ST. PAUL (WCCO) — In her first television interview since she stepped down as Minnesota’s Senate Majority Leader, Amy Koch is rethinking her decision not to run for reelection after admitting she had an inappropriate relationship with a Senate staffer.

Koch told WCCO TV she’s had “overwhelming positive reaction” from her constituents, and that she’ll be back at the Capitol Tuesday when the 2012 legislative session begins.

“I’ve been getting fairly overwhelming support from my district, and people are asking me to reconsider that. It was too hasty,” said Koch in the interview Friday.

Koch still refuses to identify the staffer with whom she had a relationship, or whether that relationship continues.

“I have certainly made mistakes, and I apologize for those mistakes,” said Koch. “I’m not talking about them. I’m just going to move forward.”

In the interview with WCCO-TV in her Wright County Senate district, Koch said she was “shocked” by her fellow Republicans at the Minneapolis Club in mid-December when they confronted her about “improper conduct.” Except for her chief of staff in September, Koch said no Senator, and no other staffer, ever came to her with a complaint.

When the sex scandal exploded, Koch says she retreated to protect her daughter and save her marriage.

“Anybody who has been through anything like this — and probably most people have been through some kind of pain in their life — understand that it’s been incredibly difficult,” she said.

When asked what she thinks the hardest part is, she said, “Obviously, the personal issues are the hardest part.”

“For me, sort of the mantra that I tell myself every day is that failure isn’t falling down. Refusing to get up is,” said Koch. “Everybody falls down, but you can either decide to wallow in that, or you can decide to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go do what you do. And some hours that might be difficult, but I have chosen to pick myself up and move on.”

As Senate Majority Leader, Koch led Republicans through a turbulent year that included a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. During the interview, she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, although she said she was still married and that she believes strongly in marriage.

Koch also said she sees no contradiction in her enabling an amendment for the sanctity of marriage – a concept that seems to have eluded her.

“This is a really difficult personal issue,” she said. “But the marriage amendment is a question…the people of Minnesota will decide. It’s not about any one relationship at all.”

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  1. DBLStandard says:


    1. baby got back says:

      I’d rather rub one out than hit that.

  2. Brett says:

    Time to go, Amy. This will haunt you forever, the liberal media will bring this dirty laundry to the surface every time your name is mentioned. If you want to do the
    right thing, resign now. The same thing should apply if a MAN does it as well.

    1. Ringo says:

      The liberal media? How about the holier than thou Gop.

      1. Brett says:

        What are you trying to say that the liberal media is holier than thou?? Seriously??
        Give the public a break, and put away the crack/meth pipe away for at least awhile.
        Fair enough?

  3. Top Ten List says:

    Number 7, You shall not commit adultery.

  4. GH says:

    So Murph are you saying because I am a republican I deserve to get sick and die? I don’t remember anybody saying such horrible things about Clinton when he got caught with his pants down. What a terrible thing for you to say!

    1. See BS says:

      Clinton was accused of sexually assaulting 2 women, and Hillary threatened a sex assault victim.

      Our government and media is a baby boomer freak parade that’s all.

    2. erin failte says:

      Obviously you were not paying attention during the farce of the Gingrich fueled–complete waste of taxpayer money — impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. And you seem to have quite the selective memory, one of he hallmarks of GOPT’er hypocrisy.

      1. Mike says:

        Gingrich is another gas bag hypocrite. During the time of President Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, old man Newt was cheating on his own wife. The second or third, who can remember.
        Most Republican politicians use the bible and religion for one purpose; to corral the base who like little Lemmings have to concept of reality and think or act outside their irrational boundaries. How else could so many of them vote against their own interests?

        1. Brett says:

          retreaded liberal hogwash, same thing, day after day, week after week. Like no liberal EVER cheated on a wife. Let’s see, clinton, jackson spitzer, EDWARDS,
          mccreavey (with a GAY GUY), probably many others, but I wont waste my time searching for thiem. The dfl and the libs do NOT have a MONOPOLY on morality in this political seasoan, that’s for sho…. ANY ideas on how to get this economy back on it’s feet, and erasing our MASSIVE deficits and debt, even after the war in Iraq is OVER??? ZILCH. I thought that was what obama RAN ON in 2008.

    3. Murph says:

      GH ,if the shoe fits! Might as well wear it! A lot of senior citizens shoes are worn out and shabby looking.But not nearly as shabby as the people who insist on bedeviling them..GOP’ers need a swift kick with lumberjack boots and soon!

  5. George says:

    I’m glad they are “refusing to do something.” Because when the people at the capitol do something, it usually costs working Minnesotans more in higher taxes.

    And it’s Dayton and the Democrats who want to raise your taxes to give the the billionaire Ziggy the Pinhead Wilf.

  6. You were there, once. says:

    She has to pick herself up and dust off all that flour from the unknown staffer.

