MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota suddenly matters in the Republican Presidential race.

With the news of Newt Gingrich’s huge win in South Carolina the Republican Presidential race has been upended. With no clear frontrunner, every state is suddenly in play.

Minnesota’s caucuses are Feb. 7. New Gingrich and Ron Paul are already running ads locally. Mitt Romney’s supporters had hoped it would have been all but over now. Their game plan was wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina that would make him the prohibitive front runner.

But in a very bad week for Romney, he had his Iowa win taken away and given to Rick Santorum and his double-digit lead in South Carolina vanished.

Suddenly, every state contest — including Minnesota’s Feb. 7 caucuses — matters. Hamline Professor David Schultz appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“There is no question for the Republicans that Minnesota is going to be very, very important,” Schultz said. “I suspect we might even see some visits by some of the Republicans because it so close, it is tight, they are all jockeying for position so Minnesota means something at least in the primary for the Republicans.”

Romney could well have the edge in Minnesota. After dropping out of the Presidential race, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed Romney and has been campaigning hard for him throughout the country.

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Esme Murphy

Comments (24)
  1. Veteran says:

    I hope Ron Paul wins Minnesota. He’s the only one that’s not corrupt.

    If the Romans would have listen to his foreign policy they would still be a nation…

    1. Don'tTread says:

      Which candidate can claim no to all of these questions every voter should be asking?
      1) Have They Ever Promised To Investigate, Audit, Or Dissolve The Private Federal Reserve Bank?
      2) Did They Vote For The Banker Bailouts? Do They Continue To Defend Them?
      3) Do They Support The Domestic Spying Measures Of The FISA Act And The Dissolution Of The 4th Amendment?
      4) Do They Support The NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, The AUMF, The Expatriation Act, Etc.?
      5) Do They Have Overt Ties To The Military Industrial Complex?
      6) Does It Feel Like They Are Just Telling You What You Want To Hear?
      7) Where Are They Getting Their Money From?

  2. Brett says:

    Ah, esme, NO, it DOESN’T really matter in MN, not matter how much you would like it to be. Because YOU don’t really matter, and that’s the TRUTH. The truth is,
    we live in a very dysfunctional state, and local/mass media likes it just that way. No focus, no common teamwork to get “things done”, a constant, never ending battle between “good and evil”, because esme, you don’t have anything BETTER or MORE INTELLIGENT THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT. Does that pretty much sum it up?? Or will the website censors wipe out my post before you will ever see it,
    because you and others like you have such a hard time dealing with the truth on a

  3. Hungary Mounster says:

    Look I am in newt’s corner. He is the man to get the job done not Romney or the other one. No way the vulture capitalist is going to help struggling people. Seriously think about it what person who has an instinct to capitalize on failing companies is going to help them. I just hope that this racial issue with what he said about becoming the paycheck president rather than the food stamp president doesn’t blow out of proportion. I mean he is not a racist. I think Newt should turn it around on the media that’s trying to bring it down, check out this post on that, I am amazed he hasn’t read it


    1. jackactionhero says:

      After your first sentence, the rest was not going to be worth reading, and I was right.

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        What was it about the first sentence that rattled you little cage? Please be specific.

    2. Don'tTread says:

      So you support your argument by simply saying he’s the man to get it done. How exactly? And you can bash Romney (wow, that’s hard) but nothing to say about the other two. Why do you even bother commenting?

  4. dhillips says:

    Gingrich is a joke! ,and a hypocrite! I guess people dont remember how he was kicked to the curb,and censured when he was the speaker of the house
    Hetold the occupy proteseters take a batn,geta job,get a job is the easiest thing to say when you’re a rich man. Basically Gingrich is just a mean spirited SOB!

    1. Susan says:

      And why was he censured?

      The reason is so trivial it’s laughable. He failed to get advise from a lawyer when he negotiated a book deal. The deal was fine but the rules dictated he was supposed to seek advise from an attorney. He didn’t do that.

      Sorry to interrupt your emotional, bile-filled, hate-spewing rant with pertinent facts.

      He’s going to be the next president so you’d better get used to it.

