MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Everyone has some sort of reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Minnesota senators and representatives were no exception.

On Tuesday evening, Obama called for income equality for all Americans. He pushed economic goals, including creating more jobs in manufacturing and thru clean energy.

The President told a divided Congress that he will fight obstruction with action. He even made a dig at his republican presidential rivals, who keep calling his policies “class warfare.”

Two of the big talkers out of the address were the President’s call to tax the rich and his focus on jobs and job training. Obama spent nearly the entire hour talking about the economy.

In the President’s call to bridge the gap and help the middle class, Obama called on lawmakers to tax the wealthy.

Minnesota republicans — including Representatives Michele Bachman and John Kline — say the president’s plan for the economy is divisive and anything but fair.

Bachmann says Obama called for no bailouts, no handouts and no copouts, but his policies are rooted in these three things.

Minnesota’s democrats support the President’s plan to grow manufacturing. Sen. Amy Klobuchar shared her thoughts after the state of the union.

For me it was very important that the president focus on the economy and that we have a goal for our economy. And that is jobs — more jobs for Minnesota, high paying jobs for Minnesota and to be a country that makes stuff again, that invents things, that exports to the world,” said Klobuchar. “So I’m very glad that he focused on manufacturing, specifically, and high skilled workers.”

Republican congressman Erik Paulsen didn’t come out in support of the President’s jobs plan, but in a statement he did say he’d like to see Obama’s plan help grow medical device manufacturing here in Minnesota. And Paulsen said industry has been restricted by government regulation and new taxes.

Part of the President’s plan includes training 2 million Americans with skills that can lead directly to a job. The administration is focused on helping businesses and community colleges create partnerships and also providing more resources to community colleges for job training.


Here are a few other samples of the Minnesota response to President Obama’s State of the Union:

Rep. Michele Bachmann

“Our country in is dire need of a solution that will help us recover our jobs, our economy and our hope for the future. The true state of the union is such that we simply cannot afford more of the hollow promises that President Obama presented tonight. He called for ‘no bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts,’ but his policies are rooted in these three things. Our country needs better and our country deserves better.”

Sen. Al Franken

“I just returned from my statewide manufacturing tour and it’s clear that manufacturing remains instrumental to Minnesota’s economy, accounting for one in seven private sector jobs in our state. Unfortunately, employers told me that they have jobs going unfilled because they need workers that are better trained. It’s clear the president understands that challenge, and I was glad to hear that he’s committed to investing in job training and education to make certain our workers can compete in a 21st century economy. The president’s speech tonight outlined a path forward for our country and I hope my colleagues will join me in tackling our nation’s problems.”

Rep. John Kline

“President Obama’s inauguration was a historic day of hope for America. At the time, I expressed a desire shared by many for Washington to put principles above partisanship. Unfortunately, Americans have since grown accustomed to failed policies and broken promises from the White House as 14 million have fallen victim to 35 straight months of unemployment greater than 8 percent. … Tonight, the President had the opportunity to rally our country toward the shared goal of a brighter future. Instead, he turned to the politics of envy, which creates deeper divisions among Americans.”

Rep. Betty McCollum

“Tonight the President delivered a powerful plan for action. Congress and the American people were given a clear blueprint for rebuilding our economy, strengthening the middle class, and restoring tax fairness for hard-working Americans who are not millionaires. Looking ahead, the choice for Congress is between an agenda for action for the middle class or more political obstruction. I know Democrats are to ready to get to work re-building America, and I hope my Republican colleagues join us.”

Rep. Erik Paulsen

“None of us should be sitting on the sidelines as millions of Americans look to Washington for leadership, cooperation, and action. There is hard work to be done to fix a broken Washington and get Americans back to work. Let’s start by reforming the tax code to make it simpler, fairer, and more competitive – including eliminating special interest loopholes.”

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

“The built-to-last economy that President Obama laid out tonight will level the playing field for the middle class. The President’s vision for America is one in which people who work hard, do their fair share and play by the rules will no longer be swimming upstream, but will actually get ahead. That’s just common sense.”

Rep. Tim Walz

“When President Obama said he would bring our troops home from Iraq, he meant it. Now we must turn our focus to making sure returning vets have access to good jobs and the care they have earned. From his Returning Heroes Tax Credit to the online resources his administration is building for veterans to his efforts to improve the transfer to medical records between VA and DOD, he has been a fierce advocate for those who have served. I am proud to work with him to honor the sacrifice and service of our nation’s veterans.”

Comments (32)
  1. dan says:

    Sounded like more of the same. Look back on the last 3 SOTU speeches and in everyone he asks for comphensive immigration reform. To date he has yet to deliver. When he had his 2 free years of controlling both the Senate and House he chose to work on ObamaCare, Bailouts and Financial Regulations. None of these have helped out economy, and now magically he wants to focus on the economy? Good One.
    Blame anyone you want but the presidents job is to bring both sides together to get the job done. If he can not find a way to make this work he will be lookiing for a new job in 2013.