  7. Swamp Fox says:

    Why is this interview running on the week-end news cycles? The fact that she broke Senate ethics policies and guidelines; the fact that she didn’t gracefully [if there was a way out to do so] resign or fall on the proverbial political sword; and, the fact she had the MN GOP abandon her when a little ersatz support could have given her a face saving exit out of St.Paul really shows that the MN GOP/Tea-Party and the GOP Leadership needs to go home and back to GOP political school.

    GOP political schooling means studying the ideology and principles of the traditional American Republican Party. What it stands for and believes etcetera. Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan are probably turning in their graves over the present conduct of the national and state GOP antics presently being displayed.

    Somewhere along the line the present MN Republican Party has lost its way and focus. You can’t blame the MN Democrats for this political mess. Minnesota political party politics have always been unique when compared to the mainstream American political scene.

    Over the past few years this uniqueness has been tarnished by ignorance, blustering, and inane effort to be equal and assimilate with national political norms. Keeping up with Washington’s shenanigans has never been the MN political way of doing things.

    Our diverse political Democratic and Republicans were fiercely loyal and focused on the people of this state. But over the past decade we Minnesotans seem to have forgotten what being Minnesotan and be fiercely politically diverse is all about. We only have to look at the gridlock that has permeated the MN political scene.

    Senator Koch’s ethical faux paux and the way it has been handled and reported is a prime example of the political buffoonery in St.Paul. Maybe she doesn’t want to resign or feel she should but how effective will she be as a state Senator? Does she truly represent her constituents?

    Her extracurricular activities will make her a target of ridicule, speculations, and political diatribes. Will she be able to do the job she was elected to do? The media will follow every move she makes in the Capitol and elsewhere. Her family might be badgered and incessantly hounded by a tabloid style blogosphere and media frenzy. She may rise up this turmoil with grace and panache but will the constituency she represents forgive and forget? Onlt time will tell.

    The MN GOP has a lot to do to redeem the Republican core principles it allegedly says it represents. It’s time to put this Koch affair aside and get to work for this state. Is this why the Koch interview is running on the week-end news cycles? Think about it!!! Enough said………….

  8. COOL DUDE says:


  9. whatever says:

    Yes Amy, pick yourself up and move on. Move on to another state.

  10. Changing stripes says:

    It’s a character issue. She has a flawed character and shouldn’t be representing anyone, Democrat or Republican. Amy’s new-found bravery coincidently follows Newt’s surge in the primary elections. She is an opportunist with a shallow soul.

  11. Character flaw says:

    It’s a character issue. She has a flawed character and shouldn’t be representing anyone, Democrat or Republican. Amy’s new-found bravery coincidently follows Newt’s surge in the primary elections. She is an opportunist with a shallow soul.

    1. iswearbuyit says:

      Exactly. The issue here is one of integrity. You cheat on your spouse, you’ve violated integrity among other things. This isn’t okay for males or females in general and specifically those that hold a higher office than the average, or ones we place in positions of leadership and example. Why we continue to accept this behavior is beyond me. Should toss every single one of them out everywhere and hold special elections across the country to get them back in on a case by case basis, local, state, and federal levels.

  12. j speedbag 64 says:

    wheres the bag that was placed over that ugly mugg of hers..ugh..can you imagine…this is the gop don’t be fooled…

  13. Kevin D says:

    Please, please, please Amy run for reelection. I want you stick around as a constant reminder of GOP hypocrisy. You know, the family values and sanctity of marriage BS. In fact, I can see it now. Come this summer – your face – on a huge billboard – with the caption – “The Face of GOP Hypocrisy”

  14. swmnguy says:

    What a sociopath. The only feelings she seems to have are self-pity and entitlement. Not an inkling that it was her behavior and actions that brought this all on.

  15. tom says:

    I opened wcco web site and my first thought was the face of hypocrosy

  16. Kevin says:

    Cool! I just got a job at the Capital! I wll load up on my condum supply! JUST VOTE YES!!!!

  17. angus says:

    Don’t worry the CCO radio hosts will have her on for interviews while lobbing in puff questions and work to promoter as a candidate. CCO just loves overweight, white, Republicans who have lots of money.

    Meanwhile the GOP will continue sweeping it under a rug and say, “What Controversy?”

  18. G Dog says:

    Immoral majority candidate, no doubt.

  19. so says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is all about….. so she forked off and sucked off, they all do that…….billy clinton , all of em… …big deal…….

  20. tom says:

    You seem dishonest, find another profession!

  21. Richard Head says:

    I still want to know if the staffer was another woman!

  22. ” Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

    It is apparently inadequate for Amy Koch.

  23. A Voter says:

    She refused to answer Pats questions when interviewed sighting concern for her family. Where was the concern for her family when she decided to sin.

  24. qbawb1 says:

    What hubris. She and others of her ilk not only have the “right” to marriage and to espouse the sanctity of it but I guess their right also comes the the right to abuse it. Such hypocrisy!!! Sorry Amy, just don’t get your hopes up because Newt the Adulterer won the S.C. primary because there still are enough people in this country who believe in morality and truth and justice for all to make sure that you and your type will be sent packing.

