MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Baseball is no monarchy but all of today’s talk was about a Prince.

Last month, the Angels pretty much gave away all their money and the magic kingdom to King Albert.

The Twins did a similar thing two years ago but there’s no reason to break that one down and look at how that’s going. Ugh.

After making the big change upstairs, the Twins reloaded with typical Terry Ryan type pickups: mid-career position players who fill their roles nicely but don’t put up all-star numbers. Willingham, Carroll, Doumit, Marquis and Zumaya should all play key roles in rebuilding this team into contention. Heck, if Zumaya is healthy he could be the closer by July with Perk setting him up.

The official start of the Twins season is in just three days. That’s the one weekend we’re allowed back into our old house to eat a Dome dog and have visions of ’87, ’91 and #163 while sitting in those comfy blue seats.

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  1. Ali says:

    A goofy zoo monkey could have written this …

  2. With Detroit getting Fielder… the Twins basically have no chance especially to win the division. Oh well, atleast we still have the Vikings…. LOL

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