at critical times in their public life is not only fair game, it’s a reasonable basis for a reporter’s question.

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  1. ladybug says:

    First, if you go back and investigate the matter in depth, it was actually members of the dem party that tipped off the affair with Clinton. They had an agenda to take Clinton down and did. The reps then took the bait and ran. It wasn’t that Clinton had the affair, it is that he continued to lie about it. Secondly, considering that former pres Clinton is now a key leader in the current dem party, it’s pretty clear that he is for the most part forgiven. Clinton’s affair has little to do with his ability to lead then and now. His policies and ability to work with both dems and reps were and are still outstanding. Same with Gingrich, his marital issues would matter if he was seeking leadership in a church, but little to leading the country.

    Can we move on and consider his plans for the future and how he would do a better job? Those are the answers we need. Shame on you ABC and CNN.

    1. The Truth says:

      I actually agree with your statements about “personal life having little to do with how they govern”. However, you seem to have blinders on when it comes to political history. Gingrich led the charge to bring down Clinton. He repeatedly criticized Clinton’s extramarital affairs while having one himself. The same people defending him now, were all over Clinton during the 90’s. It is political hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      Whether or not he had an affair isn’t enough to disqualify h

    2. Swamp Rat says:

      You almost got me to see your point in this debate but I find fault with the moral hypocrisy evident with Gingrich’s lashing out at the media. I don’t expect any politician to be perfect but I do expect his/her ethical values not to be hypocritical nor sanctimonious.

      Gingrich’s lashing out at the debate moderator’s question is indicative of the media learning toward a tabloid style of going after candidates. The question could have been crafted more judiciously and expertly to catch Gingrich off the scripted preparation he had at his disposal.

      Electoral debates are getting to be soap opera reality shows with plenty of window dressing. Until the GOP gets their acts together into one coherent and intelligent message then these debates are a sham. The same holds true for the Democrats. At this point, the Democrats should all stand behind and help their President, who is also the head of the Democratic party by virtue of the office, get the focused message out instead of worrying about getting re-elected.

      Unfortunately, under the present political gridlocked climate in DC and elsewhere this next election will be another futile exercise of who is promising more pie-in-the-sky. The GOP debates as represented by Gingrich’s outburst over his personal faux paux’s is an indication that nothing of political substance is being put forth.

  2. gimmeabreak says:

    King…worthless …didn’t even give Paul any time until the crowd boo’ed him…asked all the wrong questions,ect…mainstream media is now recognized,all of them,as being consolidated by their corporate masters to get 4 more socialist years installed as the country crumbles into economic oblivion

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      What are the questions that should have been asked? The ones that Ron Paul wants to discuss?

      1. Don'tTread says:

        Its concerning that people aren’t at all interested about hearing candidates debate about real issues. Such as cutting spending, actually pushing for a smaller budget, or focusing on things that just don’t work. Instead we just continue to eat up this political rhetoric of bland responses and meaningless talking points that clearly avoid a concrete and thorough answer. Its concerning that people aren’t worried about our monetary system moving towards failure, as if they really do believe it is and has always been the best and only way of facilitating transactions. Its concerning that people are willing to allow a political scenario as important as this to be simply relegated to a daytime talk show format. Pointless question followed by pointless answer. If you feel Ron Paul’s discussion preferences are pointless than you should just stick to watching soap operas. No more faith.

  3. 15trillion and counting says:

    We cant afford 4 more years of obama without our own civil war and collasp and it will come obama has torn this once great nation apart

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      Oh give me a break… go back to listening to Rush and stop posting garbage.

      1. Put down the koolaid sean says:

        The national debt has gone crazy with with the spender in chief you can’t deny that what was it when Obama took office he needs to put down that check book

  4. Brett says:

    King got slapped down like a red-headed stepchild. Second, there is zero evidence to prove Newt’s ex-wife claims that he wanted an “open marriage”. Yes, there are cheaters galore on both sides. Clinton finished his term, and Newt got out of politics (i.e. elected office) for more than 10 years. Whether or not you think that Newt doesn’t deserve another chance to hold elected office, well, it’s up to the voters. I do think that there are many more important issues than Newt’s personal affairs though. The fact is, we will need a tough, smart, articulate leader to get this country back on it’s feet.

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      See.. many of us see it differently. Newt was a bombastic narcissist who didn’t answer the question but instead attacked the media. When I saw the video all that I could think of was “wind bag” (or “gas bag” if we consider his girth”). The issue is integrity… and the integrity issue comes to the forefront when he deems to suggest that the majority of those on food stamps are Black. Integrity comes to the forefront when he claims that under Obama more people are on welfare then ever before – that simply isn’t true. If he wants to criticize the president THAT DID become the “food stamp” president then he should have named Bush.

  5. Sean says:

    The liberal media us so predictable.

    As soon as Newt starts climbing in the polls, this nonsense comes out.

    We know the liberal media’s end game plan is to have Mitt Romney win and then attack his Mormon faith as some kind of weird cult.

    How about the issues? The federal government is out of control and needs to be cut in half.

