ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A pest control worker may have saved the life of a woman and her son Tuesday afternoon. Investigators said Ernest Kidwell interrupted a domestic assault at a home in St. Paul.

Kidwell can’t stop thinking about a decision he made as he wrapped up work on Tuesday.

“I had a gut feeling about it,” said Kidwell of Environmental Pest Control.

He was checking for bugs and rodents at homes on L’Orient Street. When he got to a home on the 1400 block of L’Orient St. the screaming inside alerted him of trouble.

“She was crying. I figured ok, maybe they just had a fight going on or something like that,” said Kidwell.

He couldn’t help but notice blood on the face of the man in the house, 54-year-old Tin Kyaw, or the way the woman and her children huddled together.

“It was just the awkwardness that I felt and the way they were presenting themselves. It just felt like something was wrong,” Kidwell said.

As he prepared to leave, the woman saw an opportunity. She and Kidwell were in the living room while Kyaw was in the kitchen.

“She quietly said, ‘Help me,'” said Kidwell. “At that point I freaked out. I could either punch him in the face or go tell someone quick and not lose my job.”

Kidwell chose the latter and made sure she knew it.

“I saw her and said I’ll call and she nodded,” he said.

A police officer happened to be nearby in a parking lot. Kidwell told the officer what he saw in the home. He would later learn he interrupted a violent beating.

According to a criminal complaint, Kyaw punched and tried to strangle the woman. Kyaw’s even accused of taking out his anger on her 7-month-old child by stepping on the child’s head because the woman wouldn’t drink with him.

“I had no idea the kid was involved,” he said.

Kidwell watched as Kyaw was taken to jail, while the woman and her child were taken to the hospital. But he doesn’t see her as a victim. If anything, he sees the opposite.

“I’m like, good for you. There’s a lot of cases where women won’t do that,” he said.

The woman and kids were taken to a shelter. Kyaw faces four counts ranging from domestic assault to malicious punishment of a child. Kidwell said the only time he questioned his decision is when he left to go get help.  He worried what would happen between the time he left and police arrived.

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  1. jean says:

    pest control =removal of the human garbage, aka..abusive spouse /and parent

    1. Maus says:

      That is quality pest control 😉

  2. Crazy Joe says:

    Sounds like this guy bagged the biggest rat of his career.

  3. Awesome Job says:

    I personally wish he would have stepped on the guys head; but he definitely made the right decision by calling the police. Domestic violence is hard enough for them to handle, let alone one of us trying. Good work!

  4. Kuddos says:

    Great job Ernest….I tip thy hat to you

    Way to many people take a pass on these things, whether out of fear or “not my business” or whatever. Wake up folks and help out if the situation calls for it.

    Again Ernest – ya done good dude, really good!

  5. Bpath says:

    Way to do the right thing!
    But, who edits these articles? The third from the last paragraph makes it sound as though Kidwell thinks the husband is the victim! Very poorly edited, but a great story nonetheless.

  6. Good Sam says:

    Great job!! Proud to read this!! If more people would step up and alert the proper authorities to situations many situations would be stopped. Ask Penn State!

  7. Kevin says:

    I love the smell of deiversity in morning. Suck a peaceful loving race they are. I mean stepping on a 7 month old baby’s head and all. Keep them coming, our jails arent full yet.

  8. youknowitstrue says:

    Kevin….Do you think he was in the area spraying ” gur-b-gone” as a precautionary measure?….I do.

    1. Bill Janklow says:

      Hey youknowitsture. I think you should just go move to that area. Be close to the diversity you have brought. I would tend to think your moron mind would change in 10 seconds, I know mine did. My neighborhood was once nice. Now I am the only white person left. The hmong gangs are everywhere, I can not even walk my dog now. I can not sell my house, no one wants it. So come on over and I will show you what your liberal immigration has done to a once great St Paul and Minneapolis.

      1. sad but true says:

        Mr. Bill…I actually did live in the North Mpls. area. 34th and Emerson, from 1988 until 1993.

  9. just sayin says:

    Very nice job man!

    There is a lot of trash in that area… section 8 central!

    1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      What you call a Trashy Secton 8 area, I call “You tax dollars at work”! Keep them coming I still have a little money left that they can tax me out of.