      1. snowman says:

        Gingrich is a joke! He will never beat Obama, Long live Obama!

      2. dphillips says:

        Oh but dont forget the 300000.00 advance Gingrich took from Rupert Murdoch who just happened to have legislation before congress ,or Newts repeated adultery,or his attacking of FannieMae while being secretly paid 1.6 mil. as a lobbyist for them! I could go on… But what a guy!!

        1. dan says:

          Keep drinking the Demo koolaid. Newts consulting company was hired by FannieMae to determine if they should stay the course. The consulting firm came up with a resounding NO, its time to cut ties and change the way FannieMae operates. Yes he was paid and yes he disagreed with their practices. He was never a lobbyist for FannieMae. After all that has come to light in the mortgage industry, we should have listened to Newt’s consulting firm. Oops! Just the facts, but I guess its make better news for you to twist and shout

          1. snowman says:

            Gingrich was indeed a lobbyist,but when questioned claimed he was a historian thats the sort of integrity we need in the White House! Corruption is what made this country great!

  5. Holding the door shut up North says:

    If he comes to MN the men better keep their wives and daughters close by. After all, we see he has the morals of an alley cat.

  6. Center of Left and Right says:

    Minnesota does not matter. This state votes Democrat every election no matter what. The only thing Minnesota will do is give a negative indicator. Everyone knows the Democrats will show up in force and vote for the one that does not have a prayer to beat President Obama. So really, the one that loses in Minnesota is the best Republican candidate, but they all are bad, just like four more years of President Obama and his class envy would be a bad thing.

    1. dan says:

      You must have forgot about Jesse and TimPaw, but easy to forget. Now look what we are stuck with, Dayton! You get what you wish for.

      1. Center of Left and Right says:

        Dan, Anyone that does not recognize Jesse as a liberal self serving … is blind. When we had the three billion dollar surplus, they split it up one third for Jesse and ode to Jessie light rail, one third to Democrats for more social programs, and one third to republicans for tax cuts. All miserable long term investments.

        T-Paw was a different story. He came into office advertising moderation and took the hard right turn on day one. Of course when you are dealing with a 30 year entrenched tax and spend democratic majority, hard to do anything and think you can negotiate.

        So no, I did not forget about them, they are just further examples of the problems our causus system causes. To get the party nod adn thus the money to win the office you have to run as far left or right as your imagination will carry you. But then you have to deal with a bunch on the exact opposite side of the pectrum the day you take office. If that is not back A$$wards, nothing is.

      2. dphillips says:

        Dayton is doing a far better job than Pawlenty ever did!

        1. dan says:

          Better job of what? Looking like his is constipated in every picture? Shutting down the govt only to later fold to the same plan that was on the table before the shutdown? Wasting millions of dollars with nothing to show for it? Or could it be his fumbling of the Stadium proposal? His own family wouldnt let him in the business as they know what a putz he has always been.

          1. dhillips says:

            what do looks have to do with anything? Resorting to namecalling always works
            Last I heard Dayton has a high approval rating. Its people of your ilk that ruin the country!

            1. dan says:

              So he hasnt accomplished anything but you are going to hang your hat on an approval rating? I was never asked how about you? Polls are real accurate these days, wasnt Romney double digit over Newt in South Carolina? Keep livin the dream dhillips!

              1. Center of Left and Right says:

                folks, please stay on task. Yoiu said dayton is doing a better job than Pawlenty, pleae elaborate. I do not care about polls, Polls are always being manipulated by the questions asked and the numbers presented. So, you tell me from where you are aware that Governor Dayton is doing better than his predecessor. In what regards? What I have heard and seen is just like the last Governor “thay are refusing to do it my way” statements. At least the prior governor could say he was doing it to keep the books at the state level balanced (damned the local level). What exactly has Governor Dayton done except agreed to kick a $6 billion dollar can down the road?

              2. dhillips says:

                Thanks, I will indeed continue livin the dream!

  7. professor says:

    And when you Gingrich supporters are unemployed remember these prophetic words,Take a bath and get a job! Thats the sort of leadership we need!!