    1. Little Tin God says:

      Nonsense? What nonsense? It’s a fact that Gingrich did have an affair with the woman who would become his second wife while married to his first wife. Then he had an affair with the woman who would become his third wife while still married to his second wife. Whether he asked for an “open” marriage while with his second wife is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Gingrich has the morals of a sewer rat.

      1. Sean says:

        Which national issue is this in regard to?

        Obama’s cocaine use?

        1. The Truth says:

          Hey Sean,

          I believe the lemming train just went over the cliff. You better hop on or you’ll miss it.

          1. Sean says:

            That doesn’t make any sense, but since you are a liberal, it’s not unexpected.

    2. Sean Kelly says:

      This “nonsense” has always been there. And, I believe that you lack the sense to realize that what the media is doing is keeping the campaign in the news by ensuring that there is no clear favorite until the convention.The “media” wants a fight….

  6. Tom says:


    Conservatives need to quit blaming the “liberal” media every time something like this comes. We know conservatives like to keep their image the part of “morals and values” and “family values” intact just too keep their nutty base happy.

    it isn’t the 3 marriage, two divorces and the affairs that is getting Gingrich in trouble. It is the fact when he goes in front of the “base” and preaches “morals and values” and “family values” and to the rest of us, and those same “vakues” he can’t keep himself.

    If conservatives don’t believe they can’t hold up those two big princiiples of theirs then should quit preaching.

    1. gimmesomeothat says:

      tom,you fail to see that the left/right paradigm is just an illusion…Romney ‘n’ Obabma?…the same corporate interests,so it doesn’t matter which one o’ these dolts the flouridated brain votes for

      1. Sean Kelly says:

        Spare me the pseudo intellectualism….

  7. Kilgore says:

    Pity the poor conservative evangelicals who have to sell their souls in supporting either one of the top two Republican candidates. On one hand, they can vote for someone from a religious “cult” or they can vote for someone who uses a marriage license like you and I use toilet paper. Santorum is the last great White hope for the evangelicals and he’s trying to keep from being put on life support. Once Santorum is gone, who will be left to carry on the sanctimonious blather while at the same time maintaining a straight face? I guess God does work in strange ways.

    1. insignificant says:

      Sanitorium you say?….phtttt!!!!

  8. insignificant says:

    kilgore.you media?.you mentioned 3 candidates in your piece(of trash).and forgot about the only honorable one ,eh?

    1. Kilgore says:

      You mean Paul?…..phtttt!!!!! Not in your lifetime.

  9. newt's love child says:

    Yelling at the host of the soundbite debate doesn’t make him correct in any way.

    Yes, a true conservative protecting traditional marriage with 3 of them, and adultery, but that’s ok, he hates gays. Two snaps for God’s Own Party (GOP) who threw Gary Johnson to the sidelines because he isn’t conservative enough. HA!

    And Newtie thinks that zero tolerance and punishment will change the citizenry. If he wasn’t such a grand-stander for all things moral, I might not care. But he’s as immoral as anyone he points at, not to mention completely bigoted.

    “She wanted all of me and I couldn’t give her all of me.” Barf, I don’t want any of you, any at all. Go away!

    1. Ron Paul 2012 says:

      Oh stop yourself. Your name says it all. Remember John Edwards and him running on the “family values’ ticket for the DEMS? Love child. That’s right. WHILE IS WIFE WAS GOING THROUGH CANCER. DORK!

  10. not citizen says:

    why is it we can know all of this about this candidate, but we hear nothing from even one former girlfriend of our current president? Why is it that none of his school days friends have stepped forward to talk? Why is it that no one, not even a professor has spken about his college days? Kind of funny we can know Newt apparently can not keep it in his pants, but the current standing president appears to have not existed until 4 years ago.

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      Reading is a wonderful activity… you should try it sometime.

  11. Taxpayer says:

    Gingrich is more left of center than Obama. Why he is even considered a conservative is questionable. The 2012 election will be decided on what makes sense. Gingrich doesn’t make sense for either party… He should wright a book and be gone…

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      “He should wright a book and be gone”

      Which Wright is it? Orville or Wilbur?

  12. Tony Rozycki says:

    Newt scored a couple big points in the SC debates & they showed up in the primary election results.

    1. Sean says:

      That’s because intelligent people see how horrifically biased the main stream media is and they are sick of it.

  13. Bubba says:

    When in doubt and your party’s a mess blame the media. hahahahah The Reps. have no one to blame but themselves. The flavor of the month party, will turn on each other until the National Convention and then profess love and solidarity. What a joke. This so sad that the Reps. didn’t learn anything from the Dems who ran Kerry in ’04. Run out an insider or a retread. Barring reported unemployment in the double digits Obama is a shoo in for re-election. Liberal media, pullllleeze, they’re are more nationally recognized conservative pundits than a more than 2 to 1 ratio.

  14. StraycatStrut says:

    Esme….I totally agree on the fact that back grounds are important to the Office of President. Now lets talk OBAMA….. birth certificate, Rev White, Bill Ayers, 20 Social Security numbers, registration at universities as a foreign student, etc……hmmmm… seems these were not discussed in “blogs”….. so why now? Why does BO get a pass but Newt does not? Expalin.

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