  10. Susan B says:

    @Kevin I work with mostly all Asians. I know their culture. And I am afriad you are right. They must buy their wife from her parents and from that point on the man owns her. If their is a divorce she is shunned from the community. I see battered women come to work everyday. We have had at least 5 women killed her in the past 5 years. People dont understand this stuff unless they are near it and most are not.

    1. Taylor J says:

      @ Susan.. Do you work with a lot of “Hmong” people ? or which type of Asians? j/w

  11. CJ says:

    We see this ALL the time in the service trades. I’ll never forgot how good it felt laying out an abusive husband with my 36 inch pipe wrench after he came at me when I intervened in his super cool “wife punching” escapade. This kind of thing needs more media attention. All the woman did was call a plumber to stop the basement from flooding. Husband had no clue that I had agreed to make the repairs free of charge, he just came home and started swinging like a winner.

    1. Marv says:

      Wow – I been in the trades for 38 years and seen it once. A guy,very drunk, was hitting his wife. We took care of it until the police showed up. And toss out the racial overtones – this guy was white.
      I grew up in the ’50’s and then there was most spousal abuse around by far. It was accepted and one kept their eyes closed and mouth shut. A lot of damaged males, maybe the wars and all they endured. Not an excuse but to common.
      Like I said – 38 years around homes about 300 days a year and seen it one time.
      If you see it all the time I suggest you start wearing a badge and solving a proble. You don’t and we all know that.

      1. CJ says:

        Well Marv, way to excuse spousal abuse. Gold star there for you. No racial overtones in my posts either. Boo-hoo for all the “damaged males” of the 50’s.

  12. jean says:

    Kevin hates alll races. Kevin is white….he want to kill people so he sates.. mental heal issuse maybe,,, but he’s full of anger

    1. Kevin says:

      Kevin is Native American Lakota. I never “sates” that I wanted to kill people. I not not have “heal issuse”, I am full of anger. I am tired of having to pay for your liberal failed immigration system. I am sick of paying tax to support school systems with over 45 different languages spoken. I am tired of reading about murders day after day. I am tired of the PC of this state. I am sick of working my arse off to pay for the 45% who do nothing. I am tired of working my arse off to pay for every third world immirgrant to come to MN and suck off the system so some sweater wearing liberal can feel all and fuzzy. I am sickened by the fact that there are over 390,000 LEGAL immirgrants now living in the twin cities. And studies show ankother 200,000 illigals in MN. That is higher than the populaion of St Paul. When is enough…enough? And then I have to read moronic statments like yours…..get off the crack….and educate yourself on the cost of your policies. Although I am sure your are one of the 45% who do nothing. But dont worry…I wll keep working so you dont have to

      1. konjokris says:

        Hey Kevin, where are you from?

      2. jean says:

        yea shut kevin, your an ill man….all you do is hate….who’s on crack:? your always implying of killing people….bla bla bla

  13. Goober says:

    Tin Kyaw is a white guy? Who named him?

    1. Gov Dayton says:

      He was named by his father Copper Ding Dang Dong.

  14. kevin's stalker barb says:

    @Kevin you make my panties twist like a gerbal at a National Gay Pride Parade! Marry me you bas*ard! I will be your naughty slave!

  15. Linda says:

    How about we just keep this focused on what it was – a young man out doing his job and he did the right thing – and probably saved this woman and her children’s lives. I would hope that no matter what race they were or where the abuse was happening, that we would all do the right thing.

    1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      No…how about we focus on how if we did not bring them here….you wouldnt be paying for there home, food, medical care, transportation, oh and eductaion. And now for legal fees and prison time. Your a moron. You are the problem!

  16. Rufus Larkin says:

    Most homes on Lo-Rent Street are housing projects.

  17. jean says:

    Great job Ernest….I tip thy hat to you

    Way to many people take a pass on these things, whether out of fear or “not my business” or whatever. Wake up folks and help out if the situation calls for it.

    Again Ernest – ya done good dude, really good!

    1. Kevin says:

      Shut up jean you ignorant sl*t

  18. Susan says:

    “He couldn’t help but notice blood on the face of the man in the house, ”

    The fact is that in one-half of domestic assault cases, it is the woman that starts it.

    Of course men are bigger and the woman usually gets the worst of it.

  19. seo says:

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