    1. How is that change working for ya says:

      All I heard was promises that he cant keep it was a kick off for his campaign 15 trillion in debt from the empty suit!

  2. Mike says:

    Man I hope a year from now we have a new president. I don’t care if he’s named after a glove, an amphibian, or has 2 first names, just get that blow-hard out of office. And take Amy and Frankenstein with him

  3. opinion says:

    I can’t stand listening to this guy anymore. It’s all BS.

    Has anyone noticed EVERY TIME he speaks – the stock market drops.

    1. d says:

      You cant tell the left anything they are brainwashed they have been told what to believe and thats it obama has the black vote because he is black yes truth hurts

    2. Rudy says:

      Except when you own AAPL! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  4. Best3800 says:

    Man I hope America doesn’t elect one of the clowns the cons are looking at, they’re All just like Michele Bachmann,and they all seem to want to go to War with Iran.Obama’s doing a great job, considering what was handed to him.We do not want to go back to the policies that drove this economy over a Cliff.

    1. Carl says:

      Double gas prices, increase the National debt by $5 Trillion dollars and 1.9 million more people out of work since Obama took office.
      You call that doing a great job?
      Not sure which debates you have been watching but I dont recall any of the candidates stating that they want to go to “war” with Iran.
      He came in on Hope and Change and has 3 years to do so, you failed and you will be replaced

  5. Nate says:

    “Obama called for income equality for all Americans”… Really? Soooo… The less qualified guy at McDonalds will make as much as I do?

    “Obama called for no bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts”… You are never to believe this if it comes out of the mouth of a liberal, they base their entire political agenda on giving stuff away.

  6. Anne says:

    Franken: “… employers told me that they have jobs going unfilled because they need workers that are better trained.”

    Really Al? What employers told you that?

    You’ve been caught in a blatant lie. I’m sure the local media will be all over this.

    1. Laura says:

      I worked in staffing business and what Al is saying it’s nothing but the truth. weather you like it or not… people are just comfortable with the unemployment since all day I hear nothing but I am still on unemployment, please call me when I ran out of benefits

  7. Rep. Myself says:

    lies,lies and more lies…america is knee deep in it

  8. Murph says:

    GOP’ers still don’t want to admit that Bush junior,like his father before him drove the bus over a cliff.Stop your whining, greediness and calls for rebellion or just might get one! You are outnumbered by nearly 100 to 1! Dumb clucks.Go AWAY! Go live in Swizerland where your money is,because it sure isn’t in the economy or even in this country! I’d tax you all to Hell and back if I had the presidency.Thieves by any other name are still spelled GOP ,or OIL !

    1. Center of the road says:

      Murph, These mean nasty people that you just told to take their money and go, lets bring it down to the 90%, since there are government numbers on that. They pay 74% of all taxes. So if they take your advice and go live elsewhere, 74% of all services will need to be cut. Bus, welfare, free healthcare, roads, bridges, feedstamps, …. So really, I understand you are full of the class envy that our POTUS has been preaching, but what will we do without them? Inherrantly our system is not fair. Those with less ability and are risk adverse will make less, life is that way. I understand it is not fair, but when were you ever told by a non political source that it should be fair? If you are smart and aggressive and manage your risks, you will aspire to a very comfortable life. On the other hand if you are not too smart, and/or lazy, and risk adverse, you will not end up like Warren Buffet.

    2. libs are slow says:

      Get rid of all the rich, tax them all 99.9999% take all their money get rid of all oil companies get rid of all republicans all consers you would starve, no jobs nothing you libs are to slow to do anything on you own you wouldnt last a week total collasp!

  9. The new normal says:

    He touted job creation … Just after he shot down a pipeline that would have created more than a thousand and brought down energy prices… He should lead by example.
    Also – He speaks about Income Equality – Isn’t that basically what the Soviet Union’s idea was until 1989? I think it was called communism

    1. Sarcasm works for our senator says:

      You obviously were not listening to his speech. He mentioned two people in the audience that got new jobs. One he hired and another found a job on her own. He also mentioned three or four new organizations that will help the average consumer to refinance their loans. another to help immigrants to stay in this country. Some other one to fight piracy in other countries, hell I think that one is a full blown commission. and then there are his 37 Czars he created. Come on “the new normal”, you did not even listen to him, did you?