  25. Give me a call says:

    I like you Amy. I’ll take you out anytime.

  26. really? says:

    What happened to your marriage vows Amy?

  27. Ben says:

    She is hypocrite she said that Gop Sanctity of Marriage amendment that the GOP supports has nothing to do with her marriage. Oh but it does there claim of the holy then now high ground and there leader in this state can’t even keep the promise she made to her god and husband then why should we believe them that her version of the Marriage act is the way to go. I am so sick of politions who know nothing of life in the spot light. She said that this is private well maybe if you where a private citizen then maybe it would be BUT YOU RAN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE SO THAT PUTS EVERYTHING YOU DO AND YOUR FAMILY DOES IN THE PUBLIC EYE. If you do do not like then drop out, you should just for the fact you are a hypocrite and does not matter whether you are man or a women it is the fact you brook ethic vilations of the senate and the holy then now GOP.

  28. JJHT says:

    I don’t care she had an affair. I care that she doesn’t realize that she has no ethics. You do NOT sleep with a subordinate. She plays the victim and feels she has done enough?! Bosses are not supposed to have “relations” with those who report to them. This is not different, in fact it is worse.

    This all plays to her ethical character and the fact that she doesn’t have the ethics to represent anyone. Amy–get out and go home.

  29. She looks like a cute circus clown says:

    Yeah, yeah – whatever Amy. Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$, ya fattie with horrible hair…

  30. Brian says:

    Amy, pick up and leave ,Take some of your friends with you ,If u look deep enough they all come from the same school, We need to start over

  31. Kevin says:

    I agree with her. Privacy is privacy. Most people want to know everything about everyone else, but don’t want anyone else to know anything about them. Thats hypocracy!

    Its getting so that nobody can do a single thing without some sort of governmental control or a tax consequence. That is not a “free” country.

    Leave her alone.

    1. qbawb1 says:

      Leave her alone? I’ll leave her alone when she gets her nose out of everyone else’s privacy issues, like marriage and love and who gets to marry who. When she stops the hypocrisy of standing for the “sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman” while disrespecting her own marriage (which she obviously feels is exempt) then shell have earned her right to privacy.

      1. Kevin says:

        I would think that a “right” to privacy doesn’t need to be earned, if in fact privacy is a right.

        She is entitled to her “opinion” on same sex marriage, just as anyone else is.
        But expressing one’s opinion should not be a key that unlocks a door to one’s private life.

  32. Ahh says:

    Earth to Koch, you no longer matter, your opinion on this matter means the same as mine, nothing, you can’t talk your way back into anything, you’re nothing.

  33. james2 says:

    So God’s Own Party not only tells us how to live, but now tells us how we are to think about the train wrecks they call politicians.

    So Amy says that the amendment has nothing to do with her marriage. Well, it seems conversely that somehow gays are the culprit of her inability to keep her vows. Wow, gays are powerful people. At least Amy is not an immoral person like those gays. She’s proof that heteros are superior in every way, even their sins.

    Amy, you are the poster-child of the Scarlet Letter you will now wear till you truly repent, and rescind the marriage amendment.

  34. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Not only was Newt cheating on his first wife, she was lying in the hospital, dying from cancer, when he told her he wanted a divorce. Now there are some Republican Familly Values for you.

  35. angus says:

    The entire marriage amendment is not necessary as state law already prohibits gay marriage. The Republicans are only using it to get conservatives to come out and vote.

    Remember the man who was working for the Bushie Boys in the White House and quit? Reason given was he realized he was being used only to attract conservative voters. Otherwise the Bushie Boys thought and said jokes about the religious conservatives on their side. At least he was not the hypocrite

  36. James says:

    She is a Ginger! Enought Said!

  37. kp says:

    She is a disgrace to all woman, i bet they will blame the dems for her getting laid even is she is married to another man.

  38. Deep Thinker says:

    How pathetic, poor Amy acts as if she is a victim. In the newspaper she was quoted as saying, “I just want to put my head down & pull the wagon”. That’s funny because that’s exactly how I picture her. Lets be thankful that she doesn’t want to pull a train…

  39. Oink Oink says:

    I think we can all agree, name calling has no place in public discussion, except in this case, what a filthy disgusting pig she is…

  40. Center of Left and Right says:

    For all of the posters that keep reciting “jobs, economy, …” please help me to understand your questions. Up until recently the democrats have run this state, for the past 32 years and we are kicking a 6 billion dollar can down the road one bi annual budget after another. Where exactly did that deficit come from? As I recall from reading here, the democrats over rode the republican governors veto and spent money we did not have, are you telling me this news organization lied to us? Then, please explain why the states that are about to file for bankruptcy are all the farthest left leaning state, how does that fit with “it is all the republicans fault”?

    Understand, I am not a republiacn either, I just do not follow all of this hypocrytical finger pointing. The republicans do it and the democrats do it and anyone that is reading this is the ones that will pay for is. You will pay for it because you own a computer or work with access to one (tax payer).

  41. Laura Hayes says:

    photoshop elements 9 videotraining

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