  10. Bill Moore says:

    since 1962 I have voted in every election and heard a few SOTU speeces and it’s all the same ole stuff, “Hears what our voting public wants to hear” it will show that I am proposing but not doing some stuff. We do have Cronizium Wealth and it is not going to change. If you are waethy your in the good ole boys sociaty and the good ole boys will help you if you run into trouble, but if your in the middle class your on your own baby. Time to make your elected officials accountable for their actions and not accept everything they say is the truth. When was the last time you heard a politician tell the truth?

  11. Rev says:

    Bravo to Obama. He had to clean up the multitude of disasters left behind by the incompetence, greed and stupidity of the previous administration. Of course, the rightie-tighties would like to get rid of him so that they can get back to their bungling and economic failures, but looking at the clowns they’re parading as candidates, it looks like Obama will easily get another term and get the country back where it belongs.

    1. sarn says:

      Justifying his poor performance based on the performance of the previous administration is getting old, try something else. I bet you’d love for him to get another term so that our quality of healthcare can be equivalent to the quality of our public school system and toilet paper can surpass the USD in value.

    2. sarcasm front and center says:

      He had his chance and he blew it. All those things he wants to do now, he had two years to do adn no one could have stopped him. He and his super majority could have passed any and all bills they wanted to, but he went after the one thing that has been since called unconstitutional (socialized Medicine). So if you are going to point fingers and blame, recall that the left blew the chance they had to right all wrongs from the bush era’s and they failed to do it. Trillions of dollars were given away and we still have the massive housing market fiasco, we still have 45 million without health insurance nor coverage, our banks are teetering, our auto industry is teetering, but at least the DOW is back above 12K. We also have employed 36 Czars and so many divisions and departments to help the average citizen, that you can not count them all, with still high unemployment. Yes, or current issues are the republicans fault, no doubt about that.

      1. Frozenrunner says:

        You are of limited memory. The supermajority was created when Arlen Specter was told he was no longer welcome as a Republican. He had no choice but to join the Democrats. That would not and did not make him a lock step member of the party. The treatment of Specter by the Republican party makes John Kline’s statement laughable. It might be safe to say the word bipartisan to both parties means one accepts the others proposal with no input.

  12. professor says:

    Obama has been gridlocked by Republicans refusing to work with him every step of the way! I remeber their rallying cry three years ago,”We will do whatever it takes to make Obama a one term president” Republicans have no intention of helping the working class.

    1. sarcasm front and center says:

      Professor, if you really are one you would recognize that defeating President Obama and helping the working class can be mutually exclusive. My taxes are higher than ever with more increases coming under the current President. Did you know that Medicare co-payments will go up 40% in 2014 under “Obama care”? How is that going to help the average citizen? Gasoline is 100.5% more expensive today than when President Obama took office, how is that helping the average citizen? Unemployment is up, foreclosures are up and I still fail to see how he is helping the average citizen. I do not like any of the options either, but he has done nothing for the average citizen except to incite class warfare in the “occupy” movement.

      1. Frozenrunner says:

        With the trend of the rich getting richer was there a better way to get it out to the forefront to have a discussion? As the wealthy are getting weather , it is technically redistributing the wealth. They are doing this legally . So if rules are adjusted, why is there a awhile from the righties that you want redistribution of the wealth? It is happening now.The end result, less jobs, less money, The cost of crude oil is set by the world, no POTUS, The unanswerable question is how much better or worse would the US have been with McCain?
        In their political careers it is hard to see what you would call a landmark idea from Gingrich as to what has helped the common man. The end result of Romney’s work is the same thing. Ron Paul could never even find another legislator to coauthor his ideas.

        1. dan says:

          Not sure if you heard the reports today but sounds like Warren Buffets secretary makes well over $200,000 per year. Love how obama puts her up as this poor liottle secretary paying more taxes blah blah blah!

    2. Herb says:

      three years ago Obama had the house and senate and could virtually do what he wanted. Your living with the results of that free hand. This election we will remove the head of that spend and tax dragon.

  13. Bye says:

    Its over for you neo-con right-wingers. The demographics in this country will only continue to favor the Dems. Soon we’ll have a two party system of Independents and Democrats. The Republican Party will be minimized to a regional thing in the south at best. The south seems to be filled with morons who vote against their own interest. Good luck trying to get 65% of the white vote for national elections.

    Obama/Biden 2012 Hillary 2016!!!

  14. Ace says:

    I kept waiting for him to mention the deficit but fell asleep. He did mention using money we save from cutting the military to pay off the deficit but that money was already borrowed. He gives a good speech but I’m skeptical. How can you spend what you don’t have?

  15. Heinstine says:

    Sounds like some of you would have re-elected George W. if term limits weren’t in force, I wonder would that would be like today………

  16. Kevin says:

    Fuc(* Obmai….and his liberal bs…and FucO) those who support him….

    1. mean people sox says:

      Kiss a flamethrower